Thursday, February 5, 2015

Is Jon Gosselin a Theif?

TMZ is reporting that there is a million dollar default judgement against Jon.

'Jon worked for Securus, which sells electronic payment processing systems to merchants. It's the thing that attaches to iPhones to accept credit cards.
So Jon was a sales manager who was supposed to go out in the field and hawk the product. Instead, Securus claims he was a Benedict Arnold, convincing merchants to abandon the company for a competing company he was secretly helping.'

Well, it looks like Jon can't go on Wendy Williams show and the View and whine about not being able to obtain a job in IT work because of Kate's previous lawsuit against him. I don't know about others but I am starting to see a pattern here. I wonder what Shawn Tuma thinks.


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Sage said...

We will be discussing all things Kate here and the delusional damaged haters.

Sage said...

Suze just does not understand that she can be 'rid' of Kate forever at anytime she wants by not reading about Kate, by not commenting about Kate and not watching Kate. It's really that simple.

Suze said... 54
apparently her ratings are good enough to keep them filming until the kids graduate school and leave the nest.


I wouldn't count on that if I was Kate or a fan. Her ratings consistently fall until either the contract is complete or TLC cancels the show due to poor #s / unprofitability. I expect any future K+8 'specials/series' to follow suit. She's overstayed her welcome. She's intolerable for any long period of time and I believe TLC knows it. Sure, they'll bring her back for short stints, give viewers a nice break and then give it a try again. I hope they hurry and find another concept to exploit instead of her. And, that she becomes more and more unattractive to their advertisers and we'll finally be rid of her forever.

Mimi said...

Sage,do you mind me asking what your symptoms were for the two weeks prior to your attack?

Sage said...

My symptoms gradually built up for weeks if not a month or more.

I was fatigued...not tired but exhausted. I was light headed and I also was getting pain in the backs of my upper arms..BOTH arms. I had a pain in the middle of my back between my shoulder blades. These pains in my arms and back would come and go. It would last about 10 minutes.

I was in denial. My father had died of a massive heart attack at the age of 36. I just did not want to acknowledge that this was happening to me...but on some level I was aware.

I had my heart attack on Easter Sunday. The Thursday before I was doing a bunch of house inspections for my job. I got really intense pain in my back and arms only this time I also got nausea and sweating. The owner of the houses I was inspecting became concerned saying I looked really pale and wanted to call 911 and I blew it off and took some aspirin. Now why would I take aspirin if I didn't know what was happening? I did know but would not admit to myself. Oh yeah, I never had any chest pain or tightening that I can recall.

When I had my heart attack on Easter the pain and nausea and shortness of breath doubled me over. I still just took aspirin but did not really bounce back the pain altho lessened still lingered. I called my doctor and he told me to come right in. I had previously had an EKG and he did another one to compare and it was way off. I went into the hospital and they did a blood test and could tell right away. I will never forget the cardiologist coming in and telling me I had a heart attack and that I probably had some minor ones before the one that flattened me.

Mimi said...

Thank you Sage,so glad that you came out of everything ok,that sounds very scary.

Sage said...

It was at the time but now in looking back at it we find some humor.

My mother, sister and I were making Easter dinner at my house. My mother sister and I were having a rather heated discussion on how to make a certain dish. (It was like my sister and I were kids again and my mother was refereeing) My sister cut her finger on a knife and was really bleeding and my mother just told her she would live. That is when I started getting my symptoms and my mother just looked at me and said very calmly I think you are having a heart attack...and she was right.

My step dad just kept reading the paper and pretended we weren't there and my husband rolled his eyes over us arguing.

I look back fondly now because my mother, dad and husband are all gone now. So even tho I had a heart attack it still has a special memory for me.

Farkle said...


So glad things worked out and now you know that a first instinct is usually the right one! :)

As for the non fans, they are just exhausting repeating the same old crap that happened years ago. I would hate to think my life was stuck back 6-8 years ago. Wonder if they sit and watch reruns of the G's everyday?

merryway said...

Sage, thanks for sharing the symptoms of your heart attack. I have read how they are different from what men experience. I am still surprised how different yours were. The pain in between shoulder blades would throw me off from thinking it was heart attack.
Wow, that's scary. Glad you were taking that aspirin, but scary.

merryway said...

Ruh roh, Jon gave an interview about his DJ business. I don't think the bleeple will be pleased.

Jon now says he doesn't regret J&K+8 and the kids are doing fine. Lol, will bl and her minions turn on Jon?

I don't know how DJing allows him more time w/his kids. He says he can drop them off at 7 and head to his job. On a school night or weekend, that would be cutting into his time. And more time vs. what... being unemployed? He hasn't worked at the restaurant since Couples Therapy.


Although he filed legal action to prevent his ex-wife from putting the kids on television after they divorced, he now says he doesn't regret the show.

"The kids are taken care of financially," he says. "They go to a private school and have had opportunities that I couldn't have given them working in IT."

He says he believes the show became such a hit because when it went on air in 2006 there were only a few other reality shows on TV. The show had 10 million viewers at its peak.

"Now there is so much competition," he says.

"Kate Plus 8" ran for only a little more than a year, and just returned to the air last month.

Gosselin says he watches his children on TV and says the children, now 10 and 13, assert their independence now on the show.

"They're doing really well,' he says. "I think they are more well rounded because of it and they all handle celebrity really well."

Sage said...

Thanks Merry, for posting that.

How is this comment going to fly? All the 'locals' that post at 15 say everyone there just loves Jon.

However he says it was hard being "ridiculed" in his own hometown during the couple's very public divorce.

Quiltart said...

Sage, Thanks for posting this info...I'mso glad things worked out so well for you! My father died of a massive coronary in his 40's. so I understand where you are coming from. Despite keeping myself in pretty good shape for my age, I have aortic stenosis and will have to have a valve replacement in the next couple of years.

Re Jon's new interview: Heads are going to explode in BL-land! Good for Jon!

Quiltart said...

Sage, The BL should check her sources. She says everyone in PA loves Jon and hates Kate. I think her so-called local sources haven't a clue what they are talking about. Look at all the people who showed up at Kate's yard sale! If she was so hated, why would they come?

merryway said...

Wait for it... Bl's blog will come to the conclusion that Jon is talking in code just to them so they can carry on hating for the sake of the children. ;)

After all, they believe this kind of stuff. There was a comment on Bl's that said Jon left the yard sale w/all 8 children. Of course, it became their instant truth. They'll believe anyone who tells them what they want to hear. Bl has trained them well.


TLC stinks said... 82

That's right, Bill. All 8 left with Jon. It was edited to have the kids sitting in the BBB after the sale like they were ready to leave to go home. Then the van is shown being driven away with that cackling witch attached to the driver's window obscuring the real driver (Steve).
February 6, 2015 at 4:47 AM

Sage said...

This is just too funny. Jon has not taken a break from the 'ladies'. He is on Tinder.

Of course he is happy with his job just like he was happy being a waiter....for now. DJing won't last just like any job he has ever had lasts.

Calling Kate a liar?! I don't believe Jon sees his kids every Saturday. No way.

TLC stinks has left a new comment on the post "Kate Plus 8 "Plus More: The Room Project": Discuss...":

Good for Jon. I hope he has settled on a career and takes a break from the ladies. He certainly has had some bad luck in the lady department.

Glad he sees the kids on the weekends. Kate always tries to make it seem she has a houseful on the weekend but we guessed right, LOL. She is such a liar.

Quiltart said...

Jon has never seen the kids every Saturday. My guess is that the kerfuffle about who took care of the kids during CA is this: Kate's friends stayed at the house and Jon took his regular visitation. He doesn't have room for all of them to stay with him anyhow. I'll bet he took them out for pizza and skating and then brought them home. They all speculate about what happened. We can speculate, too. And it doesn't make Kate a liar.

Sage said...

No words!

JR has left a new comment on the post "Kate Plus 8 "Plus More: The Room Project": Discuss...":

It really does sound like hes happy he doesn't have that huge responsibility on him as far as housing the kids full time or paying for school. ..its almost like kates doing him a favor. ..let the stupid bitch lose sleep thinking about how she will support them ...sounds like his theory....ive never heard him more content. ...

Nameless in LA said...

Jon's biggest defender is taking time away from her European vacation to rationalize his latest interview. (Administrator) said... 134

Jon probably would have had them downsize and go to public school if he were in charge. But now several years later, his children are used to the mansion and private school thanks to Kate insisting on it, and now he is between a rock and a hard place.

I can see him thinking well I'm willing to rip the bandaid and scale back their life but if you're not, then the extra expenses beyond what *I* would normally spend are on you.

Perfectly reasonable. That sort of thing is like once you start kids down that lifestyle, it's very hard to turn them back because then you're pulling them out of school and from their family home. I think though eventually they're going to be living more normally, if only when they are adults. They are going to have a huge wake up call someday.

merryway said...

Lol, So glad the all mighty Bl took a break from her vacation to tell her minions how to react and what to think regarding Jon's latest interview.

"Jon probably would have had them downsize and go to public school if he were in charge"

BL loves to read minds. Funny, Jon was recently evicted from a $300,000. house he was renting w/option to buy. Quite a change from his cabin in the woods. When Jon has money, he's spending it on himself til it is gone. Does Bl think he was interested in downsizing when he rented that expensive apartment in NYC?
Jon likes to live large. His kids cannot depend on him for financial security and managing their daily lives.
Jon always puts Jon first.

Nameless in LA said...

More words of wisdom from their fearless leader. (Administrator) said... 154
Agree Auntie ANne.

Frankly, Jon sounds like he's operating straight out of a therapist's playbook for dealing with someone like Kate. It does no good to tell Kate every which way she is wrong. It will only make it worse. It's the old cliche give me the courage to accept the things I can't change.

Micha said...

So is the consensus from the crazies that Jon seeming happy and "content" about not having the "huge responsibility" of housing his kids and paying for their schooling is a GOOD thing? It's "almost" like Kate is doing him a huge favor? LOL Wow.

Sage said...

It really is quite funny how Becks and her followers try to twist and spin Jon's comments to make him appear as father of the year.

Beck's has to keep her blog moderated because heaven forbid if someone puts the truth through.

Jon...the lying liar who lies.

Sadie May said...

Sage, thank you for telling us about the symptoms of your heart attack.I've read that womens symptoms are different than mens. Women tend to have pains in their back, like you did.That must have been so scary for you and your family.
Glad that Jon enjoys his DJ job.Doesn't sound like it's a 5 day work week.Maybe it's a couple of days a week or weekend.And I think he was sharing sitting duties with the babysitter.The crazy ones on Twitter think he's Bi polar and suffering from PTSD from his years with Kate. They can't stand that the kids are actually doing well.I've never seen a bunch of child advocates wanting to believe so hard that the kids are messed up.That's messed up.He said the kids are doing well. Drop it haters.

TrippenIn said...

A must read.

Micha said...

I'm glad you posted this link, TrippenIn. I actually read this article yesterday when the link was posted here, but because of your link I read skimmed it again and this quote popped out at me:

"I wanted to follow my dreams and this allows me to spend time with my kids," says the Berks County resident. "I'm just trying to provide for my family."

Huh? He's trying to provide for his family? Does he mean he's trying to provide for himself? Or is Jon saying that he is now contributing financially to provide for his kids? Or maybe by "providing" he means that when he sees them he has the money to "provide" dinner for them. Is Jon "providing" for his kids the same way he allegedly had the kids for 3 weeks while Kate filmed CA?

Sage said...


Why are they so obsessed with Kate! They really do not get how whacked they are.

No self awareness.

Mel has left a new comment on the post "Kate Plus 8 "Cleaning House": Discussion Thread":

Talk about playing gothcha!...Milo sure loves to play that game with Jon, doesn't she.

She takes such pleasure when things aren't going right for him, and works hard to dismiss and demean anything he does right, denigrating him at every opportunity. Hard to fathom why she's so obsessed with Jon.

Sure would like to know someday if he/she is TFW, Steve, a paid shill, or truly some nutcase.

Anonymous said...

Can you all recommend me to a Kate Fan Blog/forum?

bellefidele said...

Does Jon also say;''Hum'' in that interview? ;-)

Hi! TrippenIn

Sage said...

Anonymous said...
Can you all recommend me to a Kate Fan Blog/forum?

Oh anon, you're so clever. lol

Sage said...

Belle, one would think that Jon had a halo on too. Jon is just so deep.

Long Live Your Queen said...

Anonymous said...
Can you all recommend me to a Kate Fan Blog/forum?


Yes it is called "15 Minutes, Gosselin Style."

As you can, that blog owner even named her blog after Kate.

She is obsessed with Kate and there is no bigger definition of a fan than that.

Sage said...

We have all seen that Jon does not need any help in finding a partner. He has had many.

Farkle said...

So Jon says he is providing for his kids? I wish the reporter would have asked what he pays for, 1 lunch out on a Sat? Sorry that is not providing for his kids, but I guess a burger 4 times a month will keep his kids well fed, dressed, insured and taken care of all the other days of the month. His arm has to hurt for patting himself on the back.

Jon needs to work a 12 hour day like some real dad's do and at least attempt in some form of cs, but that looks like it will never happen. How sad for Jon that he sold his kids out, does not provide for them, and yet brags how great they are doing. Guess that sounds like a back hand compliment to Kate.

merryway said...

BL's idea of supporting 8 kids is taking some of them to an arcade and giving some of them a meal. She takes away what little Jon is doing for his kids by making it sound idiotically grander.

Bl can't stand to give any credit to Kate for managing the home and schooling of 8 kids.

Lol at her being an attorney. Again, is this what BL tells to her clients? "Child support in not essential as long as the non-custodial parent feeds them a meal or two on the weekend." Good grief, Bl is ridiculous.

Nameless in LA said...

I just can't help laughing at the fact that the blog that constantly makes fun of the "sheeples'" (and Kate's) spelling and grammar is run by an attorney who doesn't know the difference between the words "medium" and "median."

Her desperation to feel important has left her spending her European vacation discussing every nuance of the street where the Bruce Jenner accident occurred. One would think she could find more interesting ways to spend her time in Europe. (Administrator) said... 80
I buy this. They are saying this morning the Prius was stopped 300 feet from that light. That would be at just about the point the medium ends.

She is claiming she was at the light but there is rarely a line of cars at that light, too remote out that way, and cops aren't buying it.

They suspect she was about to make a U turn, and I completely buy that because there are a row of two dozen houses and buildings on the ocean side blocked by a medium. That is where I worked and you NEVER make a U turn to get into there, far too dangerous on the hill. You're SUPPOSED to turn right into the parking lot across the street where the medium breaks, then making a left from there. But that does tend to take a bit longer. It's safer though. But, I can't tell you how many people I saw popping a U-y at the bottom of that hill to get to that part of the highway. It was only a matter of time before something horrific happened.

Sage said...

They get all hurt about being called haters yet they call us sheeple and go on and on about how stupid we are.

No self awareness.

They also go on and on about Kate doing something without the kids yet, they tore her apart for appearing on CA without the kids. They excuse this by saying that Kate would be nothing if not known for having the kids. The same could be said about Jon but, of course, he gets a pass for saying he was using his 'celebrity' to be a DJ. Now what is he a celebrity for?

No self awareness

Eva said...

I can't believe none of you are concerned about Cara.

I watched last weeks episode again yesterday just to see if I was correct in thinking Cara never said a word in the entire hour. Several times she and Mady were on the couch and she said nothing when the few times they even filmed her she was just sitting there with her head down looking sad. She didn't even go to the yard sale. It was sad the one time she was on camera --Mady and Kate were laughing and making fun of her because she didn't want kate to hug her they wrestled her to the floor and they filmed her lying there and Kate and Mady laughing. That was cruel and hard to watch.

It's obvious to me Cara has a problem Maybe it is she just doesn't want to be filmed and it's not something more serious. I wondered if Kate made her sit on the couch with Mady. She sure didn't want to be there IMO.

Did anyone else even notice or do you not care?

Sage said...

Eva, I have to be upfront here...I didn't watch the whole show. I only caught the rummage sale.

I don't believe anyone can watch an edited TV show and make a diagnoses that there is something 'wrong' with a child, a teenager or an adult.

There are eight kids and eight very different personalities.

I have very few rules here but one of them is no negative criticism about the kids.

You see Eva, unlike the haters, and the bleeps who get hurt by being called haters, I don't pretend to care about kids I really do care about all kids.

Arabella said...

Sage, you must not care about the kids if you aren't going to make up a scenario in your head then berate Kate for it!

merryway said...

"That was cruel and hard to watch."

If moment of family horseplay is too much for you, you might want to tone down your tv viewing to the likes of Sesame Street.

I thought it was sweet the way Mady was spooning Cara on the floor.

Both of the older girls seemed to have a blast at their trampoline birthday party.

Quiltart said...

I don't know which episodes, but Cara definitely speaks in some of them. I don't think her behavior is any different than it was when she was small... She never talked much on camera. When she does speak, she is very articulate and shows no sign of having any problems... not that we would know one way or the other, being as this is an edited show. I'm glad that we don't create imaginary scenarios to fit our own opinions.

Kate is not a neglectful Mom. If Cara has a problem, I feel pretty confident that it would be addressed by Kate or Jon or the school. It's really none of our business.

Micha said...

I've noticed that Cara is speaking up a lot more this season. There was a time when Mady would start talking over Cara and Cara would just stop and let Mady finish the conversation but in the last few episodes you see Cara will just continue talking when Mady tries to chime in and Mady will stop. I didn't notice Cara not talking in the episode Eva is talking about, but it's airing again today so I'll have a look. What I see overall is two normal teenagers who are growing up. It's not all fun and bubbliness when you're 13 or 14. To me the twins seem most like typical teens when they're complaining about their mom or being sullen about something. But there is plenty of the twins happy and laughing and having fun.

Nameless in LA said...

Oh, the drama! Once again, Kate has destroyed her television future. If I had a dollar for every time one of them pronounces that Kate is DONE and will never be seen on television again, I'd be retiring about now.

Anonymous said... 93
Just when I think the cess pool cannot get any deeper, the biotch has the audacity to brazenly diss the person who put her ugly mug back on TV. She thinks she was unfairly fired; this is a crap ass reality game show, Shmoopy, and you were kept in waay longer than you deserved. You ought to thank the nice man for the job and then STFU. Forever. Anyone else hear the door slam and see that bridge burning. What a complete and utter idiot.

Dumb enough to be hitting the box'o wine and sending out hints for that job on The View.

Orange Crusher

Eva said...


I DID NOT criticize Cara, like you, I do not pretend to like children. I love all children.

Did you see Cara at the yard sale?

I don't like Jon or Kate as parents. I really wish Kate would stop shouting orders to her Kids. No wonder they scream at each other that is what they learn from her actions. I am so sick of hearing her complain how hard she has it. Mady complains about everything, just like kate does.
I am not criticizing Mady. I am saying kids learn their actions from their parents.

Sage said...

I didn't watch the whole show and only half watched the yard sale. I plan on watching the repeat tonight

I don't know if Cara was there or not. Who knows? She is active in school sports and maybe she was there.

TrippenIn said...

" I am so sick of hearing her complain how hard she has it. Mady complains about everything, just like kate does."

Since Kate is not going to change who she is or what she does for you or anyone else.
(and I don't think Mady cares enough about you to change either)
Don't come here to complain how sick it makes you.
The answer is simple.

merryway said...

The yard sale was filmed in October. I'm sure Cara's been seen since then. :) ;)

Seriously, I don't understand the worry if one of the kids wasn't at the yard sale. There were a couple of the old shows where Mady wasn't around. Maybe she had a headache, a school function or just didn't want to go.

Eva said...

Hey there Trippenin,

Thanks, but I really do not need you to tell what I need to watch on TV.
Haven't you heard?? everyone likes to watch a train wreck. LOL

Rule 2 No personal attacks towards other posters.

It's just IMO. Not nice to tell Me not to come here. Last I heard this was Sage site.

TrippenIn said...

I didn't make a personal attack towards you.
Hell, I didn't even say out loud how dumb and what a waste of life I think you and your fellow haters are, to follow every move and watch every show someone you can't stand is on.
I AM guilty of telling you not to come here to complain about something you have a choice not to watch cuz it makes you sick.
IMO a person with any sense, watching a train wreak, would look at something else before they got sick. Something or someone that didn't make them sick.

Micha said...

Eva said...

I am so sick of hearing her complain how hard she has it. Mady complains about everything, just like kate does.

Well, I'm sure it is hard and Kate does have it hard. It's easy to be on the outside and think, "take it easy, Kate," but Kate's telling her truth, being herself. And Mady's being herself. If Kate and Mady just spoke about everything they found great and easy, that wouldn't be reality, because life is full of hard times for everyone, whether you're in your thirties or your teens. Personally if I was "so sick" of hearing Kate complain I just wouldn't watch. That's just me. There are plenty of shows out there full of people I find annoying, and I don't watch any of them. :)

I don't find Kate annoying, and I actually think she's mellowed over the years.

Micha said...

Oh, and BTW, I think the excuse of watching because "everyone likes a train wreck" is very sad. There are people who like watching what they perceive to be "train wrecks" but I don't know why. Maybe it makes them feel better about their own less than stellar lives. They can say that their life is not great but at least it's not like that "train wreck" that they watch every week without fail.

The Gosselins live far from a "train wreck" life. The kids are growing up beautifully with a mother doing much of it on her own and trying her best. They seem like normal and typical kids who argue with each other and who love each other.

TrippenIn said...

"The Gosselins live far from a "train wreck" life. The kids are growing up beautifully with a mother doing much of it on her own and trying her best. They seem like normal and typical kids who argue with each other and who love each other."

Totally agree Micha,
but you know there are those kind of people that by their very nature need to insert ugliness as a way to devalue.

Phil says---------- said...

I think watching the Dr. Phil show today would really be good for some that use the internet to support a hate blog and say hurtful things about kids.


Don't watch, it's rather simple and then YOU would have nothing to complain about. Just helping ya out. :)

Yes, this is Sages blog, you can show some respect for others too. imo

Eva said...

trippenin, that's not nice calling me dumb and what a waste of life.LOL
I thought this sight was different from BL's blog but now know it's only if you worship Kate. I said nothing but the truth and I don't hate Kate but I do see her many faults.

Sorry I ruffled your feathers. Sure wasn't hard to do. LOL Bye

TrippenIn said...

How sweet of you, but
no worries, you didn't ruffle my feathers.
I was just trying to give you some advice about your sickness you were complaining about.
Once again,
its easy peasy.
Or better yet, if you find there's nothing better to do with your life than follow and complain about some woman bl's is the place to be.
There are lots over there with your disorder, oh, excuse me, mindset.

Farkle said...


Good to see you Trip.

Ouch, someone seems to be jealous of you posting on Sages blog. :)

Eva should realize that Sage will allow others to post here, but no one is EVER allowed to post at that blog unless you bow and kiss the fake lawyer. LOL.

TrippenIn said...

Waving hi to all of you and blown kiss to Belle.

Sage said...

I know how hard it is to be the lone dissenter on a blog. Years ago before this blog I posted on a hate Kate blog. That is why I started this one.

I never wanted this blog to be that if you don't agree with us you can't post. For that reason no moderation.

I and others may disagree and we may disagree strongly but everyone is invited to share their point of view.

Sage said...

This is what is wrong with having an insular moderated blog. They have repeated this so much it has become their truth. This rewriting of the truth makes for them Jon an angel and Kate the devil.
getofftwitter has left a new comment on the post "Kate Plus 8: "Kate's Most Memorable Moments": Disc...":

I take it back! This episode should be call: The Great BS episode. not the BooHoo . I never heard so much BS in one hour.

That BS about most marriages falling apart because of multi is BS. Kate did not even try to get therapy or counciling to save her marriage. The minute Jon said he did not want to do the show any more, that is when Kate dump him. That is when Kate picked fame over her husband & marriage and even the kids.

Eva said...

Thanks Sage,

I was starting to think I had been wrong about this site being a place I could express my point of view and not be called names.

BTW, I really enjoyed the show tonight. The kids were precious and they left out all the screaming from Kate. She even came across as a loving and caring mommie.

bellefidele said...

Kiss to you too, TrippenIn. So happy to read you again.

Farkle said...

Thank you Sage!

I guess Kate will always fill their lives. So glad I have much more important things to do in life, like taking care of my own family. I have always wished all single Mom's well, wished for Jon to be successful and support his children.

Sage said...

Good grief! Rhymes needs to quit reading at 15 and go out in her community. I am almost embarrassed for her making such an ignorant remark.

Rhymes with Witch has left a new comment on the post "Kate Plus 8: "Kate's Most Memorable Moments": Disc...":

Admin, I may be a lone voice, and that's ok, but it would be fine with me if you stopped recapping k&8.
Your writing and snark are excellent and make me laugh but the entire situation just makes me so sad. Eight lives being destroyed by a sociopath.
Of course I defer to your decision and others here. Just needed to say it.
Carry on.

Sadie May said...

Something tells me that Rhymes is sick of BL recaps and having to scroll, scroll, scroll just to read the comments.She's just too scared of upsetting dear leader & her fawning fangirls.

Nameless in LA said...

Rhymes doesn't understand that the recaps are all about the BL's ego, and her giant ego will always trump the good of the children involved.

Nameless in LA said...

I am of the opinion that Rhymes is, along with other things, an idiot.

Rhymes with Witch said... 44

She forments competition among those children.
I am of the opinion that along with her other diagnoses, she is a sadist.

Snow---------melting said...

Maybe Rhymes could open her own blog, Sister Wives need some desperate help at this. Divorce, many children and no futures. I would love to read something new, instead of Kate re-runs from years ago at that blog.

Snow Bunny should be posting at 15, maybe it's her on twitter. Whoever that is tweets about when the twins were 2. LOL.

Sage said...

Those recaps are definitely all about Becks.

I sometimes think she has that blog for the adoration of her minions.

I remember some of her old blog posts when she had the debt blog. She was really nasty to her parents. She complained of the cheap junky presents her parents would give her for Christmas.

Kates boobies again said...

OMG, if you read twitter, there is a tweeter who said she saw Kate's implants. Does her hubby know she might have been in bed with Kate. ROTF. These people really need serious help, their make believe world is so out there. How do they function in real life? Just asking?

As far as that blog, she is like a wet rag, she just keeps hitting herself in the head. I would love to see what she said about her parents, shame on her. Guess she didn't have a loving home, so she takes it out on a family she doesn't know.

Farkle said...

The ratings were great for Kate and the 8. Over a million viewers, so I guess all those haters watched several times didn't they? The few on twitter talk about Kate day and night, must be old ladies home alone without family or friends. How sad.

Wonder how the BL spins ratings?

Quiltart said...

Why do the Tweethaters go on and on about Shoka not being allowed in the house? Do they not realize that RH does not KNOW Kate, has never even had a conversation with Kate, hasn't been in her house since Jon left and hasn't a clue about what goes on in her life? They believe every dirty, hate-filled morsel he feeds them with NO PROOF.

Sage said...

Beck's has another epic recap up and even the regulars are tired of it.

TLC stinks said... 2
Whoa, new post. I'll read later.

Farkle, imo said...

I wonder if the failed book writer is cleaning up Kate's ditches so when Easter comes he won't have to lay in dog poop?

What a silly jerk, spends his days and nights on twitter still trying to bring Kate down, but funny thing is, he keeps her in the news and she gets jobs. Thanks Hoff, sure Kate appreciates all your unpaid time to keep her name out there. Does he have a real job? At least Jon has a part time job. Never thought Jon could show up a fab writer. LOL.

Sage said...

Sheesh what has unhinged Becks? She seems to think someone from here has been posting at her blog. Sounds a bit paranoid to me. You are being played..again. Your homework for this week is to Work on that gullibility of yours.

Becks seems to think that it is okay for them to mock the fan tweeters and all fans but we cannot discuss the people who post on her public blog...and she is a lawyer.

Newsflash sweetie, its called freedom of speech and that freedom of speech is not only for you and your minions but for everyone. And who says Hehe...weird.
//////////////////////// (Administrator) has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8 "Rocking the Boat": Wrong, ever...":

"Many", anonymous?

Lol, well we'll have to agree to disagree that "many" is the three people over at the blog that just talks about this blog. I know what goes on and how many people are left in your herd. Sometimes it's just you talking to yourself and nobody bothering to reply. Because let's face it your obsession with a BLOG does get rather creepy even to your friends. Hehe, goodnight!

bellefidele said...

Happy St-Valentine's day to all and lots of love.

Arabella said...

TMZ has a story about Jon being sued for a million dollars nothing to do with Kate bi wonder how Becky will spin this?

Arabella said...

She says she's waiting for all the facts. I think what that means is she's drunk dialing Jon wanting the deets but he's not answering. It's entertaining to see BL spin spin spin.

merryway said... (Administrator) said... 7

I said I wouldn't work for a boss I didn't RESPECT


Then don't post HERE if you don't respect things here, Merry.
February 13, 2015 at 3:46 PM

BL are you referring to me? If so, Lol someone is playing w/you. Though, I would love love love LOVE to debate some of your ridiculous claims over twitter.

Not me posting at her site... would be a fruitless endeavor since she can't bear to let through a post that challenges her party line of St. Jon.

Re Jon being sued. Thank goodness the kids have Kate to protect the security of their lives. This reminds me of his staging the robbery in his NYC apt. The one he got kicked out of for pocketing Hailey's money and not paying the rent.

And that recap.. good grief. This excerpt pissed me off. This goes right along w/her support of parental alienation as a "syndrome." If the kids say how they love their mom/family or anything positive, they call the kid a liar and claim the kid has been coerced. If one of the G kids ever came forward and said Jon was abusive in some way, they would immediately attack the child and Kate.

"Collin, who is only 10 years old, liked spending "quality time" with his family. Sigh, I fear he is being made Kate's mouthpiece by her, and it's disconcerting. He should not have to bear such a burden."

Sage said...

Merry, Of course BL is being played just like she was played by Hoffman who she now finds 'creepy'.

Wonder when she is going to admit how creepy Jon is who also played her.

Sage said...

Let the spinning begin...
/////////////// (Administrator) has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8 "Rocking the Boat": Wrong, ever...":

.....We have no idea what happened here. Maybe he blew it off and is a schmuck. It also could have been a strategic decision. Rather than burning many more thousands of dollars in attorney's fees to try to defend it and win, or lose, let it default on whatever the amount is, knowing you won't be able to pay it. At least that way you haven't burned money you would rather spend on your children defending something. Most good lawyers would advise clients not to bother to sue unless they can collect. It is a waste of your time as it will probably prove to be here. Jon certainly has not hesitated in the past to obtain attorneys, follow their advice and defend his rights, so I would have to assume he did so here.

Sage said...

What is Becks smoking? Jon and Kate have not been sued a lot. the only lawsuit that comes to mind is the Sylvia Lafair and she dropped that.

Spin Spin

/////////////////// (Administrator) has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8 "Rocking the Boat": Wrong, ever...":

Celebs seem to be sued an awful lot. Jon and Kate have been sued a lot between the two of them. Sometimes it's valid, but sometimes it's people thinking someone might have some deep pockets and capitalizing on that.

Sage said...

Oops I did forget that Jon was sued by TLC.

Wherever Jon has worked whomever Jon has dated there always seems to be a dark cloud.

Quiltart said...

This says it all.. The twisted mentality of a hater...
Wonder Dog ‏@Mattiepledger 2h2 hours ago
@Kateplusmy8 IF Jon is guilty it is no worse than Kate stealing and hiding all the jointly earned money on J&K and NO WORSE than abuse of 8

Sage said...


They have to make excuses for Jon. The haterz never will admit that they backed a loser.

Nameless in LA said...

The spinning is pretty entertaining. Yes, BL, I'm betting that Jon's employer sued him because they thought he had big bucks, cause that's why he'd be working as a sales manager for their company.

Sage said...

Oh, I like the story they sued Jon because he is a celebrity and that will bring advertising to their company. Because every company wants to be associated with a loser.

Nameless in LA said...

Only in BL land could this be spun to make Jon out to be a hero. He's a whistleblower!

And they call the "sheeple" stupid? Um, no, Math Girl, you can't subpoena someone at their old address and claim they have been served.
Math Girl said... 129

I wonder if Jon even knew about the lawsuit before the judgment. Can they "serve" the papers at an old address?

Also, I wonder about Jon being an "employee". From the reviews it sounds like they use "independent sales agents" (probably to avoid having to pay minimum wage, provide benefits, be subject to employment law in general). Maybe Jon signed up, realized the scam it was, and spoke against it.

Sadie May said...

Now we know why Jon can't get a job in IT.His reputation is nil.I'm surprised they're not attacking the Company that's suing him. Maybe they can start a GoFundMe page for him.

Nameless in LA said...

Oh, don't you worry, they're attacking the company. They found it on Yelp and it has horrible reviews and an "F" rating from the BBB. Company may be scum, but I'm pretty sure Jon could have done his homework and figured that out.

Sage said...

Jon is just driftless and childlike and he is drawn to shiny objects.

He needs someone in his life to take him by the hand and tell him do this and not that. He will drift from one low job to another and it will be more difficult as he gets older. Jon is a transient. I also think as the kids get older they will pull away from him more and more.

merryway said...

Jon is an idiot for not showing up. Who wants or needs a million dollar judgment hanging over their head?

If Jon didn't believe in the product he was selling he shouldn't have been pretending to sell it while stealing clients. That's sleazy.

Lawsuit seems ridiculous to me. But, Jon prefers the fast easy life and likes to associate w/the other sleazes.

Lol, a million dollars? Is the company even worth that much? How many customers do they think that Jon cost them? And, Jon ignoring the whole thing like it will go away.

Jon will never get his life together.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You had a serious post about heart attacks and just had to change it to be about Jon.

BTW, what is a theif? And how is Jon a thief? What did he steal?

Sage said...

Anonymous...why wouldn't I write about Jon? This blog has been based on the Gosselins.

I am asking if Jon is a thIEf since Jon got a million dollar judgment against him for stealing from his former company. I thought that was self explanatory but apparently not for some.

So I had a typo big whoop.

Anonymous said...

So again I ask what did he steal? If he felt that the company he worked for was scamming it's customers, wouldn't it be better if he spoke up?

I still don't see how you can call him a thief? He didn't steal anything.

Sage said...

Anonymous said...
So again I ask what did he steal? If he felt that the company he worked for was scamming it's customers, wouldn't it be better if he spoke up?

I still don't see how you can call him a thief? He didn't steal anything.

It probably would have been better to speak why didn't Jon speak up if he thought they were scamming?

I didn't call him a thief. I asked the question is Jon a thief. It was the court who found him in default for stealing from his employer. His employer must have had some compelling evidence for the judge to impose a 1 million dollar judgement. Even with Jon not showing up if there was nothing there they would not have done that.

Why didn't Jon show up? He is somewhat known. Why didn't he want to protect his reputation...such as it is...for future employment? He could have asked Shawn Tuma to help him. Pro bono of course.

merryway said...

I still don't see how you can call him a thief? He didn't steal anything.

If you're a sales mgr. for one company and you try to get clients to quit for a competing company, you are stealing clients = money.

Surely, you can grasp that. If not; Well, not everyone can understand everything.

Nameless in LA said...

To answer your question, Anonymous, no it is not "better" to speak up against your employer *while being paid by them.* If you think your employer is scamming people, you should a) quit your job; and b) make people aware of the scam. Better yet, do your homework and don't work for a sleazebag company in the first place.

Efforts to make Jon look noble in this scenario are laughable.

Sage said...

Jon is a loser. I cannot imagine anyone even the haterz who would want to be married to him.

I think they defend him not because they agree or condone what he does but because they hate Kate.

Does Jon steal tip money too? said...

So how many lawsuits were J/K sued together for?

If you own a business, and you employ someone to sell your product, no matter how crappy it is, you cannot diss the company while employed for them, they are paying you to represent them. Surely a knowledgeable lawyer would know this. My gawd, do they hand out stupid law degrees to anyone?

So Jon DJ's, disses the bars he works in, he will be fired, the bar owns the business. Very simply BL, get a real degree next time you attend college.

How sad for his kids again, no real job, no future, can't trust him (he might take tips off tables at the bars, didn't say he did tho). His Mother and brothers must have nothing to do with him. They should be so ashamed that they have to read the real truth about Jon in the rags.imo

Sadie May said...

The company was scamming customers, Jon was scamming the company.

Sage said...

That about sums it up Sadie.

Nameless in LA said...

Oh lookie, a shout out to this blog! (See last paragraph.) Kate is a Twit is oh-so-clever. And completely lacking in self-awareness, yet again.

Kate is a twit said... 171
Let's back up a minute. NaughtyNiceRob posts an article about how the CA constestants feel Kate doesn't want anything to do with them and the sheeple and Kate call it all lies.

Yet, when TMZ posts an article about Jon, they believe it to be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

So basically, if it's a negative story about Kate it's all lies. When it's a negative story about Jon it's the whole truth.

It 's amazing how the Sheeple Always Give Every benefit of doubt to Kate, yet always believe everything when it comes to Jon.

Quiltart said...

First of all, the article about CA and absolutely nothing to do with Jon's legal battles.

I read the article and it is all lies. It says she hasn't seen any of the other CA contestants since she was fired. This show was filmed almost a year ago. She made the PR rounds with several of the other contestants over the last few months. Another planted story with no truth to it. BTW, the stories that all the DWTS cast hated her was refuted by several of the other participants. Anything to make Kate look bad.

Farkle said...

The difference between Kate appearing on CA and whether she had contact with others after the show is not a CRIME.

Jon scamming one's product and business and was caught and sued and did not appear in court to at least defend himself is a crime. What company would ever have anything to do with him again. Looks like Jon couldn't even get a lawyer to appear with him, or he thought he was so above this that he didn't think a lawsuit would be filed. He had to be served for a judge to let the suit go through, and set the fine against him. I would not want Jon is my place of business working, reputations and honesty keep doors open today.

Sar night special lawyer, ha! said...


Those nuts love Jon because maybe that's the only type of men that would look at them. How many nights and weekends do they post non stop? Means no men or families for most of them. I don't think the lawyer is married, so they all can just chat non stop about Kate who is working, has a nice family, and they wished they could be HER.

I don't know a real lawyer who would even consider having a blog on twitter to hate on a family. I do hope that people who need a lawyer research her before they hire her.

Sage said...

Just got home...hope everyone had a lovely Valentines Day.

Belle, wishing you a Happy Valentine. Meant to answer earlier but the whole day got away from me.

Sage said...

Now aren't they just the clever ones. LOL Reading that was a flashback to fourth grade for me. LMAO.

It would be better if they read Beck's rule #4
No trash talking other blogs/bloggers here.

Now I am sure they don't want to be reprimanded by Beck's and be called a snot and disrespectful to her and her blog. She just might do a pop quiz on her novel length recaps. Hehe


It 's amazing how the Sheeple Always Give Every benefit of doubt to Kate, yet always believe everything when it comes to Jon

bellefidele said...

LOL! Sage at :''he is drawn to shiny objects''. Love how you explain things.

bellefidele said...

I wish the company good luck on collecting from Jon. ;-)))))))))))

Quiltart said...

On the flip side, Bleeple, you NEVER give Kate the benefit of the doubt and you always listen to your ill-informed leader who tells you that your hero, Jon, is Kate's victim and is never responsible for his own actions. Try thinking for yourselves sometime!

WOW said...

Bullyville today, that is all, wonder who is next? Kate will see who has done damage to her.

I would think a hate blog will close if more is to come---??

Arabella said...

A few commenters are not toeing the party line about how wonderful Jon is. Wonder when Admin will step in and admonish them?

Sage said...

Arabella, I noticed that. It seems one person was brave enough to post outside the party line and some followed.

I think there are a few that will never see Jon for what he is or isn't and they quiet the rest.

Quiltart said...

God forbid anyone badmouth Jon. After all, the most important thing is lying about Kate:
When Jon was 6 he pulled a girl's hair. When he was 10 he stole a matchbox car. When he was 15 he got drunk. Let's crucify him now for past "crimes." The more we talk about Jon, the less we talk about the lying, child-beating, animal-abusing, husband-stealing, race-cheating, laughing- at-miscarriages, ingrate-daughter, bad-friend, inauthentic employee ---WITCH!!!

Sage said...


That is someone who is way over the top. Their hatred for Kate is repeated over and over with exaggerations and lies.

There are things that Kate does and says that I do not agree with...but it is her life and I don't hate her for living it.

Marie said...

Sage I'm so sorry about your heart attack. It's one of the scariest things to happen. I've had two bad heart attacks myself. The first attack I was misdiagnosed by the hospital and it was a week after I got out of the hospital for the first attack that I had my second attack, only this time I was sent to a different hospital because my attack occurred ironically in my family doctors office. As soon as I walked in I was told I was very pale, confused and slurring my words so they called the paramedics. After testing the doctors they wanted to do a quadruple heart bypass immediately but they were unable to perform it because I need a knee replacement on each of my legs and after a bypass the patient must be able to exercise. It was for that reason the doctors decided to put stents in temporarily until I the other surgeries done first. My symptoms were a little different than your's. I get a bad neck and upper back pain but what really alerted me to an impending heart attack is that I get a terrible jaw pain on the right side of my jaw. At first my thought was that I had a problem with a tooth and ignored it. After my second heart attack the jaw pain tipped me off about my jaw pain and a heart attack. The heart doctor said this is also a sign in many women. Even with the stents I still will get "attacks" and it's always the jaw pain that alerts me and they prescribed nitroglycerin and an aspirin when an attack is about to occur. I just felt it would be good information to pass on to the members of your blog that there are other symptoms they need to be aware of. Heart doctors have said for years that women's symptoms are different than men. Have a great day everyone.

Nameless in LA said...

Poor Karen. Jon has left her heartbroken yet again, due to his "terrible luck." I'm not sure what scamming your employer has to do with "luck" but maybe I'm missing something...
Karen Kaufman said... 154
It breaks my heart to see the negative publicity re: Jon. I do wish him peace and happiness as he seems to have terrible luck. And I give him a broad leeway because, seriously, how could he EVER see this happening when he fell for (ugh...) Kate? She did fool the world because no one ever thought that anyone would risk her life and commit prescription fraud to purposely have HOMs. And then when said multiples came into the world, treated them worse than most people treat barnyard animals. Her own flesh and blood. I don't think she was this demonic when he met her. Cruelest of all, she uses his love for them against them. He has had to refrain from retaliation for their sakes. He is not perfect. He has made mistakes. But in no way does he deserve this misfortune. I hope he finds his way. At least he has he potential to, unlike his psychotic ex.

Farkle said...

I agree nameless, Jon has made many mistakes, so has Kate, but the issue should be that Jon has not changed his ways at all. He really left his kids years ago to go find a dream that was never there. Kate has a heavy load, no way would I want to raise 8 kids in today's world. The struggles would be real.

Jon has trust issues now after this lawsuit was filed, hopefully he can keep a job that least he can support himself.

MsGoody2Shoes said...

Sage, have you seen Bullyville's post about Jen D?

Nameless in LA said...

Apparently the genius lawyer doesn't realize that a contract is a legal document. (Administrator) said... 18

Actually, they may well be under an obligation to provide them with a VIP food experience. It all depends on what is stipulated in the contract.


I meant no legal obligation. If they want to write something into their contract that provides for green smoothies at 2 oclock and bagels and cream cheese at 10, that's another matter. I doubt that's the case though or they wouldn't be implying contestants took advantage of the free food.

merryway said...

Lol, Bl and her minions are bored from trying to find new things to hate about Kate. They are over there hashing a Naughty But Nice Rob article about greedy contestants on Celeb Apprentice. He is such a gossip monger and wrong so many of the times.

Arabella said...

I just waded through the Bullyville stuff. . . Jen D had a grandchild who was sick and she was spending time on the internet harassing people?? Andi was a single mother, alone in the world and she had the time to harass people? I don't understand that at all.

Quiltart said...

Naughty but Nice Rob is egging the haters on, live at the CA finale, slamming Kate in every tweet. They all make me sick....

Sage said...

Ms.Goody...haven't seen you in a while.

I don't read or keep up with the BV or Jen stuff. That was a few years ago and I have moved on.

Don't know and don't care.

Donald chose Kate! said...

Were any of the haters invited to appear on CA? Didn't think so, carry on-----.

They think the whole world thinks that everyone reads their dumb tweets that do nothing but stalk Kate. It's been shown the more people stalk someone, the more jobs they get, thanks for helping out.

Mimi said...

Man the twitter hags are seething with bitterness. They have analyzed and insulted every minute detail of Kate's appearance on CA last night. How they can call themselves anything but bullies is laughable. Making fun of someone's appearance,the way they talk and ridiculing their every move is textbook bullying.Trying to intimidate others who disagree is also pure bullying.

Eva said...

Kate had the perfect opportunity last night on CA to be humble,gracious and give Lezza the credit she deserved when she took over the first time Kate was project manager to a win....instead she thinks Geraldo should be the next Project Manager of CA.

I gave up on Jon a long time ago and Kate never gives me any reason to think she will ever change.

Quiltart said...

Mimi, You are absolutely correct. They are bullies through and through. I thought Kate looked great last night and her behavior was perfectly appropriate and the same as every other CA participant.

BTW, Kate owes NO ONE an explanation of her choices on that show... Is everyone analyzing the comments of all the other participants? I didn't think so.

Sage said...

Unfortunately, I was out of town last night and was unable to watch the show.

I have to say I just don't believe Kate was any different than anybody else on the show.

Micha said...

LOL, Eva, so Kate can't have her opinion on who she thought should win? Others in the cast also thought Geraldo should win it, they were there and saw more than just what was edited for our viewing. Kate was THERE. She knows who deserves "credit" and who doesn't. Kate was plenty gracious and appeared thrilled for Leeza. Maybe you should humbly admit that while you don't know the whole story of what went on during CA, KATE does. :) Can you do that?

Nameless in LA said...

Their imaginations are in overdrive again. I looked at the pic and see a person leaning in to get into the picture. They see something sexual. Comment after comment about how Kate was "all over" Terrell Owens. Alrighty then.
Ingrid said... 10
I checked out this picture on Jamie's twitter. Kate is laying across Terrell's lap it looks like. A little more friendly than I would be with a guy I only knew a few weeks in a tv show/business aspect. I'm not a prude but would have to have the hots for a guy I barely knew or be drunk to do that. Especially on pic on internet. I have known girls who would do things like that to tease guys even if they were not interested.
We here mean muggin... I hope @LeezaGibbons wins! @ApprenticeNBC @terrellowens @Kateplusmy8

Sage said...


I looked at that picture too and for the life of me I do not see what they see.

It is thier imagination and maybe some projection on how they feel.

Quiltart said...

I see three people mugging for the camera. Period. As usual, the haters can't conceal THEIR shortcomings, so they pile it all on Kate. They WISH they had her life... The don't even come close.

Sage said...

So agree, Quiltart.

Nameless in LA said...

Oh my god, a "longer than usual" recap. Because the usual 10+ pages just wasn't enough space for the BL to share her brilliant observations with the world. I'm going to check my calendar and see if I have a couple of days I can set aside to read it. (Administrator) said... 123
Recap is up. Little longer than usual, it was Kate's firing episode after all!

Sage said...

Sheesh, I saw that too, Namelss. They will all scroll by it and tell her how brilliant she is.

Beck's the closet narcissist.

Nameless in LA said...

Agreed, Sage, except for the closeted part. I think she came out long ago. ;)

Quiltart said...

LOL, Nameless! How true!

Sage said...

LOL They are not and do not want to read it.

PA Dutch Mom has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Celebrity Apprentice Episode Five: The Sand...":

....Good grief, admin. That's a mini-novel! Thanks for the bedtime reading. I'll have to set aside some time later this evening to read all of it!

Sage said...

Reader is one hateful and bitter person.

reader has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Celebrity Apprentice Episode Five: The Sand...":

Kate Krieder is NOT attractive. Layers of make-up over botox. Her hair is thinning no weaving in these pics, she pulls it forward, her skin is over tanned and sagging in places (knees & neck) because of it. I think she's looking thick, obviously not running anymore.
I cancelled my subscription to Runnner's World when she was featired in it. Fools fell for her latest scam.....article should have said, " Kate Gosselin, I'm a runner....this week...where's my check?"

merryway said...

Good grief, Bl is comparing Jon not paying child support (for 8 kids) to Terrell Owens pocketing cash for seeing one of his children 6 hours a month.

Three times a year, Terrel can deduct $250 for the cost of his flight. The mother offered this deal in hopes he would visit. An excerpt of the TMZ article is below. It's 1yo, so I have no idea of the current status.

Here's the deal ... according to court docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, Terrell has to shell out $2,250-per-month to Melanie Smith, one of T.O.'s 4 baby mamas.

But the catch ... if T.O. flies to Georgia and spends at least 6 hours with his daughter, he may deduct the cost of the flight, up to $250, from the next month's child support check.

T.O. can only use visit deduction 3-times per year -- and only once a month.

Read more:

Here's Bl trying to twisting it into a normal situation applicable to Jon not paying child support. Swallow hard bleeple. (Administrator) said... 21

An offer to reduce his child support payments was made if he would visit his children.


Yes, that's usually how it works. If you spend a certain amount of days per month with your children it usually automatically reduces your support or at least will as long as you ask for it. That's because support is not about punishment or whatever but about making sure that each parent is paying for their children's needs in a manner that in theory makes it about equal. If your children are with you the court presumes you are paying for them during that time period, which is why I keep saying, facetiously, does Kate give Jon an allowance when they are with him. Obviously she doesn't. That support COUNTS, in both the eyes of the law and in common sense. Yet to her she is the sole supporter. That's not how it works.

Why is it wonderful for the sheeple to see Kate hanging out with this guy who apparently doesn't pay his support anymore and has various baby mamas he's skipped out on, but they hate Jon? Please explain. Terrell sounds like a real jerk, Jon has nothing on him.
February 17, 2015 at 7:08 PM

Sage said...

Good grief is right!

Are they really that stupid to believe her?

merryway said...

This is exceptionally stupid. It's as if Bl thinks children fall out of the sky w/their health insurance, clothes, schooling and childcare completely provided. The court ensures that the children receive the amount due from each parent to cover these expenses. BL, can't bring herself to admit that Kate is the one providing for all of their needs. Feeding some of your children every other weekend is not how a parent provides. There's a whole bunch of other days in the week that they need to eat, go to the dr. etc. etc.

"If your children are with you the court presumes you are paying for them during that time period"

Quiltart said...

I can't believe she used the words "Common sense" since she obviously does not have any! She can't give Kate credit for ANYTHING, can she?

Quiltart said...

On Twitter, all the haters are gloating that Radar Online says Kate is being investigated for child abuse, but when you go to Radar, the story looks like it has been removed. I'll bet anything RH is up to his old dirty tricks again. Does anyone know anything about this?

Sage said...

Someone at 15 wrote that the new InTouch magazine has a Kate on the cover and that she was being investigated for child abuse but I could not verify it.

Could be hater chatter.

Quiltart said...

The twitter haters are gloating so much, one of them probably is the one who called CPS! Whatever it is, the links to Radar and Intouch are gone, so it's VERY curious. Sounds like the work of the usual suspects.

Dana Evans said...

Apparently Celeb Dirty Laundry is claiming that it's in the new In Touch magazine. That's the only place I saw it. Nothing in the local news that I can find. In Touch has an article about Kate that was posted 4 hours ago. Nothing in it mentions any abuse allegations.

Quiltart said...

Just as expected... an unidentified source with unfounded claims. Sounds like Jon and RH are at it again!

Sage said...

That sounds just like what the posters on 15 are always saying....hmmm.

Could be Jon again because it was reported about default judgement.

When Hoffman was emailing me as Angela he was outraged how Jon treated Colin not how Kate treated him. I still have the email.

There is a reason Colin does not want to go to Jon's....

Quiltart said...

I agree, Sage. Also, Collin was not suspended from school in 2014... it was the year of the divorce. Why would Collin choose to stay with Kate on weekends if he is so afraid of her. Makes no sense. I smell a skunk. Of course, now, the haters are running with this like it is gospel, even though no charges were brought against her. The timing is very suspicious.

Sage said...

I am not inclined to believe In Touch when on the cover they talk about George Clooneys divorce.

Time for a court order said...

I wonder if in PA, your lawyer can sue CPS to get who reported the false info again? I would petition the court to get CPS to turn over all the reports that have ever been filed against Kate. This would be money well spent, but Kate seems to let these issues drop, but I would not want my child's name splashed all over the tabs. It's time Kate stood up for Collin!

Quiltart said...

It would not surprise me one bit if this was another one of the haters' schemes to ruin Kate. They are conveniently ignoring the fact that no charges were brought against Kate.

Sage said...

How would anyone know that a report was made to CPS?

That's why this story does not hang together.

Sage said...

Jon sells stories about Kate. Period.

Quiltart said...

Jon sells stories about Kate when Kate is getting good press. No brainier.

Sage said...

Agree Quilart. That has been his pattern for years.

He is jealous of her and anything she does.

Farkle said...

I do hope this is not Jon selling a false story about his own son or one of his buddies. This is very harmful to a child and could really scare a child to have to go through this. It also makes the agency where the children live under review by the State Gov that over see's the office of CPS. This is not a hornets nest that whoever is doing this could bring very serious charges to them for false reporting. Kate could have them investigated by just reporting this to the State.

CPS can not publish anyone that is interviewed, some one really likes to hurt a child for their own sick mind.

merryway said...

Yep Quilt & Sage, that's Jon's pattern. If Kate is in the spotlight, Jon is there to create drama.

BL thinks it's concerning that Collin said his mommy did a good job. She knows that no 10yo would think this way. If Collin said his daddy did a good job, Bl would be writing yards and yard about how Collin speaks the truth and loves his dad, articulate, smart, blah blah blah. It's just how that parental alienation crap works. They don't care what type of problem Collin might be having w/his father. They don't believe there is a problem. They totally discount what a child is going through and just blame Kate for "alienating" him from Jon.

xxxxxx (Administrator) said... 25

In light of these recent rumors Collin's comments in the couch interviews are all the more concerning.

I just do not buy that whole I'm proud of my mom speech about how amazing it is to him she raises eight kids at once. I simply do not believe he is old enough to grasp all of that or care, unless somebody has drilled that into his head. And if that's the case his mother's ego should not be his burden to bear. His job is to be a young boy, not Kate's emotional crutch. Emotional abuse is extremely hard to identify but very harmful.
February 18, 2015 at 9:07 PM

merryway said...

Another doozy of a comment below.

It's a shame how Jon and the haters use these kids. It's been Jon's pattern since he and Kate split. There was the awful video of the dogs leaving, DWTS fiasco, selling stories about the two children who were homeschooled, stories about Kate sending rotten sandwiches in lunches, and all the interviews about how he is going to file for custody because Kate is so awful to the kids. That's just some of them... He was the guy who stopped filming then went on every pap show AND sold his twins' birthday to tabloid tv. He has not let up on Kate since they split


Mel said... 24

Collin's comments on the couch...those were so clearly rehearsed.
I can see her drilling it into him what he must say to the investigators.

She probably made him say it over and over until he got it right. As she stood over him with a raised fist. Or a beating instrument. Or a plate of food.

My heart just breaks for that poor little guy. And the other kids, having to watch that.

I hope he finds us someday....and knows that many people tried, many people prayed for him because it was all they could offer him.
February 18, 2015 at 9:03 PM

Quiltart said...

If the haterz/bleeple think that the G children are going to THANK them for destroying their mother, they are even more delusional than previously known.

No one who cares one iota about these children would SELL such a smear job on Kate to the tabs. No one but someone who hates Kate would humiliate her children and Kate by selling such stories.

The haters have been calling CPS on Kate since she first went on TV. Has she every been arrested? Have the children ever been taken away from her?
THINK, haters! Your ploy is geting old and it is only hurting the children. The main point of the story that they are ignoring is that IF CPS was called, they didn't find anything to charge her with.

CPS didn't SELL tbis story. No one who supports Kate SOLD this story. Use your thinking caps Bleeple.. (you know, the ones your fearless leader won't let you use...) and THINK. This was a smear campaign with NO proof of anything.

Truthers B Crazy said...

I bet it was a group of haters that decided that each one would call CPS.I wouldn't put it passed them.The way they go on on Twitter. You can pretty much tell which one would do it.With help from their heroes.

Mimi said...

The fact that this story specifically tries to paint Jon as the caring parent speaks volumes about the source.Jon and his buddy Robert as well as the haters that Jon aligns himself with are never going to stop terrorizing Kate.They are so jealous and bitter that Kate keeps going. The twitter hags have been in a frenzy for the past two months.Also Robert went on a frenzy of tweeting links and passages of the book to anyone and everyone. What Jon is doing to hurt his own children is beyond sick.The haters want to diagnos Kate,what kind of mental illness does it take to carry on a years long vendetta against your ex without caring how much damage you are doing to your children.The twitter hags are gleeful today that once again Kate has been drug through the mud.No thought of the hurt and embarrasement that this causes the children.They are awful,horrible people and I feel way more sorry for their children than the Gosselin kids.

Micha said...

The article says the claims were unfounded. Even if haters can get CPS to look into the way Kate is raising her kids they can't get CPS to find something that's not there. If they want to applaud themselves for distracting CPS from investigating parents of kids who are really in danger, that sounds typical of the haters. We all know they don't care about kids, they just care about trying to hurt Kate.

It is about time for a story about Kate to be released that quotes unnamed sources and happens to try to make Jon look like a concerned dad (who ends up doing nothing more than being concerned). Rent must be due.

Quiltart said...

Micha, I was thinking the same thing... Jon always manages to sell a story for $$ when Kate's name is in the news. I understand that Kate went to court after Jon and his current GF -- whichever one it was -- concocted the story about the rotten sandwiches. It's time for her to put a stop to this once and for all. Kate and her fans NEVER play these dirty games, no matter how much the lying haters say we do. We don't.

merryway said...

In an interview, Kate joked for TLC to please call her for new episodes. Because of this, Bl thinks TLC should have nothing to do w/her and that Kate degraded herself. Bl says that Jon can apply for a job w/his held high and self respect in tact.

How quickly Bl forgets that Jon was selling stories and publicly begging for Kate to appear with him on Couples Therapy. He also had to throw in a jab about Kate admitting she and Steve were dating. Also, I don't know how Jon can go anywhere w/his held high after his appearance on Couples Therapy. (Administrator) said... 70

He is so broke and going nowhere in life . He wants a free ride .


Yeah, cause being on CA is really going SOMEWHERE in life. Like where, to Chopped next? Lol.

It always amazes me the sheep seem to think Kate is so very different from Jon. She is a reality t.v. freeloader with no other prospects. She has made all the rounds of the halfway decent shows. There is pretty much nothing left for her to do, and with reality T.V. in decline or shifting gears to less competition shows and more unique family shows like Alaskan wilderness people, what is her plan here?

I think her groveling to TLC about please call her was EMBARRASSING. Not only did she out herself that they do NOT have more episodes lined up for her (haha!) but she looked like a doofus begging them on national T.V. to please do more. Have some self respect.

At least Jon can walk into a bar, fill out an application, and ask for a job with his head held high and his self respect intact. I would take that any day over begging for a job on T.V. Some people still value keeping their dignity in their employment. Different values systems, again.
February 19, 2015 at 6:28 AM

Nameless in LA said...

These people are disgusting. Any one of them could have called CPS anonymously and force them to investigate. And the fact that the story was leaked lends credence to the idea that it was someone with an ax to grind. It means nothing.

TLC stinks said... 144
FYI, in PA a finding of "unfounded" just means there was a lack of evidence, not that the allegation was false.

Sage said...

I highly doubt that CPS would be giving a public statement whether it was founded or unfounded.

This makes me believe it is BS. I think either a hater did this or Jon or both together or it never happened at all.

Nameless in LA said...

I tend to believe that an investigation took place only because anyone can pick up a phone and make an allegation. The odds that one of these freaks hasn't done just that are pretty slim.

Maybe not a smart move for someone said...

While working in the health care field for years, no way CPS would ever allow a "source" to say anything concerning a investigation. The source could be held libel for false reporting, and Kate is allowed to involve legal proceedings concerning her children. I would think that any good lawyer would tell others that this is the way the law works, instead of throwing out bs to satisfy sick needs in people's minds.

I do think if Kate is really concerned for her children, it's time the State of PA gets involved in this. They have an obligation to help people who are reported falsely, whether the report came from school teachers, neighbors, haters, general public, ex's or failed writers. I would not want this mark on my name anywhere. It may be bs, but it was sold for $ to someone, paper trails are so easy to find. imo

Sage said...

Nameless, I agree that haters made a complaint...probably many complaints over the years wasting manpower and tax payer money that could be used for real cases of abuse.

I just don't see CPS making any statement about it tho.

Nameless in LA said...

Oh, totally agree that CPS would not comment on it, at least not on the record. However, employees have been known to have their palms greased to release confidential info. Tabloid could have done some snooping around to get at the "unfounded" part though, as they're opening themselves up to a lawsuit without adding that part. Or it could be total BS!

Quiltart said...

Absolutely no way that this story didn't come from Jon, RH or any of the countless haters who have already bragged about reporting her to CPS.

Farkle said...

CPS would never release any statement concerning any case, unless in a court of law, not to the general public.

"Unfounded" was released by someone who may have reported Kate, if this story is true at all. Million dollars, just saying. Anyone can speculate.

Quiltart said...

This is the latest "positive" review of RH's book on Amazon. His witch hunt is definitely still on.

5.0 out of 5 stars Thorough and Terrifying, February 17, 2015
Kathleen M.Fraser - See all my reviews
Returned gosselin videos to Amazon and wrote to discovery about Kate s abuse . I also called PA authorities to report same.
Thank you for careful and child caring research

Sage said...

Quiltart, I don't know even what to say about this anymore.

The out of control hate is being driven by a mob mentality. It is definitely escalating.

I don't know what the answer is.

Quiltart said...

I don't know what the answer is either.I truly fear for Kate's safety.

She answered some of the haters on Twitter tonight, and they held that against her. I feel so badly for her and for her kids.

People should read and do researching before they post said...

Kate needs to do something now, her family has been a target for several years now, and with a couple that live in the area, it is scary. No way would any family put up with this is real life and Kate shouldn't either.

There are sites that have Crispy Skinned Chicken on them. Duh, people who cook know this. Not everything is fried to make it crispy!

Sage said...

I saw that. damned if she does and damned if she doesn't.

Thats just never know if someone reading that crap the haters spew is going to act on it.

Sage said...

What concerns me is that they single out one of the kids as being abused and needs rescuing.

There are some seriously disturbed people out there that may not necessarily live near Kate or tweet but follow what is being said and may act on it.

merryway said...

In Touch is such a rag. They always declare Jennifer Aniston to be pregnant.

They are unbelievable. A story comes out on TMZ (which is a pretty reliable tab) about Jon scamming his employer and they turn him into a hero. Of course, Bl said she wouldn't believe it til she saw the filings.
A story about Kate comes in out in a rag that says "CPS unfounded allegations" and they are all over Kate spewing hatred. They are going over the shows in minute detail looking for anything to extrapolate into abuse.

ROL also says that Jon is unemployed. Do the bleeple believe that as the truth? He's supposed to have a DJ gig the first Tues of every month at the Bally Hotel. Was that his only job? Did Jon already quit the DJ business? I guess that part of the article isn't true. Lol

Bl is sick because she wants the children to be in a worse case scenario so she can keep up her lame blog.

Quiltart said...

This has RH's name all over it. He is exposing every single thing he can on Kate:

Mary EmDee said...

It really hurts my heart that Kate has to deal with the loony hate crowd in such a way. How dare they do this to any parent- just to prove their hate agenda. To now go after helpless children is just sick

Mary EmDee said...

Score!! My comment went thru. I have been around, just unable to post- stupid iPhone.

Miss you all :)

Mary EmDee said...

Quilt- that article definitely has some losers name all over it, that's for sure! Seemed like a ploy for hits- directed right at the haters.

Micha said...

It's the fact that Kate has so clearly come out on top that has the haters attacking her more and more. She was on a major network show this season and Kate Plus 8 is clearly back and the expectation is that TLC will continue to revisit Kate and the kids as the years go by.

And this is after all the biggest attempts to "ruin" Kate have been released. What can the nasty haters do but try some more to put it out there about how "bad" they think Kate is? Are they going to give up on trying to "ruin" Kate? Of course not.

The haters must all must be shattered to know that whoever gave Kate the recent opportunities at NBC and TLC had to KNOW about that book and all those allegations yet they still gave her those opportunities. They have to know that means they failed at their goal. Is it going to send them over the edge?

I've always feared for the safety of Kate and the kids, but I think Kate has known for years about the dangers of having these haters nipping at her heels and she took precautions then, and continues to now. Better safe than sorry.

Anyone who thinks Kate doesn't need a bodyguard or to take precautions has never read the venom spewed at her for years. Maybe they do the same sort of spewing online, but never take action, so they think those haters will never take action other than on their computers.

I think Kate is handling things fine. It the haters on Twitter are surprised if she tweets them to tell them she knows they are jealous or that her dog is her business, well that's no surprise to me. They think Twitter is their safe place to bully Kate and that Kate won't ever talk back. The haters probably think how dare Kate bully THEM by speaking up for herself!

Quiltart said...

Micha, They will twist things like they always do and claim that THEY are the victims. I expect RH to continue his smear campaign for a while. He seems to have a bottomless pit of filth to dredge his lies from.

merryway said...

Years ago, Steve talked about Kate receiving death threats. It's always bothered me that Jon gets involved with and eggs on the haters when he knows the situation.

Glad to see none of the mainstream tabloids picked up the CPS story.

False reporting is being done said...

If I was working in the office of CPS in PA where the G's live, I would want to know that a "source" is representing them selling stories. It's time maybe Murt needs to be told what harm he has done to this family, just saying.

Terri Celestine Brunson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Terri C. Brunson said...

Sage --- I feel that Kate's ratings were good 1.4 million. I think she will have more specials to come. She well deserve a complete contract with TLC, her ratings earned it.

Sage said...

I agree, Terri....and welcome!

Terri C. Brunson said...

I thank you so much for the warm welcome Sage.

G's book is changing the story said...


Didn't Hoff say that Jon and ELLEN were mean to Colin? Maybe Ellen did something, she skated and ran fast when she was outed for being friends with a certain hate blog. Her 15 minutes didn't last long. :)

Sage said...

Yes, he did. Hoffman seems fixated on Collin. Creepy.

Quiltart said...

RH made a big deal about poor starving Collin who never had doughnuts. Gag me.

Anonymous said...

Kate tweeted tonight about the real life fears she has because of the haters. I can't imagine how stressful it must be to know that there are people who wish you harm and actively work everyday to destroy your life.She has started to speak up and fight back and I hope she continues to take it farther. She needs to go after these people legally and aggressively.There are some in my opinion who would be quite happy if someone did harm Kate and would deem that she 'deserved it'. If this doesn't stop I fear someone is going to take it upon themselves to'free the Gosselin children' by harming Kate. I will also say that this is my opinion only but I believe that is exactly why Robert keeps fanning the fire with the haters,he is hoping to play on their mental illness and hatred and get them to do the job for him.Concerned Chick is also another very dangerous person IMO,because she is another who constantly goes after any company that works with Kate and is very aggressive toward anyone who tries to support Kate.She gets very angry and jealous when Kate gets opportunities like CA and you can almost feel the rage in her tweets. She is also very good at getting the haters fired up. I am fairly certain Kate knows who she is and imo,she should slap a giant lawsuit on her butt. I feel the safety of Kate and the kids could very well be in jeopardy.

Someone at the fence?????????? said...

Kate reported a hater tweet to her local PD about Shoka. It's time for Jon to step up to step up to the plate and help his children, go after those who are hurling threats against them. I now fear for all of them, be a Father Jon, be a hero for your kids.

Sage said...

Someone, Jon does not care. He feeds into it.

Quiltart said...

Where was Kate's tweet? I only see the bubble bath photo, for which the usual suspects are already going after her. I'm glad to see she is finally speaking up.

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