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Micha said...

Sandie, I think you're making the assumption that everything you mentioned in your comment is true, but I think that of all that you mentioned what is most important at the moment is the belief that that Jon is excluded from being in the lives of his kids. Could that be true? If it is, why? Would it be for no good reason?

If a family court Judge has weighed in on this (and how could that not have happened? How can anyone explain or rationalize any scenario that includes Jon not seeing a few of his kids for years but not going to court to do anything about it?) and has decided that Jon doesn't have the simple right to know what's going on with his children, or where this specific child is, what had to happen for a Judge to think that was the right decision? What could he have done? And if he did nothing and there's no ruling in a family court preventing Jon from knowing what's going on with his kids, wouldn't that be even worse? Because that would mean that Jon hasn't seen some of his kids for years but did absolutely nothing of any substance to change that. If there's no court ruling that would mean that Jon didn't go to court and didn't make a real effort to be a part of those kids' lives.

If Kate is doing something that is illegal in some way, if she's' breaking some law by keeping this information from Jon, why wouldn't Jon go to court and get a court order to have Kate disclose the information? Instead he complains in the press.

Does anybody have any idea how many times Jon has whined in the press about the status of his relationship with some of his kids, and claimed that he's going to go to court, he's just about to file something, he's just trying to get some money to pay legal fees. It's been years. Has he not earned the money yet? Has he gone to court and had a Judge rule against him?

Does Jon ever tell the whole truth about his situation with his kids, or is just bashing Kate good enough for him? If Kate has all the power in this family situation, why is that?

Sage said...


Kate was quoted as saying in People that all the kids are in therapy. I think that you all will just have to face the fact that not all the kids want to see their dad for whatever reason.

I think also you all need to face the fact that Jon lies.

Sage said...

Sue, yes Hoffman did tell me some things about Jon.

Why are you so curious about this?

Sandie said...

Youre correct, we don't know the truth. But shouldn't Kate try to co-parent? The damage BOTH parents are doing to these kids is heartbreaking. Jon and Kate should be ashamed of themselves.
If jon has weekend custody, etc, then he should have insisted that all the kids go along with the visitation order, and Kate as a mother, should have encouraged the kids to maintain a relationship with their father. It's that simple--love the kids more than you hate the ex-- and neither parent is putting the kid's best interest in the forefront. I'd be ashamed of myself if I parented like either of these parents.
It's sad.

Sage said...

How do we know that Kate hasn't tried to co-parent? We don't know what the visitation order says. I do think it is very telling that Kate has full legal custody. Jon signed off on that. Why did he give up legal custody if he is so concerned about the kids? If Kate is so bad why give her legal custody?

Quiltart said...

If Jon has weekend visitation for all eight kids, all eight kids would be going with him every other weekend. If, after 2+ years, only four kids are visiting him, it's obvious he does not have a court order saying that all eight kids HAVE to be with him or he would have dragged Kate to court long ago. I'm quite certain that Jon knows why certain kids don't see him. It's too bad that you can't give Kate credit for taking care of her children without much help from their father. He's the one going to the tabs every couple of months for $$$... Why didn't he take the money he claimed to DONATE from TGIF and go to court?

merryway said...

It's hard to coparent with someone who publicly tells the world they despise you or rants and raves at the camera for you to eat shit and die.
Jon is not willing to coparent with Kate. Since the divorce, Jon has used his kids to hurt Kate and make money. He's been cruel and self-centered. The kids are stuck with a father who is willing to use them in the worse ways.
Having RH make the dogs video, stopping the show and selling out the twins bd, selling the kindergarten story, all of the stories he sold where said he was filing for custody are just some of the ways that Jon has shown his kids are not first. It's what will put money in his pocket and hurt Kate even at the expense of his children.

As Jon pointed out on his instagram, his is not a normal case that he can just ask the court to make Kate present his missing kids. Deanna said as much in those revealing tweets. It's not hard to decipher that this is all a-ok with the court and what they believe to be in the best interest of the children. It's ridiculous to think that Kate has been defying court orders all these years with Jon taking no action. But, the bleeple will swallow anything as long as they can keep that halo on Jon's head.

Micha said...

I think that when you get to the point with your ex that you think he's actively out to hurt you, it makes it very difficult to "co-parent" because there's no trust. Can Jon be trusted? I don't think so. It would be great if they had an amicable post divorce relationship but they don't. Does anybody realistically think that the man who gave Hoffman Kate's private journals can be trusted now? I've heard is that they simply text each other regarding pick ups and drop offs. We don't know that Kate hasn't tried to encourage the kids to see their dad, but she can't force them. They must have the choice and other than saying, "are you sure you don't want to see your dad," what can she do? The kids who want to see Jon do see him.

Jon has to act on his behalf regarding seeing his kids and if he hasn't, that's on him. If he has and the outcome is that he's been told that nobody is going to force the kids to visit him AND that Kate doesn't have to give Jon any information regarding his kids' health or well being then all I can do is wonder what kind of impression Jon has made on the family court that has resulted in him being shut out having access to his children's health records? If Kate has the final say regarding what Jon knows about his kids, why is that?

Sandie said...

Why would he not have visitation with some and not others?? Something doesn't add up. Kate has sold interviews as well, and yes, those kids have provided her a very cushy lifestyle.
Jon and Kate both made mistakes early on, and selling out their family continues to reverberate throughout their lives. They both used their kids to line their own pockets.
I wonder how how bad it has to get, what horrific event has to happen before these parents pull their heads out of their asses and put the kid's needs first. I wish a court would order counseling for ALL of them.. And it might help if these parents were required to sit down and WORK IT OUT for the best interest of the kids. I' m sure some would think that's simplistic, but there are 8 kids involved in a very dysfunctional tug-a-war between parents. And that's heartbreaking!
I'm a divorced parent; the kid's father and I do everything possible to make visitations stress-free. Although kids get busy as they get older, i've always encouraged my kids to keep the visitations going, keep the phone calls often, and invite him to sports and school activities. Jon and Kate need to grow up-- they're so selfish they'd rather ruin their kids than co-parent. It's a disgrace.
Thanks for letting me share. The recent events with Colin have really put this family back in my thoughts and prayers. It's so preventable-- one of them needs to pick up the phone and call the other-- and sit down and open a dialogue.

Micha said...

I think that the kids have the option to see Jon or not see him. Some do, some don't. Based on what Jon has said, I don't think he's made an effort to get the ones who don't see him to come and see him. If the parent who is supposed to be visited doesn't make the effort to see the kids that choose not to visit, the kids might get the idea that it's not important to him.

I think that what they're doing now is the "worked out" situation. The kids who want to see Jon see him, the ones who don't want to see him, don't, and Jon has no say or no rights to know about any medical situation the kids may go through. How that can be, I don't know. I also don't know how you start a dialogue with someone who is constantly going to the media and saying that the fact that you don't see some of your kids is your ex-wife's fault. Jon needs to look within for a change.

merryway said...

Kate and some of the kids shopping at Target made the entertainment news.

merryway said...

When you don't have legal custody, you don't have a right to be informed about medical and education. You also normally lose any say-so about where your children reside giving your ex the freedom to move out of state.
Schools, doctors, hospitals will all follow whatever is in the divorce decree.
It's a standard question for school enrollment forms.

Sue_Buddy said...

Sage said...
Sue, yes Hoffman did tell me some things about Jon.

Why are you so curious about this?

Couple of reasons. For one thing I've always been curious where the idea of a conspiracy between haters and RH originated. JamesMcG certainly seemed to believe there was one, going to ROL with tales of the 5 lawsuits he was going to initiate. Kate seemed to, for a while anyway. I know it's a moot point, since the various lawsuits went nowhere, but I'm still curious. Part of me thinks JamesMcG just has a loose screw or three.

The other thing I'm curious about is why you believe the negative things he told you about Jon, but not what he's said about Kate.

franky said...

Micha ..201

It shows you have never lived through family court. My SIL lost custody of her 2 year old because her ex kept him away long enough before the court date that the judge felt it would be detrimental to the child to change his circumstances. ( military families, father moved him on his custody time, no notification, took 2 years to get military to divulge whereabouts and then family court to hear trial, after delays) Did not notify military of custody, asked for a transfer, received it, moved, and voila! instant chaos for everyone)

Sad for everyone, but we did track him down and insist on seeing him, a very long, expensive process ( My sil and bro cashed in their retirement funds and took loans and leans and years for a private affair between 2 parents, anonymous parents. Imagine.

I still find the blog on blog, right vs wrong fascinating. And you are right, a few of us share a poster's name when we have something to say, although we took all the vernacular out. No more verandah for us! BTW, I am still digging my way to Korea with the barrels of rumspringa I salvaged, LOL

Sometimes the personas we took on were fun, but, for myself, I changed names a few times, franky was my truest one and the one I called admin out with, thus I am blocked.

I still post using that name, knowing she will block it, but the poolgirls can read them first, I choose my time to post.

Someone here once said they thought I was smarter than I sounded, they were right.

I am actually posting here because agree or not, Sage lets me express mself, and in turn, many 15 members read here and can see.

Thank you for that sage, but you guys should really realise there are 3 viewpoints: Yours, theirs and the real one

Sandie said...

If Jon isn't enforcing the visitation, that's on him--but Kate should insist the kids visit and tell them why-- because they need to keep the relationship with their father. It's the decent and moral thing to do. It is my opinion that Kate is the one that refuses communication with Jon however-- and she needs to put her kid's needs first. And even if it is Jon's fault-- be the bigger person and call him. And yes, it's that simple. These parents need to do right by their kids. Both have used their kids to their own benefit.
It's a travesty what has happened to this family.
I'm older than most of you I am sure, i've seen a lot of kids damaged from dysfunctional parents-- and the Gosselin kids are poster children for toxic parenting.

Sage said...

Sue, I do not believe there was any thought out conspiracy with Hoffman and the haters. When he first started emailing me, I believe, he knew he was going to write a book and was trying to figure out which side to aim it too. Haters or fans. I think he found the haters more rabid and told me he thought the people at BL's were crazy and I believe found his target audience.

He told me things about both Jon and Kate and sent me private pictures that were never published, Kate, Jon the kids and of Steve. When I commented here about what he said about Jon I also made clear I did not know for sure if it was the truth. I was also at that time communicating with Steve Neild and I shared the emails with him.

I don't know what the deal is with McGibney and I don't care. I have moved on from all that as it got to be redundant and ridiculous. With that I am asking you not to bring that whole BV mess up on here. I didn't and don't follow it.

franky said...

Merryway and Target photos.

School shopping at Target, YES!!! Paparazzi everywhere, must run!!!
All bags double bound, but can see Bounty Paper Towels, (2) ? backpacks? And Tampax on top of cart, not double bagged...hmmm? ( Nothing noteworthy here, lol)PUN intended.

And yes, this will start a blogger war, taking off from where twitter died.

She is very savvy, I must admit, but not in a Kardashian way, more in a Lost Brittany sort of way.

Ne'erdeless, you blogs keep me entertained,
thank you

Sage said...


Maybe Kate is putting her kids needs first by honoring the ones that don't want to see him....that is the decent and moral thing to do. The twins are almost 16 and old enough to make a decision if they want to see him or not.

Kate is being the understanding parent here otherwise some of the younger ones would not be seeing him. They obviously do want to and she makes it happen.

franky said...

Sage, I forgot you asked me a question the other day, why I was blocked.

It was because I was one of the partial hater comments as anon she let through.

I dared to disagree, so she published the middle of the comment with no context, then used it against me.

Which would be fair, if she used the ENTIRE comment, not just a snippet.

Lawdy I misses me phone rights 'bout nows, LOL

Those typos sure came in handy =P

franky said...

case in point, NOIP will be next, just watch. Admin 15 is so predictable

Quiltart said...

RH is at it again...hawking his trash book to prove that Kate has always abused Collin.

Quiltart said...

On Radar

Micha said...


If the kids are deemed old enough to make that decision, nobody can force them to go to those visits. There's an easy way to always make Kate the "bad guy" in any situation. Jon does it all the time. Even when the situation is that some of the kids don't want to see Jon, it's Kate's fault, Kate's in the wrong and it's Kate's responsibility to make sure that these kids go where they don't want to go and see who they don't want to see. Whatever Jon did that resulted in these kids not wanting to be with him, it's certainly not serious enough that Kate shouldn't insist and force them to see him anyway? We don't know what the issue is. You can minimize whatever the issues are and say that Kate should be the "bigger" person, but it's not "that simple." Why would you assume that these parents "doing right by their kids" means forcing them to see the father that they don't want to see right now? Even Jon doesn't want to force it, and he hasn't. He's the one losing out on being with those kids and it's not enough of an issue for him to do anything about it. He has said as much. But somehow it should mean more to Kate and she should have turmoil and discord in her home by insisting that all the kids see Jon whether they like it or not?

This is not a simple situation with simple solutions that can be solved by someone on the outside looking in. I think that at the very least, every person watching this unfold - whether they like Jon and hate Kate or hate Jon and like Kate - should realize that.

Micha said...


You're right about me never going through family court for anything. But the situation that you describe with your SIL sounds nothing like what Kate and Jon are going through. I'm not even sure that Jon has taken this issue to family court. I know he said he wanted to, I know he sees some of his kids. Is it fair to conclude that whatever may have happened, everybody (Jon, Kate, Judge - if there is one involved) has agreed that the kids decide whether they visit Jon or not?

The Daily Mail article misidentifies Alexis, calling her Leah throughout the article. Since the photos were taken on Tuesday I guess we can conclude that Jon had the kids that he usually sees on Tuesday, and these are the girls that choose to stay behind with Mom.

franky, you are big on the details because it never even occurs to me to look or care about what is in the shopping carts. And running is an issue too?

Just goes to show you that one person's, "look at THAT!" is another person's, "look at what?"

Sandie said...

I quit posting at 15 min about 3 years ago. This family fell off my radar until last week's latest crisis. It's so sad what's become of this family.
I try to be impartial-- in no way do I believe Jon is a saint and Kate is evil-- they both are imperfect parents and could use serious counseling and parenting courses.
The 15 min blog, if you dare try to state anything negative about Jon, you are given an immediate smackdown, called for bad grammar, etc. Like Franky, when you hit a nerve, the admin copies and pastes part of it and rips you a new one. What I don't understand, if blog rules state no attacking other posters, why are these comments allowed? Makes no sense. I certainly don't agree with the vast majority on this blog about the parenting skills of Jon and Kate, but my comments are posted without approval needed (which makes for a more honest dialogue), and my differing viewpoints have been discussed respectfully, which is greatly appreciated.
I'm not going to restate why I believe it is 'that simple' comcerning Kate just picking up the phone and opening up a conversation with Jon. And yes, I believe a mother SHOULD want her children to have a relationship with their father. My kids , as they have gotten older sometimes want to skip the weekend visits (tired, friends, etc), but I believe they need to keep that relationship ongoing. As far as Kate having legal custody and not keeping Jon informed, it might be 'legal', but it certainly doesn't define co-parenting.
Like I said, i'm an older parent, been co-parenting a long time, and Jon and Kate aren't doing these kids any favors by refusing to communicate. They loved each other to create these children, they should love their kids enough to talk to each other and get along.
Thanks for letting me share.
Have a wonderful day ❤️

Sage said...


While we don't agree on some things you are always welcome here to post :). You too, have always been respectful.

PJ's momma said...

I have a family court story. My friend was in the military, married to a guy who never worked. They had two kids. She divorced him and he got custody when she was deployed. She remarried another military guy and was stationed overseas, retiring a few years ago. Even though her ex was living solely on child support and 1/2 of her retirement, he refused to let her talk to the kids (confiscated the phones she bought), he did not put them on the plane to see her in summer with the nonrefundable tickets she bought, the next summer he let their passports lapse and refused to renew them, even though she sent the money. The list goes on and on. For YEARS! Her husband's last assignment was back here and she went to see the boys and went to court. Prior to that, she had been on teleconferences with all court dates, which he refused to even call in to, much less attend, though he lives right there. Fast forward, he has been arrested for repeated contempt of court. She was granted emergency custody due to their horrid living conditions. Now she has custody of two angry teenage boys, and their dad is bemoaning the fact that they were 'stolen.' It's all so fascinating.

I have another friend who was deployed twice to Afghanistan and the same thing happened. She never regained custody of her kids as they were nearly grown. She is finally repairing some of the damage their dad did (your mom never wanted you, your mom doesn't care about you, your mom doesn't want to be your mom). (He also never worked when I knew him. I had a third friend who supported her husband too, and they were all low ranked enlisted people at the time. What IS that?) This is quite common for military members who get deployed and lose custody.

I don't know what's going on with the G family but I do hope court is involved. It looks like it is, or Kate would also be arrested for contempt. Jon has a lot of work to do to rebuild trust, and I hope he does it instead of passively sitting by and complaining. Sorry this is so long but I realized I know of a few cases regarding family court too.

PAR said...

We don't really know what went down with TLC and the $2 million offer. But I am not sure the faking a happy marriage for the kids sake is always a bad thing. Taking Jon's word for now, what would have happened? A public, acrimonious divorce would have been averted or postponed until the kids were older. Jon and Kate would have worked together to support their kids financially for at least two more years. The kids would have had at least two more years of living with parents. If Jon was only operating in the interest of the kids, the TLC deal wasn't so bad. (Yes the public would be fooled but any one who believes reality TV is real deserves to be fooled.)

I am divorced from my sons Dad. His Dad only makes an effort to see our son 3-4 times a year. It is not my responsibility to make sure they have a relationship. The two of them are responsible for their relationship as I cannot force either of them to feel differently about each other than they do. We do not know if Kate encouraged the kids to see their Dad or not. She may have encouraged it and they rebelled. We do know she has done nothing to prevent the kids who choose to go to Jon's for visitation to do so I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that she hasn't encouraged the other kids to do so.

I would only ask for help from a troubled child's father if I believed he would be of help. I don't believe your scenario that Kate excluded Jon from the "narrative" for pathetic, selfish, and sad reasons. I believe that Kate has being working with professional therapists with Collin for several years... Since he was exprelled the first time around. As a kid who would need structure and consistency, therapists would see that Jon's lifestyle does not offer that. They would also know Jon was more than willing to leak information about Collin to press to make Kate look bad as he leaked the expulsion story. And I think the court agreed that it was not in Collin's best interest to be forced to spend time with Jon under the circumstances. If the court did not agree, I am sure that Kate would have been found to violating court orders.

Micha said...


My interpretation of what you're saying is that you think it's up to Kate to take the steps to make things "right" for her kids and for Jon. She's got to make the call to Jon, she's got to make sure that all the kids see their father. It's her responsibility to make sure that Jon gets to see all of the kids, no matter what.

I believe that Kate has left that door open to the kids, she's just not going to be pushing them through it. The ones that go through it do so willingly. I believe she's talked it out with them, she's accepted their reasons for not visiting their dad. I hope she's tried to encourage them to go see him. Since they are in therapy I have to believe that their therapist is also encouraging the kids to think about seeing their dad, because it must weigh heavily on them to not see him, whether they claim to be happy with their decision or not. But I also believe that ultimately it's up to them, and I believe that because 50% of the kids do go to see him.

Are the kids going to grow up and end up regretting not seeing Jon for those years, and blame their mother for not insisting they visit him? I don't know. It's a possibility. People do tend to blame their mothers for all sorts of things when they grow up. And sometimes people grow up and realize that their moms did their best. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

And Sage, you and hour group should finally accept that Kate lies. She lies every time she speaks.

Quiltart said...

and you know this how?

merryway said...

Bl's group is busy mommy shaming by blaming all of Collin's problems on Kate. They are wailing about Collin's residential program being an institution as if he's in the snake pit. Uhm, the neighborhood school is an institution, but they love their dramatics. Also, they are helping all the G kids by scrutinizing Kate's choice of toilet paper. Oh, they are also enjoying smacking around the deck company because they dared to tweet a pic that was in the People spread. Bl was incensed that the deck company didn't care about little Collin.
So, while they are hyper-involved in Collin's life, Jon's flying high at an Eagles game. Amazing how he has the strength to carry on. ;) :) ~ Administrator said... 8
Denise ‏@Mydmaxx 38m38 minutes ago

@timbertech @Kateplusmy8 @people Saw this photo in magazine and thought what a perfect photo spot! Beautiful lady, deck & background! ��

Timbertech guy is still trying to get some mileage out of Kate's deck (which he probably wanted publicity for, in trade, for installing).


What in the heck? Are these people nuts? A 12 year old child is in an inpatient program after 10 years of being exploited, a national magazine is blabbing about it, and he's going on about his lesbian deck?
August 31, 2016 at 6:05 PM

merryway said...

PJ's momma, I've heard that those military type of divorces can be hell. I think anytime you're in another state it leaves the door open for problems to develop and an ex can take advantage.

Sage said...

LOL Merry. Poor Jon.

Sage said...

localyocul has left a new comment on the post ""I don’t want to mar my children’s glory and subve...":

I just watched J and K "valentines day" episode. The tups are about 3 and C does not have any noticeable differences. His language skills are fine, he hugs and is social, and joins in with the kids. I think it's emotional. Unless he has a learning disability but that does not need institutionalization. What a shame.

Omg! Loco is watching old shows for signs in Collin.

get therapy

merryway said...

Wow, that's twisted. Yet, they call the fans creepy.

PJ's momma said...

merryway, you're right. In these cases, and no doubt many more during the past decade plus, not only are people in another state, they are in another country, in a war zone, no less. You would think a normal person would try to protect their kids, especially as the deployed parent may not ever come home. As Micha said, time will tell....with ALL kids who have divorced parents.

franky said...

Thank you Sandie, and we are not alone =)

franky said...

PJ's Momma,
Thank you

No custody battle is cut and dried, and as in our experience, made more complicated by different rules. Imagine the new rules for families in the public eye.

If we, in the military could not get 2 parents in same courtroom who are serving same country, how hard is it for others?

I just hope when the eight finally google their names, they will find some validation for the feelings they had, thinking they wee alone.

When their bubble bursts it will be traumatic, but I really hope healing in the long run for them all.

I know I have said this on 15 before, but my dd will not even allow photos of her by anyone, except her, anywhere, nor do I, nor her father I finally tracked down last year after 18 looking. ( she has visited him 3 times since I tracked him down, him paying, and he is happy to, now that she is over 18 and we never asked anything from him, ever, as promised)

Sadly, somehow, many have decided insta-fame is worth more than reality, and we will be seeing the cost of those decisions for years to come.

PAR said...

Anonymous, you say Kate lies; many believe Jon lies. So why don't we ignore what each parent says and focus on what they and others involved involved have done.

The kids have lived with Kate since the divorce. Th court has signed off on this arrangement more than once.

Kate has financially supported the kids on her own. Again, the court has signed off on this.

Kate has consistently worked at a job that allows her to spend significantly amounts of with her kids.

Kate has kept the kids in the home and school they have lived in since before the divorce.

Jon has had a series of jobs, homes/living arrangements, and girlfriends since the divorce.

Jon does not pay child support with court approval.

Jon has had a series of different potential "step siblings" In and out of the kids lives.

A few of the kids have chosen not to see their father; all of the kids see their mother regularly.

Kate is the parent who has sought help for the son who needs it.

Actions speak louder of words.

Anonymous said...

QA, and by the same token, how do you know Jon is lying? You don't but you choose to believe Kate.

Sage said...


It makes sense to believe Kate over Jon on some of these situations. Kate does have the kids. Not only that she has legal custody of the kids. Jon talks a lot but the situation stays the same. hmmm

Anon....PICK. A. NAME.

Picked a name said...

Of course it makes sense to you that Kate is believable vs. Jon There is always a reason to believe Kate. That little theory makes no kind of sense.

Sage said...

Do you think Jon lies?

Picked, Thank you! :)

Farkle said...

Watching old reruns of the kids is just creepy. OMG! The con lawyer promotes the sickness these few posters have.

The court spoke, Kate follows the rules, Jon lies and outs the kids problems all over the interviews he does. Jon doesn't want his kids, he wants to use them to sell a story for $, which will never be spent on his kids. Kate has been very low key for a few years, she knew Jon would pull this stunt, so she only released limited info. The rest of the gossip is just gossip.

Wonder if he is still shacked up with that old high school gal? If so, she should be so ashamed for having anything to do with him. Jon does lie, he said he was going for custody, he paid for things for kids (groceries is not paying the bills the kids have) he has a lawyer again (where)? He has never said in his interviews why he has not seen Collin for a couple of years and says he doesn't know why. BS! Jon says stuff like this so Kate gets the bad press, while Jon can go to the bar at night and drink. What a nice guy he is, said no one ever.

franky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Picked a name said...

Sage, yes I do think Jon lies. I also know Kate lies because I've watched her say things on a TV show that were proven to be lies. But, I definitely do agree with you that Jon lies.

merryway said...

Do you know who really really lies?
The Bl.

Sage said...

Merry, Yup.

PAR said...

Everyone lies. Some more than others. The reason for telling a lie is far more important to look at than the lie itself.

BL lies to keep the hate frenzy against Kate at a fevered pitch and to protect Jon at all costs.

Jon lies to hold on to his imagine of the good guy and wronged party, to make money for himself, to stay relevant, and to get back at Kate.

Kate lies to keep her job, make money for herself and her family, protect her children, try to change her imagine as the evil parent, and to respond to what Jon continuing puts out there.

Sage said...

I had to stop reading their nonsense at Becks. How many times to they have to repeat what Kate said about her being in charge years ago!!! sheesh.

I have a question for them. If Kate was/is so abusive why did Jon willingly sign over legal custody to her?

Farkle said...


The BL has nothing else to do but watch reruns of Jon, Kate and their kids for hours and hours. It's a jealousy thing with her, no family ties, no kids, no hubby, a lousy back office job, no nightlife, no friends. She is rather boring even in her posts. She and tucks spend their time at the magazine racks looking and fawning over Kate. :)

No judge would have given Kate legal custody is she was abusive, count on that. Jon and Hoffs lies caught up with them, bet the court saw all of that. Jon is pushing a button, hope it doesn't backfire on him.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Sandie said...

The 'mommy's journals" excerpts are hitting 15 again. Its been a few yrs since I've read her journal.
I'd like to know if you believe it's her words (if not, why did she copyright?).
If so, what does that make you think about Kate?

PAR said...

I believe they were her words taken out of context. I also think Kate may have "exaggerated" in the journals because she was overwhelmed, expecting to be able it do it all without losing her cool, and coming down nhard on herself when she did.

True abusers do not reflect PRIVATELY on their and feel remorse and concern. She wasn't writing how great she felt about her behavior. She was trying to work on being more control of her responses to the kids.

I believe that Jon knew Kate was not truly abusing the kids because I don't believe he would have just walked away if they were truly in danger. I also think Kate has been thoroughly investigated by CPS and the courts and abuse was not uncovered.

The despicable thing regarding the journals is Jon giving Hofffman access to Kate's private thoughts from a time she was overwhelmed knowing they could easily be taken out of context to vilify Kate

Quiltart said...

PAR, I agree with you about Kate's words being taken out of context and about Jon giving the disks to Hoffman. Something happened in the house the last time Jon was there. That was when Kate threw him out.

The current InTouch smear job, reeks of RH and his continued attempts to ruin Kate. He claims Kate locked Collin in a windowless room and was reported to CPS. In fact, he claimed Kate was reported to CPS six times... and each time they found nothing. RH and his wife will never leave Kate alone.

Farkle said...


That question should be asked to Hoffie. His failed book, his life, his wife was demoted to the back office at her job and you wonder why Kate did what she did?

Hoffie's are a dime a dozen when it comes to trying to blackmail, problem is, he had no proof of anything, used Jon, dumped on Jon when it backfired, he continued to trash both of them. Stolen material, fabricated a story, and yet not one TV station ever gave him a interview. Does anyone else think this was strange? If Hoff called CPS and nothing was found, he could get charged for filing a false report. Kate and Jon could file a civil suit against whoever has done this.

How many years is the ditch layer going to try and make a few buck for groceries off this family?

Sage said...


I too, believe they are Kate's journals and we all have said this since they first came out in Hoffmans book.

I agree with PAR. To me they sound more like an overwhelmed mother.

merryway said...

The journals can't be true. That would mean that Kate cared for the children on her own. The haters have informed us over and over and over that Kate was smothered in volunteers since the kids were born and never lifted a lazy finger.
Hee Hee

Sage said...

PA Dutch Mom has left a new comment on the post ""I don’t want to mar my children’s glory and subve...":

I think Jon very much divides things in his life off and lives in the moment. If a child is in front of him right then he can be great, but the moment they're gone or he's focussed on something else that's it.


That is so not true. Absolutely not. I have known him since the twins were in first grade, and there is so much that has gone on that has never been made public.


Yeah right. LOL these people lie so much.

merryway said...

Jon hasn't seen Collin in two years.
They swallow the Beckspert's nonsense that all he has to do is call the police to enforce his visitation order.
Like everything else about Jon, they have completely ignored the statement Jon made on IG that his custody was not the norm where he could go to court and force Kate to present his missing children. Not one has blasted Jon for giving up legal custody and therefore giving Kate all of this power over Collin.

xxxxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 170

For the most part, I've stayed out of the discussion about Jon, but I will say that if the police weren't called, it might possibly be because he was putting his kids first, didn't want to upset them with the presence of law enforcement, and was protecting them from unpleasant situations that might ensue if they saw the police -- plus he avoids the anger and wrath that Kate would inflict not only on him but also on the kids if such actions were taken

While I totally understand why someone might think involving law enforcement is "traumatic", it doesn't have to be that way.

He needs to talk to people who have had to involve law enforcement in custody exchanges. They are trained to do this. They are trained to be good with children, to keep the situation calm and peaceful. There is no reason it has to be screaming, shouting, trauma. Any good police officer should be able to assist in a calm exchange of children without fanfare. There is no reason a kid should be traumatized by it. LOTS of family law orders provide for exchanges to occur at the police station, that's not at all unusual, nor are kids "traumatized" by it.

Any upset they might feel would be far outweighed by the damage in not seeing a parent long term.
September 4, 2016 at 9:27 PM

Micha said...

Does anybody think that at the kids age (12 and nearly 16) there is going to be a "child exchange" that involves the police? At that age the kids have the right to decide if they want to see Jon, and they've made their decision. Sounds like BL wants to go back in time to when the kids were little and have the police show up and gently hand the kids that didn't want to see him over to Jon for a visit.

Today, in 2016, Cara, Mady, Collin and sometimes Alexis choose not to see Jon. If Jon doesn't have the legal right to even know where Collin is when he's being treated for something, that says plenty about Jon. So face that fact. If Kate was breaking a law by keeping Collin or any of the kids from Jon, you think Jon would let that go and not enforce the law, especially now, regarding Collin in particular?

Farkle said...

Would the BL explain WHY Jon has not seen Collin for 2 years? If Jon was so concerned he would be in court demanding to see Collin. The BL throws out crap with no facts to back up anything concerning Jon.

Where are the court papers concerning legal rights turned over to Kate?

Where is the visitation schedule according to the court?

Where is the list of expenses that Jon has been doing for his children the last few years?

Where are the custody papers that Jon said he was going to file for custody?

Until The BL can provide this, she is nothing but a barker looking for attention.

Anonymous said...

I think that's their main issue. They still see these kids (especially the younger ones) as 5-7 year olds. 12 year olds are capable of making a simple decision about whether or not they want to visit their father. So are the almost 16 year olds. Idk why they find it so hard to believe that maybe some of the kids don't want to see him AND THATS FINE. When THEY are ready, they can make that decision when the time comes.


Quiltart said...

The truth of the matter is that they don't see the kids very much at all... In the past few years there have only been a few episodes and/or appearances or articles each year.. It's amazing that they claim to know so much from a few hours of a TV program. I think the kids are frozen in their minds at the age when they were on TV all the time. They claim Kate infantilizes the kids, but they are the ones who keep them younger than they are in their minds.

PJ's momma said...

I try not to do blog on blog but I wonder two things.
1. Does not-Redbird consider that she too will be judged? Or is she somehow exempt?
2. Why is TM so pretentious? I grew up near Hatch and am near there now. The aroma of roasting chiles is everywhere. You roast it, peel it, chop it, and put it in a pan with a few ingredients and cook it. It's already cooked from the roasting and you can also just pile it on stuff with no other preparation. There isn't an easier thing to make. And do you know who calls it chile verde? NOBODY. The most common question in New Mexico is 'red or green?' Nott 'rojo o verde?' Want to make an impressive dish? Make a perfect red sauce with dried pods or powder. Guess what it's called? Red chile! 😄

Sage said...

njay has left a new comment on the post ""I don’t want to mar my children’s glory and subve...":

Jon is finely at a place where he is not having to dig so hard to get where he wants. I know people will say he should move heaven and earth to do what he can to see those kids but look at what he has had to deal with already when he tried. How many years has he had to just sit and take crap. He didn't just sit, he tried only to hit a wall at every turn.

When her sister came out of the woodworks and then crawled back in, which I don't blame her, she said that Kate has ENDLESS resources to get what she wants. Jon must have felt like he was swimming in quicksand getting nowhere. I can't even imagine having to pay so much child support, losing your job around every corner. Yes there were times it was his fault but REALLY who could afford to pay 22,000 dollars a month and still have enough to pay your own living expenses. And talk about being sued for six million dollars on top of that??? He has had to choose the lesser of two evils countless times. Don't forget also that HE is a first time parent also. One who can't even be around his kids to learn by trial and error on a daily basis their personalities and how to deal with them. He gets to shoot from the hip, pardon my pun, with nearly every decision he makes and has the whole world watching.

I think he has shown great restraint only defending himself here and there while most of the world thinks he is scum. How many of us could live with the lies told about us that have been told about him. KUDOS Jon, that's all I can say. I wish I could be half as strong as he has shown he is willing to be. He has to live with his girls hating him, and not for what is all truth but what that evil devil is manipulating them with. How confused and hurt he must be not REALLY knowing what is the right thing to do. How many times did he take advice from people he respected to only have it be the wrong advice. We don't know! AND WHO HAS TO LIVE WITH THE CONSEQUENCES? Him and his children. And the world sits back and disects every move he makes.

He and only he knows and has lived her evilness. He is finally getting to a place where he may make enough to fight her. I know I would tiptoe lightly until I was at a place that she could not pull me back down so I could finally get somewhere when I did try to help my kids. (if I was him anyway)

These people and their imaginations. They dream so hard to make Jon look good.

PA Dutch Mom is Titanic Opinions/full of BS said...

Titanic Opinions is totally PA Dutch Mom. lol Way to give herrself a shout out!

No one believes you know Jon. You're just finally getting called out for it. About time!

Brit said...

NOBODY calls 'chili verde' chili verdi? I google recipes for"chile verdi" and receive dozens of wonderful ways to cook 'chili verde'? You do get strange comments on this blog!

PJ's momma said...

Brit, yes, non locals do say that. But to go on about the Hatch connection and still say that would make a lot of people laugh.

PJ's momma said...

PS. That comment was about a know it all who posts at least 30 times per day. If not more!

Sage said...


You must enjoy it otherwise you would not be here reading and commenting.

You're welcome!

Farkle said...

I think the large cs issue was for splitting things up in the marriage. Kate and Jon had bills to pay and I would think the court would make him pay half. I doubt Jon could get credit from any bank, so the court gave him some time to arrange his affairs. Instead of Jon taking care of business he went on a spending spree, traveled, pool parties in Vegas, high rise in NY, sports car, etc. If he would have not done the 2 years of living like this, he would not be where he is today. It's not Kate or the kids fault that he will never admit that living his 20's all over again was his biggest mistake. He created his own life, he can defend his actions first, then whine to anyone who will listen. He's the Tamara Barney of the house wives. She sold stories about her daughter, now the daughter wants nothing to do with her Mom. It goes both ways, not just Jon.

Nameless in LA said...

The BL is soooo creepy. She would be hurt by being accused of not doing the right thing for her narcissist's kid? Uh, I'm going to go out on a limb and say she was not part of the "us" making the collective decision to place the kid outside the home. Boundaries, she has none. She was the NANNY, not a family member.
******************************************* ~ Administrator said... 117

I agree with you that all things considered I would never judge in this situation, and in fact a young man that I nannied for was sent away when he was a junior in high school, and I supported it. It got him on the right track. He's doing great now. It would hurt me deeply to think of a bunch of strangers accusing all of us of doing the wrong thing for him, or "shipping him off". I get it.

Farkle said...

BS, to the BL. You had no influence on a family, being a nanny is just like being a babysitter. Putting out personal info on a family you worked for without their permission is a huge red flag for anyone wanting to employ you, and opens a person for a lawsuit. Some can afford way better lawyers than others, just saying.

Sage said...

Nameless, I have seen her do that creepy behavior before. She really needs a therapist. Not being facetious.

One of the kids she nannied for has no contact with her and that bothers her a lot.

Sage said...

Tucker's Mom has left a new comment on the post ""I don’t want to mar my children’s glory and subve...":

And worst of all? She's doing most of it IN THEIR HOME. I cannot imagine having NO safe haven in my life. They're probably relieved when school starts every year, they know there will be no cameras and no Mommy drama in at least one place they spend time.
I have to give kudos to Jon for being consistent about his home and his custody time being camera free. He seems to manage to take them out and about without "panic" and interacts with fans while still protecting the kids.
Jon's Twitter pics of the kids are few and far between, and pretty innocuous.

Jon consistent! LOL with all the places he has lived and all the women switched out of his bed...consistent is not a word I would associate with Jon!

no self awareness
look up the word consistent before you use it in a sentence

merryway said...

OMG, is there ever a situation that Beckspert doesn't bring up her narcissist? They rag on Deanna about how horrible she is to talk about a client, but it's fine for BL.

She's so creepy. She's like the B movie psycho nanny/babysitter trying to take over the family and usurp the mother. She didn't want to be the hired help.

Yeah Sage, she's really off when talking about the kid not wanting anything to do with her. Guess the real parents alienated her. ;)

Here's the excerpt from her old blog. The entire post was a big ole whine about her life, wallowing in self-pity.

...A little boy I nannied for a few years ago whom I absolutely adore won't talk to me anymore. Won't return my texts, or add me on facebook, or anything. I'm not asking for a novel, I just want a "hi how are ya?" It was one of those nanny jobs where I did everything for him except be his actual birth mother. We loved each other. He told me he loved me. Now I'm just the former hired help...

merryway said...

Beck's group is also letting Jon slide on providing exclusive pics for his InTouch interview. The pics are of Jon with the four that visit and the bleeple are fine with that.

They keep yelling about Kate having the cover of People with smiling kids. Acting like a happy family is the wrong thing to do when a kid is missing. They want the family quarantined and cloaked in privacy so they can deal with the loss of Collin. Yet, Jon has been missing Collin and others for years. It's fine for him to carry on with the four, it's fine for him to post/publish family pics with missing kids.

They are ripping into all of Kate's statements, twisting them to fit their needs while ignoring Jon's Intouch. What he said didn't make any sense to me. He's declaring what a great dad he is and what he does for all of his kids. Jon seems to ignore that he only has four who visit and that Mady publicly declared he doesn't even know her.

merryway said...

Before the People mag, Kate's last words about Collin were on an episode when she said Collin might attend a different school. Jon was the one who revealed he was homeschooled and was opening up his mouth about who sees him and who doesn't. Jon talks about the kids all the time. When he was on Couples Therapy, he wanted to call them on camera. That's fine with the Bl who is defending him. His public rant against Kate is a-okay because "it's going to be helpful someday to know he was not okay with any of this."
Yeah, BL, I'm sure that's just how the kids see it.
I'm pretty sure they see what it for what it was... using them and their mother to stage a fit for more camera time on cheesy sleazy show. All Jon did was talk about how awful his marriage to Kate was, but they crucify Kate for saying she hopes her kids don't settle.
I'm also pretty sure that a family court would view it differently and scoff at the Beckspert's perspective.

xxxxx ~ Administrator said... 200

Ironically, that comment you're talking about when Jon was upset with Kate and used an EXPRESSION to just go die?

That was in response to Kate exploiting her children. Here's the full sentence: She can "go out and talk about the kids anytime she wants . . .She can go and f---ing die."

Really is ironic that that is the whole point we're trying to make, how bad it is Kate talks about her children the way she does. Jon seems to agree, and for some if not all of the children, it's going to be helpful someday to know he was not okay with any of this. Oh and also in the same breath, Jon was upset because Kate wouldn't let him speak to his children. I'd tell my ex to go jump off a cliff too and put the damn kids on the phone. Context matters.
September 8, 2016 at 11:33 AM

Courtney said...

If there was ever any doubt that Becks runs 15 solely for the purpose of hating Kate, and not for the purpose of advocating for children, below is the proof.

How sick and twisted can she be to ask whether the victim child was 7 or 17? I can't even wrap my mind around this. She's justifying a rape if the child is 17, but says she's 20. What is she saying here? That it's not child rape if the victim looks, acts, or claims to be older? Is she victim-blaming? Becks is disgusting in the most unspeakable ways. How can she claim she's an attorney advocate for children and post something like this?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Administrator said... 137

I didn't register this the first time someone posted it.

Whoa! How old is the victim? Are we talking about a 7 year old, or a 17 year old who said she was 20?

Anonymous said...

Courtney~How sick and twisted can she be to ask whether the victim child was 7 or 17!

There is a very logical reason. If the child is 7 then the perpetrator is a pedophile.
There actually is a difference between a Rapist and a Pedophile. Look it up!

Farkle said...


I will never believe Jon called Kate while filming CT. It was all staged and Jon thought the public would buy his story.

As for the article BL posted, she always posts about kids and sex. Ewww, she has a major problem, but one who owns and profits from a fetish site says it all imo. She only cares about the sex part, not the victim or who is hurt.

Sage said... ~ Administrator has left a new comment on the post ""I don’t want to mar my children’s glory and subve...":

Mady has expressed her embarrassment quite well


Quite the opposite. Many couldn't have been more vague about what it is exactly she objects to. Classic victim of parental alienation. Classic. I can spot these kids a mile away. You can tell right away when they can't explain to you WHY they hate their parent, they are just brainwashed to know they do. I wonder if Mady has ever thought about, as she says, whether her words and actions embarrass Jon. They would me.

Mady never said she 'hated' her father. Becks, Mady does not owe you an explanation as to why she chooses not to have contact with her dad. How dare suggest that Mady's words and actions embarrass Jon! Remember he is the guy who masturbated on a tv show.

I think Becks projects her own dysfunctional childhood and life onto the Gosselins. She has written her mother hit her and by the sounds of it she had a pretty passive father. Becks sees her mother in Kate and her father in Jon. Becks makes excuses for Jon like she probably makes excuses for her father for not standing up.

get therapyy

Sage said...

FlimsyFlamsy has left a new comment on the post ""I don’t want to mar my children’s glory and subve...":

You know what probably embarrasses M&C? Having their MOM trot around in a bikini on national TV,
and brag about sharing their yoga pants, and trying to act like their BFF. I would imagine that would be extremely embarrassing to a teenager who is trying to find her own identity, only to discover her mother is an arrested adolescent herself.

What would be far more embarassing would be having your father masturbate on national tv and giving sex toys presents to others on couple therapy. Or how about your father being driving drunk and stopping in someones driveway to pee while giving an interview. could go on and on here.

Micha said...

I really hope the kids don't know about the gross things that Jon has done, but I guess they probably do.

Sage said...

I think the twins probably know. They have seen all the women in and out of Jon's life. I am sure he is a real embarrassment them.

Quiltart said...

Agreed Sage... I think the constant rotation of women may have been part of what turned them off in the first place. Since the divorce, I don't think there are has been one time when he hasn't been living with someone... and usually in their house!

PJ's momma said...

I agree. My dad was just like Jon. My mom went through a similar phase in her 40s. And yes, it is very hard on the kids, even if they are adults. Not that they necessarily think their parents should be together, but they don't want to be around that, especially if it goes against the values their parents instilled in them. Why put on a happy face while being forced to be with someone who may not be around long? When they have limited time with their noncustodial parent, THEY want to be the focus, not share the attention with the latest live-in's kids who enjoy the benefit of their parent's presence all the time. It is very hurtful. A lot of parents have trouble understanding this. I don't know why.

Farkle said...

We must not forget, the BL is a Doctor, therapist, Mother, wife, divorced, teacher, law enforcer, a judge. Her blog is just full of nothing, she just covers up for her fetish site. Makes you wonder what really happened in her child home. I don't think she likes anyone, she bashes judges and enforcers who are men, and then bashes females the same way. I think her real problem is, that she wanted to be rich and famous and she failed trying to nanny and getting let go from many jobs. Blocked her azz from the get go, she is bitter.

Sage said...

PA Dutch Mom has left a new comment on the post "TLC's 'The Willis Family' patriarch arrested":

It makes you wonder if Jon has even attended the kid's school functions.


Um, yes, it was Jon who supported his kids in all of their activities at school, and NOT in the back row! :)

Jon has not seen some of the kids in a very long time per his own admission. It is doubtful that he attends the school functions. This just shows that PA Dutch, with her 'friendship' with Jon is full of it as I always thought.

merryway said...

PA Dutch Mom knows nothing! You'd think they'd learn after Possum, but they love hearing what they want to hear.
Here is PADM extolling the virtues of Jon as a a fun,hands-on, concerned and loving father, smothering the kids with hugs.
Later on, that very same day, a preview clip of the Steve Harvey interview revealed that Jon hadn't had all of his kids together in three years, he only gets four at a time and he hadn't seen one of his sons in a year and half. Of course, later on, Jon named the kids in a ROL interview.

PA Dutch Mom said... 17

From the previous thread...

Ol' reliable Gladys found an opportunity to bash Jon again. As I always say, she doesn't give half a damn about the G kids. Not sure how she's already managed to judge that Vann's character is "lightyears" ahead of Jon's just by watching about 5 minutes of footage of him scarfing down Italian food. But I watched years of Jon caring for 8 small children with love, gentleness and kindness, and that told me plenty about his character.


Gladys bash Jon? Nah, a good southern, go-to-Sunday-meetings Christian woman with only kindness, goodness and positivity in her heart would never lower herself to such a thing.

I really wish that Milo would be able to spend a day here observing Jon with the kids, the hugs, his love for them, his warmness, nurturing, emotional support, caring and just being a dad. Jon actually has fun with his kids. Kate sees them as a commodity. I think maybe she might have her eyes open to a few things. Then again, Jon is the villain, the ex-from-hell who made life miserable for her beloved Kate, and nothing would ever change that opinion. Her mind is made up, and her eyes closed to anything that would even suggest that Jon isn't the evil enemy who made life hell for Kate and the kids.

Vann may be highly educated with a very impressive background, experience, pedigree, and social status, and I guess to the sheep, that's what it's all about. He's probably a good guy. But Jon is light years ahead of all that when it comes to being a loving hands-on dad who is trying to be a good role model for his kids by showing them that growing up with an attitude of entitlement isn't going to get them very far, but a strong work ethic will. Yes he has made mistakes in the past when he broke free from Kate; even his appearance with Liz on a reality show was not, in my opinion, a wise decision, but one thing is certain -- his concern and love for the well-being of his kids has always been there.

Going to read the recap now, and then off to fight the feeding frenzy at the grocery storm in advance of the impending two-foot storm.
January 21, 2016 at 10:00 AM

merryway said...

Farkle, I agree, Jon staged the phone call. Even though his hissy was so awful,it was revealing how Jon slipped and called Kate "wife." Jon just can't let go of Kate.

Farkle said...

With all the sightings of Jon with his kids, one would think there would be at least one pic that would be posted on the BL blog that would prove of Jon being such a loving Father. Of course that poster would say privacy for Jon. LOL. Jon sells his kids to the rags, so the privacy issue is a bs cover for not knowing anything and has not seen Jon with the kids at all.

Of course Jon broke free of Kate, when she kicked him out and divorced him. ROTF.

merryway said...

Ugh! Tucker's Mom needs to chuck her word-a-day calendar and do some simple legal research.
Jon does not get apprised of his kids are doing in school. He gave up legal custody. The school does not send him anything because he is not legally responsible.
That's why he has no say-so in how Collin is being educated or treated. Jon turned all of that responsibility over to Kate. Duh Tucker's Mom, Duh Duh Duh!
These people are so dense!


Tucker's Mom said... 137

Phila 4 for 4 said... 135
PA Dutch Mom (66)....
That makes me go "huh", too. The kids have functions where the parents are invited, I assume? Plays? Games? Field trips?
What about parent-teacher meetings? I know that's not including kids, but Jon would get apprised of how his kids are doing in school.
September 13, 2016 at 8:40 AM

Sage said...

Sad but true has left a new comment on the post "TLC's 'The Willis Family' patriarch arrested":

Wondered where Milo was all day.

Fired Up 4 Kate ‏@MiloandJack 11m11 minutes ago
Stupid #ROL story! If I had 8 kids 4yrs & below and a #NoJob hubs I'd be putting a large sign out front #DonationsPlease! LOL @kateplusmy8

Fired Up 4 Kate ‏@MiloandJack 9m9 minutes ago
When you R overwhelmed, outnumbered & odds against U...#NoShame N putting #PrideAside & accepting help! Kids needs came first! @Kateplusmy8

Fired Up 4 Kate ‏@MiloandJack 6m6 minutes ago
Took her own sweet book #IJWUTK & twisted the intent, the tone & whole demeanor of what was said to feed hate agenda! #LowLifes @kateplusmy8

Sorry, Milo, the FACT is that Kate took her own hateful and rage-filled journal, took out all the beatings and other vengeful punishments, and turned it into a self-serving ode to her saintliness. Unfortunately for her, Hoffman's book provided the original writings on which that "sweet book" was based. Suck it up, buttercup, your idol has feet of clay stuffed into those Jimmy Choos.


I can't figure out who they are more obsessed with Milo or Kate. Sad.

Speaking of shoes does anyone remember Jon buying those god awful Gucci shoes?

merryway said...

I don't remember the Gucci shoes. I do remember how Jon was supposed to set up a charity in honor of his father.

Look at the Bl lie. Lol, what law does she claim the school would be violating? Love how she pulls that out of the air.
Bl won't admit the bottom line. The school will abide by whatever is ordered by the court. A copy of the court order is required and kept on file. They also have to ensure that a non-custodial parent doesn't walk in and claim physical rights to a child.

And, still no blame cast upon Jon for giving up legal custody and allowing poor little Collin to be sent away.
xxxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 151

Jon does not have legal custody of his children: therefore, he would not be kept apprised by the school.


That's 100% not true. Not having legal custody is not synonymous with you get no information about your child or can't be involved. If the school does not provide Jon everything they do to any parent they are in violation of the law. You're confusing legal custody with parental rights.
September 13, 2016 at 10:21 AM

Quiltart said...

I remember the Gucci loafers. They were during the NYC phase.

Sage said...

Quiltart, I remember someone looking up how much they cost and it was like 500 dollars. That's why Jon is broke. They were ugly.

PJ's momma said...

To be fair, they both indulged in luxury items and sports cars and other things like designer sunglasses You could clearly see they were wearing Tom Ford (Gucci) glasses at one time. Kate was seen wearing expensive shoes (someone tracked these ugly things down and they are Coach, nearly $300 and had expensive bags. HOWEVER, she did NOT get a very expensive place in midtown Manhattan and then fake a break in at that same apartment (where the Gucci shoes were supposedly damaged, as was a Ming vase - A MING VASE??), after parading around the city with the paps in tow, with 'the love of her life.' Ugh.

PJ's momma said...

Hit send too soon. Sorry. I also googled Jon Gosselin Gucci shoes. You are right. Hideous. I don't get why some people want to be seen in a brand so much that they can't really see how the item is perceived. Those are some butt ugly shoes!

Sage said...

I had to look at those shoes again. They are embarrassingly bad! Jon really thought he was something in those days. LOL

PJ's momma said...

LOL, they are pretty bad. But there are big industries around all that stuff. I work with a charity and even see clients come in with knockoff Burberry, Louis Vuitton or Gucci. And it is all ugly. But it is popular so everyone wants it. Do you know rich Chinese go to Singapore to get the real stuff, instead of the knock off stuff made in China? They will spend many thousands on a handbag or suitcase that everyone else has. Everyone wants the same ugly, popular thing and go to their price point to obtain it. It's so bizarre.

We lived through the 80s! And that was nothing to compared now. The mullets or sideways ponytails and high waisted jeans cannot compare to the hipster look of a perfect fade (half shaved head with a big flop on top) with a face full of giant beard and huge glasses you could use a squeegee to clean. And they wear skinny jeans peg legged with lumberjack boots - and no socks! And these are MEN! They are going to regret these decisions more than we regret the 80s. But every group has its thing....with another group laughing at them. LOL

merryway said...

I'm still waiting for Beckspert to produce the law that makes schools send out notices of Friday's school dance to all parents regardless of custody. I'm assuming it's a PA law, since that's where the G kids go to school. Come on Becks, where is it?

Below, Becks is informing a poster that Kate having legal custody is no big deal. Again, is this what she tells her clients? She tells them just to hand over legal custody to an "abusive" parent? I still wonder if she tells her clients that if custody is 50/50 there will be no child support. That's what she told her posters and they happily believed her.

With sole legal, Kate can enter into any contract on behalf of the kids. Kate could decide they were all going to be a side-show with Barnum Bailey and Jon couldn't do anything. Kate can send all the children to boarding school if she wants. Kate was able to sign up the family when TLC renewed their show. And, Kate is tending to Collin's needs without Jon's say-so.

Btw, I sure don't remember Jon saying "it got to the point where he just didn't care who can sign what the point being as long as he still was their father." I remember that as Bl's explanation and excuse for Jon. I'd like to see a link because I'm pretty sure Bl made that up just as she did her imaginary law that schools notify noncustodial parents that a bake sale is coming up.

Isn't it disgusting that Becks uses Mady as the scapegoat in her imagined scenario? Before long, she'll be speaking it as the truth. Anything to excuse Jon. Does Becks really think Jon is so stupid not to realize how a custody exchange is arranged? Does she not think his attorney would advise him?

With Collin, I'm still of the mind that Jon refuses to participate in supervised visitation. That's the most realistic explanation I can come up with for Jon not being allowed any access to Collin.

xxxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 196

You're confusing legal custody with parental rights

Does Jon have parental rights? If so, why does he not enforce them


Have you followed this thread at all or are you just hear to be a pest? Of course Jon maintains his parental rights. All legal custody means is that Kate can go sign them up for school without them getting a signature from Jon. Jon said very clearly it got to the point where he just didn't care who can sign what the point being as long as he still was their father. With a parental alienator, why put yourself thorugh the aggravation if you agree with their school choices, religious, medical anyway?

Ask JON why he won't call the police, I don't know. Maybe the idea of police intervening with his children conjures up images of SWAT teams in the movies, with semi-automatics, bullet proof vests, shouting and barking orders and screaming children. He's not a family law lawyer or a police officer. I assume he's never really seen or helped facilitate a custody exchange done by the police department to know it's simply not like that. It's really not. It's done all the time all over the country thousands of times a year, it's done peacefully, calmly, and children are not "traumatized." But again, Jon may not know or understand that. For all we know Mady snapped at him if you call the police on her I will not speak to you for the rest of my life there is no hope of reconciling ever again. In many ways Milo is exactly right, we don't know the whole story (that goes for you too Milo.)
September 14, 2016 at 7:13 AM

merryway said...

The shoes would look good without the Gucci pattern. But, I guess that would make them pointless.

PJ's momma, when I think 80s, I think zippers.

PJ's momma said...

Yes! Zippers! And parachute pants, a la MC Hammer! Can't touch this!

You know, people scream that the kids don't have privacy. Now nothing is being posted about them, and they are screaming that too much focus is on a dog and not on the kids. I don't get it.

merryway said...

Omg, swallow hard Bleeple, get a gallon of rumspringa to wash the taste of this BS out of your mouth.
Bl is using a legal definition as an example of a law. It's not even a law! It's a definition!
She really doesn't care about looking stupid. She always throw away all professional integrity just to try to make Jon look like a good parent.
You gotta feel bad for any client of the Bl's.

There's no PA law ensuring that a parent without legal custody gets information from the child's school. There is section 5336 that a person with shared or sole legal custody shall be provided access to the medical, dental, religious and school records of the child, and so forth.
No provision is made for a person without legal custody.
A school will always abide by whatever is ordered by the court. A school would tell BL that she is full of it.

xxxxxxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 96

Please provide the code for the law that would be violated. Since you believe that such specificity avoids confusion, surely you know it.


Well that's simple, you could have googled it yourself. Pennsylvania Child Custody Code § 5322.

Simple definition: the right to make DECISIONS. Nothing in that section limits the other parent's rights to be informed, participate, or anything of the like. So yes, you're in violation of the law if you intentionally cut off a parent.

California's definition, under Family Law Code section 3006, is almost identical.
September 15, 2016 at 3:28 PM

Sage said...

Takes more than a full moon to bring out the snippy and snottys! They are the KIAs from other blogs. Wish they would go MIA!

KIA=Know it all.


Back Under Their Troll Bridge!

Full moon -- legend has it that people exhibit bizarre behavior, may become combative and crazy wild during this time; hence, the word lunatic. Then, of course, there are the werewolves! Excuse me while I check on that relentless howling in the street.

At least we don't have the clowns of the Church Women, nor the monkey cigarette fiends hanging around.

LOL she just described Becks. Becks is getting her undies in a bunch because she got corrected....again. They are all getting snippy and snotty. LOL

merryway said...

Once again, Bl was caught making up laws and lies to suit her blog. She should be too embarrassed to claim she's an attorney.

It's easy for Bl to defend Jon when she counts her imagination as the truth. She'll put her words right in his mouth to explain away Jon giving legal custody to such a horrible abusive mom.

"Jon said very clearly it got to the point where he just didn't care who can sign what the point being as long as he still was their father." ~BL

But, it's all about the kids right BL?

I see Jon had another public FB hissy that Beck's group is ignoring.

Sage said...

Here is Jon's facebook page for anyone that is interested.

I don't think he is doing too well at DJing.

Wonder what his next venture will be. lol

Sage said...

localyocul has left a new comment on the post "TLC's 'The Willis Family' patriarch arrested for r...":

When I see Mady all i can think of is how awful she is to her father.


Oh really, when I see Jon I think of how awful he has been to all of his kids. When I read his facebook I see he is still stuck in his teenage years.

Don't blame a child for her fathers actions or inactions.

merryway said...

Bl thinks that Kate did the cover of People without TLC's knowledge. Never mind that Kate and the kids are under contract and TLC has to approve their media appearances and other jobs.

Love how Bl says Kate never thinks ahead. I guess they've forgotten all of the times they accuse of her being the queen of scheming and planning.

Not a word about Jon's public fighting and behavior. It's easy to declare him a saint when they ignore everything he does.

xxxxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 49

You know it occurs to me Kate may have made the mistake of her life pulling that little stunt with People magazine. If TLC feels like they don't want the bad press right now, they have a huge incentive to pull the plug on her and they won't look like the bad guy. They can spin it like they're doing it for Colin's best interest, they're the "hero." If they're thinking of getting out, it's a win-win for them.

She never thinks ahead. Never. It was about collecting that People check right there and then, not thinking how it might affect her longevity.
September 18, 2016 at 5:40 PM

Courtney said...

When Kate mouthed the words that Mady said on the Today interview, Becks went 100 different ways of crazy over it.

When Becks is insisting she's right in her JonBenet Ramsey theory, then mouthing the words that someone else said is just peachy keen. The parents had practiced. There's nothing wrong with that according the Becks. Unless, you're Kate.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Administrator said... 18
"I would tell my friends to keep your children close. There's a killer out there". When she said that last part ("There's a killer…"). John mouths the words as she says them. This was not some spontaneous statement from a grief-stricken mother. It was scripted, otherwise how would John know what she was going to say?


They may very well have practiced what to say. That doesn't mean they're guilty. Doesn't mean they're not guilty. Means nothing. Just means they practiced, maybe so they would sound clear, and get their message across in a way that made sense, instead of fumbling around not knowing what to say be tongue tied and blow the moment to get their story out there.

Sage said...

Fleecing The Sheeple has left a new comment on the post "TLC's 'The Willis Family' patriarch arrested for r...":

Ah, Gladys, you old bean. Keep on deflecting and defending! I was thinking about her this afternoon. If she's happy in this little fantasy world she built for herself, then so be it. It could be the only way she gets any attention whatsoever, and as long as she's content and feels important with this false relationship she thinks she has built with Kate, then she's welcome to it. The thing is the mental health issue, and what happens to someone like that who is so far into Celebrity Worship that she's convinced herself that Kate gives a rat's rear end about her? It may be Milo's only way she gets acknowledged if she's living with a male-dominated household where he calls all the shots. At least on Twitter and IG she can assert herself in a way that she can't do at home.

Regardless, she's still obnoxious, annoying, passive-aggressive, hypocritical, and I imagine can be very nasty, insufferable and noisome.

Does that about cover it?

(they call Milo Gladys)
I just don't understand their obsession with Milo.I wish someone would answer why. Fleece writes about thinking about Milo this afternoon. That is sick obsession if I ever saw. Why so much time thinking about someone who tweets to Kate? It is bad enough obsessing over Kate....but the people who tweet her?

get therapy

Quiltart said...

Re irrational obsession with Milo: They can't STAND the fact that someone unconditionally supports Kate. Everyone is supposed to be as negative and hateful as they are. That's the only way they can justify their own irrational behavior.

Nameless in LA said... ~ Administrator said... 135
Oh by the way to endlessly curious and inquisitive individuals like the folks here, it can be hard to understand how anyone could possibly be a player in these events and NOT have read that note!

For many of us, we've read it dozens of times, even more.

Not everyone is like this, some people are happier in their ignorance. Perhaps something happened in the past where their curiosity led to really bad news, and so they learned to not be like that.
Endlessly inquisitive and curious? Try creepy and obsessed. I am finding the obsession with JonBenet Ramsey even creepier than the intense Kate hatred. I understand being curious about what happened since it's an unsolved mystery all these years later, but if you've read the ransom note dozens of times, if not more, that makes my creepy radar flash off and on in lime green neon.

Sage said...

Tucker's Mom has left a new comment on the post "TLC's 'The Willis Family' patriarch arrested for r...":

So cute when the sheep panic ;-o

LOL the only ones that are breathless and in a panic are you all.

Sounds to me Jeff 'the millionaire' is still hurtin over Kate otherwise he would not have gone to the tabs.

get therapy

Farkle said...

The great lawyer should be able to solve the case of Jon Benet since her defective nose would lead anyone to jump off a cliff if they had to be around her. That is all.

merryway said... ~ Administrator said... 81

For people who are delusional we still did call it awfully close to what someone who really knows Kate did! I guess we are uncanny delusionals.
September 23, 2016 at 6:37 PM

Delusional is ignoring that your admin ran a subscription birth fetish site.

Or believing that Kate cheated in a marathon in front of thousands of people.

Delusional is happily swallowing the lies your admin tells you, such as:

A school is in violation of the law if they don't send notes about field trips to a parent w/o legal custody or a noncustodial parent.
That it is in violation of the law for a child support order to be withdrawn after it's in place (in PA).
That Jon has 50/50 custody.
That custody time doesn't count when the kids are in school.
That child support disappears at 50/50 physical custody.

Is it any wonder they drink so much rumpsringa?

Brit said...

Is running a Birth Fetish site against the law?
If not~???????????????? WTH!
Please, entertain me!

Sage said...

Brit, Are you one of her subscribers?

merryway said...

I'm sure it is against the law if you have nude minors. That's called child pornography. As it's been stated before, her "teens" category was taken down as soon as Becks was found out.

Nope, not telling that story anymore. The last time was the last time.

Brit said...

So, my question is answered with a question!
Typical! Uptight, prudish pearl clutching........Whatever!!
Forget I asked!

Nameless in LA said...

Brit, Is the entire basis of your belief system whether or not something is illegal? So if Roe v. Wade were overturned tomorrow, your view on abortion would change based on its legality?

To answer your question, who knows? When you have a category called "teenage births" you might very well be in violation of the law if those teenagers are under 18. It's really irrelevant though, as the whether or not something is legal and whether or not something is wrong are two different, albeit often overlapping, issues.

Nameless in LA said...

You're so right, Brit. Thinking it is disgusting to make a buck off of genital mutilation victims is by definition prudish, uptight and pearl clutching. Whatever!!

PJ's momma said...

Brit, I have only heard the rumors, but if true, don't you think it contradicts the values espoused by a 'child advocate?'

Wasn't Kate criticized for making casseroles? (We love casseroles here, never understood that criticism.) Now she is criticized for not making casseroles.

Also, she's constantly scheming but she never thinks ahead.

She's grifting for free food - while spending too much money on food marketed for a different demographic.

I don't understand.

merryway said...

Btw & ftr, the caption beside the very very graphic picture was: "A circumcised West African Girl Gives Birth"
The exploitation is horrible enough. Then, add in the the word "girl."

I'll clutch my pearls over that and then some.
Bl is deplorable.

Anonymous said...

For non-fans, they sound pretty excited that people spotted Kate and the kids filming at target yesterday. They can't wait for those episodes to air. Keep speaking it into existence! Lol


Disgusting child advocate said...

Brit--Go ahead and support her fetish site, no one cares. Dirty old men subscribe from the names that were posted, you might fit in well there. You know, she needs the money for her student loan bills. Ask her about pushing a credit card site also. She has tried to erase her history, whoops, always there to be found. imo

merryway said...

Don't you feel sorry for the bleeple's kids? Their kids must never do anything fun or silly without fearing admonishment they are immature or not normal.

CS's logic makes me think she shouldn't have children anyway.

CS said... 52


If Kate asked Aaden to keep Nanuq company for a few minutes while she cleaned her area, why didn't Aaden take Nanuq into another room or outside? A 6 year old would get into a crate with their dog, not a 12 year old.

If Aaden went into the crate on his own at 12 years old this is another example of how CHILD ABUSE can cause serious problems with normal emotional growth.

It is my opinion that ALL of the children's emotional maturity has been stunted due to abuse.

Did Kate coerce Aaden into doing this so Mommy Dearest could have another photo op? If it wasn't a photo op, why would Aaden be smiling and looking at the camera?

In my world I don't know of any 12 year old that would consent to having their photo taken in a dog crate!
September 28, 2016 at 2:58 PM

PJ's momma said...

What the heck? Did anyone consider that maybe the dog has been hard to train with the crate? 26 years ago, I got in the crate with my pup to encourage her to go in too. I also went through the dog door several times to show her how to do it. And I was 26, not 12. Both tactics worked. And yes, there are funny pictures.

I just looked and the kid is happy as a clam in the picture (and yes, now I see she did say she was cleaning the area, not training). He was being goofy and is obviously pleased at the reaction. Good grief.

PJ's momma said...

PS: (Sorry, wish we could edit). I went to see what the fuss was about and not-a-Redbird posted this, after being called out about her outrageous conspiracy theories. She said this about Kate, not herself. HA. "I have never seen or heard of someone like her with this kind of DEEP bitterness, resentment, revengeful, hateful person in my life. It is just stunning."

Anonymous said...

Aaden is a goofy kid. He was being goofy. He was in no way being harmed. That story was beyond extra.


merryway said...

Beck's group loves slamming those G kids. Such a hoot to belittle Mady.
If it was something said about St. Jon, Becks would be there with a long-winded explanation of why that just isn't it so or how they couldn't possibly know. That's if she let the comment through. It's gotten harder to excuse Jon so they just ignore him instead.


locaylyocul said... 186

Nebraska Granny said... 185
locaylyocul said, Your school district must not be too competitive if they don't give the PSAT. It is used to give out National Merit Scholarships to the top one percent in the nation. Google it!


I didn't say we didn't do the PSAT. Our school district had a dozen nnsf last year, including one grad who got a perfect SAT and went on to MIT. Yes, we are competitive. If you want me to think M is in the running for National Merit Semifinalist though, LMAO.
September 30, 2016 at 12:14 PM

Formerly Duped said... 191

Remember Mady said the only thing she enjoyed about school was that they don't have to wear uniforms in the upper grades. She agreed Cara was the smarter of the two so I don't think she's a big scholar who would be worrying over the PSATs.
September 30, 2016 at 1:34 PM

Sage said...

Sheepless In Seattle has left a new comment on the post "Kate and the kids seen filming at Target":

Milo has no self-awareness to the extent that she has no idea she is in full-blown CWS.

LOL the lack of self awareness is the theme of the haters.

no self awareness

Jon helping old girlfriend again said...

So Jon posted that Ellen has a Go-Fund for her dog. Why doesn't he help pay her bills, he lived off her and he doesn't pay cs. I thought having a gov job paid well?

Wow, for all the ex gf's, they sure are chummy with Jon. Tells me way more about these gals that have no guy in their lives. Just curious.

Francie said...

I remember some of the others commenting that Kate didn't tweet out congratulations to Trump when he got nominated for POTUS. Now I'm reading that off-air footage of The Apprentice has been locked away because of "frequently used lewd and sexist language", according to

Sage said...

Francie, I got the impression that Kate didn't think too highly of Trump. I believe she was asked to do the show more than a few times before she accepted.....can really understand why now.

merryway said...

I don't remember Mady saying she spends a lot of time in her room by herself. But, assuming that Bl is speaking the truth, she again makes those big leaps to get the results she wants. Besides that fact that it is a normal comment for any teenager to make, the show hasn't been on in almost a year. Whenever Mady said this, it was filmed months before that.
The twins are sophomores, right? So, Mady would have been Freshman. Saying you spend a lot of time in your room is even more normal for a younger teen. And, it's a new world Bl, kids used to take the single line phone into their room. Now, they are online video chatting with groups of their friends.

I guess Bl started taking "several AP classes each semester" during her Freshman year. Becks was really advanced. Most students don't take AP classes til the Junior year. Let's see... several AP classes a semester. We'll call several = three, and two semesters. So, Bl took six AP classes every year of high school.
Wow, Bl graduated with 24 AP classes under her belt!
Wow Wow, 24 AP classes and sports and musical endeavors with a few clubs thrown in!!
Whys isn't Mady doing that? Why isn't Mady more like Bl? ;)

Btw,I thought Mady's interview in People showed her to be focused on her future. Studying for the PSAT was important to her. Also, in the episode where they showed her room, I thought it was pretty cool that she had a collection of vinyl records... she was sort of a hipster.

xxxxxxxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 125

PA Dutch Mom, it wasn't Kate, but Mady did make a comment she spends a lot of time up in her room by herself.

A kid actively engaged in sports, music, and other activities, simply wouldn't have the time to always be in her room like that.

When I was her age I went to my room to sleep, if that. Often I spent Friday or Saturday night with a friend studying for a test or something then having a sleepover. But I was a kid who always did a sport, was involved in several musical endeavors, a few clubs, and several AP classes each semester, plus a healthy group of friends. There wasn't time to hang around in my room. It was a strange comment for a child who is supposedly a normal and engaged teen as you claim.
October 9, 2016 at 12:40 AM

Nameless in LA said...

The BL's ridiculous post about her "normal" teen years just goes to show how "normal" is in the eye of the beholder. Spending your Friday and Saturday nights in high school studying for tests with a friend is not what I think of as a "normal" teen life, but she seems to think that made her a social butterfly.

belle fidele said...

As a teenager, I would spend a lot of time in my room listening to music and just wanting to be in my own space. Most teenagers want this alone time for daydreaming about boys and whatever. Nothing wrong with this.

PJ's momma said...

GollyGee, where oh where could Redbird be? Oh! There she is, giving herself a shout out! 😂😂😂

Wake up, people!

Anonymous said...

I know, right. She's gone from Teresa to LukeBandit, Cocoa Coffee on twitter and now Golly Gee.

merryway said...

I am getting a kick watching Bl destroy what is left of her blog. Some of her posters plead with her to disallow politics. But, Bl can't be silenced because she has to be right on every point. She will argue to the nth degree.

Bl is still ignoring Jon. Jon wished the twins a happy birthday on IG, two days late and he used the same throwback pic as he did last year. If it were Kate, they would still be bellowing about the horrors of it and how it somehow damaged the children.
Below, Bl is being coyly obtuse ignoring that Mady wished her father would quit talking about them. Bl also used the point that it was okay because Jon's fans expected it. Jon has less that 5000 followers on IG. Lol

xxxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 21

Relationshipships with children after an acrimonious divorce can heal over time. But generally not if you keep doing the same kind of things said children asked you not to do.


Where did the twins ask him not to wish them a happy birthday? I missed that.
October 14, 2016 at 9:06 AM

Sue_Buddy said...

What I gather from Beck's convoluted verbosity in defense of Trump is Clinton's treatment of women was atrocious and he'd never win an election in these enlightened times in 2016. Trump's treatment of women is the women's fault for returning a phone call or asking for his endorsement or being in his presence in any way, shape or form and if you are one of the 80 million readers of Shades of Grey, you shouldn't criticize Trump's behavior.

merryway said...

"if you are one of the 80 million readers of Shades of Grey, you shouldn't criticize Trump's behavior"

Politics aside, I always detest this argument. It's lame. If I read true crime books, that does not mean I condone or shouldn't criticize mutilation, rape, kidnapping, murder.

Or, if I read Rebecca, that does not mean I approve of crazy housekeepers and rich husbands who keep dark secrets from their mousey little wives.

Apply it to other media and think of all the people who have watched Lifetime movies. Does it mean they give kiss of approval on every type of deceit and crime those movies portray?

merryway said...

Wow, Jon keeps selling stories blaming Kate and playing victim regardless of how it affects his children.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused about this whole Jon/Kate/Hannah thing tbh...


curious said...

Wow, Jon keeps selling stories blaming Kate and playing victim regardless of how it affects his children.

And how do you feel about the filed police report that Hannah didn't want to go home because of Kate's cruelty?

Confused said...

Seems like Kate tried to warn officials about Jon, but the charges were not proved. I always have believed, there is a little truth behind every rumor. Jon isn't make a great living, so maybe?

Maybe Jon wanted Hannah to say stuff, happens all the time when kids are an issue in divorce. My question to Jon is, "If what he says is true, why hasn't his azz been in court. Jon would have to show proof of all his income? REALLY cares, pay cs, pay 1/2 of medical, dental, school, etc. people will listen. Jon seems to sell a story the same time every month.

Check out Dailymail.

Micha said...

So here we go with articles about something that happened last year for the Gosselins, where in the end nothing changed for anyone. What's to say except that somebody's rent must be due.

Confused said...

The HUGE question about the article would be why Jon only took one child and not the others? Nothing has changed, but Jon seems to be digging a big old scary dark hole for himself?

Does Jon even pay rent? Thought he lived with the love of his life? (OMG, his old line, one he should have kept when he remarried.)

merryway said...

If Jon didn't want problems, he should avoid picking up a kid from school when it's not his custody time.

Kate will not say anything so it's always Jon's spin. I doubt the judge just laughed it off.

I haven't had read the full InTouch article, only what was reported on the web. What I read was that Kate said she suspected suspicious behavior between Jon and Hannah. It was just a blurb from the report with no context. So, I wonder if It Kate was referring to the situation being planned out between Jon and Hannah. It was the source who said Jon did know not he was accused of being in an "inappropriate relationship with Hannah". Seems like there is some twisting of words going on there. But, like I said, I haven't read the full article.

Sue_Buddy said...

"If Jon didn't want problems, he should avoid picking up a kid from school when it's not his custody time."

So Jon just sauntered over to the school, said eeny, meeny...and picked up Hannah to take home where they could act "suspicious" together while Jon cleaned his gun and drank alcohol in front of her? Then maybe they drove around town and he made some drug sales. Yep, sounds about right.

But then again, maybe Hannah called him crying and upset and asked him to pick her up? Nah, why even consider that?

"Kate will not say anything so it's always Jon's spin. I doubt the judge just laughed it off."

Jon didn't file the police report so it's not his spin. But Kate had a lot to say, and neither the police nor the judge found any of it laughable. However the judge found no evidence to support Kate's claims.

Perhaps you should peruse the article a little closer before reading the headline and then spouting the usual "it's Jon's fault."

Anonymous said...

But, Sue Buddy, don't you know these folks do not believe that Kate does anything wrong? Jon is always the villain. Facts, smacts, who needs facts. We love Kate and hate Jon and that's the way it is. It is very disturbing to continue to support this freak of nature.

Nameless in LA said...

What facts are you referring to, Anonymous?

I'm sure you've hopped on over from 15 Minutes, where they have gone ballistic assuming that the reference to "suspicious behavior" means she's accusing him of sexual abusing his child. That's not a fact. Nor is it "fact" that the drug dealer accusation is false. Nobody knows whether Jon is or isn't a drug dealer. We do know he hasn't been charged as such, but that doesn't mean that he is not dealing. Nor does it mean that he is. And yes, I fully understand that anybody can hurl accusations that have no basis in truth and that may well have happened here, but the FACT remains that no one knows what is really going on. That doesn't stop the 15 Minutes crew from concluding that Jon smokes weed but doesn't deal drugs, based on...absolutely nothing.

The "spin" comes from Jon's anonymous insider friend, who is relaying his version of reality, not objective truth. And if Jon chose to leak the police reports, that is indefensible as he is hurting his child by doing so. (Note the use of the word "if." I have no idea how In Touch acquired the police reports.)

merryway said...

I did read the article. Guess you couldn't understand my comment.

I didn't spout the usual "it's Jon's fault. I spouted the usual that Jon sold the story. So, yes, it's his spin. Just as the previous article when all this actually happened. That was when he was supposedly going to file for custody of Hannah.

I have no idea why Jon illegally picked up Hannah from school or why he kept her when it was not his custody time. If Jon didn't want Kate voicing her concerns he should avoid snatching his kids and follow court orders. The police report said Hannah was upset about fighting between Steve and Kate. Not exactly a horror story explanation. Also, it's in conflict with Jon's previous sold story about Hannah wanting to stay because of Kate's cruelty.

Jon has a responsibility to follow court orders the same as Kate does.

merryway said...

It's a wonder that none of the bleeple have questioned why Jon would supposedly call for an emergency custody hearing over Hannah back in April 2015 but left little Collin and Alexis and also Mady and Cara hanging.

According to Jon's statements, about that time, he wouldn't have had visitation with Collin for about a year. It would have been two years since he had visitation with all eight kids at one time. But, Jon only felt the need to have a hearing about Hannah. At no time Jon was given an explanation of why he has no visitation with Collin? I guess he didn't bother to ask.

If Jon did call for an emergency hearing, seems like it was to cover his tracks for snatching Hannah. Ignoring court orders and taking your kid without permission is a good way to lose visitation rights. Who knows if Kate's claims were even brought up in court? Her attorney would not bother to argue anything that couldn't be proven. The issue would have been why Jon warranted an immediate change in custody. Where was his evidence of abuse? Did Hannah not testify to the horrors she and siblings must endure at the hands of their mother?

Since Kate retains physical and legal custody of Hannah, it was Jon's claims of "cruelty" that were found baseless.

Micha said...

"But then again, maybe Hannah called him crying and upset and asked him to pick her up? Nah, why even consider that?"

That's speculation. What should be a fact to Jon is that he doesn't have the right to take one of his kids out of school and that doing so would result in trouble for him. And it did, and they went to court and Hannah is still living with her mom over a year after this police report was filed.

Jon's....well, according to him he has so much income that he can "work" as a cook somewhere and donate that money to a charity, but not so much income that he can take his ex-wife to court to fight for custody of his kids. Maybe if he saved that money he earned cooking he'd be closer to having the money to go to court, or maybe he doesn't really want to go to court so why save money for that?

That's all speculation too, of course.

Anonymous said...

The point is this, it is repeatedly stated on this blog by many of you that any time a story comes out it's because Jon needs rent money. This is not a fact, it is a supposition of yours based on your need to blame him for every single thing that goes wrong, because God forbid, it can't be Kate's fault.

Confused said...


Please tell everyone why Jon sells stories that hurt his own children? I understand he will always hate Kate, but he drags his kids in the gutter with him. That is what is so sad, that as a Father he doesn't uplift his own children if Kate is always wrong.

merryway said...

Per the usual, Jon is milking it for all he can. All at the expense of his kids.

Anonymous said...

Merryway, you just prove what I said. Why in heck would Jon NOT defend himself against these allegations? Any person would do that. "All at the expense of his kids" -- the reason we know any of this is because of Kate and her control freak way of doing things, cutting his children away from him, turning them against him, did this all to herself and her kids. You have no proof whatsoever that Jon put this story out there, none at all. You just assume and put it out there that he did it as facts.

As Sage loves to tell anyone with a different opinion, Get Help. You have major anger issues you need to deal with.

Micha said...

That's a good point, "Confused." As "Anonymous" has stated, it's just supposition when anyone states that when another story has come out via Jon, it's because he needs money, for rent, for bills for whatever. We don't know, really, but I think we're almost hoping that if he's releasing these stories, at least it's for some financial gain, and not just to slam Kate and if it hurts the kids then so be it. Could it be that he doesn't benefit financially and just does this to hurt Kate, and if it hurts the kids then so be it? Wouldn't that be as low as a person could go? His need would be to hurt his ex, just randomly now and then even years after they've split. it wouldn't be a need to pay his bills that drives him.

Jon doesn't seem to care how not seeing some of his kids and just saying that he's leaving it up to them makes him look as long as he can put in some suggestion that it's Kate's fault, so maybe "Anonymous" could be right, and it would be all the worse, just so extra pathetic.

Confused said...

Well if Jon didn't put out the story, his friends had to know details of what was going on. Maybe he shares money with others to put the crap out there. Why Jon would want any of this out, only makes his look worse in the public eye. You don't remove a child from school just because you want to, something is way off with his story. Jon's string of events are all over the place, he needs serious pr help or a lawyer who knows what not to be put out on social media. In a few years the twins will be in college, and Jon will be long forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Micha, I have a question for you, if you don't mind. Why do you assume that Jon must not care about hurting his kids and that he just wants to hurt Kate. For me, if what was reported showed that Kate was lying about Jon being a drug dealer or that he somehow was inappropriate with Hannah, would you still somehow find Jon at fault that she lied because she hates him so much? Jon is very far from perfect in my eyes. He's made so many bad judgements, so many mistakes in his life. Don't we all? I know I sure have. But he is having to deal with someone who has shown over and over that she hates him and wants to hurt him in any way possible and she usually has the media proclaiming it to the masses. Yes, Jon comes out from time to time, and it is usually because he feels the need to stand up and say "I did not do this". I've just watched enough of her behaviors for myself and seen how she treats people that its easy for me to believe she lies very easily when it suits her.

Anonymous said...

Just one more point. As the documents prove, Kate did accuse him of being a drug dealer and that he had an inappropriate relationship with Hannah, and the police came out and told her to take it to court without doing anything, if you were Jon wouldn't you come out and say NO, I did not do that. Never. Once the words are out there, there will be some who believe everything Kate says and there will be others who will believe Jon. It's just the way it is. But I know if someone accused me of the awful things she accused Jon of I would shout from the highest point possible that NO I did not do that.

The whole thing is becoming very bizarre, well actually has been for a long time. The kids are screwed, I truly believe that.

Micha said...

If Jon cared about the feelings of his children I don't think he'd say the things that he's said about them, leaving Kate and the actual current situation out of it for a moment. But, giving it some thought, I think it's possible that he just doesn't give their feelings a single thought when he says certain things. I don't know if that's better or it just shows that his priorities aren't his kids' feelings, that it might not even occur to him that if he says something negative about one kid or another, that it would hurt that kid, or all the kids.

Jon has spoken about wanting the kids to have their privacy, but when he then says (x,y,z - I don't want to mention any one comment but I think most people can think of at least a couple on their own) he's going against what he's claimed is that core belief that the kids should have their privacy. When Jon is interviewed and can't even stick to keeping the kids' private lives private, when it's what he has said he wants for them, then what am I supposed to think, when it comes to Jon? You can't even rely on Jon to stick to what he claims are his principles. I don't think he thinks beyond the moment when he gives interviews.

It hasn't been reported that Kate was lying about these allegations, what I'm reading is that it was her belief that he was doing the things alleged above. There are things that a person can believe that might be true but that beyond an allegation can't be proven.

For me the question is why do we know about this now? This situation happened a year and a half ago, it led nowhere, nothing changed for the Gosselins Who alerted the media about this and why? Did someone alert the media? Did some tabloid reporter just look into this without a heads up from anyone? Who gains from this story? Who loses? What is there to gain? Is someone getting paid for this story? Is that all there is to gain, money?

Neither Jon nor Kate's reputation is better or worse now that this story is out.

Sage said...

I have out of the loop with all of this...down computer. I do believe Jon is behind this story being leaked. I don't think his djing is doing all that great. He needs to get himself out there in the public eye. Jon hates Kate far more than anyone realizes. Jon uses Hannah because she is the easiest one of the kids for him to manipulate.

merryway said...

Oh Saint Jon, he loves his children so. He would never do anything like tell the world he despised their mom. Years after the divorce, he would never go on a show to bitch and complain about his marriage to Kate (how alienating). He would never stage a hissy where tells the camera that the mother of his children should eat shit and die.
The masturbating scene was just a bonus.

Jon and RH planned the Stephanie Santaro pic of her outside the garage apartment. He wasn't worried about upsetting his kids when he was doing the sitter. He didn't care about Stephanie either, it's not like Jon and RH cut her in for a share.
Jon had RH film the leaving of the dogs while blaming Kate for their departure (how alienating). Jon used the kids in the video playing on their emotions. He wasn't taking home movies, he wanted a good show for the camera.
Jon stopped filming of the show and then pocketed money for himself by selling the twins birthday to ET. He lied about a text he got from Kate causing even more media hoopla. After showing up with a cake that had Mady's name spelled wrong, he spent part of the time outside talking to the paps.
Jon sold the story of his two kids being removed from Kindergarten. Radar had the letter that was sent only to Jon and Kate.
Radar also had copies of sealed court documents. Surprisingly, they were divorce papers with Jon's accusations against Kate.
Jon has sold story after story about how he's filing for custody. What do the bleeple think it does to the kids when Jon goes on tour saying Kate's house is a house of horrors, he wants emergency custody and a psych eval of their mom? Then, he does nothing. Even on Couples Therapy, he was blathering about filing for custody. It's got to hurt and be upsetting. He uses his children in the worse ways.
Don't know why it's hard to believe that Jon sells these stories when he talks every chance he gets. Yahoo asked him for a playlist for prom and he gave another full on interview about custody and the kids while bashing Kate.

Yes, Jon comes out from time to time, and it is usually because he feels the need to stand up and say "I did not do this" ~ Anonymous

You've got to be kidding. Jon hasn't shut up since the divorce. Whenever he is interviewed, he can't shut up about Kate. Not too long ago, he was bitching about her having the name "Gosselin." Again, how alienating. ;)

Sage said...

Wow, they are getting a little testy at Becks! Apparantly they don't care for Becks shoving her political beliefs down their throats. Yup, it is her way or they are just too stupid to understand. Lol can't say we didn't tell you, bleeps!

merryway said...

From what I can tell, Jon picked Hannah up from school and after three days, Kate called the cops who checked on Hannah and told Kate and Jon to settle it in court.

It seems Jon had been picking up Hannah from school while the other kids rode the bus. Kate thought something was up for whatever reasons and had a PI watching Jon. At one time Kate took Hannah home from school for fear of Jon taking her.

When Jon kept Hannah, she told the police she was upset about Kate and Steve fighting. However, the articles that first came out said it was "Kate's cruelty", filming and Hannah being unhappy in Kate's home.

It's weird that no one is questioning why Jon had a custody hearing over only Hannah, when for some time he had not seeing four of his other children. Didn't Jon worry that he hadn't seen Collin for a year? Did he forget about Alexis? Why would he file for custody just because Hannah was upset over Steve and Kate fighting? Is that the worse horror the kids face at the hands of Kate? Didn't the judge stand right up and order Kate to a life sentence after Hannah testified about the long-term abuse she and her siblings have endured? Did the judge order Hannah to suck it up and film the show or else?

Anyways, Bl is minimizing. She's completely forgetting that the situation was supposedly so drastic that Jon was filing for emergency custody.

xxxxxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 94

So her plan was to rush Hannah right over to a therapist and demand that Hannah disclose any abuse to the therapist? Wth???

Man, she really loses her mind whenever something doesn't go her way. The second Hannah just needed a little break from some bickering between Kate and Steve, Kate went apeshit.

You take a kid to a therapist enough demanding they disclose "abuse" and next thing you know the therapist is reporting YOU.
October 25, 2016 at 1:22 PM

merryway said...

Wow, Admin is going to hurt herself reaching to keep Jon's halo polished.

Bl believes Jon gave interview after interview discussing visitation and bashing Kate but planned on saying "I don't know why" to spare the kids the wrath of Kate and to prevent prying that would upset her.
Yeah, that makes sense only in the world of BL.

xxxxxxxxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 117

I kind of wonder now if Jon claiming he doesn't know why the kids don't visit is not true at all. But rather the best way to prevent questions and further prying that would bring out all this garbage and upset Kate. Thus making things worse for the kids. I really do feel like this was that missing piece I always felt was out there.
October 25, 2016 at 6:06 PM


This is a list I posted before (with one more added). It's the list of interviews that Jon gave this year discussing custody and bashing Kate. It doesn't include those interviews Jon gave about working/quitting TGIFs. Just a little reality check for the bleep who read here who want to believe Jon is too afraid of big ole Kate to speak his mind, protect his kids, or file for custody.

January, Steve Harvey interview

January 28 ROL, Jon talking custody - blaming Kate

February 6 ROL, Jon saying he doesn't know what kids look like

June 23 Yahoo, nasty interview talking about kids and Kate

July 22 ET, bashed Kate, says his kids are grown

August 3 ET, selling the same story about his kids

August 13 Rocking Dads, again talking custody and bashing Kate,t,it/am=OotHAjBPxv3BuJYBQFb6AIV5738-uVR22O0e1Z8IiCKvAv9v9v8APg_2oi0U/rt=h/d=1/rs=AHGWq9DXGEMWwIMcn96aMROOzPLRDITbmA

I don't know when Jon said this, but CNN is saying it's from a recent interview with them.

In a recent interview with CNN, Gosselin said he only gets to visit with a few of the kids.
"I see the twins at the gate [of the house when he goes to pick up some of the other children]," he said. "Last time I did anything with Mady was a year and a half ago."

August 31, In Touch, claiming Kate's People article was filled with lies. Said TLC offered him 2 mil to stay in pretend relationship with Kate.

Anonymous said...

And we all know Kate never took the opportunity to bash Jon. Oh yeah, that's right she did, over and over.

What Kate has done this time is deplorable. Accusations such as this can cause tremendous harm to people. But of course you won't see it that way because you are too busy keeping her halo shined.

And could it just be that Jon only sought custody of Hannah at that particular time because she was asking for his help. He is the only one we have ever seen show real love for his kids no matter what you say. And he very likely does not have the money to go to court for all of his kids and was helping the one most in need at that time.


merryway said...

One more post, because I've been trying to figure out what exactly happened. ROL now has the police incident posted. When Intouch first released the story back in May 2015, it stated that on Thursday, April 23, Hannah was so afraid of her mom that Jon took emergency custody without a court order. Hannah spent four days with Jon until Kate took her back home. It was during that weekend the police did a welfare check on Hannah and she told them she was tired of bickering between Steve and Kate. The police allowed Jon to keep Hannah.

Before any of that happened, Jon had picking Hannah up early while the others had to ride home on the bus.

Kate's taking Hannah back home is the report on Monday, April 27. It was after Jon took custody of Hannah that Kate hired the private detective. Kate believed Jon was at the school for the purpose of guarding Hannah and he would flee with her. En rout to the school, the officer notified the school and had them remove Hannah from class for her safety. The police and the school allowed Kate to take custody.

The first article says Jon had no emergency court order. But in the police report, Jon talked to the officer said he had obtained one. The officer told Jon to contact his attorney on how to proceed. If Jon had obtained an order that Monday morning, why wouldn't it have been enforced? Jon left the school and within 2 1/2 hours, he got the order? The first InTouch article (May 13) says nothing about an emergency hearing, only that Jon will be filing to modify custody. So, as of mid-May, no "emergency" hearing had been held. I doubt there was an order or an hearing. As for Kate calling a hearing, I bet she would have been advised to wait until the next incident before taking action.

Still no bleeple explanation on why Kate's cruelty, Hannah's fear of her mom and her dread of filming was changed to only bickering between Steve and Kate. The bleeple don't question why that would warrant Jon taking emergency custody of Hannah, while ignoring that he hadn't seen Collin for months and had very little visitation with some of his other children. He left them to rot while he only took custody of Hannah? No questions on what went on in this emergency hearing that Jon supposedly called.

merryway said...

Why was Hannah asking for Jon's help? Because of Kate and Steve bickering? What happened to the house of horrors? Why wasn't Jon freaking out about not seeing Collin and taking emergency custody of him?

Kate told the police what they needed to know and why she felt the way she did. Her feeling was "suspicious" behavior between Jon and Hannah and unusual behavior by Hannah. In the context, it seems like she thought Jon planned this out, it does not say "inappropriate" or "molestation". The word "inappropriate" was the spin put on it by Jon's source.
None of this would have happened if Jon had returned Hannah as he was supposed to.

Lol at accusations. Jon and RH have accused Kate for years. Kate never said a word publicly about this incident. I guess Jon should clam up his sources.

Micha said...

"He is the only one we have ever seen show real love for his kids no matter what you say."

Oh, Beth....and you have the nerve to say people here are too busy "shining Kate's halo?" lol No matter what anyone says, that's the way it is according to Beth. Talk about being biased. Jon is the only one who we have EVER seen show real love to blah blah blah? Really? Sure, let's get into absolutes - whenever we ever saw Kate hugging or loving her kids, that wasn't real, couldn't be, BETH says so.

"And we all know Kate never took the opportunity to bash Jon. Oh yeah, that's right she did, over and over."

That's a classic. An oldie but a goodie, no matter who says it. Jon bashed Kate but Kate did too, so there.

One thing that I'm sure you'll dispute (because, why not?) is that it was Jon's crazy behavior just as they were splitting that put Kate on the defensive and had her responding the way she did, from that time forward. If Jon could have just been a grown up when he and Kate split instead of doing all the crazy things he did, publicly and for the camera, the media the press,(what crazy things, right Beth? He was just tasting freedom when he was parading around with that Lohan character and those young women etc.) then I don't think Kate would have had an ex to bash. They could have divorced quietly, but Jon didn't go quietly, did he? He made a lot of noise, and he trashed himself without even realizing he was doing it.

And to this day Jon is the child who says he's going to do this and that but does nothing but try to cause trouble for his ex, and Kate is the grown woman raising her kids. Before we know it the kids will all be adults and Jon will be able to stop saying that he's just about to file for custody, just as soon as he has the money to hire a lawyer. Then he can start saying that he wanted to file but now it's too late.

And hopefully the kids will be great adults. There are no guarantees no matter what is going on in a family, some kids do well, some don't.

Anonymous said...

With Kate for a mother I surely wouldn't hold my breath about the kids being great adults.

Farkle said...


For someone who thinks the kids will be failures, I wouldn't want you in my ballpark. Losers stick together, think maybe you are on the wrong blog. imo

merryway said...

Just reading at Bl's. Wanted to let Bl's super sleuthing crime buffs know that it's very unlikely that Patsy Ramsey will be suing anyone since ovarian cancer took her life back in 2006.


SarahK said... 53


Another one, this one focusing on Patsy. Will another lawsuit ensue?

"JonBenet's Mother: Victim or Killer?" airing Nov. 5 on Lifetime follows the network's TV movie "Who Killed JonBenet?" In the second of the two JonBenet specials, viewers will see new interviews with investigators, journalists who followed the case, and friends of Patsy who weigh in on her life before and after her daughter's shocking death."
October 27, 2016 at 4:39 PM

Anonymous said...

They spoke it into existence. Kate Plus 8 is returning November 22nd. They can't wait to have something new to talk about.


Nameless in LA said...

FakeCollin gate!

Yes, Bleeple, no doubt they brought in a replacement kid and hoped no one would notice.

They are idiots.


GollyGee said... 32
Sad but true said...25

Now all the rag mags (and TV tabs) are posting excerpts. This one has a few different scenes from what TLC posted. I think I might see Collin in one scene, but for the tups' b'day scavenger hunt, it looks to me like they brought in another boy to take Collin's place? Did they really? O.M.G.


WHAT?? What did they do? Have a casting call for a boy that looked like Colin?

Colin's Understudy.

IF TFW allowed this, she is FREAKING INSANE!

How cruel, hurtful, and painfully SAD.

She is not a mother. She is a monster. So is Steve.

Maybe this round of fussin' and fight' will finally cancel her.

Sage said...

Nameless....I read that. LOL There are no words for their stupidity.

Sage said...


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