Friday, July 18, 2014

Another Robert Hoffman/Angela E-mail

I thought I would share a part of another email from Hoffman/Angela. I had asked him about the break-in at the New York apartment and what he thought happened. I have been doing some asking around..quietly.. and this story was told to another person, and maybe more, besides me. I believe this is where Hoffman got a lot of his documents etc. Kate never struck me as being a type of person that would throw tax records, bills, contracts and family pictures in the trash. Jon was reckless and careless and trusted the person sitting next to him...Hoffman. I doubt even Jon could imagine someone taking pictures of everything and keeping them... for what? I wonder if he will ever reveal all that he photographed and kept that was Jons. I know Hoffman told me he had the 1099's proving Jon was selling stories to the tabs.

Angela Rosario <>


 Good morning Sage,

......I don't think anybody was fooled by the NYC break in. Proving it is another story.
FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: After the 'break-in', Jon never returned to the apartment. I was the first and only person to go there again. He let me use it for a few months before they finally had enough and kept me out because the rent hadn't been paid in eight months and they were filing a lawsuit.
Anyway, for reasons I won't share at this time, I photographed every inch of the apartment when I first got there. Jon asked me to bring all of his things home over the weeks and months and I cleaned it out for him. I kept many things for myself that should have been trashed. The two broken vases are nice souvenirs, you know, one that was a 'Ming Dynasty' family heirloom? It's stamped on the bottom and it might as well say Target on it. It doesn't but it's close. Hailey was correct in her assertations that it was their apartment and she was giving Jon er half of the rent to pay. He didn't make a payment for eight months and pocketed the money. The big TV that Hailey took was actually Jon's. That part she lied about. JI have the receipt with his signature on it from Best Buy.


Sage said...

I have been reading back through some of the 'Angela' emails and I forgot some of the things he told me.

Very strange to read them knowing what I do now.

Shawn said...

The Ming Dynasty Vases...LOL Jon sure knows how to shovel the sh*t, doesn't he? LOL

Francie said...

I think he'd get a big readership if he did a tell-all about Jon and his hi-jinx.

Sage said...

I think so too, Francie.

I think he wanted to do that at some point but, no audience for it. The fans wouldn't buy it as they are not out for blood like the haters are.

Sage said...

I talked to someone who lives in the Reading area and that person confirmed to me that Hoffman told that person the same thing as was emailed to me about taking pictures of everything in Jon's apartment.

I talked to that person a couple weeks ago.

Francie said...


GeeWhiz said...

Robert is such a sleezy creep! Jon was so stupid to trust him.

Sage, wish you would sell Robert's emails to ROL. People should know what he is really all about!

Quiltart said...

does anyone know if jon is still hanging with RH?

Sage said...

Quiltart, If RH has no further use of him, I doubt it.

Hoffman was not a real big fan of Jon's either. He played him.

Altho, didn't about a month ago ROL ran a story about Jon trying to shake Kate down for more money telling her he could stop the book from coming out if she would pay up.

Sage said...

prairiemary has left a new comment on the post "Kate blasted by the hosts of 'The Talk': 'They did...":

Little edie, I also am choosy about who gets my money, so that is why I have bought Robert's 2 e-books, and will also be buying the paper versions, that is so little to give to him, while he has given so much to those 8 children, who could not speak on their own. Thank-you Mr. Hoffman.

The bleeple keep saying that the kids have a father so where is he in all this? Can he not speak? He had no trouble saying he wishes the kids mother would 'fucking die'. Has the cat got his tongue?

Do the bleeps not think it to be creepy that someone who watches the kids mother..from a distance..seems so interested in them. More interested than he is with his own kids. Do they not see something off here?

TrippenIn said...

The big question for me is WTF did he ever do for the Gosselin Kids????

Shawn said...

Their views are so distorted. In their minds this is normal. Lying in a ditch...watching Kate...watching her friend...and then sending creepy tweets.

The whole thing is's like watching an episode of Dateline. I'm praying nothing bad happens.

He is a bonafide stalker.

Sage said...

Trippin, he gave Colin a donut.

Shawn, you are so right! It is like an episode of Dateline.

Quiltart said...

Shawn,the minions and hate twits keep saying he was doing his job for Us mag, but that is only partially true. He only worked for Us for a few months. I'm pretty sure he was stalking on his own time.

Sage said...

Hoffman had a deal with Jon. Jon would tell him where he would be with the kids and Hoffman would show up and take a picture. Hoffman would then contact the tabs and try to sell it and split the payment with Jon.

He sent me a couple of the pictures that did not sell. Hoffman stated at the time that no one was interested.

merryway said...

Women should be wary of getting involved w/Jon. He threatened to sue Stephanie the nanny, kept Hailey's rent and tried to frame her for a break-in, and constantly attacks Kate.

Yep, Trip, RH has done nothing for the G kids. Both RH and Jon think nothing of using the kids against Kate. It's really sick. Jon is going to be lucky if the kids don't hold onto a lot of resentment. They are certainly entitled to it.

Farkle said...

It's strange, RH releases another failed book, and no Jon story anywhere? Jon put his own kids in danger, and if something happened to Kate, just how would Jon explain that his stalker friend and him were laying in ditches watching Kate? There is something just very creepy and off about this whole situation. What was Hoff doing in Jon's apt in NY, didn't he have a wife and kids at home? I guess Hailey got a cheap TV for the thousands she loaned Jon.

Hmm Sage, so someone was watching Hoff from the area?

Farkle said...


I would be more concerned of RH, he has a serious illness that needs to be treated. I can't believe that no reporter has ever investigated this slime. imo.

Jon is used up, no friends anywhere, except for a handful on twitter, and 10 from a hate blog. So sad, Jon had a nice family and life but he wanted to be 20 again.

Quiltart said...

I would love an explanation from RH about how he thinks destroying their mother is helping the kids. It boggles the mind that anyone can stoop as low as he has and not be held accountable.

merryway said...

At Bl's they are talking how Jon fought for untouchable trust funds for the kids. Rewriting history again.
They ignore that it was revealed on Nancy Grace that Jon's child support was initially put in escrow because the court didn't trust him to pay it. Also, I believe it was on Larry King (Not sure if that's the right interview), that Jon said he would spend the kids' money if he could.

Again, it's disgusting that Jon would ever be involved with Bl and her hate blog. It just shows what a sleaze he is.

xxxxxxxx (Administrator) said... 10

Plus, there's no reason for Jon to lie about their trust funds. If they had no money why wouldn't he put that out there so that people could keep giving donations? He said very clearly they have substantial trust funds.

In addition, when I first emailed him one of my biggest concerns was the children's money and whether he had been able to protect it from Kate. He assured me that he has protected a great portion of their money, he was satisfied it was more than ample and that Kate couldn't touch it, and that we need not lament about that anymore. He said the judge overruled Kate on this issue, which is one of the examples of when he HAS had small wins in court we don't necessarily hear about. I was pleasantly surprised.

If it was indeed 900,000 in trust, that will be plenty. Especially with compounding interest.
July 19, 2014 at 8:35 AM

Sage said...

I remember that, Merryway. Jon said so matter of fact when asked, that he would go into the trust funds.

It was Kate who said the funds were untouchable.

Again, Becks is trying to rewrite and encourage the hate against Kate.

Sage said...

Look at all the money Jon had after the divorce settlement. He blew it all living in New York and partying.

Now look at Jon. He can barely keep roof over his own head. If he could you know he would tap into that trust money.

Someone posted here a while back that when the kids are 18 Jon with his hobo pack will be knocking on their doors for a hand out.

Love Kate or hate Kate, she knows how to manage money. Even Jon says this and that is one of the reasons he hates her.

Sage said... (Administrator) has left a new comment on the post "Kate blasted by the hosts of 'The Talk': 'They did...":

....Given that Jon said they are "taken care of" and Kate said the MAJORITY of their money went to college funds, seeing as that they both admitted they all have very good college funds, I'm not sure what Kate or the sheeple are whining about.

The only whining I see comes from the BL and her blog.

There are some years before the kids go to college. They need to be supported until then.

They keep saying that Kate needs to get a job but, I see no where do they think Jon should offer some support. Even tho Kate has released him from child support wouldn't a real man still want to contribute?

Realistically, where could Kate get a job? nursing? She is to well known to go back to that now.

Sadie May said...

I believe it was her Bleeple that were bitching that there was no College funds for the kids. We tried to correct them but they just bleeped on and on about it.
Get your facts straight Becky. Maybe you should actually read your own posters posts. Just a suggestion sweetheart:)

Quiltart said...

Kate will never be able to get a "real" job, because the haters will sabotage anything she does, just like they have done in the past... They blame it on her, but their constant bombardment of employers and advertisers with their hate contributed to it more than Kate ever did. I remember ECJ bragging about contacting over 100 potential advertisers. LisaK bragged that they had gotten her fired from every job they had and they were about to get her on CafeMom, which they did. All of these were jobs WITHOUT the kids.

Sage said...

AuntieAnn has left a new comment on the post "Kate blasted by the hosts of 'The Talk': 'They did...":

All money talk aside, just where exactly do these sheeple think she IS going to find any more gigs on tv? She doesn't have enough talent to sell swiffers on the shopping channel. She is NOT suited for the business. She got lucky in the beginning because the kids were cute and little and yada yada...but IT'S OVER.

Well if it is 'OVER' why do they continue on?

Micha said...

IIRC it was on The Insider where Jon said he'd go into the kids trust fund if he needed the money - and he was very matter of fact about it.

The haters have no concern for the kids and how they live. It just eats them up that Kate has a nice life. Would they rather see Kate live in a shack with her 8 kids and have them go to public school and struggle to get by while a trust fund full of money waits for the kids to come of age? You think the kids wouldn't say (if those circumstances ever came to be) 'well thank goodness we'll have that money in the future even though now it's just sitting there and can't be used for us to have a better life right NOW.' No, they'd want to be taken care of in the present and not struggle while there is money just sitting there in the bank that could be used for them to have a good life in the present!

It's not the haters business what money Kate uses to support her kids. As long as she's not breaking any laws she can spend money she has access to as she sees fit, and the haters can suck on that and whine about it and "worry" about it all they want, but while they're doing that they still have to accept that THEY have no say whatsoever and no power over how Kate handles her own life or her kids' lives.

Sadie May said...

Sage, have you thought of contacting ROL and showing them these emails? They show that Robert is clearly obsessed with Kate and he played the anti Kate people. People need to know that his history with Kate. He hated her for Kate calling out his wife and he had/has revenge on his mind...not helping the kids. He needs to be exposed.He needs done to him what he did to Kate IMO.

C. O. said...

I used to wonder if the show was good for the kids. It was. They have a nice place to live in a quiet area and good school and college paid for. The divorce was hard but let's face it that was happening no matter what. Kate affords an organic lifestyle with all sorts of nice perks like concerts, a pool, pets, a gator. They also had the money to get away from toxic Jon. The only real bad part is she has a stalker now and those obsessed haters. That's on them.

Arabella said...

I don't think filming the last season was good for the kids. I also don't agree with some of the choices Jon and Kate made. BUT I also wonder about the alternative. They DID have 8 kids to support. Yes, of course they could have both worked outside the home and probably made ends meet; but that also would have taken a toll on the family. And do any of us just want to barely get by? We all have to give up something. So do you work outside the home and miss certain things with your kids or do you take an opportunity like what was offered to the Gosselins? I think I would choose the option that gave me more time with my kids.

Farkle said...

I think early on when the tups were born, Jon didn't want to work. His work ethic was just never there, and even today Jon tries to play the victim of everything.

I don't believe Jon has anything to do with the kids money, a trail of his spending money would have been shown in court. Any Judge would see a habit of reckless spending and throwing good money away.

In one of the shows, Kate and Jon both discussed age to receive the money. Wasn't it like 30 or something? I can't remember but it was not 18.

GeeWhiz said...

When TLC came around Jon & Kate were struggling (Jon always had a hard time keeping a job). Kate was working a double shift on the weekends so when TLC offered them the show they took it & Kate became a SAHM. I would do the same if I had 8 kids! Their show filmed 3 seasons & were never in the tabloids until Jon decided to relive the 20's he lost having kids!

Can't believe BL would repeat something Jon told her since it has been proven over and over Jon LIES to her (50/50 custody, he pays child support). It's so pathetic the bleeple never call her out just because they are obsessed with hating on Kate! Bunch.Of.Losers!

Sage said...

Vanessa has left a new comment on the post "Kate blasted by the hosts of 'The Talk': 'They did...":
Glad to hear that Jon confirmed that the kids have a substantial amount of money hidden away in trust. Funny though he had to have a judge enforce it. Oh, what am I saying...of course he had to have a judge FORCE her to put money aside, all the while she's fighting against it.


Do they even read what they write? I bet this was the same judge that turned over sole legal custody to Kate!

Sage said...

Poor Chablis, so slow, she can't keep up.

Gee Whiz ‏@GeeWhiz__ · 1h
@Kateplusmy8 Sad Jon gave RH access to ur life RT @Sages_: The SageWay Express: Another Robert Hoffman/Angela E-mail …

‏@Chablis4u @GeeWhiz__ @Kateplusmy8 @Sages_ Angela was made up in Sages head . Her blog was dying and she teased her posters with these pretend emails.

8:14 PM - 19 Jul 2014

Sage ‏@Sages_ · 15m
@Chablis4u @GeeWhiz__ @Kateplusmy8 @GosselinBook Chablis ask Hoffman if I made Angela up

Farkle said...


Guess Angela had to get his slime out on twitter to say you made up the e-mails. Poor Angie, caught at his own game, that's what happens when you get too cocky for your good. Where is Hoff? hanging at the gate waiting for next weeks garbage? Maybe Jon and him are living at the 2 bedroom cabin. :) Jon should hide in shame, scammed by a loser who stalked Jon's children, this is just scary to even think that it could happen, yet it did.

The BL can spend her life living Kate's life, sad thing is, she will never have it.

Quiltart said...

Sage, She's been spewing 24/7 on every comment board online and twitter since the book came out. She's not just Jon's #1 fan, but now she bowing down to RH himself. Delusional doesn't even begin to describer her. And she tells all to "keep up" ... What a joke!

Pam said...

"he gave Colin a donut."

So funny!

Sage said...

Chablis ‏@Chablis4u · 1h
@Kateplusmy8 What bothers the sheep most about me is that I never let anyone ruffle my feathers. Life is 2 short +GW needs a (((hug))). :)


LOl well that is wrong. (keep up) You tweet me but have me blocked. Do I really scare Chab/Bar that much?

Francie said...

So Chab/Bar dishes it out, but then has her proverbial fingers in her ears saying, "la-la-la" when others tweet?

Wilma said...

Chablis loves to dish but can't take it. Her feathers seem to be in a constant state of ruffle, if you ask me.

I have noticed that she has a difficult time keeping up with what is going on.

Sage said...


I don't get tweeting someone and then having them blocked so they don't have to read the response.

Chab/Bar is not the brightest.

Does she not see that 'Angela Rosario' was the name Hoffman was using in 2011 to email me with and also the name he used as an 'editor' on his e=book. I am not that talented to see what he was going to do in the future.

I noticed that he did not use that name as editor on his print book. LOL I think Bobby made a boo boo.

Sage said...

Wilma has left a new comment on the post "Another Robert Hoffman/Angela E-mail":

Chablis loves to dish but can't take it. Her feathers seem to be in a constant state of ruffle, if you ask me.

I have noticed that she has a difficult time keeping up with what is going on.

Amen to that, Wilma.

DryIce said...

Robby didn't use the Angela Rosario name as an editor in his print book?! HaHaHaHa! No wonder Chabs/Barhopper is having another one of her tizzies! I feel kind of bad for her because she seems to be a shut in & her life revolves around Kate & only Kate, but goodness there's no mistaking that he messed up.

Sage said...


I have wondered if he forgot that he used a full name in emailing me.

Quiltart said...
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Quiltart said...

You know what else is interesting? On Amazon, when you see a book title, the author's name is linked to a page about the author. RH's name and his "editors" have no links. I guess he doesn't want anyone to know that he has no credibility.

Farkle said...

Did RH use his real name when e-mailing under the name Angela?

Poor Chabs, her fit is funny, no logic there, but just silly how she has gone on about this, and yet RH has not said 1 word.

Jane Seymour said...

Jeanne said... 113

The other thing with the nursing is you don't have to work 3 12-hr shifts or whatever anymore. There are a lot of jobs where you work from home or an office with regular or even flexible hours. You can do call centers/advice lines, you can do paper work for insurance companies, you can work on clinical trials or for pharmaceutical companies. But you have to interview and get a job; then you actually have to do work. And all those jobs have a boss. I think that's the real problem. I can't even imagine her first performance review.


Maybe Kate does work from home.They don't know everything. They think they do, but they don't.Maybe she does a few days a week.

Sadie May said...

fidosmommy said... 140

I just received a FULL PAGE thank you e-mail and apology for the delay from.......ROBERT. It's a form letter, but I know it's legit because it came through PayPal and has the correct name, donation amount and other info. It came into my Junk folder from Dameon (and some numbers) and I was just ready to delete it when I decided to take a peek.
Totally unnecessary, but very nice anyway. THANKS, Robert!


It's about time Alfredo started doing her job. Keep sending out those TY Fredo.

Wilma said...

Robert dances to whatever the bleeple say over at the Bleeple Hole. They brought up the fact that he didn't thank them and so low and behold, they get thank you notes.

That is how a good portion of his book was done also. He picked up his stories from the Bleeple Hole and ran with them.

Then when they see it in his book they say - "see, we knew it!"

Francie said...

"Angela" wrote, "Jon asked me to bring all of his things home over the weeks and months and I cleaned it out for him. I kept many things for myself that should have been trashed."

So...RH stole stuff from Jon's apartment claiming it should have been trashed. That was his opinion, or his justification at stealing.

Quiltart said...

So why was super-duper-Dad living away from PA for such a long time? Only to clean out Jon's apt for his own purposes? This guy gets sleazier by the minute!

Quiltart said...

re Kate working at home: It wouldn't surprise me one bit. She has always been very discreet about work, at least since she's been the victim of the haters nonstop hate campaigns!

Sage said...

Midnight Madness has left a new comment on the post "Kate blasted by the hosts of 'The Talk': 'They did...":

LOL, Gloria Allred take a case TFW previously dropped after Jon & Robert's representation by Tuma and Garbus? Dang, these fans who come to the party so late and who don't put in the work to get up to speed. SMH
And then there are the sheeple who've been here since the beginning... lol


Why would Gloria take a case (what case...stalking?). They're bosom buddies with BV, and surely he could put them into touch with one of his excellent attorneys who could intervene on Kates behalf! If they want to get Gloria involved, are the sheeple going to all throw in the money to pay doubt from the money they get from their class action lawsuit!

"Do they not realize that she was involved in PA's "Gosselin Law"?"


Obviously not!

Are these sheeple for real? Are they employed? Can they function in society? I guess I just don't understand how anyone could be so dumb and still manage out in the real world.

The really dumb people are those that think PA has a law called 'Gosselin Law'.

Why do they continually make things up??

GeeWhiz said...

I remember at a PA hearing 1 rep called Murt out for making the child labor law about reality tv and not to cover all kids. He also corrected Murt saying they had been trying for years to change the outdated child labor laws. IMO, Murt deserved that spanking! That said, I'm glad they updated the law but feel Murt was wrong to use the Gosselin kids.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I'm going to sleep, my day starts way to early.

Farkle said...

Come on come all, get the fake book for FREE on Kindle and now selling it in print. Who's the dumb one here?

Does this man really roam the streets? Sure he sent out thank U's , he only had to send 15. :)

merryway said...

I guess ROL has run out of Gosselinbook stories. No more free promotion for RH.
The kids are still with Kate, Kate still has legal and physical of custody of the kids. She can film whenever she wants. His book accomplished nothing but to tell the haters what they wanted to hear.

Sage said...

You nailed it, Merryway.

Sadie May said...

Watch there be another story tomorrow because Robert read what was said.

Sage said...

Sadie may,

You're right. He got a lot of his writing material from the bleeps. He reads there all the time. I think he posts there too. I asked him once if he was because I recognized some of what was written and he of course denied. I mean, really, he called them mental cases, I wouldn't admit it either.

The bleeps just did not and do not get that he wrote what they said and then are amazed what he wrote is what they guessed!

When I was emailing with him he would ask me what I thought about something or if I knew something. He was fishing for something or anything to write.

Talk about lazy!! He couldn't even write his own bullshit! LOL

Nameless in LA said...

Every time the BL mentions her nannying days, she sounds more psychotic. "We" sent the kids to two different private schools? Heeellllooo! You were the NANNY. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that you weren't involved in schooling decisions. She really doesn't get that she was an employee, does she?
************* (Administrator) said... 48

...A fresh start with new kids and people who don't know them or their history at the school might be very liberating for some of them. Some of them, especially the boys might even benefit from going to DIFFERENT schools from their other siblings. This is what we did and although I was skeptical at first it was very good for the celeb kids to each sort of have their own school experience...

Sage said...

new post

Betty said...

I don't think RH is honest in anything he does, period! I think the emails go to show what a completely sick you know what he really is.

Although, the book already showed that.

merryway said...

ITA Betty, RH is fickle, creepy and not to be trusted.

Simon, I wish one hater would address the question; if Kate is so awful to her children why Jon would just hand over legal custody. Cause, that's what he did. The bleeple praise Jon to the heavens but what kind of father hands over his children to an abusive mother? Riddle me this.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a dog in this brawl. To make it clear; I don't care for Jon, Kate, Robert or Hailey.
Do you really think this is Angela/Robert?
I think some one is pulling your leg here kid. No one could be this stupid to tell something like this.

Sage said...

Blogger Sage said...
the following comment was put on the previous post. I copied it and putting it here.

Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "Another Robert Hoffman/Angela E-mail":

I don't have a dog in this brawl. To make it clear; I don't care for Jon, Kate, Robert or Hailey.
Do you really think this is Angela/Robert?
I think some one is pulling your leg here kid. No one could be this stupid to tell something like this.

I am 100% sure that Angela was Hoffman. I think he was not so much stupid but misjudged me.

Like I tell everyone who doubts...ask Hoffman.