Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Winter Open Discussion

I cannot believe that January 19 is the seventh anniversary of the SWE! I started the blog on a whim after being kicked off a 'hater' blog and never envisioned it would still be going into its seventh year. Granted, it is not as busy as it was it in earliest years but I think it can still punch when needed.

I want to thank all of you for the privilege of having you as my blog friends.


Nameless in LA said...

Ladies and gentlemen, listen up! The BL has had an epiphany, or as we call it in my part of the world, yet another pile of manure that her own warped mind thinks is full of deep insight.

*********************** ~ Administrator said... 27

It's been said on here narcissists just nag at you and wear you down until you give up. They could be taking the easy way out not to deal with Kate's nonsense.


It's been awhile since I had an epiphany about this mess but I had one tonight.

Look at the four kids who don't visit. Collin, Alexis, Cara, and Mady.

Mady is comfortable in her own skin and I think she's just alienated against Jon.

But Collin and Alexis are the most picked on tups. Both are constantly ganged up on by the others. And Cara is very checked out, from her sabotaging of the Today Show appearance a few years ago to picking lint on the interview coach in recent months.

The three of them I perceive to be the "less than" ones, the ones the other kids and to some extent Kate have pegged below them.

The most beaten down kids are likely to be the kids who don't want the aggravation of pushing Kate's buttons. It's just EASIER not to visit Jon.

Micha said...

So BL's "epiphany" is that the kids that don't visit Jon are either "comfortable in their skin" or not - they're beaten down.

No epiphany that would have anything to do with Jon - because Jon never does anything and never has. He just sits there and is agreeable. Who wouldn't want to be around agreeable Jon? Must be Kate's fault.

What a relief to have the answers to such pressing questions.

Happy Anniversary, SWE!

Shawn said...

Happy Anniversary!!

I can't believe that it's been seven years. Time flies!!

belle fidele said...

I have been here 7 years with you Sage. We have had such great laughs, good discussions and some time heavy exchanges but it has been a pleasure all the way.

Thanks Sage for the work you have done, to what you have had to endure at times, for sharing little bits of your family with us.

Quiltart said...

I've been here seven years, too, and am so glad to have met all of you... especially, our level-headed and warm-hearted leader, Sage! Thanks, Sage!

merryway said...

PA Dutch Mom is going to put herself in the hospital patting herself on the back. Through the power of eavesdropping and snooping at other people's carts, she saved a young girl from certain starvation. What was on her mind when she performed this act of benevolence? Was it focused on the family, who I'm sure would soon be toasting blessings upon the sainted cracker lady? The father who was moved to tears as he struggles to feed his children on only some milk, bread, eggs and lunch meat until tomorrow's payday? Was she thinking about other such families in similar need?
No, she could only curse the name of Kate.
Because, you know, these people are whacked.

They never get tired of these self-serving charity stories.


PA Dutch Mom said... 77

OT,sort of, but something happened today that made me think of Kate and her greed.

I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few items I needed to make soup this weekend. There was a young father in front of me with a child,about four years old, and a baby in his cart. At the checkout (express lane), the little girl asked for a small pack of peanut butter crackers. I heard her father tell her that he didn't have money right now, that she would have to wait until this weekend. She was painfully thin, and had a sad look on her face. They also had the crackers nearby in large boxes (on sale). I grabbed some boxes, put them with my things, and quickly checked out. While he was helping his little girl with her jacket, and getting the baby out of the cart, I gave him the boxes of crackers. He started to tear up, said he doesn't get paid until tomorrow and had to get just what was necessary until then (some milk, bread, eggs, packaged lunch meat).

All I could think about was Kate and that darn list of food she demanded for herself and kids from one of the hotels where they stayed. I said a few choice words (under my breath) about her that I didn't even know that I knew! She is so disgusting in her greed.
January 19, 2017 at 4:32 PM

merryway said...

Sage, loved you for seven years! When you first began, I was so entertained by Irene's daily drop-in accusing you of being a flog run by TLC.
Thanks for being here for us!

Quiltart said...

Is there ANYTHING that doesn't remind them of Kate? She is on their minds 24/7.

Sage said...

Thank you all for the kind words. I can't imagine doing this without you.

We sure have had some laughs here!

Judy said...

Jon has hit the tabs again.. Must be rent time.

Farkle said...


Those old days were priceless! Most of the haters have moved on in life, but the BL has made a living off Kate and her family. Guess when you fail as a lawyer, you have to pick on the reality tv show's for any acceptance in the real world. Love when you can live rent free in a twisted mind like she has.

Congrats on your blog! :)

Fake news from the blog? said...

Dutchmom loves to tell a story every time she shops. I doubt she has done anything she says, but makes herself feel good bragging about something. She should volunteer at a women's shelter where kids come in with nothing. The man purchased items his family needed to eat, so I would be offended someone would do this to me. If this happened, maybe he had tears, making him feel guilty that maybe he didn't want his child to have fatty crackers. Gawd, the stupid is rich over there. Donate food items to a food bank, kids that receive from there are the ones who really need it.

Nameless in LA said...

It seems that NJGal51 never got to be the hall monitor in school so now she's the self-appointed "like" monitor. Someone really, really needs a hobby, a volunteer gig, a job or SOMETHING to do with her time.

NJGal51 said... 199
TFW posted a new video of baby Mack fetching a toy like a pro (because you know none of our puppies do that). When I first checked it at 4:15 (my time) it only had a little over 450 likes. It's now 4:19 and it's got over 1,000 likes. Methinks someone is buying likes again. I think I'll continue to monitor this.

Sage said...

Midnight Madness has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8 "New Orleans, Here We Come!": '...":

Kate's fans provide such entertainment.


Not half as much as you all do. Answer me this do your arms get tired patting yourself on the back because you all see yourselves as superior. Gollygee anyone?

Micha said...

Monitoring the "likes" Kate gets on Instagram...important work.

Methinks someone is in desperate need of a life.

Anonymous said...

Why are they so concerned about some likes? It's not like other celebrities don't buy their followers too. They just need something to bitch about.


Quiltart said...

They can't fathom the fact that she has fans... and she does.

Farkle said...

Someone has time to monitor likes? ROTF. Me thinks she is in love with Kate and wants to make sure she is watching her crush day and night.

Sage said...

Tucker's Mom
Jan 30 (1 day ago)

to me
Tucker's Mom has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8 "New Orleans, Here We Come!": '...":

Let's call a spade a spade and acknowledge that this is another one of your pathetic attempts to stir controversy because your blog comments have slowed down.
Admin could have easily gone with shock value at any point over the years. She's stuck to her rules and we've had great conversations, no matter the rate of commenting.
Fact is, it's buttheads like this that have slowed the commenting down a tad. We can't comment live and have to be moderated because of vile, spewing haters like you!


Wrong Tuck. You can't go 'live' because Becks wants no mention of her birth fetish site.

Nameless in LA said...

Exactly, Sage. Not to mention that Tuck is a bit confused about the concept of "great conversation." I think the word she was looking for is "monologue" not "conversation." Her trusty thesaurus let her down.

Sage said...

Lol Nameless, so true!

The uninformed said...

Ha, Tucks Mom should insist on a great blog from the mighty on her fetish site and selling credit cards to cover debts. LOL. Maybe a blog about her terrible parents, how she can't get a real job, and why she hates court judges.

MsGoody2Shoes said...
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MsGoody2Shoes said...

Happy anniversary Sage!!!!!

Sage said...

merryway said...

Wow, a Jon interview where he didn't bash Kate. That's a first. Still wanting that tv career. The bleeps never call him fame hungry.
Jon's the one who gives an interview whenever he can. The bleeps act as if Kate couldn't do the same.

merryway said...

Anytime a picture by Mady is posted on Kate's IG, Bl's group immediately starts slamming the teen's photography skills. Very mommy-dearest of them. Is this how they react to the work of their own children?

How sad that NJG can't imagine a 16yo with pics of her parents on her cell. Uhm, it's not a weird thing unless you totally hate your family.

Lol at Sherry Baby who thinks Kate's last IG proves insanity.

NJGal51 said... 188

kateplusmy8 She took a picture of a picture hanging on the wall and did something to make it all me instead of all of us... guess the white shadows appeared in the process.. I hadn't even seen it til you pointed it out! #Yikes @pc08
If Mary's such a great photographer she should know better than this. I think TFW probably took a picture of a paicutr and gave it to Mady to work with (or did it herself but doesn't want to admit it).
February 7, 2017 at 10:42 AM

NJGal51 said... 178

...Oh and her latest IG is beyond ridiculous. Mady seems to be so self-involved (my opinion from what I've seen of her) that she was probably photo shopping pictures of herself and TFW saw them and wanted one done. She probably sent Mady the picture to use because I can't feature any kid that age keeping pictures of her mom on her phone or iPad.
February 7, 2017 at 8:11 AM

Sherry Baby said... 20

I know! Who would post such a pic for the purposes of complaining about how hard her life is?
Kate is so tone deaf and the thing is, it's just getting worse and worse.

She's nuts, and I hope that Jon is keeping track of the insane things she posts, just in case proof is needed if a psych evaluation is ordered.
February 7, 2017 at 4:27 PM

Nameless in LA said...

Yes, NJGal51, everyone who doesn't see that Kate has subconsciously erased Collin from everything has a two-digit IQ. Either that, or not everyone believes they have the power to read Kate's mind.

Meanwhile, Tucker's Mom, of all people, snarked on how much free time Kate has to swiffer her social media accounts. Um, if there's anyone with waaayyyy too much time on her hands (and way too much need to bless the world with her commentary), I think we all know who it is.


NJGal51 said... 26
TLC stinks said... 5
I didn't see it at first that a child had to be erased to make the images total 8. Isn't that ironic?
I guess subconsciously TFW has now erased Collin from everything. It's as if he never existed. Are her fans really that stupid that they don't see this or do they just turn a blind eye to her every faux pas.

Micha said...

Okay, so Mady photoshopping a picture that shows 8 of Kate instead of the 8 and Kate is Kate "subconsciously erasing Collin from everything?" The picture that is Kate 8 times is her way of saying Collin never existed?

I think we know who the "stupid" one is here, although I'd say "out of her mind" is a more accurate description.

What a sad life this person must be living.

PJ's momma said...

Happy belated anniversary, and Happy Valentine's Day!

merryway said...

BAM! Bl is down another sock/poster. Lol

xxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 181

You're banned, Deliverance. Congratulations. Haven't had to ban someone in years.

Oh, and, grow up.
February 16, 2017 at 7:06 AM

This was Deliverance's last comment. Bl's was busy delighting in their theory that Kate starves the kids and dissecting her Valentine's dinner that she posted on IG. I was impressed with all the trouble Kate went to in order to have everything heart shaped.


Deliverance said... 159

Yes, the picture was a photo op, staged. I've never been able to convince myself those kids are on the verge of starvation as some seem to think.

I'm not convinced that what they eat on a daily basis is teeny portions of food. Kate slops food on plates then takes a ghastly photo and posts it on IG. We're not sitting at her dinner table. We don't know what their daily portions are, or whether they ask for seconds. She does seem to offer a variety, sometimes an odd variety. Hash browns with waffles wouldn't be my choice, nor would rice stuffed peppers with potatoes. What we see is all staged, whether it's on the TV show or photos.

The kids don't show signs of starvation or being undernourished. The twins seem a normal size. The six seem small to me, but they were premature. They all look healthy and a good weight here (with one exception):
February 15, 2017 at 6:35 AM

Anonymous said...

What in the hell??... Becks has absolutely NO reason to ban Deliverance. Let's be honest, these people SWEAR they know Kate basing EVERYTHING on what they see on tv. So because someone was being logical in the reasoning that they don't know what's going on with Kate and nitpicking every damn detail about her life is preposterous and weird as hell. That just shows what type of person Becks is.


PJ's momma said...

Well, well, well. Isn't that exactly what they criticized Kate about? Publicly declaring that she was blocking someone, instead of doing it quietly? So that her minions could take up for her? I would call that hypocritical, but Thesaurus Mom might accuse me of using pretentious words, like she accused the Duggars of giving their babies pretentious names.

Quiltart said...

I was impressed with the heart shaped dinner, too! The plate was full of food! None of those childen look like they are starving, for sure.

Miicha said...

Do these people actually look at the kids before making these comments about Kate "starving" them? All the kids look to be of average weight, certainly not too thin.

Those Valentine's Day dinner plates were adorable.

merryway said...

PJ's Momma, Lol, I forgot about that. Nice point.

merryway said...

Jon had the same four kids and streamed something he was doing with them. Based on that, Tucker's mom believes something has happened custody-wise.
Uhm, it was the same four kids that normally visit. What does she think happened? How does she know how often Jon is seeing the kids?


Tucker's Mom said... 41 ~ Administrator said... 38
Sounds like Jon is getting their very long weekend, as is fair. Now let's see if Kate pretends she has all the kids.
February 17, 2017 at 8:19 AM
Something has happened with the obvious more equitable split in vacation and holiday time with Jon and the kids. I think Kate used to tell Jon to shove it whenever she damn well pleased.
Apparently, no so anymore.
February 17, 2017 at 9:46 AM

Nameless in LA said...

This comment is priceless considering the source. Those pots and kettles are rattling loudly. ~ Administrator said... 36

Agreed. It's hard in these recaps to talk about every single thing that happened otherwise they'd be even more ridiculously long! But there are so many little moments where Kate is so proud of herself, and thinks herself to be so cute, or funny, or smart.

In this particular episode, she made a very dumb, obvious pun. Forgot what it was. Anyway, she was SOOO proud of herself for it. Was practically winking at the camera. She really has a shockingly grandiose sense of self, beyond all comprehension.

PJ's momma said...

What is this person TALKING about??? Where does she come up with this? Never ever did I hear anything remotely close to this scenario. There was speculation as to why one kid was crying in a photo, and that was it. FYI, Gollygee, there are no 'jets' going to these remote locations in Alaska, unless they are teeny, tiny jets. Remember the float plane they took? That's it. Even the regional airports there do not have the runway length nor do they meet the required pavement requirements to accommodate a 'jet', much less have the turning radius to get out. I worked for the FAA and Alaska was our state. Good grief!

Also, nobody knows what Colin's issue is, nor should they. I have a friend with a daughter who has ODD, and she can be the sweetest kid you would ever meet, but she can turn on a dime and blow your hair back. She hides it well in public. Not saying is what is happening, but it's not a matter of being 'innocent.' If an issue needs treatment, it's good he is getting treatment. Be glad for that.

Remember in Alaska when she jacked up Madys arm and manhandled her trying to get her to pose for the river picture? It horrified Palins entourage so bad the were about to call the police and report it.

Someone from the crew called TLC and told them what was going on. Queen Ellen and her minions got on the private jet and flew to Alaska to get it squashed.

They couldn't allow their cash cow to be arrested for child abuse! What a scandal thatMillions upon millions were at stake!

I know this possibly couldn't be true, but, Alaska gate reminds me of her making a deal about Collin. Why would that child who was sweet, kind and a great kid be taken away for a year? What on earth did she do to him? That child is innocent!

merryway said...

I remember that rumor. It was started by a hater back when they would gather on ROL and INF to battle in the comments. It came from ROL. Of course, Redbird/Gollygee has muddled it. The rumor was that Kate had hurt Mady and Todd Palin's assistant had kicked her out of Alaska. Because, you know... he had the power. People are always getting kicked out of states like that. Lol, Sarah wasn't even governor, she was resigned and doing her show.
In their redundant loop of stories the bleeps revel in reviewing, they never mention the other activities the kids enjoyed in Alaska. They rode dog sleds, the older girls visited a glacier, they all panned for gold and the whale watching was really cool (my fave).

merryway said...

Sigh, BL is an attorney and writes this bogus scenario. She knows that if Collin was removed from Kate, that means he was also removed from Jon. Idiots.

xxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 130

Formerly Duped said... 124
...and why just remove one child?


It actually happens quite a lot and especially when children are differently situated.

Commonly, a marginal parent (marginal due to mental illness, low IQ, or things like that) may do just fine handling the needs of a child who does not have special needs. But throw in a child who needs a parent to give them medication, keep track of therapy appointments, cooperate with the school's IEP and ensure they get special services, and all of a sudden it can be overwhelming for that parent. A parent also may not have the skills to cope with concerning or even dangerous behavior when normal things like say, time outs or removing privileges, work just fine on their other kids. Some parents will admit they are not equipped, and turn the child over to placement by CPS.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if Kate is ill equipped to deal with a child with special needs, absolutely to the point of having him involuntarily removed. No DOUBT. I can't say it for sure, but a lot of signs suggest so.
February 21, 2017 at 7:58 PM

Anonymous said...

GollyGee is just... That person either comes up with scenarios in their head about Kate and the kids or they go off of straight up RUMORS and states them as facts. They are SO BLINDED by their obvious disdain for Kate that they can NEVER seem to cut her slack or admit they were wrong.

Either come correct with facts or just shut up.


Nameless in LA said...

To imply what this implies about a 12 year-old is disgusting. And BL is vile for putting the comment through. What is WRONG with these people?
Paper Plates and Paper Towels Forever-really pisses me off said... 190
I don't want to start a conspiracy theory but what if Collin behaved 'inappropriately' on some level and had to go away for help? The talk has been about him having an anger problem but what if it's deeper than that? Maybe I have worked in the law enforcement field a little too long but my feelers are always out for other just seems odd that he is out of sight, out of mind for just an anger issue........

PJ's momma said...

Kendall, it's quite funny sometimes. She sure gets spun up about someone she will never meet. She is also describing herself: Depths of hatred cannot be measured! Gnashing of teeth! On and on. And to proclaim such hatred, yet watch every second, pausing and rewinding, for any tiny tidbit to criticize for a show she wants off the air. This one made me laugh. Uh, maybe the comment about the end of school alluded to the fact that the kid was an inch away from being injury free and got hurt on the last day. And maybe, just maybe, it was a bummer because she couldn't go in the pool for several weeks over her summer break?! Nah, not malevolent enough... People call her out regularly, which may be the point in posting that stuff.

I also find it very strange that Hannah doesn't speak about her broken arm because usually they are funny stories. I was doing this and this happened. And if it was a funny story, she would be milking it like nobody's business on Twitter.

She said in that tweet that it happened like (of course) at the end of the school year. I found that very telling. I think because she would be in a cast on film and she wants her kids camera perfect.

Quiltart said...

They dwell on these details so much that they have long forgotten they only see a snippet of life in the G's household. They do NOT know what the kids say or do no matter how much they project.

merryway said...

I can't believe they're still so worked up over this show. It's only eight episodes! They hardly film. The family is filmed during events such as birthdays and vacations with a couple extra episodes thrown in. It won't be on again (if it is) for months and months.

Maybe Jon broke Hannah's arm? Did they ever think of that? (JK) Their shtick gets so old. They want these kids to be physically abused, they would be thrilled to say "toldyaso."

Anonymous said...

They're still worked up over this show like its 2007-2011. They wish they can go back to those times because now they just look stupid pressing over a show that's not on weekly. I always thought they lowkey get excited when a new season is announced because it gives them something to talk about.


Micha said...

Hannah's arm is broken? And she doesn't speak about it? Where would she be speaking about it? Camera perfect means "no booboos?" Kids get hurt, adults get hurt, it doesn't make them unsightly - it's just life.

I am not up to date at all regarding the Gosselins, but I always wish them well.

PJ's momma said...

It wasn't even a complete break. It was a buckle break. The bone bent but didn't break all the way. Very common in kids. They can fall and put them arm out to catch themselves and get a buckle break. You see so many kids in arm casts, far more than any other type of cast, and I would bet a lot of them are buckle breaks.

There was a post asking GG to stop posting rumor as fact as she doesn't seem to know the difference. It has been removed. Won't be the last time!

Boring day here, trying to keep the dog quiet while hubby works from home. Sorry for too many posts. Have a good weekend.

Micha said...

Okay, I thought the wrist break was recent, but now I remember that Kate mentioned that on Twitter months ago.


Anonymous said...

These people are really trying to justify searching a college girl's school just because of a possible sighting of Kate in Nashville. As someone pointed out on that blog, they are being "overly curious" and that's just straight up obsessive at this point. So crazy.


Quiltart said...

It's been so quiet around here... Hope Sage and all of the gang are well!

Farkle said...

Hi to all, crazy schedules, time change, nicer temps makes checking in here harder to do. Hope all is well with everyone!

merryway said...

Waving to everyone!

Jon gave an interview to Intouch. He's turning 40, the best and worst decision of his life was reality tv.

I wonder what happened to this interview? This lady was supposed to interview Jon on her podcast, but it never happened.

Kate Casey‏ @KateCasey Feb 12

@jgosselin10 So excited to interview Jon Gosselin. I am already thinking about questions.

Also, looks like there is going to be another season of K+8. The below was on Kate's IG. So, the bleeps can continue to flip out over 8 episodes which probably won't air til the end of this year.

kk01929 They both are beautiful. Any new Kateplus8 shows in the future?

kateplusmy8 Yes! 😉😉 @kk01929

merryway said...

Here's something different. Jon's going to be stripping down to his undies in Atlantic City participating in a show called "Men Untamed Revue". I'm sure the bleeps will be cheering him on.

Anonymous said...

So they complain about Kate's attire throughout the years but Jon does this and they seemingly don't mind it (one of them already seemed to justify it based on the first thing I wrote). Like that's ridiculous. THIS is ridiculous.


merryway said...

This is a promo clip of the show that Jon's joining. I can't believe that Jon is really doing this. He's confirmed it, but it's got to be an April Fools. Right?

Also, can't figure out if this a one time or on-going thing.

Micha said...

What a strange twist. Usually it's the parents who worry that their kids will grow up and turn to stripping to make money, not the other way around.

Sage said...

At first I thought this had to be an April fools joke! I wonder if Becks will fly out for it.

Quiltart said...

I hope he's lost some weight.

Sage said...

I don't even want that image in my mind!

Farkle said...

You can bet Becs would be front and center to watch Jon, pervy's stick together. How sad for Jon, no reason he should be doing this kind of thing. I don't care that he doesn't pay cs anymore, he could get a regular job and just support himself, but seems like he is after some quick money in porn. Ugh, the image is just awful to think about. What's wrong with his gf? If this is how she wants to live, my kids would not be allowed to visit their home. imo

Quiltart said...

If Jon has a serious relationship going on, why would he need a "family" with these skirvy guys? Just wondering...

Farkle said...

I don't think Jon has a gf anymore. Have you seen his pics, he looks horrible. His neck is so fat, can't imagine what his body looks like. He looks like he needs medical attention. I feel sorry for his kids that they have to endure this nightmare again. No wonder they don't want to be seen in public with him, especially the older girls.

belle fidele said...

His poor children. Can you imagine how it's going to be for them in school ?

Jon, check your thyroid said...

So Jon has a regular job in IT and Marketing, yet he does not promote that he does this? Is Jon lying to cover up his new gig will be stripping? Just asking for a friend.

Jon doesn't care about his kids or he would not be into the gutter alley that he has chosen to do. Kate is not perfect, but at least she didn't stoop to this low. Jon needs better friends and a better gf, he says he still has the old one hanging around.

Sage said...