Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Kate Gosselin turns the Big 4 Oh!

Open discussion....


merryway said...

Waving to SOR on the last thread! Hey!

Had to bring over the last comment by Nameless cause I couldn't believe the bleeple posted that. Yes, first Wowser says what a great mom she is and then sneakily deletes her daughter's dvr. Sounds like something they would accuse Kate of doing.
Kate owns Wowser, Wowser can't even enjoy her new grandson without thinking of Kate.

I was just looking at Kate's twitter, it is hopping. Lots of people tweeting they enjoy the show.
Kate does look great. So does Deanna.


Nameless in LA said...

Dear god. First, the self-congratulatory note about what a great mom she is, followed by bragging about how she deleted Kate Plus 8 from her daughter's DVR. It's not YOUR home, you freak. Let your adult daughter record whatever the hell she wants. I have to wonder just how happy the daughter is to have dear old mom there for SIX WEEKS. Somehow I'm guessing she has some mixed feelings about it.
Wowser said... 57
Ok...confession....so I'm at my daughters house for 6 weeks because my beautiful grandson arrived 2 1/2 weeks ago...I'm reading this blog, snuggling with the baby while my daughter relaxes in the tub...great mom right??? Yeah, just scrolled thru her TV guide and saw the recording button set to record TFW tonight so I just deleted the recording. Lol. I refuse to give her ratings....why do I feel evil and giddy at the same time???
June 23, 2015 7:36 PM

Farkle said...

I had to go to a ballgame, was the show good? Post someone!

Sage said...

Thanks, Merry. I tried to c/p it but didn't work.

Farkle...I thought it was real good show. The kids are really growing up fast.

Farkle said...

Thanks Sage, I will have to catch a re-run.

merryway said...

Sage, won't you be writing us a miles of recap, twisting every little thing to slam Jon in every way possible? Oh pretty please?
Lol, JK

Dana Evans said...

We downgraded our satellite and I couldn't watch it. Well, that and the storm knocked out the electric. Is there another way to watch it?

bellefidele said...

Kate sure looks great for a woman who just turned 40 with 8 children. Not 1 but 8, yes, count them. LOL!

merryway said...

It was a sweet show. The kids had a blast in Mexico. They snorkled with turtles, enjoyed the beach, saw the Mayan ruins and went mudding in these ultimate terrain vehicles. Watching Kate driving through the mud was funny. A worker told Kate that she had the slowest lap ever recorded. She said it went against her nature to be reckless with the kids in the car. So, then she drove with Cara and got really muddy.

Kate's one of those who is really fixated on her age.

I don't know what the haters will find in this one, but I'm sure they're frantically pausing and scanning for something to go off on. Again, the kids were well behaved and just seem like normal kids having a great time. I'm sure the bleeple will be disappointed the kids showed no fear or hatred of Kate. It's obvious the kids love their mom and each other.

Dana, the only other way I know to watch is on Amazon instant video or when someone uploads it to youtube.

Quiltart said...

The show was very good... The bleeps will be pulling teeth to find something to criticize! ...but they will!

merryway said...

They've latched onto something. It's Collingate because they think Kate didn't act appropriately to the gift given by Collin.
Of course, they are bashing Mady for being like Kate.
So many positives and all they can do is pick pick pick. As if they are perfect parents. Lol

Sadie May said...

Hate, hateful women. They're also attacking Kate's friend Deanna on Twitter. Making fun of her nose.The karma coming to these women will knock them on their A##es oneday.

Nameless in LA said...

Are these women really proud of being so vicious? I have no idea what AuntieAnn looks like, but I know she is an ugly human being.

What satisfaction do they get from making these kinds of remarks about someone's appearance? Does it really make them feel better about themselves?

Their posts often amuse me, but sometimes they just make me really, really angry.

AuntieAnn said... 173

Vapid describes her.

And you'd think since she's a make-up "artist" to the stars, she'd jazz herself up a bit. She reminds me of Mayim Bialik's character Amy on Big Bang Theory.

Maybe if she hangs out with Kate long enough, TLC will foot the bill for a good bra and a chin osteotomy for her because the poor woman is as homely as a mud fence.

Quiltart said...

I'd love to see what these cows look like!

Mimi said...

I thought it was a good show but I have to admit I was very disappointed in the way Kate reacted to Collin's gift.He was so excited about it and frankly I'm sure she hurt his feelings with the way she reacted.She really doesn't come across in the best way at times but that is what makes her like most mothers,we all make mistakes.

Unknown said...

While I am not overly concerned about aging since it's gonna happen I think we should just embrace it and enjoy the process. That being said I felt Kate was way over the top about it especially since as Mady said she doesn't look 40. To have all the daily responsibility of 8 kids is a workload and takes the juice right out of you, but Kate is weathering it well from the way she looks....so pretty. I like her laughter, the kids laughter and the show was cute and wholesome. My kids love it and have watched 2 times today. My 10's and 8's are swooning and acting like drama queens over the boys esp Collin.

Puff said...

Unknown above is me.....Puff

Anonymous said...

Those children are just adorable. I thought that Kate Gosselin and her friend are both very attractive women. I am not seeing what some others are seeing Deana is very cute.

Mimi, I agree with everything you said in your post. I am mostly sympathetic to any mom with a lot of kids to raise, but her reaction to Colin's gift was very disappointing to watch. I felt so bad for him. Sorry, but this is the first time that I am going to totally agree with the bleeples. From what they showed in that one scene, I felt that Kate acted kind of jerky and unappreciative toward him, when she was squeeing over all of the other kid's gifts...Colin's gift got a mere "meh". That just stunk.

Loved how Colin bartered with the vendor and was so proud of himself when he was able to buy the gift he wanted to get for his mother. He was awesome. Colin seems such a neat kid.


Sage said...

Have to agree...I felt bad for Colin too. That was a disappointment and misstep on Kates part. I don't think Kate is aware at times as to how she comes across.

I do not agree with what the haters are saying tho. Kate was not horrible and neither were the kids. So what if she had a bikini on and so what if she went out to dinner...it was not a man hunt...as some claim.

merryway said...

I think Kate should have gushed some over Collin's present. I couldn't figure out why she thought it was off-the-wall. To me it was just one of those mom moments when you don't get everything right. I've seen Kate show lots of love to Collin and the other kids at different times. So, I didn't think to much about it. Forgoing editing, he seemed fine and the kids had a great time on vacation.

Anonymous said...

I don't read BL's board, so I have no idea that they are saying that Kate and the kids were horrible. I didn't see that at all. I just saw a cute family who were having a lot of fun.

(kate acted jerky for all of 30 seconds. i was in agreement with the bleeps about the gift-gate!!! or, colin-gate mach 2 :) it really came off unkindly. i don't think that she monumentally came off badly in last night's episode, though. None of them did. They're a sweet family.)

A man hunt? Oh Jeez. I don't get the twitting about her looks or her clothes, at all. I thought Kate looked really pretty. There was nothing wrong with the bathing suit. Wish I could still wear something like that.

And, her friend is adorable. I feel very bad for Kate's friend catching so much grief from people, simply for appearing on that show. It is horrible. She seems like a nice lady.


Farkle said...

I sure wish the BL would blog about Bravo, they are going to film the G family again, both parents have or are going to serve prison time, yet they have been contracted to film with the 4 girls again. Can you imagine what the state of New Jersey is allowing? I would think the child advocates would be all over this. Bravo has more shows with kids on than most any other network.

Quiltart said...

Farkle, I would think the child advocates would be all over it, too, but they could care less because T is not Kate.

JR said...

Lukebandit is on twitter again under CoccoaCoffee1962. Her tweets are as crazy as crazy can be. Ranting about Kate and the Duggars and loving up Jesus. She should be praying for the Duggar family and for Kate. Instead she is tweeting Direct TV asking for a gift card because she only has a 30$ income. Who is the grafter?

Be a good person, don't point a finger at any political party said...


She has internet service so that blows her so called false income story doesn't it. LOL.

Great day for marriage equality. I have seen some post it was a bad week for Republicans. Seriously, get a grip, this is not a one sided political issue. My cousin is a proud Republican, and is gay, who now can marry his partner. He works very hard, pays taxes, and contributes to many causes. Maybe if those who are saying this crap might want to get off their azz and do something productive.

I would be more worried about ISIS, job market, education, hungry elderly and young children.

Love Wins said...

Be A Good Person,

While I'm guessing that Sage doesn't want her blog turned into a political back and forth, I want to respond to your post.

1) Fact: Polls show that only 1 in 3 Republicans support marriage equality vs. 3 in 4 Democrats.

2) Fact: Not one of the Republican presidential candidates came out in support of yesterday's ruling.

3) The reference to it being a bad week for Republicans is in reaction not only to the marriage equality ruling, but to the rulings on Obamacare and the Fair Housing Act. I'm not sure how you could argue that any of those rulings were a victory for the Republican party.

4) I'm not sure how you've concluded that anyone who thinks it was a bad week for Republicans is sitting on their ass being non-productive. I assure you, as one who agrees with the "bad week for Republicans" sentiment, that I'm a productive citizen.


pointing fingers said...

Love wins---

It was just a twitter that I was reading, a hater of everything, no big deal. Peace!

Eva said...

I guess I am a little late posting about the Kate's 4-OH show??

I think I had forgotten how much I disliked Kate (not hated)her. She is sooooo fake.
I hated when she said to one of the kids--could you eat like a human not like a jungle animal and like others how she treated Colin. I agreed with Mady--shut up already about turning 40. I got so sick of Kate talking about turning 40.

Loved seeing how the kids had grownup and still so adorable. I have always been a little partial to the boys. They are so sweet but seem quite or maybe shy.

Mady is so like Kate in her personality. They are going to clash big time as she gets older I don't think Cara likes being filmed. She doesn't say hardly anything.
The three little girls are so sweet and seem so loving to each other but already speaking their mind.

Can't wait to see the kids again this week.

Nameless in LA said...

Quick, somebody find the bleeple a clip of tomorrow night's show for them to watch 10 times and psychoanalyze. It will give them something to do besides discuss their own awesomeness.

Sherry Baby said... 56
FlimsyFlamsy said... 55
Travel tips, medical advice, mold relief suggestions...yeah, this
blog truly is just a nest of bitter, black-hearted busybodies.

And a blog comprised of so many animal lovers who listen, sympathize and silently shed tears when those among us are facing difficult decisions with ill or aging pets, and for those who have lost them.

Nameless in LA said...

Uh, Chefsummer...if you are from the U.S., anything outside of the US IS a foreign country.

My lord, what does she think a foreign country is?

chefsummer #Leh said... 65

Kate said foreign countries..I was like b**ch when have you ever been in or to a foreign country.

But than again anything outside of the us KK probably thinks is foreign.

Quiltart said...

What a delicious example of Bleeple non-intellect!

merryway said...

Ah yes, the land of Foreign. ;)

Oo o o, LMAO, Nameless, that tickled me.

merryway said...

Major kid bashing going on over at BL's. I've never seen people so unashamed of constantly looking for the bad (pausing and rewinding) to extrapolate into the most dramatic worse case scenario of all time while ignoring all the good. All the while, doing the reverse in regards to Jon creating him into the TViest of TV fathers of all time.
Also, read there was a tornado warning in Kate's area. Don't worry Bleeple, just bring in your lawn furniture and you probably don't even need to go to your basement. Well, that's what BL said when she was mocking Kate for being concerned about a warning. Here's what the Bleeple's leader said


Realitytvkids.com ~ Administrator said... 120

It was a watch. The storm went northeast of us.

Huge difference between watch and warning. I'm kind of surprised Kate claims to be glued to the TV for a tornado warning since tornados in this part of the country are usually pretty baby ones, and common.

Where I grew up, not too far from her, we'd probably get tornado watches several times a year. We just kept on doing our thing and I've never in my life ever seen one. An actual tornado warning is not going to be the huge tornados of the midwest you could die from. In fact the only tornado I ever heard of in PA that caused deaths was over 25 years ago. The big one is a once in a lifetime thing, and you'll get lots of warning if something that big is happening. Anything else is just going to be a strong windstorm and just use common sense and not go out in it, simple as that.

You probably would do fine to just put the deck furniture inside. You might not even need to go in your basement. She is a bit of a drama queen. I have a hard time believing someone from this part of the country is actually afraid of tornados. I think she likes attention, any attention. Try living in the midwest.
April 23, 2015 at 6:56 PM

Francie said...

If Kate downplayed the storms, BL would be ragging about that. As we all know, Kate can't win no matter what she does. And, no, you don't always get early warnings for the "big one". And people get killed because they don't heed warnings. A watch basically means to watch for warnings. If you're in a place that does not get many watches, a watch would be a big thing.

Quiltart said...

mmm.. I don't think Franky sounds like one who should be giving advice on childrearing!
Anonymous said... 77

I refused to take my dd anywhere for a year because she acted up. If she was good, we went, she had a hissy, we left, regardless, even while camping one year. She is now a great young woman, not talking to me atm, but a great young woman. She will come around. Apparently she is working on her temper, I sear that girl could go from blind to rage in .oo8 nano-seconds, used to scare the bejesus outta me


Quiltart said...

They are really doing a number on The Little Couple tonight. What shines through in their stellar comments is that they can't stand the fact that the couple has a good income and enjoy the finer things that come with it!

Nameless in LA said...

The Little Couple will be but a distant memory once they start dissecting the latest K+8 episode. They just needed an interim target. Describing them as a "carnival sideshow" is just delightful. (And of course, they adopted two children to garner ratings. Doesn't everybody make a lifetime commitment to children as a ratings ploy?)

I love watching the Little Couple and the last thing I think when watching them is that they are "freaks." I see funny, accomplished, loving human beings with two incredibly adored and adorable children. And I secretly hope we see a show or two ten years from now because that little Zoey is a pistol and should make quite a teenager!

Quiltart said...

I agree, Nameless!

Nameless in LA said...

PA Dutch Mom, local gossip extraordinaire! Of course she had the inside scoop, but thought the info. should remain "private." If it were "private" it wouldn't be part of the local gossip mill in the first place.

PA Dutch Mom said... 137
Bombshell ... Kate says Collin has some social and educational challenges and will be going to a different school next year.


Yes, I heard this some time ago, but I didn't think it was my place to say anything. I thought this was to be kept private. Apparently, though, nothing is private in the lives of these children.

Francie said...

Once school starts, I'm sure the fact that Collin is in a different school would be apparent. Too many people stalking the family to keep things private.

Quiltart said...

So what did you think? I thought the party went much better than I thought it would. Kate did a good job of addressing the questions about each kid. I don't think Hannah is going anywhere !

Sage said...

I thought the show was good too. I don't understand how the bleeps see is hate

merryway said...

Uhm no, I'm pretty sure Collin doesn't want PrairieMary anywhere near him. This is a creepy bleeple.
I love how they have the attitude that "love fixes all." Kids who have problems or challenges just aren't being loved enough.


prairiemary said... 130

I wish I could scoop him into my arms, hug him so close, tell him how much he is loved, and how much he really does matter. TFW does not deserve to have those children, not at all. She is really missing the 'mom' gene, and has a cold heart.
July 1, 2015 at 4:24 PM

Quiltart said...

The Bleeple are in ecstasy that Kate outed Collin, since they blame her for everything that goes bad in the lives of any of her kids. Hate to break it to them, but Collin's personality is what it is. If he is autistic or on the spectrum (which those busybodies have been predicting for years) that is the way he was born. Bleeple, you have absolutely no idea what goes on in Kate's house. You have no idea how the children behave or misbehave. Of course Kate is going to give personalized attention to each kid. The bleeps seem to think that only THEY know what is best for the G kids. One school is not necessarily going to be the best for eight individual kids. I'm not at all surprised that as they get older they will go down different paths. As usual, Jon gets no blame for the fact that Collins doesn't want to visit him.

I think Kate did the right thing to address the situation, since the haters and bleeple and rags are going to go town with it. No matter how she handled the situation, they would criticize. her.

Farkle said...

I feel Colin is very smart and may be bored with the same old same old in school. Some kids need a challenge when learning, he may be more advanced in some areas of learning. Those bleeples are horrid people, just wait till their own karma hits their families.

Hope everyone is having a great summer, just too much going on here to blog much. :)

Nameless in LA said...

All hail St. PA Dutch Mom!

Seems to me that PA Dutch Mom also could have refrained from immediately chiming in with "I already knew that" as soon as the news about Collin hit the air, but then she might lose her self-appointed position as #1 Gosselin Insider. I'm not sure which of her posts I find most annoying, the ones hinting at what she knows but can't tell or the constant local weather reports.

PA Dutch Mom said... 155
Thanks, PA Dutch mom, for keeping it private about Collin. Proves it was going to come out eventually and Kate/TLC wanted to control the narrative. The question is: will she flat out lie?


Thanks, but there is no need for thanks. There are times when I have to bite my tongue until it bleeds and I'm sure I may need stitches, but I refrain from saying anything when it comes to the children, the school, and what issues they may or may not be having in their academic environment. If Kate wants to put it out there, then what follows as speculation, wild rumors, and invasion of their privacy is on her shoulders. There's a word for her, but I won't repeat it here.

No, I was not the one who commented here some time ago under "anon," swearing that Collin was expelled again. Honest. I would never do that. Never ever.

Micha said...

Do haters expect all of Kate's kids to be perfect and for her family not to have any problems? Whatever Collin's issues are, Kate is aware there are issues and is trying to get him the help he needs, and that's a good thing. Collin has TWO parents, and he allegedly doesn't see his father. Maybe Collin's issues with Jon need to be resolved. I wonder why this "prairiemary" person who is so quick to assume it's something lacking in Kate that is causing Collin's issues doesn't think that maybe it could be that JON not being in Collin's life could be the issue. Collin doesn't need HER to "scoop" Collin up but maybe Jon making an effort might help HIS child. Oh, no, haters can't even bear to speculate that Collin's issues could have anything to do with Saint Jon. I hope Collin gets what he needs from his parents, both of them.

SOR said...

Hi everyone, this is SOR. Been Gone a long time so everyone needs to catch me up on the new blogs, old blogs. Hi Merryway.

PJ's momma said...

The criticism of the kids, from their looks to their attitudes and/or issues, really, really bothers me. Maybe they could control their attitudes better, but they cannot control their looks or any issues they may have.

Quiltart said...

Some of the comments make me wonder if the ones pontificating really have kids of their own. They obviously don't know how normal pre-teens and teens act in the real world! Of course, a couple of them have let slip about the fact that their kids don't even speak to them, so maybe they should take care of their own homes before attacking someone who they know only from TV!

PJ's momma said...

I never wanted kids, because my mom abdicated all her duties to me, the oldest child and only girl. So I'm no expert, but even if I was, I wouldn't say things like that. Especially because we kids all have our own issues related to our upbringing, some WAY worse than others. I heard my aunts tee-heeing about something I used to do as a kid 40+ years ago (which I don't remember at all), and it really hurt my feelings, even though it was pretty benign. Just knowing someone was laughing at me was hurtful. There was no internet then, much less a public upbringing with lots of strangers analyzing every word or action. I'm sad for all those kids. Too much is known about them and much of the feedback is NOT kind at all. How are they going to be able to cope with that?

Micha said...

I don't think it's going to be so difficult for the Gosselin kids to "cope" with what strangers might think of them, but who can say? Here you are talking about your feelings being hurt by your aunts "tee-heeing about something" you used to do as a kid 40+ years ago, even though it's something you yourself call "pretty benign." You have a right to your reaction and your feelings but I think it's important to realize that people are different. Another person might have "tee-heed" along with the aunts who were remembering that "pretty benign" memory. The Gosselin kids may very well not care about any stranger saying something negative about their behaviors when they were kids on a reality TV show, and they'd be right to think that way. They could be embarrassed by some stranger saying something "pretty benign" about what they did on that reality TV show. They are living the life they are living and nothing is going to change that now.

PJ's momma said...

Micha, I hope you are right, but I'm oversensitive because my mom was very critical and mean. The hurt came from knowing someone I trusted was laughing at me. I know it's silly. But it's also different - what people say about these kids is AWFUL. Really, really awful. Even Mady saying she's not that mean and kind of laughing that off made me gulp. She's already felt the need to explain herself. I'm not explaining myself very well. Sometimes we absorb criticism rather than shaking it off. We believe it to be true eventually. That's what I fear for the kids. Face it, there's not a lot of positive feedback about them aside from them being cute. There are hundreds if not thousands of comments. And a lot if is not only not benign, some of it is downright vile and hateful. Again, I hope you're right and they don't care But some of them might.

Sage said...

What a bunch of narcissistic know it alls. We should call that blog the coven. I wish someone would write a book about them and their obsession with Kate and her kids...not healthy.

Formerly Duped has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Kate Plus 8, The Big FOUR Oh!":

Wish Collin could read of our support here. But since he loves his mother, 'even though' so many things...probably not a good idea.

Micha said...

PJ's mommma, you sound self aware and self-accepting...but you also sound like someone who thinks things through. Some people can automatically see or feel when a comment made about them isn't meant to be hurtful and some people need time to think it through, it can be a process. I think that with the Gosselin kids, they're going to see through any of the negativity out there that's written about them and see that it's the people making those sorts of comments who are damaged and angry. Those bitter and hateful comments say so much about the people making them, and I think that the Gosselin kids are smart enough, even at their young ages, to see that. I hope I'm right, too. I certainly don't want any of them to feel hurt by the nastiness out there.

merryway said...

Hate to break it to Jumpin In, but a concerned parent doesn't hand over legal custody.
They are wailing over Collin and damning Kate for whatever his probelms may be. Meanwhile, Jon has no say in Collin's care, schooling, medical, etc. etc. because he willingly gave up that say-so and left it all in the hands of Kate.


Jumping In said... 56

Is Collin seeing Jon again, and does anyone know why he stopped seeing him in the first place? Collin needs to be shown unconditional love, which does not come from Kate, obviously. To be the outcast, to be under that constant stress seems to have made him withdrawn and sad. If he had some reassurance from his father Collin may at least have a chance of feeling better about himself.

If we are feeling this degree of concern about him, imagine how Jon and the kids extended family are feeling. I always hope there are steps being taken in the background to bring some balance to their lives.
July 2, 2015 at 11:36 AM

merryway said...

Micha, they do expect the G kids to be perfect. They scour the show for any little conflict. I saw a couple of comments of how "my kids never acted that way." How abnormal for a kid never to have a meltdown, be jealous, have a moment of selfishness, be overtired, etc. They pick the kids apart the same as they do Kate. How sad to ignore all the good behavior in favor of looking for that one moment to rip into a bunch of kids.

Quilt, I agree, they don't know how real kids act. They constantly talk about "real" and "normal." But, they are clueless.

Farkle said...

Didn't Jon and the ditch man do something or say something to Collin, and that's why Collin refused to go back to Jon's. How any Father could just walk away from 8 beautiful children is just so sad. Someday when Jon is alone and living in a dump, I do hope he then will realize that he missed the best thing he would ever have in life and threw it all away.

Kids always have us and downs, even adult children have struggles. I'm so glad the BL has no children, could you even imagine the hell her children would have to live in?

Have a safe 4th!

PJ's momma said...

Happy Independence Day! Hope everyone who celebrates enjoys a nice and SAFE holiday today!

Jon ignores the busy bodies said...

The old church ladies are sitting on twitter going over and over talking about Collin. Where are the so called child advocates to keep the kids names off their twitter?

I believe Kate mentioned the school thing, so Jon would not sell another story about his children. I noticed on his twitter he told the bags to not mention his kids to him. Ha, he shut them down. His favorite fan, CC, can't stalk him and get false info anymore. Jon learned something in court. Opinion only here.

Sage said...

Jon ignores,

I agree with you. Kate put it out there before Jon could sell it.

Sage said...

Hope everyone is having a safe and Happy 4th!

Farkle said...

So is Jon going to be filming a TV show? Some spoof? How ironic, Jon can film and make money and not pay cs, but he doesn't want Kate and the kids to film? Jon can stop wagging his mouth to the press about his ex family, he threw his kids away. How his supporters thinks it's ok that he pays NOTHING for his kids well being blows my mind. I doubt he even has any over night visits anymore, maybe a cheap hamburger at the local McD's is all he pays for.

Nameless in LA said...

Ah, holidays, the time for one-upping your imaginary competitor Kate Gosselin. The BL's "veranda" is such a heartwarming place.

Tucker's Mom is still a hair behind the BL in the race for the "most pretentious, know-it-all bore" trophy, but she's closing in.

Tucker's Mom said... 71

I've make individual desserts in little clear plastic cups: butterscotch budino (fancy Italian way of saying pudding) with a salted caramel topping, mascarpone whipped cream and roasted almond brittle.
We bought pate and Cashel bleu cheese at our fancy schmancy Weggies (serving with a sliced baguette), and I made (local) plum gastrique with caramelized shallots and (local) cherry mostarda.

So, put that in your pipe and smoke it, Kate.

merryway said...

Farkle, I had to search twitter to see what tv show Jon was supposed to be filming. I found Al W's article. That has to be a joke. I think Al has gotten the 4th of July mixed up with April 1. It's too stupid and crass to be true.

Done with the 4th. It was a nice one with lots of sparkly fountains. And, we all still have our fingers intact.

merryway said...

Look at how the Bleeple spent their 4th; gossiping and rumoring about a little boy and trying to connect their misconnected dots so they can bash his mom.


localyocul said... 100

TLC stinks said... 94
local, if Admin could tell us what month she got the driveby info, we could probably figure out if the working at Henry's was punishment. Perhaps Collin has been home schooled (not by Kate) for several months since the expulsion

FlimsyFlamsy said... 96
Localyocul (#81), you may be on to something with your
Farmer Henry theory


Was it PA Dutch Mom who had heard rumblings about C but had kept quiet? Perhaps she could chime in as to a time frame. No details, but at least when this may have happened
July 4, 2015 at 7:32 PM

Lori said...

Admin is an idiot. I fed that story to her along w Jon at the garage sale. She doesn't verify. It's hilarious to see what she believes. I also told her I was Lori and I've been feeding her bday stories. She laps it up like a hungry dog.

Sage said...

Where did they get the idea that Colin was expelled??? They just make it up as they go.

Sadie May said...

Lori I did that a few years ago too.They spent a lot of time talking about what my "story" They eat it up like candy.They're so easy to fool.

Farkle said...

Nmeless in La,

I sure don't want to eat at Tuckers house, how boring. The 4th is about burgers, hot dogs, junk food, fun, family, fireworks, and honoring Independence Day. Single serving cups rations food, tsk, tsk. LOL.

Where does the BL pull her chit out of, expelled?? She wants to throw her dumbness out there, hoping it sticks to her posters. Gives them something to talk about, but we know it is shark week. :)

Lori, feed her some more crap, would love something really juicy for her blow on her blog. She has failed on all her reporting to date.

merryway said...

SMH, I have to wonder how some of BL's minions make it out of the front door every day.
Getoftweeter is sure that TLC was filming Kate and the kids because their fireworks were set up in a line. That's just the way them professional firework people do it, donchyaknow? No other people in the USA do it that way. (my eyes are rolling too).

Apparently, Njay needs some help using twitter. Njay is very sure she has caught Kate tweeting the same 4th pics as last year. So far, one person has told her she is wrong.


getoftweeter said... 122

Did I not post she would post pics. That fireworks display looks professional. I bet they filmed it. And TLC got the fireworks display. That does not look like a backyard/alley display. I was in the alley with my neighbors, and it was bring a few fireworks and shoot them off, then do some more. If you look at the pic, they have place in the distance, and the fireworks is all lined up. That is professional. I've been to local fireworks, one at a high school and golf course, and that is how they do the fireworks. Your not fooling anyone Kate, TLC set this up for filming. That looks like all 6 tups.
July 5, 2015 at 7:56 AM

njay said... 20

I don't know if anyone already found this. Sorry if you did. Anyway, I knew I saw j in those glasses before. Not only did she post the same picture, she tweeted the same comment. This is from tweetter tunnel, where you can find old tweets. BUSTED

Kate GosselinVerified account
We had such a wonderful 4th of July! Tons of friends, food and fireworks! #Gr8Memories4All #NewTradition
1:36 PM - 5 Jul 2014

July 6, 2015 at 2:43 AM

Nameless in LA said...

NJay is now hanging her head in shame, since she's been called out on her ridiculous post by multiple people, but of course has to throw in the possibility that Kate is to blame for her "mistake."

njay said... 57
Sorry all. I could have sworn I saw the pic. with J in those glasses yesterday. I don't know if she deleted it or not. I looked at this yr. pic. during the day and the pic. from last year early this morning. I'm baffled. Add embarrassed to that.

Meanwhile, someone else reports that Jon had 7 of the 8 kids over 4th of July. No evidence whatsoever that the claim is true, but of course the Bleeple are lapping up.

Mom of 4 said... 55
My sister and her family where at Atlantic City for hubby's conference. He is a dentist and he always is getting continuing ed credits. I always tease him that its to teach him new ways to sell his pts stuff and he smiles and agrees. Anyhoo, guess who was downthere with 7 kids? Jon was. He was with a very pretty woman who looked a bit taller than him per my sister's observations. I asked 20 questions and I know she thought I was a nut! There was a huge firework display. She doesn't know too much about the Gosselin's so all I got was kids where at the pool with Jon and woman most of the afternoon. She said they had 2 rows of chairs. They got pool side food service. All the kids got in the water. I asked her how many boys were with him but she could not say for sure.

So JON had the kids over the fourth. Kate you so lie!!!! And he took them to a very nice place. But I have a feeling Collin was the missing kid.

Mom of 4

Formerly Duped said... 59
Mom of 4 said... 55
Interesting! Is your sister sure it was only 7 kids? I am sad to think of any of them missing out unless by choice but I agree, it well might be Collin. Thanks for sharing.

Tucker's Mom said... 61

Jon's been working in AC quite a bit, so not surprising they're at the Jersey shore.
So, 7 kids and no mayhem? No film crew?

merryway said...

Crazy crazy. Layla is really grooving on her conspiracy theory. Don't they realize how insane these stupid accusations make them look?


Layla said... 63

The pictures from the 4th of July "this year" bother me.. I thought something was up, and it wouldn't surprise me if they were staged to make it look like the kids were home.

The flag cake picture- there are no people in the picture at all. Not even an elbow, and no other food. When there is a large gathering (like she claims they had), there is usually a lot of other food there.

In the pool pic there is just Aaden and Joel. Where are all the other guests? Nobody else is in the pool or even standing nearby. The picture could have been taken anytime. Plus--we were in the area that day for a family gathering. It was cool and rather dreary on the 4th. Definitely not pool weather. But in that picture, it looked warm and sunny.

The fireworks picture was in the dark, with kids facing away. That could have been one taken last year that had not been posted on twitter. In last year's pictures, you could see the other people in the background. This year--nobody.I think she threw together some random pictures, added a fireworks shot she didn't use last year, and posted them to make it look like the kids were home when they weren't.
July 6, 2015 at 10:52 AM

Nameless in LA said...

My favorite part is "the fireworks picture was in the dark..." Yes, because most people take fireworks picsin broad daylight. You only take pics of your kids watching fireworks in the dark when you are out to fool people. Can't get anything past ol' Layla.

merryway said...

LMAO Nameless

Truthers B Crazy said...

If you check Jon's FB page there's a picture of him with a woman. I think it must be his new GF.She's pretty.
I wonder if these haters even realize how crazy they are. They take something that Kate does and they blow it so out of proportion. They've lost their reality.Jon saw the crazy in them and ran. Robert Hoffman fans the flame to the crazy.One day one of those crazy women will go too far.

Farkle said...

So Jon made $3 grand DJ'ing in the casino, not $20,000 grand that he was blowing about. Poor Jon, the lies never end with him. The DJ that helped him get started, just blew Jon's lies out in the open. Jon was mooching, food, drinks, etc. off this guy too. Jon is a poor DJ by this guys standards who has been a DJ for over 10 years. Koolie is his name I think.

Hope Jon's gf has some coin, he lives off everybody. Most people had a 4 day weekend over the 4th, Jon may have had the kids for 1 day. If someone saw them in Atlanta, there would have been pics, Jon would have sold them.

Ugly American said...

BL said...

be engaged with the world and present in the moment whether it's your own back yard or Australia's, turn off technology now and again, and the memories will take care of themselves.

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Says the Ugly American who went to an amazing new country, came home and BITCHED ABOUT NO WIFI. What a hypocrite. LMAO

There's a reason Americans can be looked down upon when they travel. She disgusts me and gives us a bad name. IMO, of course. ;)

Quiltart said...

Thanks for sharing, Farkle! TOO funny! http://explore-nj.com/?tag=dj-koolie-kirk

merryway said...

Thanks for the link Quilt.

I thought that 20k seemed awfully high for one night's work. Especially, for an ex-reality celeb. Jon does like to glorify himself.

Jon didn't pay his DJ friend who taught him everything. Where's Jon going to get free food now?

Jon's life is going to be a mess forever and always. It's a shame he can't pull it together.

I guess Jon didn't invest in that restaurant where he was working as a waiter. ;) Actually, investing would have probably been a smart move for him. He blew through his Couples Therapy money, got evicted, and now has nothing to show for it.

Truthers B Crazy said...

It's funny that they say Kate dresses too young and like a skank but they say nothing about Jon's new GF dress in the youtube video.The woman is in her mid 40's and her dress was more suited for someone in their 20's. She also seems to love the camera...the way she looked right at it and tried to dance seductively.

Farkle said...

Jon's gf looks much older than Jon. We all know Jon has to have someone who has a real job and can support his habits as he seems to blow through money fast. Hope the IRS is watching his account, and his back taxes and court fee's he owes is being attached. If his gf cared about Jon's children at all, she would see to it that Jon pays some cs for his kids. Maybe she is a deadbeat parent. they seem to find each other. imo

Jon's gf dances like Elaine, only thing missing is Jerry watching. LOL.

Sage said...

Again and again they show their lack of self awareness. They bash Kate far worse than whatever is said about Jon.

Over And Out
6:00 PM (1 hour ago)

to me
Over And Out has left a new comment on the post "Recap: G'Day from Australia!":

Kate is a twit said... 17
Jon answered one of the sheeple critics:

DJ Jon Gosselin @jgosselin10 · 34m34 minutes ago
@BluMyst @GoToWhitney @GeeWhiz__ @Kateplusmy8 @ENews wrong, business deal he backed out. Have texts as proof. Sad soul!!!

Good for him. Enough is enough. It's about time that he set the record straight for these black-hearted Jon haters who are dumber than the proverbial bag of hair. With the verbal abuse he takes, and the downright lies on Twitter, I'm surprised he has enough restraint not to file libel complaints against them. Maybe that's coming. Who knows, especially if these lies have a negative impact on his employment. Kravitz, you're included in this.

I've never seen so much ignorance coming from these know-it-all hypocrites. Take a look at their timelines and you can tell exactly how low the bar is set for intelligence. Maturity-wise, the level is that of a 14-year-old. Collectively, they are all in the same boat.

Quiltart said...

Kate defends herself and she's a liar. Jon defends himself and he's a hero. Their ignorance never ends, does it?

Sage said...

No it doesn't...and to add to that they lack the self awareness to see what hypocrites they are. Totally clueless.

Nameless in LA said...

I don't see how playing gigs at bars in and around your home in rural PA (no offense to rural PA) qualifies as a "pretty impressive rise in the DJ field." The guy played in AC one time and suddenly he's a star DJ in their warped little minds. I think it was Tucker's Mom who claimed Jon plays Atlantic City "frequently." Sure he does...if you're using their alternate universe dictionary that defines "frequently" as "once."

Realitytvkids.com ~ Administrator said... 9

Jon's had a pretty impressive rise in the DJ field for only being in it a short time. It's understandable a more established DJ could find that frustrating and lash out. Instead of lashing out which accomplishes nothing, go back to the drawing board, get better, innovate. Competition is good, it makes you sharper. He'll realize that when the dust settles.

merryway said...

Kate defends herself and she's a liar. Jon defends himself and he's a hero. Their ignorance never ends, does it? ~Quiltart

Yep, And when Em Tanner had something to say about Kate, she was a hero. DJ Koolie speaks out against Jon and he's just jealous.

Farkle said...

Jon will DJ until he gets bored with this or he has to finally pay back taxes and bills. He loves the broke Dad story too much. His small charity work will fail, he just wanted his name out there. The sad thing, someone will go and post pics and make fun of him.

Koolie told the truth, Jon is shady, and putting the warning out to other DJ's and gigs maybe not to get involved with him.

GO garity Event? said...

White Party--- having GoGo Dancers at a cancer charity? Is this for men who have cancer? I highly doubt many women would be interested in this form of entertainment. Most women who have had or are going through cancer would be offended at this.

merryway said...

BL's advocacy is shining through at it's finest. Three children were sent to a juvenile facility for refusing to see their father. The case has been going on for 5 years. The mother claims abuse and that he threatened the children. The father claims parental alienation. He works and lives in Isreal, but visits the area frequently.

The children are a 9yo girl, and two boys ages 10 and 15. They are seperated with from each other their older brother and from their mother. Their mother has never been determined unfit, she had primary custody. This is all about visitation with their father.

Bl's response is unbelievable. Bl calls them "little shits."

I supposed BL would like to see Collin and the twins put into a facility if they continue to not visit with their dad? She would want them removed from Kate kicking and screaming and placed with Jon.

The problem with the parental alienation theory is that it doesn't take into account how hard it is to prove domestic violence. There may be no findings, because it's often "he said/she said" but that doesn't mean the threat isn't real.

I have no way of knowing in this case. Except, no one is listening to the children. That's the really scary part.


Realitytvkids.com ~ Administrator said... 169

As long as the father is a good parent the judge should have just placed the children with him kicking and screaming. When parental alienation is that bad sometimes you have to just rip the bandaid. The kids may hate it but they have no chance of getting through the alienation unless forced to be with their parent. I commend the judge for taking the bull by the horns though.
July 9, 2015 at 1:34 PM

Realitytvkids.com ~ Administrator said... 194

Regarding that judge I was trying to wrap my mind around how a family judge has authority to send a kid to jail then I realized the only way the family court can access the criminal courts is by holding you in contempt, which is rare. He must have found the kids in contempt for violating a court visitation order.

I didn't realize a judge can hold a minor in contempt. The kids should get their attorney to take a writ on it, if they have an attorney.

I'm going to assume the judge was at the absolute end of her rope with this family and that the kids were mouthy and being unreasonable and she couldn't get through to them. That father is very lucky to have a judge go to bat like this for his rights.
July 9, 2015 at 3:38 PM

Realitytvkids.com ~ Administrator said... 12

Quite frankly little shits came to my mind too. If the judge had to do that chances are the kids are nightmares. Better they learn now to have some respect for the court of law than be sent to prison at 22. She may have just done those children one gigantic favor.
July 9, 2015 at 5:40 PM

Realitytvkids.com ~ Administrator said... 17

Just because a child is a victim of parental alienation doesn't mean they can't be an organically nasty kid too. It's for their own good it sounds like, and it doesn't sound like it was done in haste.
July 9, 2015 at 5:59 PM

merryway said...

Here's a link and excerpt.


"Gorcyca imposed the harsh punishment after the older Tsimhoni son obeyed the judge's command to apologize -- but not to his father. “He’s violent and he -- I saw him hit my mom and I’m not gonna talk to him,” the teen said. Tsimhoni denied hitting his ex in an interview with the New York Observer, and claimed his former wife made up the story and convinced their kids it was real.

Gorcyca ignored the teen's allegation and found him guilty of civil contempt. After praising the father effusively, she called the son a "defiant, contemptuous young man."

"You’re supposed to have a high IQ, which I’m doubting right now," Gorcyca told the boy, according to the transcript. "You have no manners.”

With coaxing from their attorneys, the two younger Tsimhoni siblings each apologized and said they would try to connect with their dad. Gorcyca ordered them to have a pleasant lunch with their father -- or they'd be incarcerated.

“Do you like going to the bathroom in front of people?" she asked the girl, threatening to send her to detention for her birthday.

Gorcyca said she would use security cameras to keep track of the children's behavior. After hearing the judge's warnings, the sister and younger brother said they would rather be sent to juvenile detention with their older sibling."

merryway said...

"They are seperated with from each other their older brother and from their mother."

Oops, The older brother is also in juvie. Somehow part of my sentence went away.

merryway said...

Btw, I think the judge should be disbarred for taking three kids from a fit home and placing them in a juvie facility. The judge threatened to keep them there until they are 18. At this point, they are in until September when she scheduled a review.

If the father ever gets visitation and hurts the children or kidnaps them to Israel, what would the judge be saying then?

Reader said...

I think its funny that 15 mins posters, post here as well. So easy to read you. Not enough attention from lawyer? Got picked on by one of the fav 5? Aw. Don't you realize how pathetic you ALL are?


PJ's momma said...

Oh my word, now Kate hasn't been tweeting because she's had Steve at the house and that's his hand in a photo. The other person is clearly wearing one of those wire bracelets that has a few charms dangling off the overlapping part in the front. I got one for my birthday. They're marketed to females. It could be a twin's hand for all anyone knows.

Farkle said...


They must come here to whine when they can't say what they really want to. Their loser leader after all is a expert on everything, including parents rights. I have never seen her have a profile case, shows her corner cubicle is as far as she will ever get.

in the case discussed above, the children need their own attorney. The press needs to blast this all over, many unanswered questions for this judge. Kids are asked questions, if they told the truth, someone's head is going to roll. imo

Strange said...

Hailey and Jon tweet each other? I know Hardy was involved with Jon, but I thought he owed her lots of money? I liked her after the break from Jon, now?????

Nameless in LA said...

The BL is losing her mind. She's taking a beating for her horrid comments about the kids sent to juvie and one of her responses is a link to "eight evil children who murdered" as if that somehow justifies all her remarks about these kids being "little shits," etc. She cares more about what the judge has been "put through" with this family than she does about the children involved. What a piece of work.

merryway said...

Nameless, Bl certainly is confusing. To prove her point, Bl gives that link with eight world-wide cases of notorious children who committed murder. Good grief, she listed Mary Bell from the 1960s. BL uses her as an example of having "perfectly decent parents"? Her mother was a prostitute who tried to kill her, she also sexually abused her. Another one in that list had equally horrific parents.
What was Bl's point?

BL thinks it fair to wait till she knows more about the case to judge the judge. She sure didn't give that consideration to the kids who were taken from their home and placed in juvie.

Re the case with the three children, I can't believe the way the judge talked to those little kids.

Again, I have no idea in this case. But, I know the courts can get it completely twisted around when claiming parental alienation. Either way, you can't order a relationship, only visitation.

There's another reason this case has gone on so long and that's the financial status of the parents. Normally, only the very well off can have a custody/visitation case going 5 years. Your court time only lasts as long as your money.


Realitytvkids.com ~ Administrator said... 102

'Juvie' is for children who are parentless; either physically gone or emotionally unavailable. They put children in these places mostly because their PARENTS failed them. It's NOT the child's fault.


That's patently untrue. Perfectly decent parents have children who end up in juvie. There are bad kids out there just like they are bad adults.

July 10, 2015 at 9:33 PM

Kacey said...

You once stated that your blog is all about stopping Kate and her 8 from all the hate thrown their way. You would close up shop once that issue was resolved. Seems now you have branched out. Your hate group is now attacking BL on her views of "Juvies". Oh my, when will all this hate stop? You are so full of it!!!

Truthers B Crazy said...

This site is about whatever Sage allows it to be. Her blog, her rules. If you don't like it, make your own site.

Quiltart said...

Typical Bleeple bows down at the shrine of the BL, spewing the most disgusting things about Kate and her kids that they invent in their own minds. Sorry, but BL is fair game, just like she says Kate is.

merryway said...

Lol, perhaps we should do something more constructive per Bl's example. They are so obsessed with Milo, they are wondering what kind of dog would she be.

I have always discussed BL's site. That's nothing new.

Farkle said...

Someone is not liking comments here, but she is sticking up for the BL. ROTF! Wonder what Kacey thinks is so great about a so called child advocate that bashes kids, Mom's, life in general and has a fetish site. Pray tell, that I would like to know. Someone sending her do her dirty work is just the same old, same old. Why doesn't the BL shut down her blog?

Nameless in LA said...

Kacey, Isn't it nice that you can post your opinion here? If Sage were to follow the BL's lead, she would moderate her blog and respond to your comment without actually posting it, so that she could control and manipulate the dialogue. Oh, and then Sage would post some hypocritical tripe about free speech, as the BL did just today.

If you are one of her minions, wake up! You are being used to satisfy the BL's gigantic, but fragile, ego.
Realitytvkids.com ~ Administrator said... 183
You're right PJ, the heart of free speech is your freedom to have an opinion about a situation that not everyone agrees with. We all come from different places and one's opinion may be completely different based on things they have seen or experienced that others haven't, or vice versa.

The sheeple don't want anyone to have an opinion that they don't like or can't understand. That is not what this country is all about.

Sage said...

Thanks, Nameless.

This comment by the BL says it all:

'The sheeple don't want anyone to have an opinion that they don't like or can't understand. That is not what this country is all about.'

It is the BL who does not want anyone else to have an opinion that does not match with her own. Can anyone who comments at that blog have a thought of their own?

Truthers B Crazy said...

I refuse to believe that woman is a Lawyer.Maybe a fired one.I wouldn't have her for my lawyer.....even if it were for free.

merryway said...

BL makes it very clear she has no problem incarcerating children of divorce (aka "little sh*ts") for refusing to see a parent.

Also, the judge was not playing semantics. She was very clear that she was ordering the children to have a relationship with their father and to talk to him. Beyond ensuring that visitation happened, the judge wants to control the mind and actions of these kids. BL is fine with that too.


Btw, that attorney in the link above is no longer the attorney for the children. She was hired by the mother, but since she and the father share legal custody, he said "no." The court appointed attorneys for the children had just met them the day of the contempt hearing.

Seems like BL is being snotty to posters. She's breaking her own rule again. ;)


Realitytvkids.com ~ Administrator said... 58

As others have said about a judge ordering a healthy relationship, we're playing synantics. It is all within a family judge's power to order a parent and child to take all the steps toward a healthy relationship, including intensive therapy and conjoint therapy. No they can't order your thoughts and feelings to change but they can order you to take certain steps that facilitate the change of those thoughts and feelings, and they can order you to see, interact with, do therapy with, and be open and fair to your parent. They have broad discretion to do what is in the best interest of the child and their relationship with their parent.

A judge is also not supposed to allow parental alienation to happen. If they see it, they are supposed to put an immediate stop to it, even if the kids hate your rulings.

The interesting question this case raised is what do you do when a minor is in contempt of an order you made that was in their best interest. If you turn a blind eye to their defiance, the family court becomes powerless. The California Court of Appeal said that when it comes to visitation if a child won't go because they want to estrange their parent, and you the judge have determined there is no "detriment" to the visits, then you must drag them to the visits kicking and screaming. The case is called Hunter S. and I believe it's from 2006. That's about as close to saying the judge has the power to force a relationship, if you're willing to stop playing semantics.
July 12, 2015 at 8:33 PM

Nameless in LA said...

Well, Susan1956, since you asked...I'm going with a NO on that. Make that, "NO, you idiot."

Susan1956 said... 122
Any chance last night's Shokie-fest was due to the announcement of the new View co-host?

Sage said...

LOL Nameless How do they come up with their bizarre theories? Idiots is right.

merryway said...

"Damage control"
The haters have been using that phrase since the days of GWOP. Whenever there is something contradictory to their ramblings, they cry "damage control."

The haters on twitter and Bl's blog have talked about Shoka's "neglect and abuse" every single day for years. But, when Kate happens to post pics of Shoka, it's all because of the haters and damage control. They sure are full of themselves.
They want Kate's world to revolve around them since their lives revolve around Kate.


Midnight Madness said... 162

Yes, Kate is happy as a lark, which means, they just got through filming, and Kate has a nice big pay check in the bank


Or Steve is there for a visit and she's hitting the wine. This could account for her happiness!

I think the tweet fest last night was all about damage control, and making sure that everyone knew how much she loves Shoka and that he's not abused or left outside in the heat. Nothing more, nothing less. It's the new, laid back Kate, kids are in my room, I'm the quintessential June Cleaver who just goes with the flow.
July 13, 2015 at 6:08 PM

Farkle said...

Free speech and different opinions would never be in the BL rules on her blog. ROTF. I wonder if Kacey knows many of us tried to post our thoughts on her blog, and none of them ever appeared. Sage is very open here, but to come and bash and run is the BL game.

I truly don't believe she practices law, maybe she did at one time, because she has talked about clients, families, court issues which is a no no, even if you don't mention names. She also has spoke of past jobs, and mentioned their names.

merryway said...

Lol, Bl is once again responding to ghosts. She is also, once again, using "Jon is not a public figure, he's a private guy" argument to justify their constant slamming of Kate.

I believe the first comment is to what the ghost commentor was referring.

Does BL realize that Jon, himself, said he was a public figure? He's given countless interviews to Eonline and Intouch, etc, appeared on Couples Therapy, begged to be on DWTS and Celebrity Apprentice, his facebook says "public figure" AND Jon has announced that he's considering running for State Representative.

Pretty sure all that equals being a public figure.

It's always okay to slam Kate but Jon is a sainted awesome dad living a private life.


FlimsyFlamsy said... 24

Admin (#18), whenever Gladys makes fun of Jon, she outs herself
as someone who does not care one bit about the G kids.
Can she possibly conceive that if their dad fails in any way,
it could cause them to feel sadness or stress or fear or shame?
Yet she practically roots for him to mess up. Last week she
commented "why am I not surprised" about that DJ dispute
when she didn't even know the facts. What it all translates
to is, "I hate your ex as much as you do, K8! NOW can
we be best friends?!"
July 14, 2015 at 11:27 AM

Realitytvkids.com ~ Administrator said... 69

You all do exactly the same...just substitute "Kate" for "Jon." How can you not recognize this?


You're free to think it's the same but to me it's not at all because of two very important factors:

1. Jon is not exploiting his children to make a living and thus, subject to the same criticism of what he does as Kate is, who has structured her entire life around using the children and the fame they give her to make a buck.
2. Jon is not an active public figure and thus does not deserve hyper criticism of every move he makes like you would a public figure. Yes yes yes he says things once in awhile when asked, but it's just not enough to rise to that level of a public figure anymore in my opinion. He is doing a normal job anyone with a musical ear could try.

Remember the judge in the Cosby case ruling that the records COULD be released because he was such a high profile public figure the case was a matter of public concern. Had he not been so famous, such as just a Jon Gosselin, the records might have remained sealed. The distinction between public figures and private figures and the level of public scrutiny allowed toward them is a legal one and complex, and there is no way Jon and his new lifestyle where he has remained much more quiet rises to the level of Kate, Cosby, or many other famous people.
July 14, 2015 at 7:05 PM

Quiltart said...

He's a DJ and he's not an active public figure? Give me a break! From the haters/bleeple view, he's only famous because of the kids. Right? Their twisted logic is beyond me! Jon loves being in the spotlight!

merryway said...

Jon sure does love the spotlight Quilt.

BL wrote a novel explaining why Jon is not considered a public figure. I'm only copying this part.

"Hundreds of people have shown up on reality TV. Only a few are really public figures under any real meaningful standard. One of those few is Kate. Another is Richard Hatch. Jon appeared on a reality show for a handful of episodes a year and a half ago. It doesn't make him an active member of the public eye. He was at one time five years ago, he no longer is today. He has a job in the private sector and has asked that people move on. Common decency would respect that. Milo does not, so I can only conclude she doesn't have decency.

Some people named John Bluher, Kelsey Nykole, and Liz Janetta also appeared on the show Jon was on, but no court in the land would ever classify them as public figures under the meaning of the law. It takes more than showing your mug on TV for a couple episodes a year and a half ago to get that lovely status."

They live in such denial. Funny, they talk about Steve and Gina all of the time. It's only Jon that Bl flags as private.

So..... all of the links below have occurred after Jon was on Couples Therapy. I'm sure there are more, this was a just a quick search. I didn't even put in the interviews Jon gave that he was filing for emergency custody until Kate has a psych eval.

Here's Jon getting ready to DJ his big gig in Atlantic City, he calls himself a public figure. I guess BL needs to explain to him that he doesn't qualify. Lol


In April, Jon was in Times Square busy not being a public figure at a mock funeral publicity thing about reality tv.


Here's Jon not being a public figure in March in an exclusive w/OKmag. He says he is considering running for State Representative.


Here's Jon privately telling Hollywood Life what he's getting the kids for Christmas.


And here's a bunch more.







merryway said...

Before those, Jon gave interviews about the restaraunt in which he was working, he gave the Dad's Roundtable interview, he used to call in to VH1 (before the VH1 people started mocking him) etc. etc.

Nameless in LA said...

Merry, Merry, Merry. According to PA Dutch Mom, the great Gosselin insider, it is a FACT that Jon has stepped out of the limelight. Please don't mess with the version of reality she has created in her head. She is a LOCAL and knows all. Don't drive her away from the Gosselin blogosphere by disrespecting her. I would greatly miss her constant local weather reports and all the other oh-so-informative posts about the area designed to demonstrate that she really, truly is a local.

PA Dutch Mom said... 84
I completely disagree that Jon has chosen to remove himself from the limelight, but that's irrelevant here.)


He did choose to remove himself from the limelight, and that is a fact, not an opinion.

merryway said...

Lol, My apologies to PA Dutch Mom for disturbing her glass menagerie of reality. :)

PJ's momma said...

Wow, someone should send that list over yonder. A lot of those interviews are only 60-90 days old.

merryway said...

Well, I must have rubbed somebody the wrong way. Someone's using "merryway" to post at Bl's.
Really BL? Just this morning, weren't you admonishing how juvenile it is to hi-jack a name?
Lol, such an old game.

Quiltart said...

Don't forget the interview where he stopped to pee on his friend's driveway!

Nameless in LA said...

Another day, another conspiracy theory. Fake note gate!
Lily said... 193
@Kateplusmy8: You know you’re an @amazon addict when you find this note from your kids on your bedroom door.... #AppearedLastNight http://twitter.com/Kateplusmy8/status/621362402236497920/photo/1

It kind of looks to me like Kate wrote this herself. As adults we're usually the ones that mix caps and lower case letters in one word. Looks like an adult trying to look like a kid writing.
July 15, 2015 at 7:02 PM

redbird said... 4
There is no way the kids wrote that note. She wrote that note. KIAT, is there a picture or a video where her handwriting is shown? I believe those are her a's. The way the word tomorrow is written is totally different than some of the other words.

Rainbirdie said... 5

I agree. Do kids these days even know how to make an "A" that way? I rarely see adults under 40 write that way anymore. Same with cursive writing.

angie said... 8

As far as the Amazon note, etc, I don't believe a word she says on twitter. She's been caught in the past tweeting the kids said blah blah blah (or ate whatever, or are in her room, etc), yet random people tweet that Jon has the kids when she's tweeting those crapfest tweets.
It's all smoke and mirrors. I don't believe a word that comes from those tweeting fingers. None of it.

Quiltart said...

TLC has pulled the plug on 19 kids for good!

BL is bs everyday said...

I laugh every time I come to read here, the BL keeps Kate is the news, no wonder her girl crush is so strong. Makes you wonder if she has other intentions is why she always has to talk about Kate. Weird people all over the world become obsessed with stuff and someone they can't ever have. I would shudder to think I had a blog about my family written by a lawyer from CA. and my lawyer would be contacting her ASAP to shut her down. Just because you are a public figure, there are laws that can prevent you from mentioning a family on a public forum. I guess the D student didn't read that part of the law. Jon is public, he will sell an interview when the rent is do, or he has been kicked off a couch somewhere. Sad! imo

Duggers cancelled? I still feel very sorry for the girls in that family and hopefully they are getting real help.

Quiltart said...

LOL... I knew it wouldn't take very long for the bleeple to tie Kate into their discussion of the Duggars being dropped! They can't think of anything else, can they?

Farkle said...


The BL has nothing better to do, ya know famous lawyer and all. ROTF. She is just a 5 year pest.

So Jill and Jessica are going to appear on a special about abuse on TLC. What a scam, Jim Bob is still going to get a paycheck. TLC should have just walked clear away from this family and let the girls deal with their own lives. Jim Bob will be like Jon, he will start selling stories to keep the girls in the limelight now.

Sadie May said...

I imagine the bleeple are frantically looking on youtube to find scenes where they show Kate's handwriting so they can analyze that to the note.

PJ's momma said...

I believe a kid did write that note, because Kate stated she uses Amazon Prime already. Prime day would not benefit her one bit as she already has it (it was an incentive to get people to try it). A kid would not know that nor understand that Prime day or whatever it was makes no difference to their mom. She can already order anything at any time and get free shipping. We use it too and I looked at the offerings throughout the day. They were a joke. You can get better prices in a store and some of the deals were bizarre, like some weird clearance table at a garage sale.

Nameless in LA said...

PJ's Momma, Never let rational thought get in the way of a good conspiracy theory.

PJ's momma said...

HA, silly me!
Did anyone else look at the 'deals?' Squirrel traps, key chains, Rubbermaid containers, Clorox wipes, a sports towel......that was one group offered around 2 pm. I think Amazon is counting on people forgetting to cancel before the 30 days is up and collecting all those fees.

Nameless in LA said...

I have Prime too and glanced at the deals. I wasn't impressed either! I think you're absolutely right.

Farkle said...

I read the released statement from the Duggers on the cancelation of their show. They said they were looking forward to helping with the new documentary that is coming up. TLC is just going to keep them on TV so Jim Bob will have a paycheck, just doing it underhanded. Thoughts?

PJ's momma said...

Farkle, sooooooooo......the girls go on national TV to say that whatever happened was no big deal, they weren't even aware of it - and now they are going to be filmed to help others who went through the same thing? But I thought it was no big deal and they didn't even know it happened. CHA-CHING!

These people can cite Biblical principles and scripture all they want, but they are addicted to fame and money. They are Kardashian-esque in a tidier package, IMHO. They self-promote on social media constantly. They can't wish each other happy birthday privately? Those sonograms must be shared with the world, along with all the other selfies?

TLC is disgusting. They should cut them loose. All of them. Reality TV is not meant to document you from birth to death and pay forever. Shows lose their luster and people move on to the next thing. We humans lose interest in stuff, it's just how we're wired.

Nameless in LA said...

In some ways, the Duggars are worse than the Kardashians. At least the Kardashians don't pretend to be anything other than what they are -- unapologetic fame whores. The Duggars are totally disingenous.

Nameless in LA said...

And note gate continues. Sleepless In Seattle has branched out from her role as resident bird expert to offer this incisive analysis of Cara's handwriting.

Sleepless In Seattle said... 81
TLC stinks said... 61
I looked at the kids' valentine day card. The handwriting is Cara's.


If you looked at the Valentine's Day card from this year, with Cara's signature, then it's not her handwriting on the Amazon note. Cara makes her "a" in one stroke, while in the Amazon note, there are two strokes. Moreover, the "r" is distinctly different. Cara's has no bend to it, while in the Amazon note, there is a curve at the bottom of the "r" that is really pronounced.

Did Kate write the note? Who knows? I've not seen any of her printing, but I'm sure it's out there somewhere.

Quiltart said...

Who knows and who cares? Do they ever NOT go off on anything Kate says or does? These women think WE'RE the stupid ones? Pot meet kettle...

PJ's momma said...

Nameless, you make an excellent post. The Duggars ARE totally disingenuous. I never considered that. They ARE worse! Y'all look at USSS while we all judge and condemn YOUUU!!!!

Sorry if I'm posting too much. I've pretty much lived in this chair with crutches by my side for two weeks and am bored out of my skull.

Sage said...

Why the crutches, PJ?

PJ's momma said...

Either a severe sprain or a hairline fracture undetectable by x-ray. Top of my foot. Of course, it's the right foot so I couldn't drive for a while because it hurt so bad, plus my birth control shoe doesn't exactly make for safe driving. It's getting better. Crutches are so dangerous! Talk about feeling unstable. So I hobble more than I use them. I can't use them if I fall and break my arm.

Running takes a toll after many years. Chronic foot problems are pretty common. Others have it much worse so I'm not complaining.

Any Bee Gees fans? I'm watching this now. It's bittersweet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pUa91AaXGg

Quiltart said...

I'm showing mty advanced old age...What is a birth control shoe?

PJ's momma said...

A birth control shoe is a giant, hideous, velcro contraption with a hard sole that holds everything together down there. My husband calls it a birth control shoe, even though we don't need birth control. I have accidentally kicked my good ankle with it many times and may need a birth control shoe on that one too!

This is it but mine is blue with a lovely white contrast sole. Isn't it lovely? It scares the dog so at least that part is funny. She has barked at it several times, both when it on and when it was resting at night.

PJ's momma said...

Oops, sorry about that long link.

Time to lurch around like Frankenstein and scare the dog upstairs for the night. Good night!

merryway said...

I don't understand why Jim Bob and Michelle and other Duggars would be involved with the documentary. I don't have a problem with Jill and Jessa doing it and whatever they decide on for their future. They are victims on their own journey.

Hope you heal quickly PJ's momma.

Farkle said...


So sorry about being laid up, it's so hard in the summer months. Hope you heal fast!

TLC maybe took the wrong route with all their Reality TV shows, I would have liked to seen a few shows a year on each family, the pressure on all the new Mom's and Dad's had to be extremely hard. The viewers now will tell TLC about how people feel. The Dugger girls said they didn't know about their brother's actions until JB and M told them, so how can they help others? This is just messed up, imo.

merryway said...

Yeah, I don't get it Farkle. It seems like an atonement on the part of TLC, but it also seems like it's going to miss the mark.

PJ's momma, I was a Bee Gees fan once upon a time. Back in the days of disco.

My kids' all know the movie Sgt. Pepper's. As teenager's, my friends and I saw that twice in the theaters.

Quiltart said...

Thanks for the explanation, PJ. My husband broke his foot a few years ago and had to wear one of thos contraptions for several weeks! Hope you heal quickly!

merryway said...

BL has been ranting about Kate taking a baby robin with a deformed beak to the wildlife rescue (even though Bl was in awe and wonder at Jon holding a baby deer in the woods). Bl keeps referring to the wildlife website and chastising Kate as an abuser of birds. She can't manage the thought that Kate probably called the wildlife place before piling kids and bird in the car to just show up. Yeesh, Bl has no common sense at all.
Guess Bl missed the tweet where Kate was thanked by one of the workers from the wildlife rescue.
Lol, can you imagine the shouts of heroism for Jon had he saved a baby bird. They sure ignored how he left a little kitten to fend for itself.


Realitytvkids.com ~ Administrator said... 87

.... I'm starting to feel AWFUL for that baby bird, being transported all the way to Philly now. He must be having a heart attack. But I don't feel so bad when I realize I don't believe a word of that fantastical story. Gimme a break. They're going to tell her, per their own web site, to put the damn bird back where it came from and never bother them with this nonsense again.
July 16, 2015 at 8:32 PM


Amanda Staller

Wow! @Kateplusmy8 brought in a Robin to the wildlife center I work at, on my day off! Thankyou so much Kate for helping us help wildlife!
11:43 PM - 14 Jul 2015

Quiltart said...

I've been thinking that due to their show,appearances and trips, the Duggar kids have had access to the "worldly" world that they previously were sheltered from. I wonder how the kids will feel about being imprisoned on their compound once again? I wonder which of them will bolt the first chance they have!?

Sadie May said...

I think they're hoping the baby robin dies.They say the bird is not important enough to be transported.If Kate hadn't called, they'd be calling her a killer.
And BTW to Ex nurse...yup you are a bunch of black hearted bitches.IK used to think you were one of the smarter ones over there. Spoke your mind, even if it pissed BL off. You drank the kool aid. Congrats bleeple.

merryway said...

Sadie, they suddenly became callous vs. their typical bleeding heart all because it was Kate trying to save a Robin.

Kate and the kids were filming today. There are some more pics on her twitter.
The minions' imaginings had Collin sent off somewhere, but he's there.

Lol, remember when they wanted to believe that the filming was a obligation of Kate's old contract?


Farkle said...

Oh the twatters are typing like mad, Kate was filmed today and someone OUT of the group fed them some bull, and they jumped on it. She looked like 16 in her a bio. Kate and the kids went into a store and went to the shoe department and didn't walk up and down every section in the store. She said co-workers were pissed, they had the store all tidy. ROTF! Kate must have been buying shoes, not towels. :) OMG, it's a short part of filming, cut and pasted dozens of times. I wish people realized what filing is all about.

Farkle said...

filming^^^^, typo, ugh!

Truthers B Crazy said...

If the employees are mad, they need to be mad at their boss. He's the one who made them clean up the store, not Kate.He wanted his store to look good on TV...Imagine that.The nerve.So Kate didn't look around the entire store. Maybe the producer didn't have time to film that. But it's Kate's fault of course.
You just know they've been calling that Vet's office looking for an update on the bird. One crazy even said Kate kicked it off the porch and broke it's beak.Miserable witches.

piper said...

Cocoa Coffee ‏@cocoacoffee1962 · 18h18 hours ago
@T_Rodriguez88 What is up with those earrings? haha Looks like the chain inside a toilet tank you use to flush a toilet with


This is the kind of shit LukeBandit, aka Redbird, aka uber Christian beggar posts.



Again, the haters don't know any facts said...

The employee who released the film footage of filming of the G's was arrested for stealing clothes from another business. Hope the next person that hires her does a real background check on her. She is 19, not a teen, so the haters need to shut it.

Quiltart said...

The haters on Twitter are on overdrive... Have you noticed how often they ask for lists of sponsors and phone numbers and all to tell on Kate? I can only imagine what the people they call think when they hear or read their rants! They s not do, except as they conjure it up in their sick imaginations!

merryway said...

I saw the video and the tweets (courtesy of BL's) and thought it was no big deal. I see no reason to police some random tweeter.

Farkle said...

The twatters want to band together and tell the store management that Kate's fans do stuff to others for not supporting Kate. No, there is a right way to handle a business, no employee should ever tweet about customers or what they do while shopping in a store. They failed to mention that people who do this usually do not have a job the next day. Encouraging this person to bash Kate was not wise of them to do, they represented the store, not Kate. If this person is fired because of this, she can thank the non fans for their support to hate on a family who did business there.

Business owners expect their employees to follow store rules, and I'll bet number 1 is not to put crap on social media that would draw attention, good or bad about them. The non fans are quickly figured out when it comes to Kate, the list would be the same for years now, all 5 of them. ROTF!

Nameless in LA said...

I agree with you, Merry, but I must say I'm amused by the person who had to go "anonymous" to announce that she had major connections and could make a call to the top. Call away, but the need to make a public announcement about the great power you wield, under the cloak of anonymity, is hilariously ridiculous.

Nameless in LA said...

Meant to include the posts I referenced. Holy sense of self-importance, Batman!

Anon 4 Now

They're trying to get the employee or employees fired? I've known the family for many years. Al Boscov, son of the founder, was a close friend of my father. The store has an interesting history. Should I make a few phone calls with a heads-up alert about a few of these fans who like nothing more than to s##t stir and cause trouble, or is it best to stay out of it? Opinions, please!.
Okay, then. I'll make a call. Consider it done. Not an e-mail to a manager or to a staffer or an employee, but a call to a big cheese. I won''t report back because I really don't want to get involved in a back and forth war of words with any of those fruitcake fans. I don't have a Twitter or FB account, thank goodness.

And no, I'm not blowing smoke.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Anon 4 Now

Who wants to place bets on WHO posted that she knew people--- said...

Before the self importance makes that call, she better look around and see what the guy posted inline about that company. Go ahead, make that call fast and let the boss know that his CEO picture is out there with the employee giving the finger to him. Ha!! You just can't believe that a lawyer would want her posters calling a company and ratting out the employees of his business. Gotta love the stupid of some, just saying.

Truthers B Crazy said...

Realitytvkids.com ~ Administrator said... 74

Either the girl did something she shouldn't have and got called out for it or she didn't. Both sides are making a big deal out of absolutely nothing.


I agree with you what happened is really "nothing" but I imagine that young woman thinks it's a very big deal that some stranger has taken it upon themselves to personally contact their employer and demand that she be fired in no uncertain terms.

If we don't think that's a big deal, we're getting blasé. Put yourself in her shoes.


Maybe they should put their selves in Kate's shoes. Calling sponsors because they don't like her & they believed a lot of made up stories.

Truthers B Crazy said...

So Jon meets this woman and moves in with her ONE month later? That is not a stable man.Give him money and watch how Impulsively he'll spend it.
Over at 15minutes, It's pretty funny with all the high fiving & pats on the back they're giving each other over how kind they are, and in the next breath ragging on Milo & how mental Kate's fans are.Such Godly women they are.

Quiltart said...

I don't think this is the "older woman" he talked about in his last interview. She was supposed to have some kind of important job!

The haters on US are claiming he is not a serial dater, because he's only had four serious girlfriends since the divorce. They don't know how to count.

Quiltart said...

They have such high opinions of themselves. Every.single.one.of.them is a narcissist!

Sage said...

I think the posters at BLs are humorous. They are so full of themselves and lack self awareness.

They keep going on and on about Kate being our 'queen' yet they lick up every crumb Becks the birth fetish site owner throws them and they think we are mentally ill? lol

Nameless in LA said...

Ha, this comment about the "sheeple" wins this week's no self awareness award and it's only Monday...

Mel said... 127
Fleecing The Sheeple said... 123 ...

I often wonder if they're not pretty powerless in their real lives. Or maybe they're the blowhards that no one wants to associate with.

Farkle said...

The BL wants to fluff off the pic gate, when I think she has been on the page in contacting sponsors that Kate worked for. Pfft, suck it up buttercup, adults that work for a company should NEVER post about any customer, no matter who they are. Companies can also find out who posts complaints on their page, tsk, better tell your posters that.

So Jon has a new women, good for him, hope he moves away with her and starts his life over. A DJ without a circuit does not make much $. Hope she is willing to pay bills for him, and stay way behind the scene. If not she just might find herself in court with Jon as he seems to have a problem paying his bills. I doubt he has much visitation, he's a way bigger star now than his own children. imo

Farkle said...

Nameless in La,

I have my own power if life, certainly don't need a 2 bit lawyer to tell me what to do, gotta love it.

merryway said...

They have such high opinions of themselves. Every.single.one.of.them is a narcissist!~Quiltart

Yep, I've never seen people so full of themselves.

They are stuck in a time warp too. Kate said she was "piecing and patching" way back when the show was first cancelled. Sometime, in 2011. Yet, they bring it up all the time as if she said it yesterday.
They don't make any sense, just blathering among themselves.


NJGal51 said... 155

@Kateplusmy8: Enjoyed my first @blueapron meal w/ @deannatweeting this weekend! DELICIOUS! #NeedFamPlanFor9Please #NotPaid4Promo:) http://twitter.com/Kateplusmy8/status/623295639426875392/photo/1
#NotPaid4Promo YET! Grifting at its finest going on here.
She managed to get in the fact that they're a family of 9 (she has 8 kids you know) and she remembered to include @blurapron. Even when she's provided with all the ingredients AND pictures of how the finished product should look she still plates for shit. Piecing and patching my arse.
July 20, 2015 at 7:54 PM

Nameless in LA said...

I don't think I've ever encountered a group of women so completely full of themselves. I can't begin to imagine knowing any of them in real life. I'd run screaming within 5 seconds.

They are blathering on and on about how real cooks don't use this type of service, etc. Is there ANYTHING the woman can say, tweet, etc. that they won't get up in arms about? And of course PA Dutch Mom had to chime in about all the wonderful restaurants in Kate's area. I'm surprised she didn't describe each in excruciating detail, because she's a local, dontcha know.

PJ's momma said...

Years ago, our friend's son had leukemia. Those make-and-take meal places were very popular. I went to one and did 10 meals I think. It was a pretty cool concept. They had all the spices, ingredients, etc. You went around a station, assembly line style, for each meal you chose. I made stuff I would never make at home (I don't eat meat). They even gave the disposable tin pans to bake things in. Each completed meal came in a bag or pan, with instructions on how to thaw/cook. Easy. It WAS kind of expensive, considering they were pretty simple meals, but it was worth it. The elderly grandparents just had to pop the meals into a pan or the oven and feed themselves and the other three kids at home while the parents were basically living at the hospital. People who lived closer brought food too, that they made at home, but I was too far away to do that all the time. The family was very well supported and that is all that mattered. And that boy is 16 and over 6 feet tall now!

Why does anyone care? It's Deanna's plan and she can afford it and likes it. Going to Costco is just not an easy option in NYC. Many of the markets on Manhattan are little mom-and-pop stores. If it wasn't related to Kate, they'd be praising the company for its business sense/model!

Nameless in LA said...

And on and on and on...

It's amazing what the BL is able to discern from one photo.

Realitytvkids.com ~ Administrator said... 87

Now Deanna is defending her Blue Apron meal which she apparently brought to Kate's house.


Why does she care? And she and Kate tweeted their meal out there, it's unfair to expect people not to comment.

The salmon was dry and overcooked, the plating terrible, and the salad kind of sad--and Kate is a public figure selling a cookbook. If people want to point that out, they have every right to. They also have every right to discuss whether a company like this is well priced, worth it, and what their issues and problems are. It's a free country. Don't like it, she need not tweet it out there. Had they just enjoyed the meal without involving social media like a grown up, no one would have been the wiser.

Quiltart said...

What's unfair is that they have to create drama about EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING that pertains to Kate. Everything!! Interesting that you can tell how a meal tastes by looking at a photo. I guess that another of the BL's myriad of outstanding talents. Geeze...

PJ's momma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Quiltart said...

Interesting new article on bullyville.com:



PJ's momma said...

These people have no shame to their name. None. It's disgusting. GO AWAY! http://radaronline.com/celebrity-news/jim-bob-duggar-new-tv-series/

Sage said...