Monday, January 12, 2015

Kate Gosselin Returns to TLC

In an interview Hollywoodlife had with Donald Trump he interestingly had this to say about Kate:

'As to an emerging frontrunner? Donald definitely had some thoughts.
“I think Kate [Gosselin] is very sharp. I think she’s very smart. I think she’s going to do great.”
I am sure there are spinning hater heads going on with that. I also, read at 'you know where' that Kate gave an interview with TMZ. The interview has Kate denying dating Jeff Prescott but does know him and has had meetings with him about a 'project'. Good for her! More spinning heads!
Kate Plus 8 returns to TLC Tuesday, January 13 for 5 episodes. Kate seems to be pretty busy for someone who is supposedly 'circling the drain'. Two different shows airing the same week.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Kate Gosselin and Celebrity Apprentice

Kate appearance on CA premieres Sunday, January 4. Will the haters leave Kate alone now that she is on a show without the kids?  Doubtful. For the haters it has never been about the kids. The haters couldn't care less about them. It is and always has been about Kate.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Friday, December 5, 2014

Jon Gosselin Is On The Prowl...Again

According to OK Magazine Jon has a Tinder account.

I didn't know what that was and had to look it up. Wikipedia:

Tinder is a matchmaking mobile app.  Using GPS technology, users can set a specific radius, and they will have the option to match with anyone that is within that distance.
Although the app has been a success, Tinder has been criticized extensively for its "appearance based match-making process", which many have labeled shallow, superficial and vain.

Vain, shallow, superficial, yup, sounds like a perfect fit for Jon.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Jon Gosselin Goes on a Kate Bashing Tour

He's baaaccckk! Sure enough, like clock work, Jon is back cashing in on Kate and the kids. Right off of being evicted, breaking up again with another sex partner girlfriend, bouncing checks, and abandoning a kitten, Jon shows up at Kate's yard sale. Strange that despite lots of local publicity that TLC would be filming the yard sale Jon states he did not know that the cameras would be there. Makes you go hmmm.

Jon has been giving print interviews stating that he wants Kate to do Couples Therapy to discuss  how to 'co-parent' the kids. (Personally, I think he just wants to masturbate on camera again). Strange, that is the golden on Makes you go hmmm.

Jon has also stated that he wishes Kate would fess up to having a relationship with Steve and finally admit to the boob job. Wow, that is what they (bleeps) are always hammering away at. Makes you go hmmm.

Jon states in the Extra clip that he is not in a relationship right now (other than with his hand) and needs to remain single for awhile. Again! what a cowinkiedink! they say the very same thing at bleepleland. Makes you go hmmm.

Jon's Kate bashing tour at hitting these points kind of reminds me of Hoffman's book which was just a regurgitation that the 'mentals' (that is what Hoffman called the bleeps in an email to me. Remember?) would spew day after day, month after month, year after year. Makes you go hmmm.

Jon is up to something. He wants something and Jon is bashing Kate and using the kids to get it...again.