Friday, December 5, 2014

Jon Gosselin Is On The Prowl...Again

According to OK Magazine Jon has a Tinder account.

I didn't know what that was and had to look it up. Wikipedia:

Tinder is a matchmaking mobile app.  Using GPS technology, users can set a specific radius, and they will have the option to match with anyone that is within that distance.
Although the app has been a success, Tinder has been criticized extensively for its "appearance based match-making process", which many have labeled shallow, superficial and vain.

Vain, shallow, superficial, yup, sounds like a perfect fit for Jon.


Quiltart said...

So much for not getting involved in another relationship! Why did he set it up in California, when he lives in Pennsylvania?

Sage said...

I wondered that two, Quiltart.

Maybe he moved to LA. The interview with TMZ was in LA.

Quiltart said...

Well, we know he went to LA a few weeks ago, because he did several interviews. We just don't know WHY he went!

Sage said...

DJ to the stars, perhaps. LOL ;)

Sage said...

Jon must be staying/living in LA now OK wrote this:

'Jon’s Tinder page was found while browsing in the Los Angeles area and we’re a bit disappointed at that he didn’t fill in any info"

Sadie May said...

Wow.How will his fans explain this.

Sage said...

Sadie, they will ignore it like they do every time Jon shows who he really is.

Farkle said...

If Jon is starting over, maybe LA will be his jackpot. (snark)

Maybe he has someone very special who is letting him sleep on her couch, not saying this is true, but her love for him would at least get him a few free nights. :)

Mary EmDee said...

The biggest dreamer award goes to...... The one and newly named....

redbirdsings said... 16
If TFW could hire a Swiffer hit man to get rid of Jon, she would do it in a heartbeat, because she is still so angry that he left and messed the gravy train up temporarily. It will be so ironic the day that kate REALLY, really needs Jon for whatever reason, he will go to her and help her. I don't mean to fix something, I mean when she has a mental breakdown and Steve says good bye and hits the road. I really believe that Jon would do what he could to help her.

We all know Jon would jump to throw Kate under a bus- not help her.

Redbird really REALLY needs some serious help.

Quiltart said...

Hate to break it to redbirdsings, but Kate is doing just fine with minimal input from Jon.

Sage said...

Wow...and they talk about Milo??

redbirdsings has left a new comment on the post "Rep. Fincher's staffer resigns after criticizing O...":

TLC stinks, yes, she will crack up when he leaves and he will. She is 100 percent dependent on him. She needs to get things prepared to be ready for that day. He will leave.

Can you imagine if something very bad happened to Gina or one of his sons, which I pray never happens, they would need him and he told her he was going to leave. Then I can totally see TFW begging him to not leave her, he says no, I cannot stay and she says, you mean you are going to leave and be with them after what all I, I , I, have done for you???

Even though it is the right thing to do, to go and be with your family in a catastrophic family crisis. Please, she is so selfish.

Bellevue, Line 1. Bellevue, Line 1.

Quiltart said...

The have absolutely no proof whatsoever that there even is a relationship (... Kenya's comments were worthless), but they have written this scenario in their sick little minds. It's the same old thing... they spout their lies so much they believe their own garbage!

Sadie May said...

Redsprings claims she a Christian so why is she spending her time thinking about these crazy situations. She sounds non Christian to me.Go out and enjoy the Christmas season redsprings.It will do you good. Actually, to all the 15min posters, go out and enjoy the season. Go and give thanks and help others.It will make you feel good.

Sage said...

Sage said...

The more I read about this tinder dating app the more I realize just how disgusting Jon is.

Nameless in LA said...

Dear lord. It's not the "big dogs" sweetheart. It's Celebrity Apprentice for goodness sake. How can anyone take this so seriously? (Administrator)
Oh she's doomed all right. Doomed These other celebs are far too experienced, cutthroat, smarter, talented, and I bet many are students of the game because that's what people like them do, study for things ahead of time. There is no cheating here, you can't write the answers on your palm. Most/all of them are there because they got there themselves through own hard work, perseverance, and raw talent. Kate is the only celeb in the group I know of who is a celeb by pure chance, she happened to pop out 8 kids.

This is the big dogs. You know that sing-song One of these things is not like the other one of these things doesn't belong? I kept thinking she looked so out of placed lined up all pretty with the other contestants.

Micha said...

This woman is really a lawyer? So easy to pick apart her nonsense!

Oh, Kate's "doomed?" "Doomed?" It's already known that Kate at least made it past the first round of CA so "doomed?" Not so much. CA is a show with one winner, everybody else loses, so that would mean they are all doomed except for one, but NOPE it's only KATE who's doomed - sure, and it's Kate who will have you watching with great glee. Even the haters' Prince Charming (hi Jon) has stated he will tune in to watch Kate get fired! Uh, owned much? "TFW" OWNS you all, haters! But, yeah, it's Kate who is "doomed." You all are just fine being owned by a mama of 8! You're all not "doomed" at all. :)))

Kate's as much a "celeb by pure chance" as any of the other reality TV people on this CA, and there are at least a few more than just Kate on the show this season. Couldn't you say that all those reality TV show people are celebrities "by pure chance?" Sure you could. :)

Does anyone think BL will ever admit that Kate Gosselin was CA's "big GET" this season? Kate's the one they put front and center right next to the Donald when they were doing their promoting of the show. Can any of those crazies at least admit that wasn't done by chance but done because Donald Trump knows who the big draw is, and it's Kate?

BL, you slipped up and said Kate was "lined up all pretty." You accidently said something positive about the woman you envy so much that you dedicated a blog to her and obsess about her everyday. Oopsie. Need to fix that, pronto! LOL

bellefidele said...

I can't believe Jon. He his still stuck in his teens. He has not matured at all.

Quiltart said...

BL will never admit that Kate IS a celebrity, whether the bleeple like it or not.

You'd think they would be happy doing a show without the kids, but, non... They have to continue to criticize and make up lies about her when they haven't even see the show yet! They are so jealous of her that they can't help themselves.

Sage said...

Their imaginations are on overdrive when it comes to Kate but ignore Jon trolling for a one night stand on Tinder.

Nameless in LA said...

What opportunities has Kate blown, exactly? Seems to me that she's parlayed her 15 minutes of fame into a nice little lifestyle for her and her kids, unlike the other parent in the equation. What did they think would happen if she didn't "blow" these opportunities? She'd be starring on Broadway? Featured in an Academy Award-winning film?
TLC stinks said... 46
I've never seen anyone blow as many opportunities as Kate Gosselin has. The one thing she has been successful at is plotting multiples and marketing them. She truly believed TLC would film her and those kids until adulthood, maybe even beyond. She is totally unable to accept the money train has ended. If they were talented, it would be a different story. But not anyone, except maybe Jon, is comfortable in front of the camera. Watching Kate attempt to act is indeed cringe worthy.

Quiltart said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Quiltart said...

Better yet, why don't the Bleeple and Twithaters make a list of all the opportunities they have helped Kate lose with their letter writing, phone calls and lying about her to anyone who will listen. Seems I remember some of them bragged about writing 100's of letters to sponsors and prospective sponsors. They, who care SO much about the Gosselin children, should be very proud of keeping the mother of these children from working. Lisa K's parting words from RWA: She had managed to get Kate fired from every job she had and she would do the same for Cafemom. And she did.

Sage said...

The bleeps and head bleep, Becks, are so juvenile. They talk about Kate wanting to be in the 'in' crowd with the 'cool' people. LOL Don't they realize they sound like they are 12 years old and adults really don't think like that? What they are showing is their OWN insecurities.

Kate is a twit has left a new comment on the post "Celebrity Apprentice preview clip":

There's a new video sneak peek of CA that shows Kenya hitting Brandi in the face with a pie during the Pie Face challenge. The Daily Mail has the video and some stills from the video. One of them shows Kate just standing there with her hands on her hips, looking so out of place. In the video, she's standing there with her hands on her hips and her mouth wide open, watching Brandi fill a pie with whipped cream. She looks like she's trying to fit in with the "in" crowd and it's just not working.

Sage said...

Here we go again! Sounds like this is something that happened to Sleepless in 6th grade...and how many years ago was that? Obviously she is still trying to sit at that table.

Sleepless In Seattle has left a new comment on the post "Celebrity Apprentice preview clip":

Kate Gosselin ‏@Kateplusmy8 22m22 minutes ago
@Pumpkinbottom3 AW I miss my clayboy (dont b mad I called u that here; it's cuz I ❤️ him!),the girls,YOU,cooking in ur kitchen AND Kisa! OH!

Fired Up 4 Kate ‏@MiloandJack 21m21 minutes ago
@Kateplusmy8 @Pumpkinbottom3 Ha...when I first read that I thought about the #MudFight you two had....that fits too...#ClayBoy :)

Butt-in Milo. She just can't help herself. She tries so hard to be one of the girls. I'd feel sorry for her except that she is so annoying. Talk about no self-awareness.

I wonder if she was one of those girls in school who tried to be cool, desperately wanted to be part of the "in" crowd, but when she went over to their table in the cafeteria, the other girls told her that the seats were saved for someone else.

Quiltart said...

Brandi Glanville is on "Watch What Happens Live" tonight. Andy Cohen asked her about Kenya Moore...Brandi replied that Kenya is a horrible, horrible person. it struck me funny since the haters have gobbled up all that crap that Kenya spewed about her cast mates in CA!

Sage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sage said...

Clip of the new Kate plus 8 show coming in January.

merryway said...

Was just coming to post that link Sage. I watched it. Kate and the kids seem like a typical family. I think they are a cute family. I'm sure the haters will be ripping into it. They must be tired of rewinding and freezeframing the promo clips of CA.

Lol, Bl and her bleeple have again been speculating that TLC wasn't going to air the specials and are done w/Kate. They were sure Kate had become "too controversial."
SMH at their stupidity.

merryway said...

This is what defines the bleeple as "obsessed." Getofftwitter believes that Kate was bragging and rubbing her face in it that Kate's shows were airing in December. What Getofftwitter doesn't get is that Kate doesn't know she exists or cares what she thinks. But, Getofftwitter knows that Kate was giving her a big FU. Lol


getofftwitter said... 170

Well, finally being put on. Jan 13th 2015, boy this certainly makes Kate look & sound like an a-hole, & foolish, cause she bragged, & rubbed our faces in it that her show was to be on in December, and and f-u to the naysayers.

Well, Kate it looks as if TLC did a f-u to you Kate, and has waited to put the shows on not when they were filmed and people might be interested in maybe watching, cause it was current, but almost 6 months later, when most people could care less. TLC had many good time slots to put K8 on, geez, they ran the Duggars and Little couple and a few others so many times, it was change channel time, cause it was boring.

Though as we called it here, TLC is airing it in 2015 to possibly catch ratings with CA. I hope her kids give her hell. JMO
December 11, 2014 at 9:41 AM

Sage said...

'Bragged and rubbed our faces in it' that says it all right there. They sound so jealous. It eats them up and controls them.

Quiltart said...

How does that make Kate look bad? It makes the Bleeple look more stupid and jealous than ever, because they were sure Kate was done. As usual, they were wrong!

Shawn said...

Most people are busy in December to watch TV. I think January is perfect. The clip is adorable.

Micha said...

Oh my. Kate said December because that's what she was told. LOL TLC revised their schedule. Why on earth would that make Kate look bad? Those hateful women are so blatantly bitter and still so unaware that they sound so angry, jealous and bitter. She wasn't "bragging" or rubbing" anything in anyone's face. As usual those crazy haters are hearing those voices in their heads saying Kate is out to get them and make them feel bad about themselves. Take a breath, haters. It's not all about you. So self absorbed. One might even say you all are NARCISSISTS, which is extra funny since you are so eager to label Kate as one.

Anyway, off to see the clip! Thanks for the link, Sage. So glad there's a first air date.

Sage said...

What an idiot...the kids are going to end up murderers. What an awful thing to say about 'Jon's' kids.

getofftwitter has left a new comment on the post "Celebrity Apprentice preview clip":

If the clip is a short peek into what is going to be on, people can save themselves, from watching, cause the rest of the specials will be more of the same.

I would be totally ashamed of my kids if they acted that way. The Kate Gosselin guide to raising children, first lesson, let them fight it out, don't do anything. Yeah, that is why so many people & teens stab or shoot one another during holidays & birthdays, and these people are family members. Fighting over food, games, & computers. I can see something like that happening to the G8, in the future to a sib or outsider or even at school. Kate does nothing to stop it. And that pic of her in the kitchen next to the pot, I first thought Kate had on sexy PJ's, but a closer look a sundress & cardigan? in the kitchen? JMO

Sage said...

Who has time to watch and rewatch then mark times? These people are scary.

T said... 181

Is that Ashley in front of Mady & Cara during the rowing lesson at the 46sec mark? Also, at the 1min 20sec mark the 3 younger girls all have their iPads w/them outside when Shoka is getting his birthday cake.

Lastly, the kids bedrooms are pretty messy and disorganized looking considering Kate proclaims to be a clean freak and super organized.

Nameless in LA said...

I watched the clip and saw a rambunctious group of kids, with the occasional bratty moment that is NORMAL for children their age, and these freaks watched the clip and saw stress, misery and future killers. I think that says it all. (Administrator) said... 185

I cringed through the whole clip. There is nothing funny or interesting about kids being this disrespectful constantly. They don't seem content. They seem to be constantly stressed and upset. It's not normal. This is a direct result of her parenting style, IMO. You can strong arm a toddler. That's not going to work with a 10 year old. The result is this sort of chronic unhappiness. I'm very sorry for them this has to be exploited. Overwhelmed, eh? Wasn't it revealed according to someone who saw them that both Steve AND two helpers were along on the Boston trip? How overwhelming can it be when the child to adult ration is 2 to 1?

Sadie May said...

Are they that dumb. TLC are airing the show during the same time CA is on.Gees.

Sage said...

Yes, they are that dumb.

They also say that no one will watch since it was filmed last summer and fall. They do not realize that these shows are not shown in real time.

Right now Little Couple is showing filming from last summer.

Quiltart said...

Everytime BL writes about the kids she shows how completely ignorant she is about the way REAL kids act. She knows NOTHING. These kids are acting like normal kids, and there is nothing remotely bratty or disrespectful seen in that tiny little clip.

I think Cara looks great in her glasses, BTW!

Quiltart said...

How can BL know, from that short clip, that the kids are chronically unhappy? Does she realize how STUPID she sounds? Of course not. She's the BL and her worshippers will never let on that she hasn't a clue, because they haven't a clue either!

Sage said...

Becks lives in a fantasy world. She hasn't a clue about kids or real life for that matter.

merryway said...

Idiocy at it's best. Because Kate said she had been feeling overwhelmed, it's impossible for the kids to have their morning routine down and get out the door for school without any problems.

xxxxxxx (Administrator) said... 20

Just in the last update special Kate was bragging about how wonderfully organized and orderly their morning routine is, getting out of the house in and impressive 50 minutes or something. Everybody does what needs to be done like clockwork.

So which is it? The kids are just massively overwhelming and out of control, or you have the house running like a tight ship? You can't have it both ways. Stick to the same story for once. I really feel like this is a throw shit at the wall and see what sticks thing. There is no consistent story with this family and never has been. I don't think they themselves even know who they are.
December 11, 2014 at 6:18 PM

Quiltart said...

Great article!

Sage said...

Twisted Auntie.

AuntieAnn has left a new comment on the post "Celebrity Apprentice preview clip":

I'm sort of out the loop on the remodel (I know - devastating isn't it?lol) but why are the twins moving out of their nice secluded loft away from the rest of the family to rooms in the same general area of the younger kids? Are they, or at least Mady, calling the shots? Telling Kate - hey look bitch, we got you this house now we tell YOU where we want our rooms or we'll refuse to film.

I think they've turned the tables on Kate and are now using HER to get what THEY want. haha. Wait until the other six catch on.

merryway said...

Lol, there they go again. Bl says four specials are no big deal. For some reason, TLC is airing a show they care nothing about. According to Bl, TLC is always ready to be done w/Kate. They run w/this theme all the time.

xxxxxxxxxxx (Administrator) said... 160

Hm, only four specials eh. And is one of those going to be the Ask Kate episode they've been soliciting questions for?

That's just filler using old clips. They've done it like four times. Do we seriously need another Ask Kate? What more could she possibly answer? I kind of wonder if this is because they are short on usable footage.

I'm second guessing how much footage they really have that we actually know about. We have maybe two episodes for the New England trip, if they push it. Maybe one or two for the home renovation/garage sale. What else?

By the way I was going to point out, it could just be the raw editing but the preview clip seemed amateurish it, almost home-video like. It doesn't feel like anyone is trying that hard.
December 13, 2014 at 7:18 AM

merryway said...

What nice words to put into the mouth's of children. Auntie is ridiculous. Kate has always used the show for the betterment of her family. They go on about Kate's tanning and mani/pedis but always ignore the benefits to the kids. Unless, it's to call them "spoiled" and to talk about how unnecessary it is for Kate to send them to a private school.

Sadie May said...

Has Auntie been sipping a bit too much at the eggnog? Auntie, do you kiss your kids with that nasty mouth? It's the Christmas season, can't you just a tad nicer.

Nameless in LA said...

There goes Kate with another big f-u to her haters. I bet they think she dreams about them too. They find evil lurking everywhere. Some of them need serious professional help.
Anonymous said... 178
Something about the pumpkin tossing was bugging me and I didn't know what it was, so I went back and had another look at the clip.

"I thought that would be so cool to splat pumpkins." The look on her face is chilling. I think it's a big FU to anyone who found her behaviour abhorrent when she destroyed the family fun of making Jack-O-Lanterns. Her anger at not being the center of attention and making everyone stop and clean up. This "activity" is just another way of her saying, "I'm in charge and that's never going to change.". There is no logical reason for throwing pumpkins at a target. Who does that?

I hope they give her production credit, because these lame ideas have her name all over them.

She's evil.


Quiltart said...

I swear to God, they have memorized EVERY single scene of every single episode. They are SICK.

Sage said...

This nutter is the same as Auntie. They put words and thoughts into Kate and the kids mouths and minds and then call Kate evil and the kids brats/future murderers.

Real sick group over there.

redbirdsings has left a new comment on the post "Celebrity Apprentice preview clip":

Who wants to watch another show with TFW sifting through email printouts with questions from her millions of fans! NOT!

And she is so rude after she mumbles some incoherent answer, she FLICKS the paper out from her talons and it glides down crashing into the floor near the couch throne!

Oh, when she said, One more flick and your gone.

What she meant to say was, ONE MORE CLUSTERBUST, AND YOUR GONE!

What an evil, evil monster mother of 8 kids.

Mary EmDee said...

If the bleeps don't like Kate why do they keep watching the clip over and over again? Weirdos

merryway said...

Where do they come up with this stuff? They are all so all-knowing about the minds of the children. They know all that goes on inside of Kate's house.

More bashing of the children.


TLC stinks said... 188

Formerly, that article is the same one I cited previously. I don't think we'll find out how many parts there will be to this "special", but it's definitely not a "season".

ITA the twins at 14 know darn well that they can get their way because mommy wants to film. What a dysfunctional family she is raising. And I agree the boys have banded together against all the tyrannical females. What a mess! But TLC loves this. They are not interested in normal.
December 13, 2014 at 2:56 PM

Sage said...

The only ones that think Kate lives in a mansion is them!!LOL

They have no self-awareness...but what do I know? I never made it past the sixth grade.

rainbowsandunicorns has left a new comment on the post "Celebrity Apprentice preview clip":

The magnificent TFW's life isn't supposed to be relatable! She's got EIGHT kids for gosh sakes and she deserves her mansion, swimming pool and leather couch. We the mediocre public can only admire her from afar and the haters can only be 24/7 jelus


This is so true. Most of the fans are just your average Joe off the street. They are living vicariously through her. They don't need to relate to anything she does, or to the material possessions she has. Certainly many of them are piecing and patching, living from paycheck to paycheck, but they can look at her and perhaps believe that if an ordinary gal from a small Pennsylvania town can make it big, have three cars and live in what they would consider a mansion, then could there be hope for them? With the exception of two teenage fans, I don't think they are wealthy people or come from money or have any post-high school education (the exception would be the one without her D).

They're dreaming, of course, but her success in the entertainment industry is what it's all about. She's risen above her mediocre roots, she doesn't need to work when she has eight kids to put food on the table for her. Sad, really

Quiltart said...

They are out of their minds. Do these idiots act as if they are educated? I don't think so. They are mediocre and lead mediocre lives. They hate Kate because she has figured out a way to escape their mediocrity.

They know NOTHING about us and what they think they know is wrong!

Quiltart said...

Geeze... I never knew that having a leather sofa was such a status symbol. I see them advertised on TV all the time from furniture stores that are not considered high end.

BTW, I earned my college degree before the BL and many of her bleeple were even born.

Micha said...

Kate was so kind to give the haters something new to chew on during this Christmas season. Watch them chomp away! What a nice way for the crazies to occupy themselves for hours on end during the holiday season!

And maybe while they're so busy with the treat Kate gave them they'll "forget" about all the family holiday festivities they haven't been invited to yet again, because Auntie/Grandma Crazyhater is just too mean to be invited to anyone's house! It's okay. They've got each other and they've got a 2 minute video featuring Kate Gosselin to keep them occupied for weeks!

Kate is a giver in this season of giving! :)

Fa la la la laaaaa la la la laaaaa!

Nameless in LA said...

Oh my god, there appeared to be CHEAP window treatments in the girls' bedroom. Someone call 911. I think url may die of heart failure from this horrible shock.

url said... 31
I watched the video on E and was shocked at the bedroom the three girls' shared. It looked like there was no furniture, other than their beds, and nothing on the walls and also what appeared to be cheap window treatments.

Sage said...

Me thinks Midnight and the rest think about Kate a lot more than Milo could ever...

Midnight Madness has left a new comment on the post "Celebrity Apprentice preview clip":

....Her entire life revolves around Kate. What a pathetic existence. To love someone that intensely and not have it reciprocated. I wonder if Milo thinks about Kate when she's showering, or sitting on the potty.
Eye bleach, please.

Farkle said...

Just stopping in to say Happy Holiday peeps. Been busy with school activities, church programs, shopping, baking, you know the general holiday stuff.

At least Kate and the kids gave those over there, probably the only Christmas gift they will receive. Chomp away girlies, while the rest of us and the G's have a happy holiday season.

I see you decorated for the season Sage, very nice! :)

just drooping by said...

ADMIN hates Christians <<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (Administrator) said... 93
Wow, Milo. So boys raised by single mothers need help maintaining their masculinity? What an ignorant assumption. Is she suggesting boys raised by women or around lots of sisters will turn out gay without focusing on preserving their masculinity? Ignorant Bible belt dolt.

Not to mention, Kate is not a single mom. The boys have a father. Even if one supposes you need a man in your life to maintain your masculinity, they have one.

Sage said...

They are so evil...lets attack a 14 year old kid.

PatK has left a new comment on the post "Celebrity Apprentice preview clip":

Tucker's Mom said... 110
Also, WHY is Mady? screaming crying slipping into that Pilgrim costume? Why were the boys in adult costumes?

Because she's been raised as a trained seal. Cameras turn on and so does she.


Glad someone finally said it!

Sage said...

Such holiday spirit.

AuntieAnn has left a new comment on the post "Celebrity Apprentice preview clip":

PA Dutch Mom said... 118

For a couple of years now, going by her TL, I've thought Gladys might be a lesbian.


It's possible. Do you think that she really is married with a husband and kids, and hiding her sexuality, or do you believe that she is just a single, lonely woman with a lust for Kate, or is "she" a male catfish who many times can't help but tweet his strong desire for Kate?


She could have switched teams late in life but doesn't want to leave her husband this far into the game.

Catfishing is a possiblity though too. Geez who knows. She or he is pretty good at keeping it a mystery, whatever it is.

Sadie May said...

Good Lord. Why do I get the feeling Auntie is only there to get the bleeple worked up. Maybe Auntie is really BL. She's catfishing her own followers.

Quiltart said...

Auntie's ignorance continues to shine, doesn't it?

Sadie May said...

Quiltart said...

Auntie's ignorance continues to shine, doesn't it?


Brighter than Rudolph the Reindeers nose.

Sage said...

The questions I would like to see Somewhere (or anyone over there) ask Jon is what his kids thought of his stint on Couples Therapy where he stated wishes their mother would 'fucking die' or the masturbation scene. Then there is the Dad's Roundtable interview where Jon after a few shots in the bar gets in his car and drives to pee in someone's driveway. The there is where Jon told the interviewer that the girls lie all the time.

Come on, Somewhere, I dare you. Double dog dare you.


Somewhere In Time said... 172
Fired Up 4 Kate ‏@MiloandJack · 16h16 hours ago
@kateplusmy8 My ? was not 2invade anything private..not criticism of father...just a simple how U love them as boys ?..that's all! :)

Milo, you idiot. Your whole life is devoted to invading Kate's privacy with personal questions.That is one of the most stupid comments she has ever made. She needs to shut up because she's just digging herself in deeper. If she has this burning desire to ask Kate questions, what she should ask Kate is, "Did your children watch your drunken birthday celebration in the New York episode? If not, why not? If so, how did you explain to them that you got sloshed and let a stranger lick your foot?

Come on, Gladys, I dare you. Double dog dare you.

Quiltart said...

They will hold Kate's birthday episode over her head for the rest of her life, but Jon get's off on anything and everything.

Sage said...

Wonder why they don't ask him why he does not support his kids?

They think Kate should go out and get a job...but never question Jon about his choices.

Do they all admire weak men that do not think they need to support their kids? Their silence say they do.

Quiltart said...

They can't accept the fact that Kate works -- whether with the kids or without the kids, she works. Period. Despite their protests, taking care of eight kids and a big house ALONE is a full time job in itself. The stupid bleeple act as if she stays in bed with a box of bonbons all day. She doesn't.

Ya know, dredging up things that happened seven years ago is getting REALLY old. Kate doesn't live in the past. Why do the bleeplehaters continue to ignore the present?

Quiltart said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ignorance abound said...

Reading around, you see the uneducated 7 on twitter saying the G's kids have rights. So if this is true, they have the right to get cs, insurance premiums, school expenses, etc from their Father.

O also saw some go off if Kate's kids get a great Christmas present. Said we all should give to the Mother's who are on welfare. Well, I gave to the welfare Mother's, they took it out of my check. I want all kids to have a happy holiday, but don't point at others because some people might have more than others.

The discussion was to why someone would be bashing on a single Mom who has a small TV show. She is feeding and supporting her own family by doing this. Someone must be very jealous over a 3-4 hour show.

merryway said...

They never get tired of their silly game of forced stupidity. For every tweet that Kate tweets, the Bl has to come up w/some ridiculous blanket statement to degrade Kate and/or accuse of her lying. This time, it's an impossibility that Alexis spent the weekend at a friend's house. Because, according to Bl, that just doesn't happen during this time of year. So, in all of the USA, no kids stayed over at a friend's home last weekend. No way, it just couldn't happen, never evah. lol
Who knew? What do I tell the mother of the little girl who is coming for a sleepover? She's supposed to ride home on my daughter's bus to kick off their holiday break. Guess, I should have checked Bl's mandate. ;)

xxxxxxxxxx (Administrator) said... 34

Not even sure I believe that tweet. Maybe TFW just consulted her
chart and realized A hadn't gotten any good "press" lately.


Not sure I believe it either actually. And she goes for the double whammy see my kids have sleepovers see they're normal! Only in typical Kate fashion she has to go over the top with it and say the kid was on a sleepover for the WEEKEND. In 2014 there are very few families, stretched thin as we are with activities and other commitments, who would have the ability or want to take in another person's child all weekend. Unless of course they were taking that child in for reasons like an abusive home, mom just had a baby, etc. I just don't buy that the average parents hold marathon sleepovers like that at this age. A normal mother would be embarrassed to impose on a family like that. And during the busy holiday season with a million things to do no less. The last thing we need is little Johnny here all weekend too, bless his heart.
December 17, 2014 at 8:19 AM

merryway said...

Oh my, it's not just the holidays that makes Bl object to s 10yo spending the weekend w/a friend. She objects to it happening at anytime! It's just wrong according to Bl.

xxxxx (Administrator) said... 30

I got Alexis aftr wkend at friends house&ALL she talked abt on way home was what she wants2get Aaden4Christmas2make him happy❤️


Exactly my point. Thanks for proving it Kate. The children are being taught that happiness is DIRECTLY RELATED to material things. That you can be made happy if you only find the right "stuff." Not, Aaden will be happy if we spend time together, enjoy each other's company, do something fun together, go for a walk together, share a meal, etc.

It's unfortunate.

On another point, a 10 year old spent an entire weekend at a friend's house?? That wouldn't fly when I was ten. We believe in "wearing out your welcome." What's more, there is a balance. Some of the weekend is for play and friends that's great. However, some of the weekend is also for homework, reading, family time, relax at home time, practice piano time, call Grandma time, etc.
December 17, 2014 at 7:51 AM

Nameless in LA said...

The BL has got to be the most rigid human being on the planet. She has her weird little notions about the one and only way to do things that she just can't get past. Because SHE never spent an entire weekend at a friend's house, that means that nobody on the planet does that or should do that. It's her narcissism shining through again.

And can anyone explain to me how families are so much busier in 2014 than they were in, say, 1998? Why is it oh-so-difficult to have a child spend the weekend in 2014?

It's more manufactured drama. They complain that the kids don't have friends and are treated as a pack. They find fault when Kate mentions a child spending a weekend with a friend. These are some very bored women who have to make up shit to complain about as that's how they occupy their time.

Sadie May said...

You can tell she's never had kids.My child used have friends spend the weekend. No big deal.BL will say anything to keep her faithful sheep.Even they must laugh at her behind her back.

Sage said...



Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "Celebrity Apprentice preview clip":

Rhythm of Life I saw that on Twitter. Nothing shocks me anymore. There is a blog that shall remain nameless that is dedicated to trashing this site and especially Admin. They call us "bleeple" you know, Blogging Lawyers Sheeple although how they find a lawyer that blogs any different than a teacher that blogs is beyond me. But as we all know, sheeple are not the brightest people out there.


Quiltart said...

Re the comments about Alexa spending the weekend with a friend. We only see a tiny, tiny portion of the G8's and Kate's lives. Kate has posted several different times about different kids being with friends. The Bleeple are so stupid that they don't think anything happens that they don't see, so naturally they think the kids don't have friends and don't do sleepovers. They definitely need to get out more. Basing their lies on things that Kate said eight years ago is very limiting.

Sage said...

Exactly, Quiltart. They accuse Kate of lying when she responded to a tweet about being in contact with her parents.

They have no idea what Kate and the kids day to day life is like. Maybe that is what angers them so.

Sage said...

When ever any of you get a chance please check out the sponsored post I wrote for IW.



Quiltart said...

Does anyone know what is really going on with Bullyville?

Sage said...

I am pretty clueless about it...I don't follow it.

Too much drama for me.

merryway said...

Looks like Jon gave yet another interview. This one was with Hollywood Life. Says he has a trainer and a nutritionist. Talks about what the kids want for Christmas.

Also passive/aggressively goes after Kate:

“For now, things between Kate and I are cordial, which during the holidays is really nice and a change of pace. Maybe one day co-parenting might actually happen sooner than later. Let’s hope!”

Sadie May said...

Now maybe they'll shut up about Kate going to tanning salons. Jon having a trainer and nutritionist are extras he can't afford.If they can say it, so can we.
Happy they're getting along better.

Micha said...

I think Kate's probably gotten to the point where she realizes how irrelevant Jon is, so there's no need to be tense about anything when dealing with him. Good for her!

Sage said...

Apparently, Jon gets another pass for giving an interview and commenting about what he is getting the kids for Christmas. If indeed he is even getting them that. Jon lies a lot...especially when he tries to paint himself in a good light.

You would have thought that instead of sharing about having a trainer and nutritionist he would say he was going to start paying child support.

Sage said...

I guess what I don't understand is that Kate gets raked over the coals for exploiting the kids by mentioning on twitter that she is wrapping presents.

Whereas, Jon seeks out and gives an interview to a rag mag (paid?) about what he is giving the kids for Christmas and reveals he has the kids for Christmas eve. The bleeps see this as Jon being father of the year and a hero.

Micha said...

It's hater irrationality. And they don't even care how irrational they appear to be. Haters don't have to answer to anyone for how irrational they are and they know it. All they ever think is, "if Kate does it then it's wrong." Kate tweeted something - haters complain. Kate hasn't tweeted anything in a while - haters complain. I find them particularly funny when they say things like Kate is letting her fans down by not tweeting and she doesn't CARE about her "fans." Fans are like, "you tweet when you can, it's fine." It's the haters who are desperate for tweets from Kate, so that they can tear those tweets apart.

Seriously, in what universe is a "father" who agreed to have no say in his kids' lives in exchange for not paying child support considered a "good" dad? Only in crazy hater universe.

merryway said...

Bl and her bleeple look ridiculous spouting off how Kate is; manipulated by her kids, is not teaching her children the true meaning of Christmas, doesn't want to be bothered with her children, and trying to one-up Jon by allowing a family gift to be opened each day before Christmas.
Yes, it's the ruin of Christmas because, so far Kate gave the kids a Wii game, gingerbread house kits (that they get to eat for breakfast), and a Bingo game. Bl is being all strident again. She has several rants about how wrong it is of Kate to do this.
The bleeple sound so mean trashing the family's fun.

Bl is also working on her annual Top Ten Kate's Worse Moments. What sad way to spend the holidays.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. We are! I'm not ready yet. But, everything is on-track. We have been having a good time.

Quiltart said...

Merry, It is amazing how they can spin a negative on every positive. What kind of miserable human beings take such joy out of trashing a complete stranger and her family? They make me sick.

Puff said...

Seasons greetings to all.Peace, joy, and love are my wish gifts to all of you.

Nameless in LA said...

I love when they tell Kate to get off Twitter and be a mother. Apparently, one can be the bestest mommy ever and still find time to rant about Kate Gosselin on a blog, but posting a few Tweets now and again makes you a negligent parent.

Sheri said... 144

I'd be surprised if they are not saying that now. Really, Christmas themed names to pass the time until the big day? If I were one of her kids I'd be mortified.

And exactly how much time did that kill Kate? A couple of minutes? Just stfu, stay off twitter and DO SOMETHING with your children.

Sage said...

This kind of says it all. Millicent is talking about the Little Couple. It is obvious they have money and enjoy a nice life. Since when should people with money be ashamed of having it and spending it?

Should people with money hide their lives? Live in shacks so people like Millicent feel better about themselves?

There are always going to be people with more than you and people with less....get over it.

Millicent has left a new comment on the post "Serial: The best reality TV show... er, podcast, o...": (Administrator) said... 137
I was flipping to the little couple to see what they were up to, haven't seen it in awhile. They seem like a nice family but my goodness talk about smothering their kids. They're all...over....them. I just wanted to scream let the poor things breathe.

Will was off playing by himself watching Toy Story on his iPad and they couldn't just leave him be. Peppering him with questions, asking him if he wants to do something else. Good grief, can't a man watch a movie in peace? lol
I watched the three most recent episodes of The Little Couple and have to say I'm sorry to see the direction the show it taking. First, the two children are very adorable, which is why I watch. I shouldn't get sucked in, but yet I do.

But the extravagance is too much for me. In one episode, Jen and Chloe go to the beach in Galveston. It looks like it might be a private beach, as they appear to drive in through an entrance that leads to some beach homes. Then a guy approaches Jen to tell her one of the homes is coming on the market (totally spontaneous of course - ha). The house itself is huge, 3 stories and fully furnished. Jen talks about how great it would be to have a beach "getaway." They have a custom home already which must have cost quite a bit. Now she's talking about buying a 3-story beach house for week-end getaways? That's rich people talk, and I can't relate.

In possibly the same episode, Bill introduces the audience to the newest addition to the family - this large SUV. Again, this vehicle must have cost a lot of money. This brings their vehicle total up to at least three, all new, all expensive.

In yet another segment, we are shown the motorized vehicles they have bought for each child. Seriously, a pink motorized vehicle for your two-year old little person daughter? It's just too much, too soon. These kids are well on their way to being completely spoiled. I wonder if these vehicles were TLC's idea, so that they could have something "interesting" to film. I would have thought Jen would be more cautious about the whole idea. So either she and Bill had to follow TLC's desires because they are under contract, or she and Bill are completely over-indulging their children. Neither one is good.

I'm waiting for TLC to send the family on an extravagant trip, as that seems to be the "go to" next step. (Of course, TLC probably footed the bill for each overseas trip to adopt first Will and then Chloe.) Now they are airing commercials for the over-the-top birthday party planned for Chloe.

I'm glad this couple are happily married. I'm glad they were able to adopt two children and are blissfully happy. But I'm not interested in watching their conspicuous consumption and lavish lifestyle. I hope I'm not jealous, but the truth is, I will never have that type of money and it's easier to be content with my simpler lifestyle when I'm not watching others spend money like water.

Micha said...

Standout funny line in all that :

"I hope I'm not jealous."


You hope you're not jealous? Don't you know? Here, I'll help. You ARE jealous, and you don't want to see anyone living a nicer life than you, no matter how they earned it. Is it more difficult to admit you're jealous of someone's life than to sound so ridiculous and saying you HOPE you're not jealous? It's just too funny.

If you can't be content in your "simpler lifestyle" when you're watching people live a more extravagant life than yours....there's a simple solution. Don't watch.

Quiltart said...

They all just seethe jealousy. They need to send out a memo to all the TV networks that it's not fair to show people living a middle to upper-middle class lifestyle, no matter how hard they work for it.. Better get that memo to all of TLC's shows and those on Lifestyle and Bravo, too. It's just not fair! Geeze....

Farkle said...

Merry Christmas Peeps!

Nameless in LA said...

Millicent recently talked about "downsizing" by selling her home and moving into a 1 bedroom apartment with her teenage son. I'm sorry, but no one voluntarily downsizes like that. She clearly is having financial issues, which is unfortunate, but why other people should not enjoy the fruits of their labor is beyond me. The Little Couple parents clearly have plenty of money. I say good for them and enjoy.

Micha said...

Merry Christmas Eve to all the lovely people here at The Sageway Express!

Thank you Sage for this wonderful blog and thanks to all the wonderful people who come here with open hearts and minds!

Have a great holiday everyone!

Sadie May said...

Merry Christmas from Canada to the ladies at the SWE! I hope you have a wonderful holiday full of memorable moments with family and friends. Be safe all.

Quiltart said...

Happy Holidays to Sage all the Sagettes!

DH surprised me with plans for a short trip to London at the end of the week. I'm SO excited!

Sage said...

Wishing you all a very Merry and blessed Christmas!


Farkle said...

Did Jon have the kids over Christmas? Looks like Kate posted RECENT pics of the kids.

Someone needs a holiday drink, just saying, someone is very bitter, a book failed I think.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and best wishes for the New Year!

Sage said... wonderful! Enjoy your trip!

Sage said...

I wonder if Jon took the kids shopping to get a gift for their mother.

FlimsyFlamsy has left a new comment on the post "Serial: The best reality TV show... er, podcast, o...":

AuntieAnn (#106), bet you're right about why TFW doesn't post
pictures of herself with her gifts. Besides, how do you wrap

I hope TFW took her kids to get gifts for Jon. I mean, the
bird got a stocking -- I'd think their father would merit at least
as much attention.

Micha said...

What does the bird having a stocking have to do with Jon getting gifts from his kids? He doesn't merit at least that much attention from TFW at all. If Jon bought his current pet a Christmas gift does that mean the least he could do is take his kids shopping for Kate?

If it's Kate's responsibility to take her kids to get gifts for Jon then it stands to reason that it's Jon's responsibility to take the kids to get gifts for Kate, but I have no "hope" on the matter, either way. ;)

Sage said...

Hateful, hateful, hateful. I wonder if this makes their Christmases more meaningful to critique kids. They all should be ashamed.

Layla has left a new comment on the post "Serial: The best reality TV show... er, podcast, o...":

Didn't TFW say that all the kids would have braces by last August? Yet the only one who appears to have them is Cara. Alexis, Leah, and the boys definitely need them. Of course, TFW is holding out, hoping to get TLC to pay for them. She won't spend a dime on those kids if she thinks she can get someone else to do it.She probably has insurance, but most insurance has a family limit. She may have to pay for a few sets of braces out-of-pocket. I think she will let the kids go without if that is the case.
I agree that Cara and Mady need to see a dermatologist. One of my sons had bad acne like that, and was prescribed antibiotics. The doctor said that acne causes infection under the skin, and the infection must be treated in order to get rid of it. The antibiotics cleared it right up, and he never had it again. Perhaps TFW is hoping to pimp her girls out to do ads for Proactiv. I wouldn't put it past her.

Sage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nameless in LA said...

This woman told a random person all this while in the checkout line at Walmart? Um, how much stuff was the woman in front of her buying? This is a loooonnnng story. And maybe it's just me, but I don't really want to hear the details of strangers' lives while shopping.
njay said... 95

Thank you to those who have shared already. I also have a story, except I was unaware I was making someones day. The other day I was at walmart and as I was putting the things from the cart to the belt, I told the cashier where my stuff began. I cracked a stupid joke and said "unless the lady in front of me wants to pay for my stuff also". We both laughed and she commented that she would love to do that some day but her funds are just too small. I told her not to worry about it I was just joking. I mentioned to her that I have never been married or had any kids, so every Christmas I would choose one of my family members and would help them make Christmas a good one for their kids. Both the woman and I shared how good it makes us feel when can help others.

I shared with her that one Christmas I bought five bikes for my sisters kids and how happy I felt. She said something along the line of I should believe in a higher power and that blessings come our way when we give to others. I told her that I do serve and believe in God and that I AM AND HAVE BEEN a blessed person. I shared that I took care of my dad until he passed away five yrs ago, and that he left me a home that was paid for. Then I joked again and told her that ever since I moved into my house, my dad died, I had to put my baby girl dog of 16 yrs"socks" down three months after my dad passed and six months after my girl, my little boy shadow got ran over. It was three days after Christmas.

About eight months later, the city water pipes broke and a river of water came down one and a half blocks, bypassing everyone's home turned left into my driveway, made it's way inside my garage, where all of my mom's belongings were stored and down my basement stairwell into my basement where my nephew and his wife were staying and had all their stuff there. About one year after that it happened again. One month after the second flood my kitchen caught on fire. The worst part is that my insurance ended and I was waiting to get mom's check to replace a railing on the deck. That was the reason I couldn't renew it. I had about one week to go for mom's check and the fire happened. My family and their friend pitched in with donations and cleaning. The important thing is that I got mom and my two dogs out. So I dare anyone to say I'm not blessed. lol

Now because this is so long already, I will have cut tons of details that would show you how even with all that, there were SOOOO many good things that happened. I REALLY felt that I would be doing a great dishonor to God, my family, friends and life by having a pity party instead of recognizing the good that came from it.

Oh my goodness, I took the scenic route to get to my point. Anyway, after telling the lady everything and how blessed I am, she thanked me for sharing and said that it made her day and that she was so happy that we met. I had no idea that telling her my story it would make her so happy. Go figure.

The moral of the story Mr. Peabody....NEVER BE AFRAID TO SHARE YOUR STORY'S. THEY MAY BE AN ACT OF KINDNESS. If it's coming from selfish place, you won't die. You just might not get as big of a warm fuzzy feeling inside compared to doing it with a pure heart.

Sage said...


That whole story is just weird.

When you read between the lines you see a lot of unstable people. I think some are just hanging by a thread...and I mean to sanity.

People of Walmart said...

Telling your life story to strangers in Walmart would be scary. Is she one of those people of Walmart that roams all over the store in pants way to small for her too? Of course, just asking. I would be running like heck to get away from someone like that, call me crazy, but that sounds like she talks to herself. Sage, that thread is very lean, imo.

Sage said...

It just never occurs to them that it could be Jon who is lying. He sold the story about having the kids on Christmas eve and what he was getting them.

TLC stinks has left a new comment on the post "Serial: The best reality TV show... er, podcast, o...":

Wowser, it did not occur to me that she pretended it was Xmas morning. Could be. Something was off with those pictures. I just kind of assumed when Jon said he'd have the kids Xmas Eve, it meant that night rather than during the day. Anyway, she gave them the Nerf guns Jon said the boys wanted. Don't know if that was in agreement with him or not. I truly don't put anything past her. And I know she lied when someone tweeted where was Cara in the storytelling picture (in her bed).

Micha said...

I don't know why anyone would assume Jon would have his kids overnight. Does he have space for 8 kids to spend the night? He was allegedly evicted from his last home because he couldn't pay rent so why would anyone assume he has a new place that can accommodate 8 kids when he couldn't afford the last place? And don't a couple or three of the kids not visit him at all? But on Christmas Eve they'd all go to Jon's anyway and stay the night?

If the haters are going to assume you'd think they'd make an attempt to be even marginally logical about their assumptions. I guess in hater dreams all the kids suddenly love visiting Jon and Jon has a big house with 8 extra beds for the kids to sleep in on Christmas Eve. Or in their dreams are the kids camping out on Jon's floor on Christmas Eve instead of home in their warm and cozy beds?

Sadie May said...

He probably had the kids on Christmas eve for the day and brought them home a couple of hours before bedtime. That's the way I took it.

Sage said...

I agree, Sadie. I don't think Jon would really be interested having them any longer.

Sage said...

A couple has given birth to two sets of identical twins and TLC is going to be following them.

They are an attractive couple and I hope the haters leave them alone.

After reading their happy for them!

Sage said...

Well it looks like the failed, bitter, jealous bleeple can't stop themselves.

Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "Serial: The best reality TV show... er, podcast, o...":

It doesn't matter what happens on the new show. TLC is already grooming their replacements. This new family is already working on their grifting skills with a grift registry (ha! see what I did there?) and an "auction" tab on the FB account. Auctioning their umbilical cords when they fall off? I don't get it. Read some of the comments. People are fed up and tired of supporting the families that these people manufacture.

Note that TLC has been with them all the way, filming etc. Maybe they can hire Kreider as a consultant. LOL


Micha said...

I'll never understand the anger that these "people" have about what's been mentioned in the above comments. No one is forcing anyone to send that couple a gift, if someone wants to they can. Nobody is being forced to watch that new show. If you don't want to then don't. Why all the rage?

Sage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sage said...

Looks like Jon has a job. (smirk)

kels ‏@kelseyy_snyderr 3h3 hours ago
jon gosselin DJ's at my grandparents bar now..

Sage said...

If you all want a laugh make sure you catch BL's 'Kate's worse moments' epic. The bleeps are so lacking of self awareness. Don't they see how narcissistic Becks is?

It is again full of innuendo, rumors, lies and out right fantasy on Becks part.

Sage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sage said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
merryway said...

I went and looked at Bl's pathetic list.

Nothing Kate has done could ever top Jon's masturbation scene on Couples Therapy. There was also his fake tantrum for more screen time. The one, where he said Kate can go and f*cking die.

One of Bl's top 10 moments for me was ignoring the obvious when Jon sold interviews saying he was going to sue for emergency custody and wanted Kate to take a psych eval. Lol, what a joke. Jon had already handed over legal custody.

Kate has pretty much ignored Jon's attacks on her. Good for her.

Sage said...

Kate looks pretty tame compared to all of Jon's antics this past year.

Nothing but nothing could come close to the masturbation on TV.

He is disgusting.

Sage said...

Lets also not forget the eviction and the abandonment of a kitten.

Drinking and driving.

Peeing in a driveway....during an interview.

Calling his daughters liars in an interview.

Sage said...

Another Auntie moment.


AuntieAnn has left a new comment on the post "Kate's Worst Moments of 2014":

Fired Up 4 Kate @MiloandJack

I've got the BEST reason to watch the new season of @ApprenticeNBC Jan 4th this week! @Kateplusmy8 is going to seriously compete!!!


Um.... Sorry but Jan 4th is the beginning of NEXT week, you dildo. That means you're stupid little rhyme doesn't even make sense.

Francie said...

There are many countries in which Sunday is the last day of the week. Name calling....really? I don't know why AA thought it was a rhyme in the first place. Week and complete don't rhyme.

Nameless in LA said...

I couldn't do more than skim her latest post. She is such an obnoxious, self-important bore, but her minions will keep stroking her giant ego and making her think she's funny and entertaining.

Farkle said...

Maybe if we send Happy New Year greetings to the BL, she will finally get a life and move on. I think she secretly wants to be Kate, just can't find a man to give her a family, how sad for her. Her parents should be very worried what is in her future, who would spend years on a hate blog, has a birth icky site, and has nothing to offer real society. Who makes a list of someone who doesn't even know her, has never met her pretend bf Jon, or the posters who keep her lies alive?

I do hope she blogs about the new Quad Squad, more people will see she needs serious mental help. (that family is going to get a real shock). imo

Happy New Year peeps!!!

Sage said...

Yep, that's Jon alright...mature, self-restraint. LOL He has got the bleeps conned!

Katykat has left a new comment on the post "Kate's Worst Moments of 2014":

It must take a lot of maturity and self-restraint for Jon not to say anything every time TFW lies on twitter about her pretend life with the kids. She is so sick in the head.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to everyone!

New article out about Kate.

Sadie May said...

Heads are blowing over at 15minutes.They're trying to figure out when the couple met. Only think they've said that I agree with is that her trip to Boston makes sense now.Maybe Steve was a ruse during CA to take the focus on Kate's new relationship.Kenya's bigmouth was an added bonus.
I imagine the hard core haters will be invading this guys life now. Boycotting anything he's associated with. You'd think they'd be happy if Kate married a millionaire. She'd be too happy in her married life and TV will be a thing of the past. But you know they don't want Kate going anywhere. What would they do with their lives?

Nameless in LA said...

Of course, one theory is that the new boyfriend is a fake in response to... you guessed it, comments made at the BL's. I have never met a group of women with such a grandiose sense of self-importance in my life.
FlimsyFlamsy said... 28
The timing of this makes me very suspicious. I mean, there were
dozens of comments here saying, whoo hoo, this is gonna be good --
watching TFW torn to shreds on CA. And now, poof, she's got
a new boyfriend? Can't help but think of Jan Brady and her
imaginary beau, "George Glass." TFW: "Yeah, guys, I'm dating someone new. His name... (a beat as she nervously glances
around and spots the kids' tractor) is John. John Deere!"

Sage said...

New Post