Saturday, July 5, 2014

What a Coincidence

Recently, the National Enquirer had a story from allegedly one of Kate's former nannies. What a coincidence that it comes out shortly after Robert Hoffman's (we know Bob as Angelia Rosario here) epic long tell all (it rivals in length Gone With The Wind). Didn't read it and don't plan on it. From what I hear of it, I already read some of it in emails from 'Angela' 3 years ago.

Anyhoo, back to the NE. According to some haters (bleeple) the NE does get their stories right, after all they were right about the John Edwards story back in 2007. That to them is a pretty good accuracy percentage. One in thousands of stories before and since. Oh, I admit, it could be more than one. I can't think of one but I am sure there is two more somewhere.

I was at the grocery store this morning and just like a hater I was looking at the magazine rack while waiting in the check out and trying to decide which magazine I was going to turn around and a story jumped out at me about Angelina Jolie. It was on the cover of the latest NE. Yup, there it was Angie caught in a drug den. Heroin, no less, and dirty. Ange and Brad have adopted kids. The NE gets their stories right. We have seen it 7 years ago with Edwards.  With this new enlightenment I am sure their will be outcries from the blog devoted to saving  kids or is it just Gosselin kids that deserve to be saved?

I am looking forward to reading the epic long reason why the Gosselin kids deserve to be saved and the Jolie-Pitt kids do not. Actually, I just lied. I could not read that K+8 recap or any recap she writes. BORING and self serving. Can anyone honestly say they read it? Can a bleeple take a swig of rumspringa and be honest with her and tell her that her recaps suck?


Shawn said...
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Shawn said...

Shawn said...
Will the child advocates be up in arms...crickets!!

July 05, 2014 1:56 PM

Mimi said...

Has anyone else noticed that the haters are more vicious than usual on holidays. I guess having no life really reinforces itself on holidays and puts them in a really angry and aggressive mood and causes them to be super nasty.

Micha said...

That NE cover story on Kate was 4 pages of what we pretty much already know about Kate, namely that she likes things clean and tidy or that the kids need to ask permission before they call Jon. No big shocking reveals about anything. Kate should take precautions when it comes to Jon. He is not her friend, he's the guy who not too long ago ranted on TV that he wished she'd die!

Is there really any outrage in knowing that Kate doesn't like bags on counters and doesn't like messes? Don't nannies or maids actually expect to be instructed by their employer about how the employer likes things done? And if nanny or maid doesn't like it, they can just quit. It was just such a silly article but no doubt the magazine sold well, since it's Kate on the cover.

Meanwhile the kids look great and they sound like smart and normal kids, growing up. That must really disappoint the haters.

Mary EmDee said...

I just, finally, watched the last episode. Im a bad Kate lover!

I have to say the children have really progressed lovely. You can really see the love in that family. Poor bleeple

I guess I need to not be so detailed with my cleaning lady. My bad. If I don't let them know my expectations how would they know them. Stupid bleeple just rant about anything.

merryway said...

More imaginary conversations. This time, they're putting imaginary words into the mouths of imaginary kids.


AuntieAnn said... 169

And because she's so good at alienating herself from the mediocre, she's setting her kids up for a limited circle of friends. It's still in her head that it's all about HER unparalleled birthing miracle that makes everything about her life so special. So special that she has to put on a clown suit to garner attention away from the tups on THEIR tenth birthday party.

Can you hear the whisperings back at the school next year?

'Are you invited to their party?'

'Yeah, but my mom says it's too weird over at the G place so she won't let me go. And you gotta sign some stupid paper before their mom will let you come anyway.'

'That's what my mom said too. I'm not allowed to go either.'
July 5, 2014 at 10:37 AM

merryway said...

"and just like a hater I was looking at the magazine rack while waiting in the check out and trying to decide which magazine I was going to turn around"


Those poor Jolie Pitt kids. Will no one save them?

Sage said...

Merryway, I saw that post of AuntieAnns, too.

In reading her posts she is one bitter old hag. I just cannot relate to those people. I wonder if a lot of them don't suffer from some mental defect.

Sage said...

Over In TFW's County has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets Turn 10 part 2: I h...":

I'm with you. I'd prefer no gifts, too. Just please come and celebrate with us. I don't care what the age of the child might be, I think gift giving can put everyone in an uncomfortable position and also often opens the day up to competition and hurt feelings.


At the last birthday party for my youngest, we requested that the money the birthday guests would have spent on gifts should be given as a donation to St. Jude, and all of the kids did just that.

Good grief! these people are so full of themselves trying to outdo each other.

Sadie May said...

Call the Vatican ASAP, they have a bunch of Saints over there.

Farkle said...

Oh I am so sure that kids donated money to St. Jude! 10 year olds like to receive gifts of any kind, that's what their special day is all about. So the bleeple abuse their kids by telling them they are not worthy of a birthday gift. I'll have to remember the next time my kids get a invite to a birthday party that they are expected to donate to a cause instead of taking a gift because I have read where 1 parent says that's what you do, good grief. imo

Sage said...

They always have some kind of competition to one up each other. Like who the most horrific upbringing, who has the worst mother, who has the worst narcissist in their family, who sacrifices most for their family, who gives the most for get the drift.

The bleeple always see themselves as some sort of victim of life and they have to show that they have risen above with their heroic and sacrificial deeds.

What is so obvious is that there is an underlying bitterness in everything they write. What is missing in their lives they bully Kate for. I believe bullying is an escape for them just like drug addiction and alcoholism is for others.

Farkle said...


If my child received a birthday invite and it said I had to donate to a charity because the parent said so, my child would not attend. No other parent will ever tell me what I have to donate to. How rude to demand that from a child! That is bullying children, making that child be out casted from friends. No other children would want to invite that child to a party, because if others brought you a gift, his/her Mother would shame them that you didn't donate to a charity. They can one up all they want, I feel for their kids, they are only making their own kids lives miserable, how sad.

Donating comes from adults, not children!

Sage said...

Farkle, also, donating comes from the heart not from someone's command.

Quiltart said...

In the real non-mediocre world, if someone asked for a charitable donation, the parent would make a donation AND buy the birthday. child a gift

Farkle said...

Amen Sage and Quiltart!

Sage said...

I liked this article this woman wrote...she gets it because she lives it.

Kate may have babysitters and other help but at the end of the day it is Kate who makes the decisions and bears the responsibility of raising 8 kids alone.

Remember haters, Jon gave up legal custody of the kids.

merryway said...

That was a good article Sage. The bleeple make all the fuss that Kate isn't a "real" mom because she is "rich." I wasn't aware that having money made parenting a piece of cake.
She is one of the "real" moms that BL is always championing over Kate. If only she hated Kate for those reasons, Bl would be praising her to the skies.
Lol, Bl can't help but reveal her true self. Face it Bl, you hate mommies and women in general. Your birth fetish site, belief in parental alienation syndrome, the ragging on the celeb for whom you were a creepy nanny, to your daily bashing of Kate; it couldn't be more obvious. I sure feel sorry for any clients of hers who are mothers.

Bl is using her forced to stupidity to recognize that, of course, there were paid organizers at the carnival. They setup and ran all the food booths. Duh, Bl, it was right there on the screen. BL can't let anyone think that Kate does a lick of work.

xxxx (Administrator) said... 180

Today, for example: Up early, coffee and email and laundry. Text baby sitter at 7 a.m. Get one kid packed up for day camp. Pick up another kid from a sleepover. Drop off a third at baseball. Run to the store, return to the baseball field with Gatorade. Write from home. Text sources. Interrupted by snack demands. Realize we're out of milk. Pick up the kid at baseball. Fetch baby sitter. Tell her about the milk. Get to office just as colleagues leave for lunch. Miss one, two, three deadlines. Suddenly, it's 3:50 p.m. Still on deadline, still haven't eaten, still drinking coffee.


Oh so sad. Oh poor thing. You and your first world problems.

If you don't like this lifestyle DON'T HAVE KIDS. Be grateful your kids have opportunities like camp and baseball and that you can afford it because those things are rarely free. Be grateful you live a comfortable enough lifestyle to have laundry machines in your own home instead of having to go out to do your laundry like so many families. Be grateful you can afford all the milk your kids can drink. Be grateful you have a JOB that is cramping your style so much. *eye roll*

This article is everything I hate about "mommy bloggers."
July 6, 2014 at 11:49 AM

Sage said...

Tucker's Mom has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets Turn 10 part 2: I h...":

Katykat said... 30

I think Kate's new best friend is a set up by Kate so that she can "set the story straight" in twitterville.

July 6, 2014 at 4:01 PM
Unhinged, truly


Kate's 'unhinged' for wanting to defend herself?

haters are the ones who are unhinged for being gullible to swallow what Hoffman was serving with no questions asked.

Quiltart said...

In Haterville, NO ONE, Kate included, is allowed to defend Kate. Only the haters are allowed to have a voice. What a sick, twisted world they live in!

Sage said...

Why do they get so upset when Kate defends herself?

Olive Garden said...

The BL is a mess.
Now she hates (her word) mommy bloggers too.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I used to read at the BL's I always felt sorry for Tucker,it must suck to have such a hateful bully as a mother.Not to mention the fact that she spends so much time posting comments on that hate blog that she has to be ignoring him. Poor Tucker.

DryIce said...

That was a sad story that was posted above from BL's site. That bleeple's poor kids. Mommy spends a good portion of her day at BL's reading & crafting stories while her kids are deprived of milk. Not good....not good. :(

merryway said...

lukebandit says she "will never forget." But, once again, she has gotten her rants mixed up.

She's supposed to be ranting at Kate for yelling at the girls "to stop" when they kept eating strawberries. The rant is also supposed to include how the icky boys were banned from the decorating and how Kate placed the strawberries into the boys' mouths instead of just putting it in their hands. As always, a nod to the denial of cupcakes.


lukebandit said... 170

kate tweeted, keep the flag cake pics coming!

I answered and said, I will never forget you letting the tup girls inhale the strawberries and not the tup boys, told them no and get out.

You allowed the tup girls to eat strawberries and not the tup boys and banished them from the kitchen.

Hashtagged: #KateHatesHerIckyBoys

July 6, 2014 at 11:13 AM

Sage said...

I don't know how the bleeple can criticize Milo when they have Luke tweeting to Kate outrageous tweets that half the time don't even make sense. Does she not realize that Kate does not read them?

Hopefully there will be a Gunsmoke marathon in Luke's future soon.

Nameless in LA said...

Sage said...

Hopefully there will be a Gunsmoke marathon in Luke's future soon.


Oh man, that made me laugh. I think she'd settle for an Andy Griffith marathon.

Quiltart said...

Note to BL. You are a not a mommy. Mommy bloggers should be of no concern to you. You are not the nanny of the world.

Sage said...

Millicent has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets Turn 10 part 2: I h...":

Formerly Duped said... 161

What is it about Milo that keeps her and others hanging on to Kate's 'star?' I can see admiring someone who has talent or is famous for some good deed etc- people start tumblrs and blogs about their heroes and crushes- but why Kate? I don't see any rational explanation!?!

I think the reason you and I and the rest of us can't really understand Milo's diehard fandom, is because it isn't rational. We're trying to apply reason and logic to something that has neither component.

Yet, these reasonable and logical people hang onto and believe everything Hoffman spews despite the lack of any sourcing.

Can you imagine their outrage if a friend of Kate's wrote a book about Jon?

Quiltart said...

Sage, Don't you know that couldn't happen, because they think Kate has no friends... (just because they have never seen them, that makes it true in their delusional minds.)

Sage said...

Barb In Nebraska has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets Turn 10 part 2: I h...":

Kate needs to close down the Twitter! This is the worst I've seen in her Timeline. I think people believe it's open season on her and the kids. How could she do that to those kiddos.

Where has Barb been? It has been open season on Kate for YEARS. Isn't this what you all wanted?

Barb asks how Kate can do this to her kids? I would like to know how you and your fellow haters can do this to the kids.

Dislike Kate all you want, but to have as your hero, Hoffman,who taunted, followed and threatened Kate for years makes you all liable for what is said and heaven forbid what could be done.

Own it.

Sage said...

Bitchy Pants has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets Turn 10 part 2: I h...":

TFW Did Everybody Wrong -- Robert said in the book that he interviewed hundreds of people and not one of them had anything nice to say about TFMJG, so I think the answer to your question is "no". What a sad commentary on someone's life, that not a single person can think of anything good to say about her.


Hmmm and not one of the 'hundreds' of people put their name to their interview. How curious.

Sage said...

Starz22 has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets Turn 10 part 2: I h...":

...I have been e-mailing every show TFW has been on. Trying to post about the book giving as many facts as I can without sounding like a complete hater.


This really made me laugh. Don't want to sound like a 'comlete hater'. LOL

Micha said...

LOL so this "Barb" thinks Kate should now close her twitter account because she thinks it's "open season" on Kate and the kids on TWITTER? And where is "Barb" writing this? Not on twitter, but on the other place where you can go to hate Kate and ridicule the kids 24/7. Funny she's not suggesting that BL shut that place down for the KIDS' sake! Isn't there even one hater out there who realizes that everyone can see right through them so they shouldn't even bother saying things like "do it for the kids?" Wake up, haters. Really.

Anonymous said...

There must be some validity to the BL blog. Most everyone here has something to say about it and what they don't like. Where do you find the time to show your love for Kate when you are ranting about the BL blog? That "rule book" is an insight to the Narcissist mind. That book is nothing but "control" when she isn't there. I mean come on... who tells a child "one note at a time" when learning an instrument? That is utter nonsense. I guess the child will be forever playing Chopsticks.

merryway said...

It bothers them so much that Kate has fans. They can't let one nice tweet to Kate slide by. They have to attack every one of them. When the surprised person answers back, the haters will accuse them of "baiting" so they rip into them harder. That's their version of saying "she's asking for it."

Btw, RH's supposed research and interviews are such a joke. Back when she was posting on IW, Kate's mom debunked that whole "Kate always obsessed w/HOMs, freebies, and carrying that book around."

merryway said...

Hello Anon, I would re-evaluate your formula for figuring validity. Don't think the amount of talk is a qualifier. I discuss Bl's because they are outrageous.

Sage said...


"Where do you find the time to show your love for Kate when you are ranting about the BL blog?"

OMG I forgot we haven't been stepping up on our love for Kate!

BL's has validity? Who knew? To be honest I love reading the updates on the Andy Griffith show and the Bradys..Oh, oh and the wedding stories. No fancy weddings and gifts for the bleeple. They were all married barefoot and in a swamp. So modest and humble.

Micha said...

LOL "anonymous." So, saying that a hate blog is a disgusting waste of time must mean that there's "some validity to it?" That's just perfect looney hater logic, that's what that is. LOL I say to you the same that I said in my previous comment. Wake up, hater. Really.

P.S. Lame try. LOL

Nameless in LA said...

Sage said...

No fancy weddings and gifts for the bleeple. They were all married barefoot and in a swamp. So modest and humble.


And pregnant. Don't forget pregnant!

They just kill me. When they're not trying to outdo each other on one end of the spectrum -- describing their amazing homes, vacations, etc. -- they're trying to "out-mediocre" each other.

Sage said...

Nameless...that's right. Daddy was loading the shotgun. And, no gifts least they be perceived as grifters. But alas, the bleeps have moved on to pregnant bitches now...blatant grifters if I ever saw. No one puts anything past loco-yo.
localyocul said... 35
OK, I know y'all are talking weddings but I'm gonna talk babies. I happen to work my second job at a store that specializes in babies (I'll let you figure that out). Anyhoo, the moms today are UNBELIEVABLE. First of all when my dd was born 17 years ago there were no baby registries. People gave you what they thought you would like or need. Today, people register for everything from bottles to diaper cream to strollers and cribs. And these bitches get gift cards and come in and don't have to pay for months!!

Sage said...