Monday, April 14, 2014

Our Idol, Queen Kate, Still in Contention on CA

I recently read somewhere...scratching head, can't remember... that we are mostly over 50 years old here (50 is way in my rearview mirror) and we sit around all day idolizing Kate. So, I was thinking of renaming the blog...'Geezers Idolizing Kate'. What do you think? ;)

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Kate Competes on CA

Kate is on Celebrity Apprentice and the haterz are beside themselves. They are following everything she is doing, looking, and what they think she is thinking, and what they think others are thinking of her. They are scrutinizing what she is wearing and how much they think she paid for it. The haterz are even feeling sorry for the fans because Kate hasn't tweeted her undying love and appreciation to the fans. Really haterz, only you care if Kate tweets the fans or not. Believe me, when I say this haterz, you. will. live. if. Kate. doesn't. tweet. And most importantly, you. will. live. if. Kate. gets. a. free. salad. Trust me.

Kate and Leeza Gibbons on the set of CA April 1, 2014.

Photo by Bobby Bank

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Kate and Kids Back to TLC

Kate and the kids will film a special for TLC to air in June. (No mention of Jon) The haters heads are going to be spinning. LOL


Friday, March 7, 2014

Jon Gosselin Buys Liz a Promise Ring

Thankfully, CT had it's season finale. We have seen Jon masturbate, whine, swear, wish Kate would die,  smash, fake a phone call, give a vibrator to Kelsey, and give a promise ring to Liz. Personally, I think Liz would have benefitted and appreciated a hair brush and a new hoodie more. Speaking of hoodies, who wears one on a dinner cruise?

Liz looked underwhelmed by the promise ring. I don't blame her. What almost 40 year old guy buys an almost 30 year old woman a promise ring? Does this mean they are going steady now. No more moving another woman in while on a break? No more sleeping around? I think a more apt name would be a temporary ring.

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Jon Wants Kate To 'F***ing Die'

Couples Therapy is the best thing that could have happened for Kate. The public gets to see the childish, whiney, self pitying, lying, manipulative, foul mouthed, scary Jon. The Jon, Kate has always seen up close and personal. Kate needs to say nothing. Let Jon speak for himself.

Jon Gosselin Kate Hate Explodes: “She’s  A  Piece  Of  F**king  Sh*t,  A  Sh*tty  Human Being … She Can F**kin’ Die!” Open discussion...