Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December Open Discussion

How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?
                                                                                                                      ~Dr. Seuss

Open Discussion...


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Quiltart said...

Pam, How is Sage doing? I miss her!

Pam said...

She is doing ok. She is not home yet. I am hoping maybe she can get on to say hello in a few days.

Pam said...

I just heard from Sage and she should be home sometime on Thursday.

merryway said...

Kate is going to be on The Today Show tomorrow morning to promote the new season of her show. The haters have repeatedly claimed The Today Show wouldn't have Kate back on.

They seem to quite bitter that Kate refuses to crawl into a hole and disappear. Lol


Anonymous said... 63

How slow can December be on the Today Show, or rather, how quickly those fools forget. What a joke. TLC is placing her there to promote her summer film exploitation, and upcoming filler season. And the bitch gets a hotel/makeup getaway with the bodyguard. She irritates me way more than Hillary Clinton's emails ever will.

December 1, 2015 at 8:29 AM

Quiltart said...

She's actually going to be on Hoda and Kathie Lee.
The bleeps are in overdrive over this and are also blathering about how they would never let their children attend a birthday party that will be filmed-- as if they would even have a chance! Their imaginations are running wild.

Amazing how they claim to know what happens 365 days a year in Kate's home... based on about eight TV shows a year. Amazing. They should sell their talent to LI Medium.

Francie said...

Sage, wishing you a speedy and comfortable recovery!

arkleF said...

Thinking of you Sage. :)

merryway said...

Here's the clip of Kate's appearance on Hoda and Kathie Lee. Cute promotional interview, nothing dramatic.


Nameless in LA said...

Oh my, it seems Wowser has put a lot of thought into Kate's brief Today show appearance.

So much nastiness and so much free time.

Confidential to Wowser: If there is a God, I'm pretty sure he or she won't put Kate's rating high on the priority list despite your prayers.


Wowser said... 77
Observations from her *cough cough* interview
1. She still sounds like a moron when she speaks
2. Her hair is so greasy and makeup way too heavy
3. The 11's need a tune up
4. She looks like she just threw up in her mouth when speaking about dating.
5. I question her sexuality ( or asexuality)
6. She's gained weight
7. She's relieved they are not filming during Christmas or she'd be forced to put away her good behavior incentive "belt on a shelf" and have to pretend she's s good mommy by displaying elf in a shelf
8. I pray her ratings are dismal!

Quiltart said...

They are grasping at straws!

A former 15 poster said...

Well, I just have to say that even as someone who is not a fan of Kate that most of the comments from 15 are just ridiculously stupid. Her hair looks greasy? Seriously? I don't personally think she wears long hair as well as short because her face is long, but that's HER business and it looked clean and shiny to me. The darker roots are very common right now. I see them everywhere. She's gained weight? Where? I didn't see it. Praying for dismal ratings? How about saving those prayers for something really important, such as the victims families from the shootings yesterday.

Quiltart said...

former 15 poster, I couldn't agree more! I saw that greasy hair thing posted something yesterday and went to look. They obviously were looking at someone else's hair... perhaps their own?? They show their own insecurities when they post garbage like that.

Dana Evans said...

Sage, I just heard about your surgery. Hope recovery is going well. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Francie said...

I could tell that Kate had product on her hair. This is a low humidity time. Probably had fly-aways. I know that I have to use more product this time of year. I thought it was a good interview.

Mary EmDee said...

Sage- hope you are fast on the road to recovery!!

Quiltart said...

Did Sage come home today?

Pam said...

Yes, she did! I am sure she will be on later tonight or tomorrow.

Sage said...

Hi everyone! Just stopping in to thank everyone for their well wishes...and to let you know I am chugging along. My kids are taking turns staying with me for a while so that has been a good thing.

Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season!

merryway said...

So good to hear from you Sage.

Nameless in LA said...

Glad that you are home, Sage. Hope the recovery process goes smoothly.

merryway said...

Unbelievable. Creepy stalker Robert Hoffman is back and releasing the first version of his book. Such old news. It's so weird how he keeps dogging Kate. Someone actually interviewed him.
So sad for the G kids that he claims to be doing this for. I hope the media ignores him.


Quiltart said...

Merry, In the interview he makes it sound like he still has close contact with the kids. I doubt that is happening, unless Jon is still in his back pocket. RH sounds like a desperate man to me.The only people who read his garbage are the hard-core haters who, like him, want Kate to fail.

Shawn said...

Welcome Home Sage!

I think Kate sounded and looked great!

Poor Hoffy trying to stay relevant. So sad.

Nameless in LA said...

Like clockwork, the bleeple are once again theorizing that Kate is blackmailing or sleeping with someone to get more shows. They are under the delusion that she wields some incredible power at TLC.

It's really not that complicated, bleeple. The show's ratings are good enough to make the network $. That is all that matters to TLC.
Tucker's Mom said... 56

It's a mystery. How and why did TLC not only bring Kate back, but positively shower her with expensive things?
I wonder if she's got some hurty dirt on someone(s).

Gigi Be said... 58

I've always that Kate was doing special favors ( if you know what I mean) to someone at the top. This is Kate so I wouldn't put it past her.

Micha said...

The bleeps have to say something to console themselves. They've been hoping for years that Kate would lose everything and that's just not happening. Such a long time to hope and have nothing to show for it.

Glad to hear from you, Sage!

sadiemay said...

I guess Robert is hoping to cash in on the TLC/Duggar scandal by re-releasing his book.And of course his fans are bombarding all the media with tweets about it. Not that it's going to do any good.That ship sailed a long time ago. I doubt Jon has any contact with Hoffie anymore either. Everyone has moved on but Robert and his fangurls.Kinda sad.

ETA: Welcome home Sage! We missed you.

Quiltart said...

Has Kate EVER done a tv special or series when Jon didn't try to sabotage it? I think RH's current attempt is just more of the same, which makes me think that he is still attached to Jon.

Farkle said...

``````waving to Sage! Hope you are up and about soon, take care!

Would someone send a old bag of Christmas paper and garbage to the ditch layer. LOL. Desperate for a few coins? His 5 fans ruined his chances of selling his rag. I'm sure Jon has moved on, the great book writer couldn't sell 100 copies of his untruths. Hopefully Kate and Jon can get along now for the kids sake and the upcoming holiday season.

Quiltart said...

LOL.. To date, RH has sold FOUR --- count 'em --- FOUR copies of his best selling book of lies!

Nameless in LA said...

Uh oh. Sue Buddy dared to state the obvious about the BL seeing what she wants to see and Herr Administrator is not pleased! She hates it when her minions step out of line. I'm surprised she actually published the comment rather than responding to ghosts as she usually does.
Sue_Buddy said... 194
But a fun story about how the kids said this funny thing about the guy, or the date and her camerman fond out they have a mutual interest in football and ended up setting a bro date which doesn't happen sans camera, I don't know. Frankly, make it up if you have to. But give them something. Then ya say, tune in for more. The girls obviously wanted to engage her and talk to her about this like a celeb doing normal promotion, but no dice. They gave her every opportunity, and it was met with dead air.

Perfect example of seeing what we want to see. I didn't notice any dead air. I don't think Kate's that comfortable with live interviews. I don't think she can think on her feet, but of all the interviews I've seen, this was one of her better ones, IMO: no throwing Jon under the bus, no excessive cleavage, not sure if she did the "honestly..." thing, don't remember seeing that. She talked some about the date, saying there are twists and turns. Probably the best anyone is going to get out of her. As far as making something up that isn't even on the show just to get viewers? Not a good idea, again, IMO.

Realitytvkids.com ~ Administrator said... 197

Perfect example of seeing what we want to see


I didn't "want" to see anything. I saw what I saw and talked about it.

December 7, 2015 at 12:42 PM
Sue_Buddy said... 198
You saw "dead air." I sure didn't.

Sage said...

Becks sure turns into a bitch when someone disagrees with her.

merryway said...

LOL Sage, she sure does.

Here's a good interview with Kate. She mentions her haters.
Lots of promos going on for the show.

It's funny, Bl and her bleeple waffle that TLC uses Kate for filler and has her over a barrel, vs. she is the all-commanding queen of the network with TLC forcing the media to cover what a great and wonderful mom she is.


Sage said...

Thanks, Merry. It was a good interview.

Nameless in LA said...

Ha, I think someone disagreeing with BL turns her into *more* of a bitch. She's pretty much always a bitch to some degree.

stxmom said...

Hope you are feeling better Sage!!

Sage said...

I am making the very slow turn to feeling stronger everyday. My kids are here everyday helping me out. Really enjoying the time with them.

Quiltart said...

Glad things are going well, Sage. You are so fortunate to have your kids helping!

Farkle said...


I didn't know he only sold 4 copies of his book. His huge support of 5 fans must not have bought his book, yet they scream all over twitter. ROTF. Surely he could find a new family to stalk for the holiday season. Does he even work, or was he blackballed from any job because of his scary obsession of a family? Who could ever trust him if he was hired and then he wanted to turn on them?

Glad you are feeling better Sage, enjoy your kids and get well soon. :)

merryway said...

I enjoyed the show. The kids are all so grown up. They had a blast boogie boarding in the waves.
My favorite part was the use of the Alex and Hannah cams during their plane takeoff. I bet it's fun for them that their own filming goes into the show.

I guess the haters are going to exeggerate and manipulate the family's panic room experience. Lol, The G family would not do well in any type of apocolypse. But, I saw nothing extraordinary. They are a typical family.

I bet the show pissed the bleeple off. There was lots of spontanious love shown in hugs and actions.
The kids definitely show no fear of their momma.

Judy said...

Last time I looked, he was up to 8!

Quiltart said...

Wow! He's up to 13!

Micha said...

The kids have grown up a lot, they look taller and sound more mature than they did in the last episode aired, which I'm sure wasn't that big a time gap. I noticed it most in Alexis and Joel.

It's fun to see them and how they interact, it's very real, not all good, but real and filled with a lot of sweet moments along with the not so sweet moments - which is life.

I hope Kate can tell her kids more about her family origins. Maybe she doesn't want to do that on camera, but the kids should know more than that they're one quarter Korean, especially if they are interested in knowing.

I'm glad the show is back and I'm enjoying "catching up" with Kate and the kids.

Kate has finished her shopping for the haters, LOL said...

I didn't watch the show, boycotting TLC because of the Duggers, but reading around the comments do not look good. Can catch clips here and there anyway. Was it true that there was lots of screaming and yelling from the kids at Kate? You know those twitter fingers always have blown crap up to make themselves better parents than anyone, yet they watch the show. LOL

I'm sure the Queen of Mean will have her holiday gift bag filled by Kate. She probably won't have Christmas parties, friends or family to celebrate with so she can re-run the show for her dates for the holiday season. Her alter ego's posting will be in over drive.

Nameless in LA said...

God these people are twisted. They are now coming up with scenarios about a child's death.

Once again, I must not have watched the same show that they did. Granted, I didn't freeze frame and watch each millisecond repeatedly so that I too could see what isn't actually there, but I saw a child splashing happily in the waves and boogie-boarding with his siblings. Apparently having him go out too far and get called back by mom is an ominous sign. It couldn't be that he's just more adventurous in the water or anything like that...
redbird said... 197
Winsomeone said... 182
Poor, poor little Collin. I feel so bad for that child. I hate it when they are at the beach, and he is always alone in the water..far away from the rest of the kids, and always too far out. I can just picture in my mind that some day that little fellow will just keep walking, and that will be the end of him. He is so beaten down and sad.


Finally, someone said it. That child looks so drained, hopeless, SAD.

I PRAY that nothing happens like that to the G kids, but if it did, TFW would negotiate a big payday for the filming. A "friend" would start a GoFundMe for TFW. She would start a church tour selling not 20 dollar but 25 dollar pictures of her and 7 kids. She would get the appearance fee, the picture money and a Love Offering at the end of the performance. And she will receive sympathy cards in the mail, many with cash.

Sage said...

These people are sick. Way too wrapped up in Kate and and they look to the ditch dweller as a hero. Only they would canonize a stalker.

Truthers B Crazy said...

That's redbird for you. all sunshine and happiness lol. What kind of person thinks that way about kids that aren't even hers? They're also attacking Mady, saying she's Kate 2.0 and what a brat she is.the kid is 15 Y/O. Child advocates my arse.
RH 13 books sales are for his re-release of book. You, know the book the hags say were Banned.LOL. Those women really need to move on. The world is falling apart with terrorism and all they care about are the Gosselin kids and whether they get a second donut or are made to do chores. Get a grip women!

merryway said...

Truthers, I read where they were calling Mady a narcissist. Yep, they've diagnosed her. They ignore how sweet she was helping her little sister pack and pick out outfits. How familiar are these people with teens? While they have their sweet moments, teens do tend to think the world revolves around them. Lol

Saw this on Kate's twitter. An odd little blurb of an article with typos that is a denial of spanking the kids. It does not address the accusations of spanking them when they were little. It looks RH is getting a little tabloid attention. I can't believe the reviving of this old news over and over.


Sage said...

You know there is no making excuses for Redbird...her illness, living in a nursing home, abandoned by her family etc...she is just a mean bitter bitch. Newsflash...Jon does not want the kids he gave up legal custody and by the infrequency they see him they do not want him.


redbird has left a new comment on the post "Discussion thread: Kate Plus 8 'School's Out'":

Sue said... 30
Well there was no hiding the fact that Collin didn't participate in the escape challenge because when the took the we're winners photo at the end he was noticably missing. Also, at the beginning of the challenge when Mady was talking to Kate she quite clearly said "you are stupid".


I remember hearing someone in the chaos say, You are stupid. I thought it was Mady saying that to Andrea. You mean Mady said that to Kate? Kate should of went in to a major meltdown. How did she hold herself back?

Would you love for this to happen. Wouldn't be wild if Jon saw the show and goes to court and gets an order to get C out of there and serves it on late Friday afternoon where she can't do anything about it all weekend? Or if the kids were at Jon's have a court order that C gets to stay with his dad. That would be awesome for him.

That poor little boy!

PJ's momma said...

I have been trying not to comment, but I totally agree with you, Sage, about redbird. How on earth can someone be praising the Lord, talking about Operation Christmas Child and quoting scripture, and then bragging about flooding a twitter feed with vile tweets, trolling for any and every article to comment on, and dissecting A SHOW to that depth, with the sole purpose of criticizing and forming conspiracy theories about tiny snippets? It makes NO sense and there is no excuse. I'm embarrassed I was ever part of that.

Quiltart said...

It has never occurred to these idiots that C does not want to be with his Dad!

PJ's momma said...

Or that maybe, just maybe, he didn't WANT to play the escape game? Good grief.

Quiltart said...

Who is Redbird on Twitter?

PJ's momma said...

Maybe someone else knows - I just saw her bragging that she was blocked more than once by Kate.

Quiltart said...

It's time for someone to do an expose on Robert Hoffman

Sage said...

When Hoffman contacted me as 'Angela' I did a little research...he is not very well liked or well thought of in that area. lies, cheats etc. shock right? lol

Farkle said...

It's very sad that a person in a nursing home spends all her time posting hate all over the internet. She must not have any friends there either.
Jon used his twitter to announce his next big (cough) DJ gig the same time the show came on. I do not even know a Father that has signed his legal custody away on their kids. I suppose over the years the kids have accepted that Jon will never provide for them, so they suck it up. I'm sure the older they get, they will be embarrassed by his actions, but many kids have dealt with crap Dad's or Mom's who have moved on to a new life with other people. Jon seems for the moment that he is single again, no show of a new women around. The last one looked old enough to be his Mother.

As for Hoffie, Ha! His reputation of a stalker and loser will follow him forever. He never got 1 interview from his famous rag that he knew for sure would blow the G's out of the water. Tells everything you need to know about creeps in life from just that.

Glad to see you Sage, hope you are feeling better! :)

Farkle said...

I always wondered what Hoffie and Jon did to Collin? He has such a sweet soul and I think he is a very deep thinker. imo

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm quite new to this blog. I felt as though this was a more "positive" blog as opposed the 15 minute one in regards to Kate and the family.

A lot of things said on that blog are very.... rude and just straight up disrespectful sometimes. I do agree with the one person who stated that a lot of the times their main focus is bashing Kate as opposed to the kids.

Now I have to mention some things about the season premiere!

I thought it was a really good episode. The kids are getting so tall! And someone mentioned it's mainly noticeable in Alexis and Joel. Alexis is almost Mady's height and Joel looked slightly taller standing next some of the girls and even the boys at one point. Now... let's talk about Collin for a second. Now, even though I don't agree with a lot of things mentioned on the 15 minute blog... Collin does seem a bit... "withdrawn". It was very noticeable this season premiere. In the episode alone (excluding couch interviews) I don't even think I heard him say a single word. Collin never used to be this quiet. But I agree with the person who mentioned he's probably a thinker. Idk, I just hope everything is okay with him! He seems so sweet! All of the boys seem like sweethearts.

Quiltart said...

I think RH has planted all these stories, including the one about the low ratings.
In fact, on TV by the Numbers, Kate+8 was not even halfway down the list of Tuesday night's shows. She did better than many other shows. Check it out at

bellefidele said...

I loved the show. Kate looks really good and she tries her best with 8 children, yes 8 children. :-) What do they expect, a perfect family? I don't know of any.

What I saw was children hugging and thanking Kate, having a ball in the ocean. Kate took the time to cook a Korean meal which they all loved.

Christmas decorations are done, Christmas cards also, gifts are bought and nearly all wrapped, Ouff! I had told myself that this year I would be done early and I did it. Yay!

I am happy that you are enjoying your children, Sage and with them round, you will get better faster. Sending you positive thoughts.

Sage said...

If I had to be off to recoup this is the time of year to do it. I am enjoying the Christmas tree, watching holiday movies and listening to Christmas music.

Sage said...

Kate GosselinVerified account @Kateplusmy8 13m13 minutes ago
Joel came in front door&saw trash pile & GLEEFULLY began singing ‘tis the season for lots of trash..fa la la la la la la la la’ #HappyHelper

Anyone want to bet that Hoffman is doing a little jig? All Kate's trash to collect and stroke over the holiday sitting in his basement.

Sage said...

FlimsyFlamsy has left a new comment on the post "Discussion thread: Kate Plus 8 'School's Out'":

It's nice that the fans can bestow forgiveness upon TFW for beating her children, and yet Jon's brief skirt-chasing period after his hellish marriage has forever branded him a drunken frat boy.

I guess they think masturbating on tv and drunk peeing in someone's driveway is adult behavior....who knows maybe that is how they all roll.

Quiltart said...

Brief skirt chasing period? When did it end? He can't live without a woman taking care of him. He's had a steady parade of soulmates since his divorce.

Sage said...

AuntieAnn has left a new comment on the post "Recap: 'School's Out!' Jim Boobs gets locked in a ...":

We're watching Christmas in Connecticut right now on TCM.

The synopsis as per IMDB: "Journalist Elizabeth Lane is one of the country's most famous food writers. In her columns, she describes herself as a hard working farm woman, taking care of her children and being an excellent cook. But this is all lies. In reality she is an unmarried New Yorker who can't even boil an egg. The recipes come from her good friend Felix."

Sounds vaguely familiar

I also, have this movie on in the background. Not once did I think of Kate or any other reality tv person. I am just enjoying an old classic Christmas movie. Auntie should try it and maybe she would not be so bitter. It is what it is.

Nameless in LA said...

Word to the BL and her minions: Kendra is a generic pretty blonde with long hair. The fact that Kate has chosen to have long blonde hair does not make her obsessed with Kendra. If ya'll want to understand obsession, I'd suggest visiting the nearest therapist's couch and start yammering on about Kate Gosselin.

Realitytvkids.com ~ Administrator said... 54
In the recap I didn't mention she looked like Kendra but does she ever. It's almost like she's going no makeup and pulling her hair back more like Kendra....who is quite a bit younger than her as I recall.

When I saw a preview photo for this episode I thought they had mixed up and pulled a photo from Wife Swap, that's how much she looks like her.

If Em is becoming Kate, Kate is becoming Kendra.

TLC stinks said... 57
ITA on the Kendra look. Sometimes I do a double take too. I think she is obsessed with her.

sadiemay said...

If the rating for the show were down it could be because a lot of people are boycotting TLC because of the Duggar scandal.
Jon is too busy D.J'ing to want to get custody of the kids. He's enjoying his life as a part time dad.
I was reading an article about the haters of Benedict Cumberbatch & his wife Sophie. They are accusing him of abusing his kid and being an alcoholic. They accuse her of trapping him into marriage by getting pregnant and being a porn actress. They even wish death on them. They also stalk anyone who defends or are fans of them. They've tried to get people fired from their jobs. Including writers who do stories about the crazy haters. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

Sage said...

Kudos to Admin for persevering from high traffic to low and from trolls to BV, for keeping the blog fresh, active, and welcoming and for not letting it get caught in the blog-vs-blog mud slinging.

Yes, isn't Becks quite the saint. She just allows the most horrid and cruel things to be said about Milo and other tweeters who dare communicate with Kate....and don't forget about not letting anyone respond back.

No self awareness
Hypocrites...all of them

Sage said...

Formerly Duped has left a new comment on the post "Recap: 'School's Out!' Jim Boobs gets locked in a ...":

I also started with GWOP but only lurked. I just checked Sage. I must say this blog is superior IMO, in content, discussion, members, and manners.Thanks to admin, 'helper' and all. :)


This comment made me lol...they are talking AGAIN about how they all started on GWOP...for what the tenth time now? I also read something about Kate and Kobe beef from how many years ago was that? They talk about Kate and things she said and did from years ago. Just like their hero Hoffman. That, my friends, is called obsession.

They are only superior in their own minds.

No self awareness
Obsession is an illness...seek help.

Quiltart said...

Their growth is stunted and they are stuck in time. Kate has not done anything to warrant the amount of hate they spew 24/7. I wonder if any of them have children of their own. Their behavior makes me think they don't.

Sage said...

Wowser has left a new comment on the post "Recap: 'School's Out!' Jim Boobs gets locked in a ...":

Just went to that Sage blog everyone is talking about. Never heard of it but someone called Nameless in LA has brought over many comments I've made On THIS blog I think she's Milo's twin and wants a room with Kate...good grief. Still don't like Kate and ....waving to Nameless, yes my daughter and I are very close.

For people who have never heard of this blog they have no trouble finding it...lol

So typical of Beck's followers have to go the sex route right away. I think they are all originals from her birth fetish site.

Mimi said...

They are a sick twisted bunch over there for sure.Everything is about sex and the proper way a "real mother" should act.Suspicious,sick ,dirty little hate filled minds,they could all benefit from some intensive therapy. Glad you are feeling better Sage.

Sage said...

I always get a 'disturbed' vibe by some or most of the comments that come from there.Their analyzing and over interest in Kate has an underlying creepiness about it...same with Milo. Why are they so hung up on her? I could understand not liking Kate but why follow everything about her then? Why watch her show, read her twitter and gaze at her pictures?

Anonymous said...

Know what I think is funny? How they all tell their little personal 'stories', like ANYONE CARES.

They say Kate is narcissistic? LOL They always take any chance they get to talk about THEMSELVES. *newsflash bleeple* NO ONE CARES.

And that redbird/lukebandit is psycho. Would you visit her if you were her family?? O.M.G. No wonder she's been abandoned.

merryway said...

Lol, so this blog is supposed to be obsessed with Redbird. That cracks me up. Imagine if we followed her every tweet and move when she makes 100s of comments. If Kate's name is mentioned, Redbird is on it.
However, they track SweetBren, Em and Paige just to mock and bully.


Sandi said... 121

I always get a "disturbed" vibe by some or most of the comments that are on "the other blog". Their analyzing and over interest in what is said here, has an underlying creepiness about it! Same with Redbird. Why are they so hung up on her? I could understand them not liking what is happening here but why follow everything about her then? Why read comments here? Oh well....Kay cera cera!
December 13, 2015 at 10:26 PM

They are analyzing the younger kids because they still like plush animals. Uhm, a lot of girls continue to like stuffed animals into their teens and beyond. I wouldn't mind an animal neck pillow. Regular neck pillows are boring.

I mainly copied the below comment because Bl's proudly going on about rule #4, no blog on blogs. Yep, it's there. She believes saying it makes it so. But, BL ignores it all the time. BL always lets nasty comments through about other blogs, tweeters and fans.


Realitytvkids.com ~ Administrator said... 125

I was thinking about what Jeanne said and I'm not sure anyone has every proposed that theory before.

Because the kids work so much like adults do, and are parentified when it comes to Kate, they regress in other areas of their life. They are clinging to aspects of childhood that are more immature because they have been forced in many ways to skip large portions of their childhood. I would be curious to know if other reality show kids or child actors who work a lot act babyish in other aspects of their lives, wanting stuffed animal neck pillows and calling their mom "mommy" all the time and other similar behaviors.

Really cool psychological stuff to ponder.

As far as blogs on blogs, I never wanted to be a blog that just talks about other blogs, which is why I put in rule 4. It's called blogs on blogs or posters on posters, and it was a very firm rule Television Without Pity Used to have that I always thought was a good one. They were a very successful forum so I adopted what I thought they were doing right, which included no blogs on blogs. I always thought that site had one of the best reads on how to handle a large internet community with minimum derailment. They would have entire huge forums that flowed like crazy and only required swiffering every month or so. I modeled my main rules after them, I think it's worked out better that way. In any case, it's really not that often these days this place really goes off the rails, and that makes the daily work that I and my team do very smooth, easy, and usually, quite fun.
December 13, 2015 at 11:29 PM

Sadie May said...

TWOP blog on blog rule was mocked by many ppl. The Op's there were nasty. No wonder Becks liked them.
Yep, we do talk about redbird from time to time. She has a lot of time on her hands so she attacks Kate a lot. A Christian who cared would pray for Kate not attack. The posters there barley tolerate her.
As for the kids calling Kate mommy...what's wrong with that? I know a lot of adults who call their mom mommy.The G kids are still young so back off Becky. Since they like to bring sex into a lot of their posts, here's one for the posters there....Y'all need to get laid!

Nameless in LA said...

LOL, I challenge ol' Wowser to find one post of mine showing that I worship Kate or want to sleep with her. Good luck, Wowser!

And then there's TLC Stinks, who feels the need to dictate the content of another blog. Hey TLC Stinks...this isn't a fan blog. Sage has noted that about a million times now. As for your "insights," excuse any typos because I am laughing so hard I am crying as I type. You and your little friends are about the least "insightful" people on the planet. You mistake "arrogance" for "insight." I can't imagine a group of people I'd less want "insight" from than those who are joyously reminiscing about how they came together through their mutual hatred of a reality TV personality.

TLC stinks said... 130
I've had my comments copied too, LOL. Instead of copying comments from here, and then proceeding to trash us, they should genuinely comment what they like about the her shows. You know, be a fan site. Actually, I hope some insights from here will bring doubt to their Kate loyalty because, after all, we were once fans too

Sage said...

I think Redbird is a closet Lesbian. Look how she cries over the Golden Girls. ;)

merryway said...


Quiltart said...

I have cousins who called their mom "Mommy" until the day she died... They were in their 40s and 50s. It's nobody's business what the G kids call their mom.

Anonymous said...

I still call my mom "mommy". A worker at my university the other day started giggling when she heard me on the phone with my mom and told me how she found it endearing that I still call her "mommy" instead of mom. She said it was nice to hear that.

The tups are still young so calling her mommy isn't that big of a deal. I sense the boys may grow out of it when they get a little older but it doesn't matter. It's their choice.


Micha said...

I'll never forget seeing a clip of John F. Kennedy Jr. during his university graduation, as he's walking the procession he sees his mom and calls out to her, calling her "mommy" and waving. He must have been at least 21 or 22 years old, and this was out loud and very much in public. I found it very endearing and still do.

I don't think there's an age limit to calling your mother "mommy." If that's what you call her, then that's what you call her.

I'm not surprised hateful haters would make it an issue that the kids call Kate "mommy." They make an issue out of everything and it just reaffirms what we all know, namely that they are pathetic.

merryway said...

It's funny how Bls and her group pick and chose what they want to be fake. Any affection or sweetness shown to Kate is always said to be scripted. They can't stand that the kids love their mom.
Yet, they can discern that is is meaningful and indicitive of deeper issues when Collin is off to side of where he was supposed to be (between Kate and Andrea who were standing on the beach).
Collin is clearly boogie boarding with the other kids. He talked about how fun it was in the couch interviews.
As always, they are enjoying bashing the G kids. The only one they don't bash is St. Jon.

An excerpt from Bl's latest recap:

"The kids are all hugging Kate and thanking her. For what? TLC paid for this and likely planned all of it, do they still not understand that? They understand a lot else. I think Mady at least was being a little sarcastic there. Or patronizing. Funny.'

Formerly Duped said... 47

Tucker, I think Mady takes delight in unsettling Kate. That hug about the bathroom in the beach house was so fake and a turn-about from the girls' complaints...and Mady has been rude to most members of the family, the man showing the water sports, for example, baiting the 'couch' audience by stating she is a poor student, dislikes school, didn't want siblings, Kate's ideas are dumb etc.I guess it sets her apart from her siblings and Kate and she enjoys the shock factor? Just a guess. I am sorry she feels she has to act this way and the reasons behind it.
December 15, 2015 at 8:17 AM

TLC stinks said... 56

Hannah's MO is that she acts like a helper to mom and does things a particular way like mom. She has been portrayed that way since a toddler. Hannah did seem more mature than her sisters, though.

I think Mady was a pain about dressing Leah. As long as Leah's clothes are clean, Mady should butt out, but then she's a Kate clone.

It was ridiculous when they arrived at the beach house Kate claimed she could not figure out how to turn on the lights and used her phone flashlight. Uhhhhh, they were filming, there is light, and every room has a wall switch. I think they went through the house, decided on bedrooms prior to filming but wanted there to be conflict with the teens. Oh and the kids coming over to Kate and giving her a hug and saying thank you.. that was so set up. My impression was that the show was chopped up due to lots of editing. ...
December 13, 2015 at 11:05 AM

merryway said...

Also gotta love how BL's want to have their twisted scenarios work both ways. They are going on about poor Joel being forced into filming the shopping trip even though he was not feeling well. Yet, they have yammered about poor Collin being left out of the panic room event. Shouldn't they be happy he wasn't forced to film?

I call my mom "mom." But, my mom and all her sibs called my grandma "mommy." A lot of my cousins refer to their mothers as "mommy."

Sage said...

Tucker's Mom has left a new comment on the post "Recap: 'School's Out!' Jim Boobs gets locked in a ...":

I wonder what Jon thinks and feels when he sees his kids sick and made to film, or put on another deep sea fishing boat and vomiting again.
It must be frustrating.

Not frustrating enough to give up legal custody.

Sage said...

As many of you know I have had some health problems the past few months....finally some good news in the Sage family.

My grandson has been promoted to 'big brother'. My son and dil are expecting another baby! We are all thrilled!

Nameless in LA said...

Congrats, Sage! How exciting!

merryway said...

That's wonderful news Sage! I am jealously happy for you!

Quiltart said...

Great news, Sage!

Sage said...

willowmom (now Piper's mom) has left a new comment on the post "Recap: 'School's Out!' Jim Boobs gets locked in a ...":

All of those Milo-tweets-of-Gosselin-authority have my fingers itching to tweet her/him/whatever (Milo) and ask (to paraphrase TFW herself) "Who died and made you K8's spokesperson/man/whatever?"

Willowmom (#97), that would be perfect! Sadly,
the fans are probably too dim to get the joke.

The only thing funny here is that they consider this humor.

Obsessed with Milo.

Sage said...

Thanks for the well wishes! My son and his wife are such good parents!

Quiltart said...

It's even funnier that they consider themselves such intellects!

Sage said...

Ha! They have no self awareness and do not understand how they embarrass themselves!

Quiltart said...

I thought the show tonight was really good... They'll knitpick it anyhow.

merryway said...

I love how they lie about Kate lying. Bl says Kate lied when she tweeted that she gave the kids dramamine and seasickness wristbands. Bl is willing to call Kate mentally ill while she fantasizes her own facts.

Kate didn't mention the wristbands either, but they are seen wearing them on the boat.


Realitytvkids.com ~ Administrator said... 52

Kate carefully spelled out what she took; towels, shirts, ginger ale. No mention of dramamine during her couch interview (with as many takes to get it right as it took) or on the boat.
Nope, just mind over matter, not wait for the medicine to kick in (which anyone knows should be given beforehand) and it'll start to get better.
Just revisionist history for damage control.



That medicine should work. I don't believe it failed so miserably for all those kids.

She's flat out lying.

She's sadistic AND a liar. Not that this is news, but nothing about her mental illness has gotten better.
December 15, 2015 at 7:34 PM

Farkle said...

Congrats Sage!! Exciting news and the best Christmas present for all of you.

I read back, missing many days here, too much Dec to get through, and of course, it's the same Becs logic that shines. LOL. I hope she gets a Kate doll for Christmas, some used garbage from Kate's house, and a whole bunch of new subscribers for her fetish site. Maybe she can spend her time mailing the doll around to her few posters, this would give her a new purpose. :) It's funny that the few tweeters don't post on her blog that support Jon, wonder why?

Becs should also send Redbird a huge box of puzzles, word books, and some nice cream for her crusty fingers after all her thousands of posts this year on her failed blog.

Sage said...

redbird has left a new comment on the post "Discussion thread: Kate Plus 8 'Florida Fun'":

Did you see her when she finally laid back in the chair after catching the fish? Looked like she just laid back from TFM's lap after a wild ride.


redbird is such a vile vulgar pig.

Farkle said...


Seems like the more vulgar Becs poster can be, the better Becs likes it. Ewww, something is seriously wrong with her thinking, she seems to like to talk about sex , birthing Mom's and weird fetishes.

stxmom said...

Congrats Sage!!

Sage said...

High Sodium Content has left a new comment on the post "Discussion thread: Kate Plus 8 'Florida Fun'":

Did anyone else see the clip of the mini golfing w/ the older girls? They showed and shot video up the girls short shorts. Do you realize that means even if it wasn't all shown in the clip, someone edited and got a full view of whatever. That is criminal for a mother to allow the abuse of her girls that way. What about the friend's parents. I would be an end to that friendship pronto. People get arrested to videoing up woman's skirts. http://www.tlc.com/tv-shows/kate-plus-8/videos/mini-golf/?mkcpgn=fbtlc5&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=KatePlus8

Admin - do you have a way to notify Jon of this important information? As a parent, it is up to him to protect the girls, if she is not and she is creating these situations.

no words!

Quiltart said...

You have got to be kidding! What kind of view does she think anyone got of those shorts? This woman is out of her mind!

Farkle said...

Oh man, every parent is going to be arrested if their girls were short shorts. LOL.

As a uneducated lawyer over their, she should really guide in her posters about real laws.

I wonder how many times she is going to re-run that clip and make up a fetish story about it.


merryway said...

Wow, that's twisted. They are having to look very hard to get their outrage going. I can't believe the places their minds take them.

I watched the clip. The filming angles innocuous. And, the girls are wearing bathing suits under their clothes.

Quiltart said...

mmm... They must dress their daughters like the Duggars do... (Lots of good that did!)

Nameless in LA said...

Tucker's Mom said... 40

Kate is one-note and unfortunately, so are her kids.
I could go on and on and on about our nieces and nephews. They are all unique and talented, with developed interests that their parents have supported and nurtured.
They are all light years beyond Kate's kids in every way.
Tucker's Mom is just such a bitch. She will never grasp the basic concept that she does not KNOW the Gosselin children. One could be an amazing writer, another could have amazing artistic talent, etc., etc. We don't know what their individual interests are to any degree because that is not information that has been shared with the public.

Of course her nieces and nephews are more talented, have more interests and are just plain better in every way than the Gosselin children. That's the thinking of a pathetic human being who feels the need to compete with a woman she sees on her television screen.

bellefidele said...

Watched Kate's show and enjoyed it. She tries really hard to have a diversity of activities so the children can enjoy their holiday. Yes, yes, I know (bleeps) they did not enjoy the fishing trip and that is all you will talk about without seeing the overall trip. The children will remember the fishing trip but they will also remember the water park, boogie boarding in the ocean and the meal their sisters made for the family.

Anonymous said...

LOL I"m the one who posted asking about 'the dress'. They've been chasing their tails over it for 2 days! Such fun; they're so DUMB! *snicker/snort*

Not So said...

Anonymous said...
LOL I"m the one who posted asking about 'the dress'. They've been chasing their tails over it for 2 days! Such fun; they're so DUMB! *snicker/snort*

It's so funny that you can't even own up to using your own name?

Not a Redbird Fan said...

JR said... 47
Jim Bob Duggar is one greedy monster.

He knows that the mags will pay for interviews and pictures and the headline, we want to adopt will sell magazines.

The Duggar parents are delusional. They are going through a horrible family crisis right now and they want to bring in an innocent child at this time? They covered up for their son's molesting his sisters and a babysitter. They designed the house to keep Josh at bay from going into his sisters rooms at night. Josh supposedly had his own room where he spent a lot of time watching p***. Then he was caught on Ashley Madison and confessed being with prostitutes and was violent with one twice.

What galls me so bad is when Jim Bob and Michelle were at the conference for people who were trying to adopt and had tried IVF and had been trying for years to get a baby, they stood there at the podium with all of their children and said that THEY were going to adopt. I thought that was CRUEL to stand there with 19 kids in front of people who don't have a child and say, we are going to ADOPT. Some people were so hurt they got up and left.

I read on Pickles FB that the Duggars went to South America for a CANDY trip. They made a trip to SA to GIVE OUT CANDY. Can you believe this? A Canada group went down and BUILT HOUSES for the poor.

Which group did the most good? Duggars-candy, OR

Canada-Built homes for the poor?

Thank you Canada. Oh, Canada!


Fellow Christians, tearing each other down. This is so sad to me. If you don't think the Duggar's love the Lord as much as you do, maybe it is you who are delusional. All Christian's make mistakes. Horrible mistakes. Is that not true? Josh did not have his own bedroom either. He had a tiny AV studio but his bed was a bottom bunk in the boys room.

And if there are multiple SOS groups going to Central America I would imagine each group has different tasks and age groups. The Duggar's have talked about when each kid was old enough to finally go down there. Perhaps they pick the trip the more of the little kids can go on. The youngsters understand candy and giving it. They do many other things besides handing out suckers. What they are hoping to instill in these kids is to have a servants heart. It seems to have worked in many of the kids, who keep going down there.

Isn't extremely judgmental to say what mission trip is more worthy? I don't see the Duggar's blogging about a reality show and tearing apart a mother and her 8 kids. Likely they just pray for those who don't know Jesus, like you do.

December 19, 2015 at 8:35 AM

REDBIRD is on a mean streak. How she justifies her Christianity over another's is a sure sign of hypocrisy.

Braggin about her son by 3 19$ coats and a sub sandwich and then talking about leaving Kate in North Korea while the kids are in South Korea...

This woman is the meanest Christian I know.

I think everyone on here should send her a Christmas card explaining to her the true meaning of Christmas and to reflect on what it means to be a Christian.

Her address at her nursing home is easy to find.

Not a redbird fan

Sage said...

Not a redbird fan...I do not encourage or condone contacting redbird or any other hater in real life. That is something redbird and the other crazy haters do....not us.

Not So said...

Do you condone your bloggers going on to the 15 Min site and posting lies, because you didn't seem to bad an eye when one went over and told a story about a stained dress. I don't see the 15 Min bloggers doing that over here.

Quiltart said...

The 15 minute bloggers don't have to come over here and lie, because they lie 24/7 on their own blog. I rather doubt that Sage tells any of us what we can or cannot write on other blogs.

Sage said...

And you know (assume) that it was one of us who wrote that...how?

Believe me Becks people are here commenting. ;)

Sage said...

Not so, I also believe that the posters themselves write 'the lies' because they are hateful and need to get their hate fix on one way or another. That way gullible people can blame us.

Quiltart said...

Sage, One of them couldn't wait to tell that she wrote the "lie" so she could show her superior intelligence. Those woman are dumb as doornails. All of them.

Not So said...

LOL, the more convoluted the defense the more you all buy it. The haters post a lie over there then come here and pretend they're one of you but they're really lying here too, because they're pretending to be one of you 'cause they're such haters. Right!

Sage said...

Not so, this is not my first time at the rodeo.

Think what you want I really couldn't care less.

Farkle said...

Umm, not so is a confusing person, her story is just another spin. LOL. Someone is getting a one up on their leader, she knows who posts there.

Hope you are feeling better Sage and can enjoy the holidays with family and friends. :

Sage said...

Starting to turn the corner, Farkle. Started driving again yesterday. Physically, the pain is subsiding and now I just need to get my stamina back.

Anonymous said...

Hey 'Not so??'

Piss off. LOL You got had. Why would I use my 'username'? So you could know who I am? Uh huh.

Who's the idiot now?


......meanwhile, Kate Gosselin islaughing all the way to the bank!

Anonymous said...

yeah, don't see "red bird" going on a mission, do ya? Oh yeah, she can't cuz she's in a NH.

What about before that? Did she go on a mission then? No? Then she needs to stfu. What's the saying? Judge not lest ye be judged? yeah, that one

Burn in hell Red Bird. Nasty old woman. GROSS

Anonymous said...

BAD an eye? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG - such uneducated, unaware, ignorant posters over there at Becky's. BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!

Sage said...

Medicine Hat, I would prefer you kept your anger and bitterness at 15. This is not a private forum for you to vent.

Mary EmDee said...

Hey all!!
Sorry I've been out for awhile. I had a little back surgery last week. And I'll admit, I am probably the worst patient ever. :)

I haven't seen any of the shows yet. I'll have to catch up on demand soon.

Sage- congrats on the wonderful news!

Shawn said...

Sage you are such a great grandma. Congratulations to all !

Sage said...

foxy has left a new comment on the post "Discussion thread: Kate Plus 8 'Florida Fun'":

Does anyone beside me think the other blog owner is the cow person? The language and vitriol sounds like her and the copy and paste of what is said here is also something she would do.

It is not an independent discussion blog, but rather a place for them to sound off on those who post here.



Farkle said...

Sage and MaryEmDee,

Glad both of you are doing better, take it easy, rest and let others wait on you. :)

Looks like someone over there luv's you Sage! LOL. I don't read there at all, I just wait for the funnies here. Cow was on twitter once, her mouth and thoughts were all about sex, hmmm, tell you anything? Just saying.

Sage said...

Realitytvkids.com ~ Administrator has left a new comment on the post "Discussion thread: Kate Plus 8 'Florida Fun'":

It is not an independent discussion blog, but rather a place for them to sound off on those who post here.


Blogs on blogs. Absolutely forbidden on most other major blogs, and for good reason.

Oh, so it is some major sin to talk about another blog but it is okay to have a birth fetish site on the side that exploits young teenagers.

no self awareness

Sage said...

I was thinking before...how many times is this dance going to be danced? Kate is back on TV, lunatic Hoffman crawls out from under his rock and starts up with the same stuff from YEARS ago. (How many times can you repeat the same stuff and expect a different reaction?) The haters come out on twitter and do the same repeating. The 'Christians' on Becks start calling the kids brats and bitches and vow to rescue them from TV and Kate. They start attacking one another only they do it here and then blame us. Becks constant need to feel superior drags out the tired blog on blog remarks.

Meanwhile none of them can stand each other....who could?

Quiltart said...

If you will notice, none of them every mentions BL's fetish site. Are they too dumb to understand what it is/was all about? If ANYONE else in Gosselin-land had run a site like that, we would never hear the end of it, but they give BL a free pass.

Not So said...

Quiltart, I rather think the Admin would never let a comment(s) about that site go through, don't you? I'm sure her league of "haters" have tried before.

Nameless in LA said...

Not So said...
Quiltart, I rather think the Admin would never let a comment(s) about that site go through, don't you? I'm sure her league of "haters" have tried before.
Well, Not So, there's nothing to prevent you or the others from her site who post here from commenting on it and yet...silence. Shall we assume by that silence that you support the exploitation of teenagers and genital mutilation victims?

Quiltart said...

Not So, I would love to hear your opinion on BL's fetish site.

merryway said...

Shall we assume by that silence that you support the exploitation of teenagers and genital mutilation victims? ~Nameless

Bl expoited a victim of female mutilaiton. The pic was the draw of her main webpage, it was front and center. She has absolutely no conscience, she had no problem profiting off the torture of another woman. Yep, Quilt, they clutch their pearls and make much to-do about every little moment made by Kate. But, Bl is given BL a free pass.

merryway said...

Isn't this weird? They've always written these little scenarios. The bleeple have done this so long that none of them think it's obsessive to use the kids in this way. It's fine to put words in their mouths as long as it's to the bleeple's way of thinking.

Bl used to write them and then call Kate stupid for Bl's own imaginings. Lol


FlimsyFlamsy said... 42

So TFW and M go antique shopping? I wonder if the planning for that episode went something like this:

Mom: We're going antique shopping on the next episode.
Teen: I'd rather drink bleach. Or eat your salmonella chicken.
Mom: It's already scheduled. The crew is coming to the set -- er, I mean, our house -- at 7 tomorrow morning.
Teen: What's it worth to you?
Mom: Um...curfew extended by one hour for the next month?
Teen: And?
Mom: A $100 Justice gift card?
Teen: Keep going.
Mom : (sighs) And unlimited iTunes downloads for the next 6 months?
Teen: Okay - wake me up when they get here.
December 19, 2015 at 5:53 AM

Sage said...

Very weird, Merryway, and scary too, when they think they know the kids so well they know what they think and say.

Not So said...

Well, Not So, there's nothing to prevent you or the others from her site who post here from commenting on it and yet...silence. Shall we assume by that silence that you support the exploitation of teenagers and genital mutilation victims?

You may assume whatever you like even something that asinine. Here's something you don't have to assume. You few who post here are no different than those who post on the 15 Min site, just as judgmental and spiteful. making assumptions when you don't have all the details. Here you are hoping I'll post my feelings about the other site so you can either see negative comments and gloat and spew or you can jump on me for defending it. AmIright? Of course I am but none of you will admit that.

Shawn said...

Wow...way to skirt the question Not So😉 It must be tough to know and admit that you align yourself with very UGLY people.

Sage said...

Not So, I take you are saying that you think Becks posters are 'judgmental and spiteful'.

We are no way anything like the posters there. That is why I started this blog 6 years ago...not as a fan blog but to point out the spitefulness, jealousy and down right insanity that is 15 minutes. Even your idol, Robert Hoffman, emailed me he thought the posters there were 'insane'. When that loon thinks so you know you are rock bottom.

Sage said...

Math Girl has left a new comment on the post "Discussion thread: Kate Plus 8 'Florida Fun'":

localyocul said... 171
foxy said... 170
I have arrived. I got an honorable mention on another blog.


I did too once. Apparently I'm "not the sharpest tool in the shed." Say the nonthinking nonfat non fans
Me three. You'd think copying comments and writing "Isn't that the stupidest thing you've ever heard" would pall after a while, but apparently not

You would think c/p Milo's tweets and calling her a man, a Lesbian, would pall after awhile but apparently not.

no self awareness

Sage said...

We are the 'mirror' blog. We hold up to you what you say and what you are...that is why it upsets you all so.

Sage said...

Formerly Duped has left a new comment on the post "Discussion thread: Kate Plus 8 'Florida Fun'":

Me four or more, lol. It really is a lame blog. Commenting on comments. I wonder why some posters from here enjoy it? Oh well, to each her own.

Says the people from the blog that comments on what Kate said and did ten years ago...over and over.

no self awareness

Not So said...

Sage said...
We are the 'mirror' blog. We hold up to you what you say and what you are...that is why it upsets you all so.

Oh, get off your high horse, Sage. You're all the same, just have different targets.

Sage said...

Did I touch a nerve, Not So? Looks like I nailed your target. LOL

Not So said...

No, Sage, you touched my funny bone. You people are so concerned with touching a nerve. Is that your goal? Rather limited thinking, doncha think? See, all the same, cut from the same cloth, just like I said, trying to "get" somebody else, be superior, gotcha=touched a nerve. LOL

Quiltart said...

The ones with limited thinking, as much as they may protest, are those who have to condemn and critique every word ever spoken by a television personality who you do not know and will never know and who is responsible for supporting eight children without much help from their father. Does your higher thinking make it okay to try to destroy a person who, despite fabricated stories from people who MAY or MAY NOT live in the same zip code, because you didn't like the way she was portrayed on a television program. Analyze that.

Sage said...

Not So...so predictable! You haters are so afraid of someone trying to be superior to you! You do know what that means, don't you? It is a sign of feeling inferior...low self esteem.

I gotta write a book about ya all some day and how easy it is to push your buttons. LOL We own you! Go cower under the veranda with a rumspringa.

Sage said...

Quiltart, Kate is just a target for those who have, in their own mind, been slighted or didn't get that shiny toy as a child to attack. Kate represents everything they are not and everything they don't have.

Nameless in LA said...

You may assume whatever you like even something that asinine. Here's something you don't have to assume. You few who post here are no different than those who post on the 15 Min site, just as judgmental and spiteful. making assumptions when you don't have all the details. Here you are hoping I'll post my feelings about the other site so you can either see negative comments and gloat and spew or you can jump on me for defending it. AmIright? Of course I am but none of you will admit that.


Keep dancing around that elephant in the room.

Fact: The 15 Minutes administrator profited off of of teenagers and genital mutilation victims by marketing their birth videos to men with a birth fetish.

Fact: Not one of her posters has ever called her out about that site, which any sane human being knows was vile.

Clearly, many of them read here and could have commented on the birth fetish site at any point. Many of us find that phenomenon quite fascinating, considering the ranting and raving that goes on over there about every. single. thing Kate Gosselin dares to do or say. Meanwhile, a woman who exploited women and children in a truly despicable fashion gets a free pass.

Anonymous said...

what is the link to the site? I will look and give you an honest opinion.

Not So said...

I find it interesting and rather amusing that this blog can be totally dead and I show up and all of a sudden you all crawl out from under a rock to spew.

Anonymous said...

who are you? I merely want to see for myself

Sage said...

Becks has since cleaned up that site. Nameless, most of her customers were women not men. It appeared that they watched the videos and masturbated to them. I think that is why Becks did not see anything wrong with Jon doing that on TV. If you noticed she never did write one of her epic recaps on that show like she did the rest.

Becks would comment with her customers and was just as gross as they were. She would say stuff like wishing the camera would get a closer crotch shot. She is a twisted sick person and has the audacity to criticize Kate.

I remember seeing BV tweeting pictures from her site with Becks picture too on one of his numerous twitter account. This was some years ago and do not know if they still exist...seeing them once briefly was more than enough for me. Call me naive but I did not know there were people who got off on that.

Sage said...

Not So, your low self esteem is showing again. :)

Former 15 poster said...

The problem, as I see it, is that a lot of posters may have questioned her about the fetish site, maybe even gave a link, but she would never, ever allow those comments through.

Sage said...

No, she would never let anything through like that. She put moderation on a couple years ago when pictures of the site appeared on twitter.Becks knows her core group of people would leave if they knew how depraved she really is.

Sage said...

PA Dutch Mutt Mom has left a new comment on the post "Discussion thread: Kate Plus 8 'Florida Fun'":

Oh, gosh. What a day! If ever there were a time to join the ladies under the veranda for a drink or two, this is it! Yesterday I spent eight hours wrapping toys for our distribution, and today we delivered them, along with boxes of food. It's a job, but so rewarding. I thought about Kate and how she claimed she was addicted to giving back, her charity thing a few years ago.

Even while patting herself on the back Kate still occupies her mind and life.

Not So said...

Sage said...
Not So, your low self esteem is showing again. :)

Oh my gosh, Sage. What a clever and witty comeback. No wonder people come here in droves. :)

Farkle said...

So is not so here trying to get new posters for the fetish owner now? ROTF. Years ago people tried to post on her blog, and nothing was ever let through. Not so needs to go back and do some real reading our the leader. I would like to know why she has a fetish site about pregnant women and minors from other countries and why she is addicted to Kate? She has no family (kids unless she has been fibbing all these years) about WHO she really is? I also would like to know how she can spend hours and hours day and night preaching if she is working? Hmmm, maybe I don't want to know what a evil mind she has when it comes to exploiting kids and minors on her blog.

I would question not so why she is ranting here, did she get her hand slapped by Becs. LOL.

Sage, someone really tried to one up you, they failed again. :)

Shawn said...

It's ok to admit you enjoy our company Not So :). We are a great group and many of us have been friends for a few years now. Suggestion: lose the bitter ugly attitude. It's unbecoming. Happy Holidays!

Farkle said...

Merry Christmas to Sage and all the peeps here!

Off for travel for the holidays, see you in the New Year.

Wishing peace and happiness to everyone this holiday season!

Nameless in LA said...

TLC stinks said... 32
I think it was last year she tweeted a picture of cookies baked for the teachers? So maybe the bun thing is true although I cannot imagine her caring about the trash men. I would never bake stuff for teachers or service people. They want gift cards. I gave my pet sitter a very generous Amazon gift card this year.
Tis the season to brag about one's own generosity! Between PA Dutch Mom's post about how hard she worked volunteering and TLC Stinks' telling everyone about her VERY GENEROUS gift to her pet sitter, the BL's minions never fail to disappoint.

Sage said...

At BL's tis the season for one-upping and patting ourselves on the back.

Quiltart said...

It's also the season to repeat lies from seasons past. Note to Bleeple: You have no idea who Kate does and doesn't see. She only shows a small snippet of her life and for good reason. ... and if you think Hoffie is still hanging out in hiding on Kate's GATED property, you are even more stupid than you sound when you quote him. He has never even had a conversation with Kate. Peering in her window or rummaging through her garbage doesn't count. It's really sad that you have to believe such a lowlife scum as your chief source of info.

stxmom said...

Merry Christmas everyone!! Presents are all wrapped, kids are getting so excited

Eva said...

Just my opinion. I think Kate plus 8 may get cancelled. I did watch the entire show
hoping it would get better but didn't happen. I still love the kids but they were precious when they were little but not so much now. Kate is trying to hard on camera to be that sweet patient mother and it just looks to fake on her part. I'll watch again next week but if the show is this boring, I may give up on it.

Sage, I didn't post when you were off awhile while in the hospital but I was glad to see you back posting. Have a Happy Christmas with you family.

Sage said...

Thanks, Eva! Merry Christmas to you and yours too.

I didn't watch the whole show. I just had it on in the background. So much for being a fan club. LOL

Sage said...

Merry Christmas, stxmom! Always nice to see you post.

Anonymous said...

I thought last week's episode was more intriguing. I did like tonight's episode tho but I felt like everything was rushed. I understand it's only an hour show but this week's episode felt so rushed. Like I was expecting more lol. But I did enjoy the cook-off/bake-off. I noticed they seemed to only film Aaden and Joel talking during the interviews. I'm excited for their "boys/girls day out" episodes within the next few weeks.

Anonymous said...

Alexa Vega from Dancing With The Stars (and the Spy Kids movies) posted a shout out video to Mady and Cara and thanked them for supporting DWTS and will be watching Kate Plus 8 on the west coast in a few.

Puff said...

Hope everyone at Sageway Expess has a wonderful and blessed Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2016.

Micha said...

Kate Plus 8 will go on, whether as "specials" or as a regular series remains to be seen. TLC will always revisit this family, that was something that seemed clear even when it was cancelled as a regular series a few years ago.

Are any of these reality shows compelling in any way? I watched the show that aired after Kate Plus 8 yesterday and it was okay, but nothing spectacular or fascinating. These shows on TLC are truly what reality shows should be, unlike the Kardashian shows or the Housewives shows that try to manufacture drama and intrigue. I guess we can now add the Duggars to that list since they're coming out of a big scandal and people are wanting to see how they're handling that. Mostly on TLC we watch people go through their simple daily lives. Either these families click with audiences or they don't. Kate's family clicked with audiences a long time ago and there will always be people who are interested in revisiting them as the kids get older.

I liked seeing the Gosselins at home. The kids are growing up so fast now - Cara remains mostly mellow, Mady is the same challenge that she's always been, only more so. I think my favorite part of the show came when the boys were discussing Mady and Cara and Joel said, 'Cara's just cool.' It was sweet. I noticed there wasn't much Collin in this episode. During the interviews with the boys it looked like at times he was seated on the couch but cropped out of the filming. I liked seeing the kids split into teams for that competition and even though Mady's team won it looked like the team to be on was Cara's, because it looked like at least she lets the other kids contribute to what is being done. I think that was a glimpse into how things go in that family.

I enjoyed the episode as much as I enjoyed episodes when they were little. It's great to see the kids and Kate growing up and maturing.

Anonymous said...

Collin was there but they only showed him maybe once during the interviews. My guess is that he probably didn't want to speak.

sadiemay said...

A Merry Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to all The SWE posters. Sage, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that 2016 will be a healthy happy year for you and your family. Peace to all.

Sage said...

Merry Christmas to all of you! My wish is that you, family and friends all have a safe and blessed holiday.


Quiltart said...

Happy Holidays to all of my Sageway friends. I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and a happy and, most definitely, healthy 2016!

Tomorrow morning, DH and I depart for a 10 day trip to Paris. Will check in when I have access to wireless...

Sage said...

Sounds wonderful, Quiltart! Safe travels...

Quiltart said...

Thanks, Sage!

merryway said...

Running in and out as I am late. But had to wish the posters here a very Merry Christmas!

Quilt! Have a wonderful trip! Safe travels to you.

Sage, after what you've been through, I hope your Christmas is especially Merry.

Nameless in LA said...

P.J. said... 12
Okay, glad it's Christmas and I can take a break from all things Gosselin. (not that I won't be catching up here today)

Last night I dreamed that sKate was married. Ugh! Can't even go there in my head.

Merry Christmas to all of you.
Well, thank goodness, P.J. has Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to take a Gosselin break. How sad that the other 363 days per year she is forced to immerse herself in all things Gosselin.

Confidential to P.J.: When you start dreaming about Kate, it is time to take a permanent break from all things Gosselin and get thyself to the nearest therapist's office.

Merry Christmas, all!

Francie said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Micha said...

Merry Christmas to all! Happy Holidays!

belle fidele said...

Hello all ! Late Merry Christmas but my wishes come from the heart. Wishing only positive in your lives and may the negative pass you by.

Sage said...

Well it looks like the bleeps survived the holiday and can sigh a sign of relief to get back to stalking Kate and her followers on twitter.


Math Girl has left a new comment on the post "Recap: 'Florida Fun.' Fla-rida NOT very fun.":

Cruisin' Just As Fast As She Can Now said... 43
Is she talking about Kate?

Emily Creighton @EmCr68
@HspncElvis she's my second mama!! Everyone makes that mistake though ;) must be the blonde hair!

No. I looked up the tweet he's replying to, and it is a picture of Emily and her acting coach. I forget the woman's name; some time in the past we discussed Emily's inappropriately lovey-dovey tweets to her. Just looked up the name; it's Isobel (sp?) Carrington.

Sage said...

Jamesvader1194 has left a new comment on the post "Recap: 'Florida Fun.' Fla-rida NOT very fun.":

Btw,speaking of Milo,did anyone notice how on Christmas,she tweeted around 12 tweets to Kate?Does she not have any family?Yet she complains about the haters not having a life and yet all the haters weren't twitting that much if not at all on Christmas.

LOL but you were there counting Milo's tweets!

no self awareness
no life

Truthers B Crazy said...

The haters were Tweeting about Kate on Christmas day. The fact that took time out of a special day like Christmas to tweet hate is pathetic.

Jenna Banks said...

redbird said... 87
Has anyone noticed the article about when Anna was on JJCO and there is a picture of Anna and her nose looked different. Then there is a picture of her holding a baby and Josh sitting beside her but up from her. Her nose in that picture is totally different than the one on JJCO. IMO, I think she got a nose job. Clearly there is a difference.

Unless there was a medical reason for it, she got a nose job. IMO.

December 27, 2015 at 10:58 PM

This woman, who lives in a nursing home, obese, with MRSA, family hardly ever sees her, yet a self proclaimed Christian, posting about Anna Duggar's nose???

I for one feel sorry for Anna. I think her nose was fine, is fine.


Nameless in LA said...

Ha, exactly Sage. When you spend the holiday counting Tweets, you really need to STFU about others not having a life.

Must run...I need to find before and after pictures of Anna Duggar's nose so I can weigh in on this important topic. I know that if I were raising a boatload of kids alone while my husband was off in sex rehab, the first thing I'd be doing is scheduling some plastic surgery.

Sage said...

Tucker's Mom has left a new comment on the post "Recap: 'Florida Fun.' Fla-rida NOT very fun.":

Thanks for sharing. Kate's kids know that they're mutts.
I truly don't understand how her fans just gloss over the fact that she's cut out their family.
That's a whopper is shit parenting in my book.

Ole Tuck has no way of knowing if Kate sees her family. If I were Kate I wouldn't mention it either.

Sage said...

PA Dutch Mom has left a new comment on the post "Recap: 'Florida Fun.' Fla-rida NOT very fun.":

From a local news website:


I just may have to take a run over there and see him in action. It's a very popular place in the city. I haven't talked with him for a while.

She probably thinks Jon will fill her in on all things Kate....her obsession.

Farkle said...


Unless Dutch Mom is a hottie willing to tip John well, do a dance for him, or whatever else he needs, he won't have time for a 60 year old. LOL.

Hope everyone had a great holiday, will take me days to recover but so much fun.

Sage, hope you enjoyed the holiday and you are feeling better. :)

Sage said...

Farkle...I am starting to come alive again. LOL Went back to work today....5 weeks to the day I had triple bypass.

Farkle said...


Wow! You go girl, take it easy!

merryway said...

Yes, they have no self-awareness when they accuse Milo of being obsessed. They love to dissect Milo every tweet. And, they are still analyzing a pic of food that Kate tweeted on Christmas.

I see BL did another long-winded recap. She looks for every detail to try to engorge into something negative. But, BL just couldn't stand to mention how sweet Collin was to push his mom around the lazy river and Joel's laughing face when they were unnsuccesful in their first attempt to exit the attraction.

Before, the show came back on, they loved to gossip that the kids were terrified of their mom and the boys were dead lifeless souls. Of course, they ignore that they were wrong.

Now, that the children are older, it's getting harder for Bl's to twist. They have glommed onto Mady and Collin to use in bashing Kate. Lots of slamming of Mady over there. Imo, if Kate's biggest problem is that she has a sometimes sassy teen, she's doing pretty good.

Doncha love how BL always posts the pics of the kids with their faces blacked out. Then, they proceed to gossip, rumor and bash the kids in the comments.

Nameless in LA said...

I can't bring myself to read the self-indulgent, insanely long "recaps" anymore. Hardly anyone comments on them, but the BL's ego is so huge that she's convinced herself that her loyal minions can't live without them.

I am enjoying ham gate. So many posts analyzing the dinner pic and pointing out where they think the ham is. I think Kate should start posting pic after pic of meals with hidden ham just to keep them on their toes. And then there's the discussion over what does and does not constitute a casserole in the same pic. They are such riveting conversationalists.

And yes, Merryway, I do love the total hypocrisy and silliness. Let's black out the faces of the children as a stand against child exploitation and then trash them endlessly and follow their every move. Oh, and let's continue to watch them being exploited on television because we are so obsessed we can't help ourselves.

stxmom said...

Hope everyone is warm and safe with the cold, crazy weather. Happy New Year everyone?

Are they really talking about a picture of food on a plate?

Micha said...

It's great to hear that you're recovering so well, Sage!

I am really enjoying this season of Kate Plus 8. The young kids still have that sweet youthful exuberance and the twins are such "teenagers" complaining about all sorts of things, talking about how bored they are. And Kate, doing her best but like she said in last night's episode, she can't win. No matter what she does, someone's going to be complaining about it. I really find Kate Plus 8 to be the most real reality show out there, that's what has always appealed to me about the show.

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year. Thank you Sage for your wonderful blog!

Anonymous said...

Last night's episode was cute! I enjoyed it. I will say that even though Mady and Cara are teens, they do need to be a little aware with how they talk to their mother and others (more specifically Mady).

My favorite part was when the landscape people were wheel barreling the kids around and when the landscape lady was teaching Collin Spanish. Too cute.

Quiltart said...

Sage, checking in from Paris to say how happy I was to read that you are doing so well!
We're having a wonderful,albeit busy holiday! I'll need a vacation to recuperate from my vacation . I'm really into my Fitbit and walking here is so second nature that we've walked over 29k steps each day....so we can eat the delicious food!

Happy New Year to my Sageway friends. I'll be back in the US on 1/5.

Quiltart said...

Oops...that was supposed to be 20k steps,tho one day we almost hit 30k.

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