Friday, January 2, 2015

Kate Gosselin and Celebrity Apprentice

Kate appearance on CA premieres Sunday, January 4. Will the haters leave Kate alone now that she is on a show without the kids?  Doubtful. For the haters it has never been about the kids. The haters couldn't care less about them. It is and always has been about Kate.


Nameless in LA said...

They are frothing at the mouth in anticipation over at the BL's.


Call Me Crazy said... 41
Is anyone going to be live posting here during CA on Sunday and Monday nights?? There will be so many things to talk about. How many times will we see TFW's blank stare when someone asks her a question or tells her to do something? How many "ums" will escape her lips? How many times will she mention her kids? How often will she look miserable? (That's an easy one.) Will Purseboy's presence be shown? How will she handle being questioned or criticized in the boardroom? This is going to be good!

Sage said...

They are so obsessed!! They talk about Milo being obsessed. Milo has nothing compared to these nuts.

Farkle said...

It was filmed months ago so the tweeters and hate blogs can moo till the cows come home. Once it's in the can, their opinions will be just so over the top. Waiting for them to say she was flirting with all the men. 3, 2, 1----. :) Wonder WHO will sell a story about Kate when she was away from the kids?

Sage said...

Sheesh it is a TV show not life or death.

They are hoping they will show Kate and Steve in an impassioned embrace to feed their fantasies.

The bleeps are way over invested in Kate's life.

merryway said...

Lol, Bl doesn't want Jon to be private, she wants him to be exclusive to her. Bl wants to be the one to invade the all important privacy of the kids she is always ranting about.

Also, Lol that Jon doesn't deserve to be bothered with such silliness. But, the lies and conspiracy theories the bleeple think up is worthy of bothering Kate.

Another big Ugh on Jon for being involved with that hate blog. He's such a sleaze.

xxxxx (Administrator) said... 95

I'm a little surprised that only one person challenged Anonymous' description of Jon's Christmas with the kids


The comment was put through as an oversight. This person, well I think it's the same person anyway, has been trying to get through several positive comments about Jon. I ran one of them past Jon (not this one), and he said it wasn't true. It is the first time I have contacted him in awhile, and I"m not going to run this one by him too. He deserves to spend his holidays with the kids in peace without nagging from us because someone is up to no good.

One of the sick things they are trying to do is say that the kids are doing terribly with Kate and well with Jon. It's an obvious attempt to get everyone to say see Kate is evil and Jon is good, then laugh if we fall for it. Such silliness. Jon doesn't deserve to be bothered with it.
January 2, 2015 at 9:14 PM

merryway said...

Clicking the email box.

Sage said...

Poor delicate Jon can't be bothered with the hate and untrue stories that Kate is bombarded with on an hourly basis 24/7.

My question is why doesn't Jon man up and tell Becks and the rest to leave the mother of his kids alone?

Why is Jon even involved with a hate site? How much does he contribute to it?

Micha said...

Wait, is Bl accidentally admitting that she knows the kids are doing well with Kate? The big issue for her seems to be that she doesn't want to be fooled by someone, it's not the "Kate is evil, Jon is good" part of the comments she feels concerned about posting, because they ALWAYS say that no matter what! They've fallen for so much already, their big concern only seems to be that they don't want to be duped by some anonymous commenter - but it's fine if they dupe themselves every day of the week.

The only thing the haters want to see is Kate working her fingers to the bone in some nursing job. They'll say she didn't get that job because of the kids - but, hey, maybe the would say that no matter what.

According to them, every job she gets in the MEDIA she gets because of the kids. Sure, they'll say they only want her to get jobs that don't involve the kids, but when she does get a job on TV they turn around and say she only has that TV opportunity because she is Kate from Jon and Kate Plus 8. Duh, yeah, that's how she came to be known by the public - as the mother of twins and sextuplets doing that show on TLC! That's never going to change. They just want no one to want to see her on TV, even though THEY are the first ones with all the info whenever she is on TV. lol

Sage said...

Can't believe ole Becks allowed this through.LMAO!

Fact Check has left a new comment on the post "Kate's Worst Moments of 2014": (Administrator) said... 191
I wasn't misrepresenting anything or certainly didn't mean to and I don't appreciate being accused of such. The child begged for FOOD clear as day: "Yes, more soop mommy (soup pronounced like the oo’s in cookie). ‘More soop mommy’. And she kept saying it."

Yes it's true she initially asked for a cookie, I don't care about that part and didn't see it as relevant. However once Kate suggested soup, she begged for SOUP, thus showing this was about far more than just an extra cookie and really about HUNGER, Kate continued to put her off until she was "done" with whatever bullshit she was doing in the dining rom. That's the part that bothered me, not a kid asking for a silly cookie. Again, it should have been obvious to Kate (and you) this was more than a child asking for a cookie just to be a little shit. She probably just asked for a cookie because that's the food she had just eaten and that was in her mind.
Yes, you're right. I'm sure she starved her children. It's a miracle any of them have survived to age 10. A child asked for a cookie AFTER dinner, agreed to soup instead and Kate is a vicious monster for making the child wait for her after-dinner soup. You are so right. I have seen the light.

merryway said...

How HOW? How can the bleeple follow this stupidity?
Bl declares it dire! urgent! a time to panic! if child wants a bowl of soup after dinner.

Again, Mr. Obvious needs to visit the bleeple and give them a reality check that children grow. Some days, they will eat like there is no tomorrow. Other days, they may only nibble and graze. BL is off her rocker and the bleeple should be embarrassed to support such dribble.

xxxxx (Administrator) said... 11

It is about reigning over them, controlling them.


Yes. It would be completely different if mom was making dinner and it was going to be ready in half an hour. Of course a child can wait, that's part of life.

The important fact here, overlooked by some, is that they had just FINISHED eating. Something went terribly wrong at dinner if a child is that hungry for an entire bowl of soup afterward.

The question becomes are the portion sizes Kate herself has shown us all the child got to eat? Was she afraid to ask for more at the dinner table? Or maybe she just puttered around at the dinner table not really focusing on eating, who knows.

Again, viewed in isolation this incident is nothing, of course. But deliberately ignoring the big picture, the dozens of other "odd" incidents between Kate and food, ignores that this incident when put in context is just another concerning incident when it comes to the children and whether they were getting enough to eat. Maybe it was nothing. Or maybe something went very wrong when it comes to this child's calories in. I simply cannot brush off ALL the odd things I've seen with Kate and food as nothing. It's too many to brush off. As Serial would say, there are too many coincidences.
January 4, 2015 at 7:50 AM

Micha said...

I wonder if the haters realize how many starving children are out there in the world that they could be feeding. Instead they are focused on 8 properly fed, growing children who aren't overfed and overweight or obese. They think those kids are being starved by their mother because one of them asks for a cookie after dinner? Look at those kids! They are growing and thriving, they're smart, articulate. It's so much nonsense and a particularly tragic way for them to waste their time, considering they could be doing good for kids who really need it.

Quiltart said...

Micha, We all know by now that the bleeple will NEVER, EVER, EVER do anything for any other children. All they care about is creating scenarios (in their minds) that Kate is abusing her children. NONE of them have been in Kate's house. For that matter, RH has never been around Kate and her kids, either. (Peeking in the window doesn't count; neither does stalking in the yard.) He has fed their sick minds and they are embellishing isolated incidents that happened almost 10 years ago. They have no lives of their own. They have given their lives to BL.

Sage said...

OMG...I have been gone for most of the weekend and came home this afternoon and caught up with the loons. They are all so excited about watching Kate on CA! They just cannot contain themsleves.

FlimFlam even went so far to fantasize a fake Kate conversation Kate had. Wow can't imagine being so caught up with someone.

FlimsyFlamsy has left a new comment on the post "Celebrity Apprentice Episode One: Discussion Threa...":

Wouldn't surprise me that TFW didn't come away from the experience
with one friendship. Can you imagine how it went down meeting
the other contestants?

TFW: (looking behind person for someone more important)
Oh hi, I'm TFW. And this man holding my purse is my
bodyguard, Steve.
Other Contestant: Oh, were we supposed to provide our
own security?
TFW: No, this is just for me. I have 8 children who count
on me, and it's always safety first.
OC: Of, of course. So your kids have a bodyguard while
you're away?
TFW: Oh, no, they're home with the nannies, or their dad,
or whatever.
OC: Um, oh. Well, it was nice to --
(TFW walks away as Steve opens her purse so she can stuff it
with freebies)

merryway said...

Wow, Gosselinbook is showing his obsession by sending multiple tweets to @ApprenticeNBC.

GB looks ridiculous. I guess he cares more about the Gosselin children than their own father. The dad who handed over legal custody to the mom who "violently beat her babies in diapers and wrote about it in her journal."

Like the bleeple, GB ignores that Jon wasn't worried giving Kate power over the defenseless children.

Sage said...

Poor Bobby, tweeting up a storm so Trump will notice him. Kate won't.

Sage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Quiltart said...

I would imagine that DT already knows all about Kate's haters... RH continues to make an ass of himself.

Sage said...

Does Bobby Hoffman really think that the people on CA give a shit what he has to say?

They are reality tv people too...that could have their privates papers stolen and exploited.

He has been pushing his 'book' for a few years now and no one has paid any attention to it except for a few haters.

Sage said...

Bobby must be really angry that Kate is CA and he is being ignored. He has put up private pictures that were taken of Kate from years ago...some of which he 'obtained' having a drink. Big whoop, an adult having a drink.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a low-life scum.

Sage said...

Didn't ole Bob and the rest say that they would leave Kate alone if she did a show without the kids?

I always sensed he was a bit off in his emails to me.

Hoffman sounds and acts like a rejected teenage boyfriend.

Quiltart said...

That photo is supposed to prove that Kate drinks? In their dreanms! He has posted every unedited photo he can find. I haven't seen the mainstream press pay one iota of attention to him and they aren't going to start tonight.

Sage said...

Agree, Quiltart, he just keeps making a fool of himself. LOL

Sage said...

LOL Becks is so excited! They think the fans are obsessed!!
//////////////////// (Administrator) has left a new comment on the post "Celebrity Apprentice Episode One: Discussion Threa...":

Enjoy the east coast airing everyone! I will catch up soon.

Farkle said...

Um, Bob, CA was filmed almost a year ago. LOL.

Donald tweets for the ratings, way to go haters! :)

Sage said...

It's funny..I am watching CA (never watched it before) and reading twitter and of course the looney bleeps.

What show are they watching? Kate did a lot in making the pies. Talk about rewriting.

Over And Out has left a new comment on the post "Celebrity Apprentice Episode One: Discussion Threa...":

Fired Up 4 Kate @MiloandJack 3m3 minutes ago
@Kateplusmy8 You definitely were the #KitchenPro there. Your experience showed!

LOL! Milo, you dimwit. She didn't do anything! Gladys really loves to re-write things.

Farkle said...


Kate did a lot in making the pies, but in the end it's about raising funds, she didn't have any donors. I doubt Kate's friends have that kind of money, and her contact list would be very small. Kenya raised how much? She didn't do a thing but throw a pie in Brandi's face. A huge TV journalist and his celebrity pals probably won the money part down pat. Noticed that Cosby was not called, award moment for project manager.

I give both teams A for effort. Love Gilbert. :)

Francie said...

They showed a clip of Kate texting. I'm sure she was texting the person who was supposed to bring in $. But others would just see it as texting a friend, or her kids.

Micha said...

Kate wasn't the only one who had no donations, but both Kate and the other woman (I can't remember her name) contributed in other ways. And clearly the decision makers felt that if Keshia was serious about competing she would have used big name Bill Cosby to get donations. Whatever her plans were to get other people to donate - they didn't work out. I think my favorite part of the show was when Brandi called Kate "lazy," and everyone else, including Piers Morgan, basically said that wasn't true and that they all saw Kate working and contributing.

Eva said...

Who in the $%@& is BL?

merryway said...

I watched. It was a first for me. I have seen some clips and heard that it was cut-throat.
I thought Kate did just fine. She was nervous/tense. But, she is not alone in that.

Sage said...

Eva, who the $%@& are tiy? ;)

Eva said...

Sage, I was serious.
I haven't read on your site in years. I'm now confused with who is tiy? I know BL must be a Kate hater from the comments (and a nut)
Would like to go to her site and read for myself.

Farkle said...

Ratings up 25% from last year, some of these people have a lot of real haters on twitter, and it's not all the women either. Guess they made the ratings go sky high from all the chatter you read on twitter. Wonder how the BL will spin this?

Sage said...

Okay Eva. I seem to remember you from somewhere a few years ago. I believe you are a non-fan? Doesn't matter...

BL is the 'bloggin lawyer' whose site is

Quiltart said...

Kenya and Brandi both have haters, too... All of them are adding to the ratings!

Quiltart said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sage said...

Kate is at a viewing party in Philly tonight.

Sage said...

here is another picture

Sage said...

Having never watched CA before this it is obvious as the project manager you don't need to know anything about what you are managing but you need to motivate and get the best from the people you are managing.

Kate appears to have done this.

Francie said...

You should tweet that to the Donald, Sage.

Sage said...


The haters of Kate do not seem to get this concept.

Trump said 70 per cent of the time it is the managers who get fired.

Sage said...

Vivica is doing this right now...playing the strengths of her team.

Sage said...

Maybe just maybe it is because the haters will sweep in and attack everyone in sight and lets not forget Hoffman manic tweeting his stalking book.


Sheeple Herder has left a new comment on the post "Celebrity Apprentice Episode Two: Discussion Threa...":

Funny how Vivica can tweet while at the viewing party, but there is twitter silence from TFW.

Nameless in LA said...

Bad reality TV is serious business, ya'll. The BL must write her recap without the opinions of others swaying her.
***************** (Administrator) said... 154
I'm more or less avoiding comments until I do the recap so I won't be influenced. They still will get approved by me or the staff of course. Bear with me!

Sage said...

LOL Nameless, Becks is so full of herself! Absurd comment to make.

Typical narcissist. said...

We do not have NBC right now, Direct TV and the owners of our local NBC affiliate are in a dispute. All NBC channels are blacked out for now. I'm assuming Kate won from all the chatter on Twitter.

Nameless in LA said...

Dear lord, her recap is insanely long. I guess that's what she did at work all day since she was avoiding reading comments on her blog. Heaven forbid she use the work day for something other than Kate Gosselin. I made it through about two paragraphs of her self-indulgent crap before reaching my limit. She's going to have a hundred plus page dissertation on the show at the rate she's going.

Sadie May said...

I don't watch CA. I'm a Gotham fan. But I did check it out during a commercial.Kate seems Intimidated around the celebs. She looks a bit out of place.But this is a good experience for her.It will give her confidence. I'm not knocking her but this is way out of her comfort zone but she's doing it. I support Kates right to do these tv shows.She should be left alone.I don't think the none fans are jealous of her in some ways but in other ways, they are.They hate that she gets all these chances. They want her to be under their thumb.

Micha said...

It's great that Kate won for her charity. It was brave of her to volunteer to be project manager so early in the game, especially considering she admits she's not tech savvy. Kate is "savvy" enough to listen to ideas and give the go ahead on what turned out to be the winning pitch. Every woman on that team worked together to get it done for the sake of the team, and to win - and it worked. They made their objective winning instead of backstabbing or backbiting and it was so amazing to watch.

It was interesting that the opposite went on with the men, with the project manager trying to shut people out and the people being shut out behaving like 4 year olds who missed nap time. This episode really brought out the inner insecure child in a few of the men.

Happy for Kate, and I'm sure I know exactly what the haters are saying about her. No need for me to read any of it. Say what you want haters but you DO know at the end of the day the project Kate was in charge of WON! And you do know that Kate's charity received a big check from Donald Trump because Kate stepped up and volunteered to be project manager!! :)) You know. :)))

Sadie May said...

Sounds like Geraldo is the villain this year. The way they're carrying on you'd think it was Kate.

Classless Brandi said...

CA has always been about backstabbing for the win, throwing insults and shade. This show is no different, except reality stars don't really make the cut. Look at the teams, journalist, Leeza Gibbons, Vivian Fox---- then you have HW's, Kate a mother of 8, and so forth. Kate looks uncomfortable, she may be a hard worker, but overthinking a task will be her downfall. Brandi has a potty mouth, her twitter with her ex's wife is huge on the net, her famous words are FU. Telling someone that they are worthless because all someone has is 8 children, should be ashamed of herself. Brandi has a built in babysitter 1/2 time and also receives cs.

Classless Glandville said...

I should have said that Gladville's babysitter is her ex, he doesn't work much as Rimes seems to support him. They have 50/50 shared custody.

Micha said...

I don't remember Brandi saying that about Kate. Didn't she end up backpedalling and taking the "lazy" comment back when Kate brought it up at the beginning of the next episode?

Eva said...

Thanks but no Thanks, Sage!!

Not sure why anyone that watched CA would find the need to read that long, boring caption of last nights show. Does BL think her viewers are to dumb to think for themselves? I agree with those that said Kate looked scared and lost at times but she did give it her best. I don't think she will last very long. Had Gibson not stepped up she would have gone home last night.

Sage said...

Eva, you are awful read. I really doubt that even her most ardent admirers could slog through it.

BL does not realize she is an incredible bore,

Welcome Eva!

Eva said...

correction in above comment. It's
Leeza Gibbons not Gibson.

She seems by far the most intelligent on the ladies team and I think she may be the Winner in the end.

Quiltart said...

Eva. BL doesn't allow her minions to think for themselves. She screens every comment and if they don't agree with her, she doesn't let them through. She carries on conversations with invisible posts that one cane see, because she's not let them through. Truthfully, some of her followers are not very bright and think she is. So sad.

Classless Brandi said...


Someone said that Brandi said Kate was nothing without having 8 kids or something like it, maybe someone can confirm this. I didn't catch it but it was posted on twitter somewhere. Calling a Mom of 8 lazy, well Brandi is a Mom, should Kate call her lazy? I understand going after each other, but families and kids should never be mentioned.

Check out Brandi, wonder why Donald picks the people he does? This does puzzle me, but Donald loves ratings and money, he gets a lot of press from this at others expense.

Sage said...

I don't really care for Brandi. I read somewhere that she had made at one time a joke about child molestation. Yet, at the BL's they find her classy. That is the type of people they admire I guess.

Quiltart said...

Neither Brandi of Kenya are in any way classy. Trust me... or watch them on their Real Housewives shows.

Stxmom said...

Happy Tuesday everyone! Pulled pur suitcases tonight. Going to Disney World with my 2 youngest kiddos next week.

Quiltart said...

Have a great trip, Stxmom!

Farkle said...

Have fun stxmom. Hope the weather is nice for you there.

Shawn said...

I only watched CA a few other times. I am really enjoying watching it this go round so far.

Kate is approaching the whole scenario as a Mom. I think that she seemed more nervous in the beginning, but I think she is doing a great job. How wonderful that she had the support of her team and that she raised money for her charity. It is great that her kids can be proud of her performance so far.

Leeza definitely is approaching it as a businesswoman. I can definitely see her winning the entire thing.

The HW women are just trashy.

Tripp said...

I'm not a Brandi hater but classy, no way.
Remember, they said Pamela Anderson was classy too.
Sex tape and all.

BL's hero said...

I watched Andy Cohen's show tonight. He made fun of Kate, and Brandi Gladville was on also. She said Kate plus 8 equals hate. How sad that a TV show would do this to a Mom who has 8 children to raise on her own. I am embarrassed for both of them. I read on twitter Brandi threw wine at a table on the HW's show tonight, and she also threw a drink in the face of Jeff Lewis who appeared on the show.

Brandi has 2 sons, wonder how long she will have a job? This girl needs some serious intervention. imo

Sage said...

I don't know that much about Brandi but she seems to cross lines and fights with everyone from what little I have read about her.

It's her persona and how she stays relevant. The bleeps like her because she has gone after Kate. If she befriended Kate they would be ripping her apart.

I like Leeza Gibbons. You can tell she has worked in the tv industry for years. She seems very relaxed.

Kate was nervous as I believe some of the others were too,

Quiltart said...

Brandi threw a glass of wine in Eileen Davidson's face. She does things like this over and over, mostly when she is inebriated... When she sobers up, she is very contrite and apologetic. Amazed that the bleeple excused this behavior. This girl has serious problems.

Quiltart said...

P.S. I don't hate Brandi... I just think he behavior is so over the top that she makes a fool of herself.

Micha said...

In CA when you have a group that includes reality TV stars, athletes, actors and journalists, it seems like it would be the journalists who end up ahead. Geraldo and Leeza have had decades of experience covering a variety of topics, producing, writing and getting it all done on a very tight schedule. They are not in foreign territory on this show no matter what is thrown at them. I was most surprised by Geraldo. I don't know that much about him but I did not expect that sort of behavior, that is for sure.

I'd say the majority of people on this season of CA know they won't last long and they are there for the experience and for their charity.

Quiltart said...

I agree with what you said, Micha. I think that the athletes seem as uncomfortable as Kate, but I do see them settling in better as time goes on. I think Kate has done well, since her haters were expecting her to be the first one off.

Nameless in LA said...

Oh, the hero worship. Leeza Gibbons seems like a pleasant person and is certainly accomplished in her field, but she is hardly a "legend." And the talk of behaving "maturely" is beyond hilarious amidst all the high-fiving going on at her blog every time a fellow contestant takes a pot shot at Kate. (Administrator) said... 108
Kate has no sense of respect. Leeza is a legend and has proven herself a legend. She's also done nothing that would make anyone dislike her. She picks fights with all the wrong people. Certainly who Leeza is doesn't mean she can't be honest about Leeza or must kiss her butt, but a mature woman shows respect for women like Leeza who have paved the way, come before you. Just like you would respect your mom and grandma. A mature woman shows respect in public for ALL her colleagues no matter how much they pissed you off. Kind of like how some of the contestants tweeted her to congratulate her. That's being mature.

Sage said...

Read this whole thing...pretty positive about Kate and the author knows what he is going to be in for now from the haters. LOL

Sage said...

This is funny...Becks is ALWAYS right. Love whoever Reality Check is.

Reality Check has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Celebrity Apprentice Ep. 1, May the Gods of...": (Administrator) said... 161
Brandi and Kenya are without a doubt very accomplished.

You may not like them or you may feel they are reality trash or their accomplishments are not up to your pearl clutching standards, but they have extensive resumes, both of them.
What one defines as "very accomplished" is subjective. I'll leave it at that.

Farkle said...

Respect goes both ways Bec's. Of all people, I would like to see one lawyer stand up for her for having a hate blog and a icky birth site. Waiting for Bec's to prove this to her posters and the rest of us. I want a post from a real lawyer to say this, not a sock. Waiting Bec's, the ball is in your corner chica----.

Sadie May said...

The author and or the photographer is getting it from the hags already. Threatening to contact anyone he does business with.They were ruthless to him.He stood his ground.I hate how they say they're the ones getting bullied when it's plain to see it's the other way around.

Sage said...

We knew that was going to happen. In a way, I guess you can say it is a good thing. People will see and hear just what they have been doing to Kate.

I will say this about Kate...she is one tough person to have this non-stop attacks for years.

Hoffman and his barrage comes across as a stalking idiot.

merryway said...

They are such freaks. As soon as anyone says or does something positive towards Kate, they are subject to attack by the bleeple. They used to champion the Hugh Philly Guy. Since he was supportive of Kate, suddenly there is something "off" about him.
The bleeple always assign a sinister feeling. It helps them avoid facing facts.

Over In TFW's County said... 20

I don't know if it's just me, but does anyone else get kind of strange vibes from this Hugh person? Something just seems to be "off" there. Or maybe it's just me.

Time to break open the rumspringa. If that doesn't warm us up, nothing will. Thank goodness Fantine and Cosette (cats) are inside, safe, warm and very content!
January 7, 2015 at 3:51 PM

f said...

Didn't know they were Amish adolescents.

Francie said...

Ooops, I own that last remark.

Farkle said...

Too bad Kate can't call a friend in real time on CA for the world to hear. She could call Hoffie and ask him what he's up too. LOL. It's so sad to see a grown man still laying in a ditch after his failed book didn't send him the message that he is a real loser in life. imo.

Hope The Donald see's all this, maybe he should have a show on having celebrities contact their haters, fly them all to NY for lunch. :)

reporter that failed? said...

So Phillychat had the money shot of Kate and Steve holding hands and he didn't take it. ROTF. That would have been a million dollar shot and he knows it, too bad he lies. No wonder he is a 4th rate reporter who works for who? Never heard of him, he must troll the cheap seats somewhere. He is sucking up to haters, what a POS.

Sage said...

I think the haters scare him.

Anya@IW said...

Quiltart, I feel the same about Brandi. I can't really defend her behavior, but I have a soft spot for her. Clearly she and Kate did not connect, but from what we have seen so far, Brandi just didn't like her. Oh well. Brandi also knows she is on the show to start conflict so who knows?
I'm enjoying the show. I really like Kate, Jamie, and Shawn. I'm rooting for Terrell too as I know he's had some hard times.

Anonymous said...

This blog is Obsessed with the BL blog. Plain and simple. If that blog wasn't around, what WOULD you talk about? I come back thinking maybe things will change and your blog will actually be about Kate and how you enjoy this or that or what Jon has done to upset someone. But no, you constantly rag on the BL blog.

Kate is a bloggers dream with all the silly things she does or says "thanks for allowing me to clarify"? who says that except someone that has been coached or "lazy" is a word that has never been used to describe me? Really Kate? What ever though, life moves on. At least she won her PM role (how I don't know when she didn't really do anything) She should have been fired for not bringing in any money on the first task where the goal was to bring in money. I don't believe for a minute that her money was "snowed in" and didn't make it. LAME excuse.


Nameless in LA said...

I'm sorry that we continue to be a disappointment to you, Simon. I am hanging my head in shame. Maybe one day we will be the blog you want us to be. Better yet, maybe you should start your own blog and talk about whatever you want to talk about since we aren't meeting your needs.

bellefidele said...

Bravo! Nameless. :-)

Quiltart said...

I'm still trying to figure out why Leeza is a legend in BL's eyes? She was on an entertainment show...ET, I think, and she has since done infomercials for her skin care line. That does not a legend make, IMO.

Sage said...


I get a lot of readers here including you.
When you start your own blog I will make it a point to read yours too.

stxmom said...

No one is forced to read here.

Sage said...

How juvenile. The bleeps always talk about how badly, in their opinion, Kate talks to people and how she treats them. Do they ever read what they themselves write about Kate?

No self-awareness.

Rhymes with Witch has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Celebrity Apprentice Ep. 2, Nobody Out Thin...":

Just an observation...looking at pics of her face getting longer and longer?67

A little more and she'll.have that horsey look.

Micha said...

Absolutely no self awareness. How many of these people spend day and night sending bullying and abusive tweets to Kate and anyone who tweets something nice to her, yet their alleged main complaint is that she's a bully and abusive! I've never seen Kate come close to being as mean as the people who hate her and need to tweet ugly things to her and about her everyday! But try telling that to them! They'll say that YOU are bullying them when you defend yourself against their attacks! It's crazy.

Sadie May said...

Now some guy who worked with Kate on CA is being attacked.He said she was lovely to work with. Well that is not what the crazies want to hear, so attack, attack, attack.These are the women who may be sued. You'd think they'd lay off but they're only proving what what we've known for years.

Simon, what do you want us to do? What should we post about? You do this blog is about blogs and people who are rabid haters?We call them on their hate.On their obsession with Kate and even Milo.You can't tell everybody what to do like you all do on Twitter.Last I checked Freedom of speech still reigns.I think you get bored once in a while and come here to poke.Unless you want to be a sagette?

Francie said...

If the BL would allow dialog on her blog, this one wouldn't be necessary.

Quiltart said...

The twitter crazies are also contacting the FAMILY of the reported boyfriend. What scum they are! If they just keep it up, they are going to harass the wrong person and it's going to serve them right.

Farkle said...

Ah, poor Simon wants was us to quit talking about the hate blog, but guess what, the BL talks hate on a Mother who is just trying to support her family. Silly Simon.

I asked a question here of the BL blog and never received a answer. It had nothing to do with K/J or the kids and guess what---zip. It would never get posted over there, so maybe Simon could help me out.

I asked where one lawyer who would make a public statement concerning the BL as a great lawyer?? A proven statement by a real lawyer, not a made up sock from the BL. I'll wait Simon, I kicked the ball to you.

Nameless in LA said...

These people are seriously scary. Kate cannot tweet anything without being labeled a liar based on their "research." Who in their right mind cares how full Kate's tank was when she spent $27 on gas? What is wrong with these women?

And the Kate is a Twit chick...oh my lord, the woman must keep a file of every Tweet Kate makes and every word she's ever said in an interview. I picture a small basement room with pictures of Kate glued on every wall like in some horror movie.
PA Dutch Mom said... 111
Kate Gosselin ‏@Kateplusmy8 11m11 minutes ago
@MiloandJack W/ my .40 off/ gal of gas (groc store rewards pts that u earn w ea $1 spent) I filled my SUV for $27 today!��#FeelLikeATeenAgain

She's not saying if it was half full at the time or empty!

Lowest gas prices here average is 2.30 and that's for regular. Gas is higher in Berks County. Take forty cents off that per gallon, and it's 1.90 a gallon. It's a 26 gallon tank.To fill a tank with regular, it's going to cost about $50.00 if it's empty. Check my math...I'm not the sharpest in the tool box when it comes to my math skills. That is, of course, if she's using regular gas, more if she's filling it with mid-grade or premium, and more yet if the price of gas is higher where she is.

Heck, I filled my SUV today for ten dollars, but it was only three-quarters tank empty!
Kate is a twit said... 109
Hmm--does Kate's microwave break every January?

She posted this today:

Kate Gosselin ‏@Kateplusmy8 2h2 hours ago
God bless Mady! After a long week w/ no microwave,finally had new 1 installed & my �� Mady offered2make dinner (ie:reheat leftovers) #FAMLOVE

Last year, on Jan. 7, she posted this:

Kate Gosselin ‏@Kateplusmy8 · 7 Jan 2014
Three days of a non heating microwave was enough! Thanks to @MrApplianceCorp we are back in business! Gr8 service! #MOREhomerepairissues

merryway said...

It would be hard to pick which one of those comments tops out as most obsessive.

Farkle said...

Maybe Simon has walls of pics of Kate too! She/he sure spends a lot of time reading at Sages slapping our hands while someone worries about how much gas Kate bought? Good grief, Simon needs to tell them no one cares but the Bl blog. Their math lessons are so funny to read, price per gallon, (stations have different prices, how many gallons, etc.

Crickets from Simon on my question, go figure, thought the BL would have all kinds of lawyer friends who would vouch for her.

merryway said...

LMAO, Bl is so full of herself.

You can tell that she's getting a thrill anticipating how she will watch the show entirely focused on Kate; looking for any moment to twist into a degradation.

Lol, we should have a weekly pick for the most obsessive comment. That would be epic! ;) ;)

xxxxxxxxxx (Administrator) said... 142

The wedding dress challenge is also on On Monday.


I have a feeling that recap is going to be epic. lol
January 9, 2015 at 7:17 PM

Sage said...

Their comments on how 'bad' Kate looks are the ones that make me laugh.

Her forehead, teeth, neck, hair and of course, boobs. This one is really funny...they say she has a receding hairline!

Sadie May said...

I seriously doubt that some of those women are from Kate area.I think they pretend they are so they can say that the whole town hates her. There's one that goes on any story about Kate and says she lives in the area and that Kate is hated by everyone. You can be anyone and live anywhere on the Internet.

merryway said...

Another proud moment for Bl. Suggesting Mady would drug Kate off to sleep.

They never cease to amaze me with what they say about and how they use the G kids.

xxxxxxxxxxx (Administrator) said... 175

I don't find Mady heating up leftovers to be so controversial that it should elicit so much dialog.


It doesn't get my dander up. From what we've seen of Mady she isn't going to do anything she darn well doest want to do. Heck maybe she put a little nightcap in the dinner and sent mommy dearest off to dreamland early! :)

I think though like a lot of things with Kate, it's not an incident that can be viewed in isolation as drive bys love to do. It does seem like Kate is constantly talking about how the kids prop her up, serve her, cater to her, are focused on her. I don't think that's healthy. They are 10 and 14, they should not be this constantly focused on their mother and her well being. Or any parent. They have a healthy and able bodied mother, it is important they not feel burdened with her issues when there is no need to be.

Now do I believe everything Kate says they do for her and say to her has really happened? Not really.
January 10, 2015 at 8:46 AM

Sadie May said...

How does she know the kids are constantly focused on Kate? So microwaving a meal, helping out her mom, is bad? I wish someone would call BL on her nonsense.It's out of hand it it makes her followers look silly. they kiss her butt all the time. It's like they're constantly focused on BL.

Micha said...

It's the haters who are constantly focused on Kate. They remember a tweet Kate wrote a YEAR ago about a microwave!?

Most kids if not all kids have great and helpful moments with their parents. That's normal. Haters analyzing, doubting, questioning every little thing Kate does, says, wears, tweets - that's NOT normal. But it's the life of the hater. Apparently it's their whole life. If it's "fun" for them (which is seems to be) then that's all the more tragic.

Sadie May said...

I come from a family of Eight and the older sibling always stepped up and helped with the younger ones. That's thee way it works in large families. BL is not from a large family so she has no clue how they work. Stick to lawyering Becky.

stxmom said...

We finally have NBC back. Thanks to on demand I'm all caught up on CA. Kate is definately out of her element, I give her a lot of credit for doing it. I'm also rooting for Terrell Owens, I'm a sucker for underdogs.

Haven't packed anything yet. Plane leaves at 4 pm on Tuesday. Working all day Monday, meetingminday evening and working until noon on Tuesday. Yes I'm crazy.

Nameless in LA said...

Millicent wants Kate to accept the "reality" that no one wants to film her and her kids, at which point she is sure Saint Jon will get more custody time. Gee, Millicent, I'm pretty sure the only problem here is that Kate has a new season of her show, with her children, airing starting tomorrow. Based on that, I have concluded that, in fact, a production company is willing to film them. Talk about being unable to accept reality...

Millicent said... 180

I think if Kate ever comes to the realization (and acceptance) that no production company is interested in paying her to film the children any more, she will more than likely give Jon way more custodial time. The problem with my theory is that I'm not sure Kate will ever accept that reality. I think even after all the children reach adulthood, she'll still be trying to wring every last dollar she can out of exploiting them.

Sage said...