Sunday, January 3, 2016

January Open Discussion

Welcome another new year. Personally, I am not sad to see the old one fade away. Much to look forward to in the coming year. For this blog we have a birthday...The SWE will be 6 years old on January 19. Hard to believe it has been 6 years!


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Sage said...

Rhymes with Witch has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8 'What's Old is New' and I'd sti...":

Admin I give you credit for biting the bullet. I would prefer watching paint dry than watching Katie do (or rather not do) anything.

LOL so full of shit. They live for what Kate does and says. Only excitement they have in their boring mundane lives.

Nameless in LA said...

Exactly, Sage. And Bl the great martyr had to headline her post, "Recap: Kate Plus 8 'What's Old is New' and I'd still rather be playing laser tag or doing anything else but watching this." What a load of crap. If she'd rather be doing anything else, she would be. But no...she needs the ego fulfillment of the 3 or 4 people who tell her how awesome her recaps are. And she clearly has nothing else to do with her time.

These women epitomize what a sheeple really is. Rather than watching the show and forming their own opinions, they just read her recaps and assume that the BL's perceptions are reality. Think for yourselves, bleeple.

Sage said...

Jeanne has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8 'What's Old is New' and I'd sti...":

I think Mady is trying to survive the best she can. For whatever reason, she and Kate have always clashed. Kate, rather than parenting and teaching, egged her on and fought with her. From day 1 of the tups being home, Mady stopped being a kid and started being her mom's slave. Then she has never had a chance to develop her personality and learn what she likes in life. She is mom's "helper" and can't be Mady.

Then add to that all the filming. Your bedroom isn't even private. During spring break you can't even have a few relaxing days. Gotta film. Your mom has practically a live-in boyfriend but don't ever mention that to anyone. Oh yeah, don't tell any of your friends anything at all about our home life. And if we don't film you will lose your school, your home, your possessions, your friends, and it will be all your fault.

I would be angry too. I would want to strike out too. (Although my personality is more like Cara's.) I don't blame her at all for the way she acts. I blame her mother for not being a mother. I suspect like the rest of you that she knows the bad things said about her online. I think she is very unhappy and has no one to turn to. As a teenager, I might not trust my father to not tell my mother how unhappy I am.


These people are delusional! They think they really know Kate and the kids...what they think and what they do.

mental illness

Mimi said...

For the life of me I can't understand how they can say that those kids are scared of Kate in any way.Abused children are not relaxed,happy and sassy with people who have abused them.The food subject is equally ridiculous,none of those kids are too thin.They need to give it up,despite their best efforts Kate and the kids have perservered.I can't believe that six years later they are still spewing the same lies. They truly must have absolutely no lives of their own.

Nameless in LA said...

Sheepless In Seattle said... 174
I noticed that when Mady & Aaden were painting the end tables, there were some really sweet moments of her interacting with him. Makes me think that she's a lot different without the cameras & Kate around.


Weren't the cameras around when they were painting? I didn't watch...
Um, Sheepless, if the cameras weren't around the person wouldn't have seen Mady and Aaden painting. You didn't have to see the show to figure that out. There are some real geniuses over there on the BL's blog.

Farkle said...

Happy Birthday to Sage's blog! 6 years, wow! What a ride.

So, someone explain about the so called live in boyfriend that Kate has? You can bet your sweet behind, if any man spent any time at Kate's house, the media would be camped out. Someone on the BL's blog must have their so called lies mixed up with their own life. It has to be that poster, as the BL seems to have no man or life, just Kate.

Anonymous said...

I don't like how some of them are calling Mady and Cara's friend Marley (the one friend who has been on the past two trips) out for no reason. They act like they know Marley (and the Gosselin kids nonetheless) and they're saying things like "I bet Marley's parents are hoping for her 15 minutes of fame" and other obscene things.

Sage said...

I noticed that and yet they want everyone to believe how pro child they are. They are just a bunch of ignorant trash.

Sage said...

merryway said...

Happy anniversary to the Sageway Express! Thanks to Sage for running a great blog.

merryway said...

I haven't watched the last two episodes. I saw where BL's posters are picking on Mady and Cara's friend. Nothing like making yourself feel superior by slamming a kid.

They are having fits about Kate's new deck. There have been several comments wanting the county appraiser to come out to Kate's house. They are also salivating at the thought of the deck company getting slammed by haters.

Did you know the bleeple believe that the public watches tv shows in relation to their income? Yes, tv is only relatable if it's similar to your standard of living. The rich are watching shows like the Kardashians, Real Housewives and Frasier. I guess the have-nots only watch repeats of Roseanne, Malcom in The Middle, and maybe Queen For a Day.

Also, I didn't know that those who have less are supposed to be naturally bitter and hateful about those who have more. That sure seems to be the motto of the bleeple.


FlimsyFlamsy said... 15

Over And Out (#9), well said!

Good grief, I'm sure there are some of her fans who are saving for a car repair, or a medical procedure,
or to replace a broken appliance. But Greedy
McGreedyson was squirreling money away for her
dream deck. And will collect a hefty paycheck as she displays it to America tonight. So relatable.
January 5, 2016 at 6:36 PM

Farkle said...

Jealous of a deck, gawd, someone throw them a new bone. Appraisers don't care about a deck added to a home, least not in my neck of the woods.

If and I said if, Kate ever moves, a nice addition to the home. Companies who do good quality work, don't care what a few haters have to say on twitter or a failed blog, seriously, it gives them great coverage for their business. Win, win, for them!

Micha said...

I saw a little bit of the nastiness on Twitter towards both the magician and the guy who built the deck, and they handled it quite well. The haters will always be hateful, they'll always say that Kate spanking her kids equalled "abuse." They're always going to be desperate to have the media see it their way, and it's not happening.

The kids are great, they're doing well. Kate is aware that she needs to continue to calm down. She's not an easygoing person, she can try to modify that but it's not easy - and really you can't change your instinctive reactions to things. Kate's who she is and she's getting by just fine. That's what bugs the haters more than anything.

stxmom said...

I haven't watched any of this season episodes. I did read Kate's blog post about the new deck, it sounds wonderful, I'm sure they will enjoy it for many years to come.

After reading some of the Twitter hate I do have one question - how many times over the years have the kids been filmed in their bedrooms? I can't recall many, maybe quick glimpses here and there but not as much as as those who dislike Kate so much are claiming.

Hope you all are staying warm. Kids and I headed to Disney World next week, my oldest son and his wife are meeting us there hoping to get to know my new daughter in law a little better, this will be an experience for her - never been out of the state, never been on a plan & her 1st trip to Disney.

Nameless in LA said...

Take THAT, Kate Gosselin! An idiot turned on her television just for the purpose of changing the channel when your show came on. Such a woman of principle, that NJGal51. And such a moron.

NJGal51 said... 49

I turned on the Little Couple just so that I could change the channel when TFW came on. I didn't watch the show though, I muted it and watched the preview of Shameless on my iPad.

stxmom said...

That's funny! Someone should send her an thank you card for helping add to the ratings numbers.

They add to the ratings said...


How fun, hope it is sunny and warm for you all!

I love how they spend hours tweeting about the show that none of them watch, (they do) but they know every detail. ROTF, TLC loves the ratings, and NO one cares what they tweet. Gives those old church ladies something to yak about all day. I never want to retire if what lies ahead is being a bumbling idiot on twitter.

Anonymous said...

Oh good grief. Do they have to attack/slander EVERYONE who comes into contact with Kate? This is EXACTLY why none of the kids are on twitter. They do entirely too much.

Nameless in LA said... ~ Administrator said... 156
I have no idea about how a deck is the best thing ever done for their health and wellness.


Ironically, it could be the worst thing. If they forget the sunscreen, it's got the potential for terrible sun damage. There are also some safety hazards already discussed, like fire, or falls from the second story after a few beers or even sober falls.

I think a party area on your property is a lovely idea, as usual though she picks a plan that makes the least amount of sense.


Deck gate! Kate had a deck built and as a result her kids are going to get skin cancer and/or be injured tumbling from it.

The BL must be such a joy to be around in real life.

merryway said...

I haven't looked at twitter. But, I know Bl is a big ole hypocrite. She loved loved loved it when Em Tanner came out swinging on twitter. When Em Tanner was tweeting Kate, there were tributes of honor in comment after comment. I believe on the front page of BL's blog, there's a link to her post lauding Em Tanner.

I watched the show where Kate and the tups were planting and working in the yard. The kids are so typical. Bl has to twist really hard and ignore all the moments where it shows them being loving and sweet.

I thought it was cute how much Alexis loved the plants. She was so grown up when she was thanking the worker at the nursery. ~ Administrator said... 155

IMO, this guy was totally unprofessional by letting himself get caught up in the hater v sheeple war.


I'm really amazed that a professional with a thriving business would have such poor judgement. I have no problem with him servicing Kate or even the lesbians, snort, but it's silly to get involved in a tweet war. Wth!

I could be wrong, but even if you don't know Kate, wouldn't most people take one look at all that spitting back and forth on Twitter and realize it's a kindergarten playground? It seems like such basic common sense to not get involved with such a thing.
January 7, 2016 at 12:55 PM

merryway said...

Oh yeah Nameless. Anyone can have a deck except for Kate. When Kate has a deck put on, she's building a deathtrap.

xxxx ~ Administrator said... 157

Especially with kids running around on a wet slippery deck or forgetting to wear flip-flops and burning their feet.


I just keep picturing a bunch of teenagers sitting on the railing of that deck because that's just want teens do. Rowdy teens and one wrong move and off you go tumbling to the ground.

Makes me nervous as hell. Google balcony/deck falls. They are so common it feels like it happens every week.
January 7, 2016 at 1:34 PM

Former 15 poster said...

You know, I'm just wondering why any of this makes Becks nervous. There are risks with everything in life. However, most people have a little common sense, even teens and unless they are drinking (which I seriously doubt Kate would allow) they will be aware of risks associated with a deck. I'm not a fan as I've said before, but it is just getting more ridiculous by the day how Becks seems to worry about other peoples children to the extent she does.

Nameless in LA said...

Apparently a second story deck is ONLY a risk if you have eight children. 1-2 rowdy, drunk teenagers are not a danger. In other words, as Merryway said, the only problem is KATE having a deck. ~ Administrator said... 170

The issue is the second story deck. Not decks in general. For goodness sake we have a deck, as many homes do, but it is only two feet off the ground. It's unlikely if you sat on the ledge and slipped you would die or even be hurt. We do not have a deck that wraps halfway around our second story and would involve a 15 foot fall, as theirs does. I don't recall any of the posters saying they had second story decks.

Also, I assume that of those posters, if any have a second story deck, they don't also have eight kids. It's one thing to have a deck with two or three rowdy kids to keep an eye on. Quite another with eight, plus forthcoming grandchildren.

Sage said...

Oh, the drama!


redbird has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Deck Party":

FlimsyFlamsy said... 58
Redbird (#7), thank you for that thoughtful post from Paul Petersen. I was struck by that “bug in amber” comment. It's what so many of us have said: these shows are preserved forever. An adult J may someday be watching that episode with his wife and kids, and see his mother say to him as a toddler,
"I don't want to hear you breathe." Who knows how each of the 8 children will react to those filmed memories as they get older? But smart money says, damage has been, and will be, done.


Your welcome, FlimsyFlamsy. I can't imagine the pain of Adult J and his small children watching that particular episode and his mother, THEIR grandmother, telling their father, I don't want to hear you breathe.

What will be the reaction of the grandkids? What if they have the look of what? and then realize their grandmother didn't want their father to even breathe. No breath, means death. Then they realize this and they start to choke up and the real tears come out and drop at a rapid pace.

They rush to their dad's arms and they cry, Grandmother did want you to breathe? What if you would of died, daddy??

TFW's abuse is the gift that keeps on giving.

Nameless in LA said...

LOL, Sage. I love this line the most: "They rush to their dad's arms and they cry, Grandmother did want you to breathe? What if you would of died, daddy??" Redbird missed her calling as a soap opera writer.

Quiltart said...

While this dingbat claims the kids run to their father and cry, what do you think they did when they heard, on national TV, their father say he wanted their mother to die??

Sage said...

That's right Quiltart...I forgot about that!

How was Paris?

Quiltart said...

Paris was fabulous! We took day trips to Normandy and Rouen. We also spent some time in Brussels. We really had a great time. We got home Tuesday night and went back to work Wednesday... I'll probably collapse this weekend!

Bubbles said...

Me thinks Redbird watches soaps all day, living in a nursing home might be another problem in how one views certain subjects. imo.


How fun, great memories for you two forever.


Hope you are really feeing better and doing more things now.

merryway said...

Quilt, what a wonderful trip! Welcome home.

OMG, fair warning if you read at Bl's. They are still talking decks ad nauseam in order to prove that Kate is the devil incarnate for having one installed.

Sage said...

Sounds wonderful, Quiltart! As a WW2 buff I would love to go to Normandy.

Francie said...

What I understand is that Kate's house had a "door to nowhere". Sounds like a deck was originally planned but not executed. It will also give a way out of that part of the house in case of an emergency.

Quiltart said...

Sage, I had no idea what to expect re Normandy. The region itself is absolutely breathtaking. We visited the Memorial of Caen, which is the main WWII history museum. Their exhibit takes you from WWI through the Cold War. We then went to a couple of the beaches, including Omaha and Gold... and then onto one of the US cemeteries, which was the most moving part of the entire visit. DH had arranged a private tour. We took the train from Paris to Caen, where the guide met us.

Rouen is also in the Normandy region. There we saw the medieval cathedral that was bombed during WWII and has slowly been restored.

Paris is one of our favorite places in the world... We've been there many times. There is so much to do and see there that you can never run out of things to do!

MsGoody2Shoes 👠 said...

Happy birthday (Jan 19) SageWay Express!

Stxmom - Have a great and safe trip to Disney World with your family.

Sage said...

Quiltart, I have been casually looking at WW2 tours and am starting to think maybe in another year I will do it. Paris looks wonderful. A good friend of mine went this past fall and she took beautiful pictures. She also, loved it.

Terri Celestine Brunson said...

Happy New Year Sage and for 6Th year for your blog. I think it's a wonderful blog and a nice place to come and communicate positively about Kate and her 8. She's doing an wonderful job with her 8. Have a very blessed New Year 2016 Sage.

Farkle said...

Is Hoff still trying to sell his books of lies? He never got a interview anywhere, think twitter was his interview. LOL. Kate doesn't need to worry about the ditch writer anymore, his miserable life he has is the best revenge anyone could have. His 5 followers post the same things day after day, he may need to update their scripts for them.

merryway said...

Ha! Very true Farkle. Kate can put that worry behind her. RH's last attempt for attention was a failure, as was his others. I hope he keeps his creepy self a good distance from Kate and the kids.

Bl's posters are disastifisfied with the quality and quanitity of guests at Kate's deck party. There have been comments that the only adults were parents of the kids' friends, that there was no family, they were paid TLC crew, etc. and so on.

Kate would have had to add on two or three decks to satify Reader. Reader thinks Kate should have invited everyone she has ever known.


reader said... 150

Think of all the nannies, old friends, helpers, church parishioners, neighbors (old and new) who were not welcome to the unveiling of that deck, past coworkers, her running partners from the marathon (cough) not to mention the extended many people absent from such a big deck, such a momentous occasion; a life changing event according to Kate's testimony, I mean blog. And although her toast was more about her money and her choices, there was something about the value of friends and family.
January 10, 2016 at 6:16 PM

Sage said...

Kate is a twit has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Deck Party":

TLC stinks said... 198
Maybe those extra hair and makeup credits were the ladies at the spa?

They weren't the ladies at the spa. I looked back at the credits for the past episodes. Deanna was the only one listed for the first 2 episodes. Deanna and Ronnie Dieterich were both listed for the 3rd one(What's Old is New). Deanna, Ronnie and Jessie Nolan were all credited for last two episodes.

I googled the last two and this is what I came up with:

Ronnie Dieterich is a colorist who used to work at Ted Gibson's salon. He now works at a salon in NYC called Brush NYC. Remember years ago, when there were pictures of Kate taken with a younger guy and there was speculation that Kate was dating him? That was Ronnie.

The only Jessie Nolan I found who is a cosmetologist and hair stylist who lives in Massachusetts. I have no idea why she would be involved in the show since she lives so far away. Perhaps, she knows Deanna or Ronnie and they recommended her. Could be that she filled in for Deanna if Deanna was unavailable.

Tucker's Mom has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Deck Party":
And this is what poor Kate, single mother's life is like? How can any woman (with more than 2 brain cells) and mother act like they don't know how Kate does it?
Can they really be that blind?


The real question is why have none of you any life? We don't care how Kate does it or what she does, Why do any of you? Why do you spend hours of googling and researching the most minutia of her life? Is it because your lives are boring nothingness?

merryway said...

LMAO, Kate is a twit found such valuable information. Scoping out makeup artists is important work towards their great cause.

TLC stinks needs to look up the definition of "fact." She knows for sure that Kate has never donated anything unless it was being filmed. As Quiltart has said before, they think they know everything about Kate and her family.


TLC stinks said... 2

rainbow, I can't see Kate donating anything. She has only donated when the cameras are rolling. That's a fact. I'll admit she could be donating now, but why would she change? She sorted and boxed up clothes for the local consignment shop and I cannot see her changing that routine for cash when many of the items were free to begin with. Not a tax whiz, but I think her donations have to be huge to make a difference in her income bracket. I think she's rather have the cash, small that it may be, rather than writing off any donations that won't matter to the IRS.
January 11, 2016 at 12:47 PM

Nameless in LA said...

A lot of them have a very difficult time comprehending the difference between "fact" and "assumption."

Kate is a twit is beyond creepy. She can cite dates of every tweet every made, every interview given, etc., etc. Maybe she's Redbird's roomie, as I can't fathom how anyone who is not institutionalized has the time for such obsession.

stxmom said...

How many hours of their day do they spend looking up this unnecessary info? Why do they care so much about every thing Kate does/ doesn't do/thinks/ says/tweets/writes?

Nameless in LA said...

Hey TLC stinks...We know you read here as you keep posting messages to "sheeple" that directly correlate with comments that have been made on this blog. Since this is an unmoderated blog, unlike your beloved BL's, why don't you say what you have to say directly to the posters here rather than behaving in such a passive-aggressive manner?

And I hate to break it to you, but many of you ARE consumed with Kate hate. Take a step back and look at how many times you post every day, picking apart every little thing. Self-awareness is not your friend.

TLC stinks said... 72
Well, we are all anonymous by choice because there are some mischief makers out there, but the only reason I think Milo comes up every now and then is because of her belief she is part of Kate's inner circle. I think she was encouraged and it consumes her. Well, it's her life. Note to sheeple, we all do have lives, are not consumed with Kate hate but enjoy the fellowship of like-minded people on this blog and jump in when there is time. I just like debunking Kate because she always provides material and she's awful to her kids and pets.

Quiltart said...

How do the Bleeple know that Milo is or is not part of Kate's inner circle? For all we know, they may speak on the phone or privately email... and I wouldn't be surprised if they do. What the Bleeple can't stand --- or their limited intellect won't let them comprehend --- is that there ARE people who like Kate. I would be happy to have a friend as loyal as Milo! The Bleeple wouldn't know what to do with anyone so positive in their lives!

stxmom said...

Our Disney trip has begun! This is our 13th trip. On the way to the airport my son said "in 350ish days we will be doing this exact same thing". Kids are already planning our next trip.

Farkle said...

Stxmom, have a great time! Hope it is sunny and warm.

OMG, who has time to look at credits from a TV show? Seriously, these posters need to really find something to do, maybe volunteer folding diapers at the nursing home. :)

merryway said...

Stxmom, have a great time! You must have some wonderful memories of past trips. Your DIL will have a blast.

Lots of picking on Mady over at Bl's. It's amazing how they jump and leap to rationalize and excuse Jon's actions but will pick on a kid in minutia.

Why shouldn't Mady tell a random kid that they're filming their show? It's their show. I wonder if the bleeple pick on their own kids in this way? If so, poor kids.


Mel said... 174

It's also left the kids with fame they might not be able to shake very easily,

Yep. It does seem that Mady is maybe a little too taken with the idea that she's famous.
Look how she responded to that random kid on the beach. She could have said they're filming a reality show, not they're filming 'our' show.
January 13, 2016 at 1:05 PM

Quiltart said...

Have a great time, stxmom!

He has no money for a lawyer said...

Oh those silly twitters want Kate to take Hoffie to court over his failed book. LOL. Wonder if he can pay a lawyer with no job? Kate shut him down, no one knows who he is, just a failure of a Father to his own kids. His super buddy Jon didn't want to get drug into court, so did Jon shut him down. Maybe? Jon tweeted a new lawyer he hired, bet that nasty tax collector was after him.

Farkle said...

Anna Dugger pregnant again? Oh my, getting pregnant with your hubs while in sex rehab is just a NO. TLC needs to remove this family from TV.

merryway said...

Oh good grief, she's pregnant?!?!? Well, I guess that'll straighten Josh right out. (snarkle snarkle).

What a way to handle a crisis. That poor girl. She probably thinks she's being devoted to her marriage and doing the right thing. She'll be chained to him for life because of her beliefs.

Jon shut them down, good for him--- said...

Check out Jon G's twitter, looks like he told off his supporters. ROTF. Jon must have been told, maybe something by his attorney to drop the crap about his kids and ex. Now if he would pay some cs, he would look so much better.

merryway said...

So silly, the things which they find to cricize. How dare Kate use tarps on the lawn when staining and painting furniture. It's totally unforgiveable to bleeple Carole. Also, they think it's stupid of Kate not to flip the picnic table so they could easily access the underneath when refinishing/staining. Lol, flipping a picnic table is not that easy. You need a lot of muscle, those things weigh a ton and you have to watch not to break the benches and legs when turning.

I always use something to protect the project from grass/dirt. Maybe Carole likes the look of grass mixed into the stained wood. Perhaps, the brown dead spots on her lawn bring her pleasure.

I can't believe how much she wrote to critcize Kate over these silly details.

Carole said... 86

Did it ever occur to Kate that it just might be a tad easier if they flipped over the table to make the legs and underside more accessible, and then when that dried to flip it back over to do the tops of the benches and table?

She said she did research on how to refinish the table and what supplies she needed. Apparently she skipped over the part that says to invert the table to make access to the legs and underside easier.


She's a fool and one of the most impractical and wasteful people I've ever seen. She consciously makes things harder than they need to be and she makes work. She also loves to spend TLC's money on totally unnecessary things.

On the episode where Mady painted her 2 bedside tables, TFW bought new cloth tarps which they carefully laid on the grass before they started - because how dare the grass get paint on it, right? Then, to stain the picnic table TFW bought 2 more tarps, this time the blue variety, and put the picnic table on them - because how dare the grass get stain on it, right? She even "oh, dear'ed" when she spilled some stain on the tarp and worried it might get on her precious green grass.

Am I so mediocre that I don't care that my grass (which grows and the tops of the blades of grass get cut off when mowing) gets paint or stain on it? Is she so naive (or stupid) that she thinks she's ruining (her favorite word) the grass if paint is spilled? I also wear old clothes when I do home improvement projects, but not TFW. The kids all wore brand new white t-shirts. Of course they were included in the production budget for the show and TFW didn't pay for them, but again, what an impractical clothing choice and what a waste of money.
January 14, 2016 at 10:22 AM

FYI said...

merryway said...

Also, they think it's stupid of Kate not to flip the picnic table so they could easily access the underneath when refinishing/staining. Lol, flipping a picnic table is not that easy. You need a lot of muscle, those things weigh a ton and you have to watch not to break the benches and legs when turning.

They had a filming crew there, producer, camera person, mic person, maybe more Between 12 or so people I'd think they could have flipped the table over. I'm sure if Kate had asked it would have been done.

merryway said...

FYI, that's not the point of the show. Sort of defeats the purpose of Kate plus 8.

FYI said...

merryway said...
FYI, that's not the point of the show. Sort of defeats the purpose of Kate plus 8.

Oooooh, I get. They don't want anyone watching to think there are cameras and a film crew following their every move. It's just the 9 of them doing regular stuff. Riiiiight.

Micha said...

Want to bet that if Kate didn't say anything about spilling that stuff on the grass the bleeps would be talking about how careless Kate was and how spilling on the grass hurt the environment, was toxic, what if Shoka decided to nibble on that piece of grass, she could have poisoned him etc., and blah. They'll always find something to complain about when it comes to Kate, and it's worked out so well for bleeps in that Kate continues to happily raise her family, live in her nice house and continues to do reality TV. Oh, wait, that's the opposite of it working out well for the bleeps. :)

Quiltart said...

...and contrary to their predictions, the ratings have been just fine!

merryway said...

Yep FYI, you are right. Sneaky TLC is trying to trick all the silly sheeple into thinking that the show is filmed through the power of magical fairies. You should hurry and review all the old shows to see if TLC swiffered parts where the crew was shown. I bet they have, they have a ton of interns to do that kind of stuff.

Sage said...

Over And Out has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Kate Plus 8 'School Prep'":

Good. Lord.

Fired Up 4 Kate @MiloandJack
@Kateplusmy8 You know you have 2have a pretty firm figure to wear #SweaterPants! Not for everybody for sure! You rocked those! Go get 'em!

This has to be a man or she's still in the closet. No woman talks like this. This is not just a girl crush. She/he is obsessed with Kate's body. If I were Kate, this would scare me.

This statement coming from the blog, whose participants blow up pictures of Kate and go over every inch of it and comments for weeks, months, and years.

no self awareness

Sage said...

FlimsyFlamsy has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Kate Plus 8 'School Prep'":

Gladys doesn't get that tweet parties are for Tuesday nights, to garner publicity for the show.
She thinks TFW is just chit-chattin' with her gal pals for fun. And we're supposed to be the pathetic ones with no lives?

Yes Flim Flam you are pathetic. You obsess over an anonymous Kate fan whose only 'sin' is that she tweets to Kate.

no life coupled with no self awareness

Who is Milo???? said...

At least talking sweater pants is way farther than the 5 twits talk about. Heck, they are still back when J and K were married and finally have emerged to 2012. Whew, knew they were slow, but really? Guess being old and twitter is your only friend, you have to discuss something right? (snort

Milo is their best topic along with Steve. Ha, the jealousy from them over flows their logic. You would think they would post about Jon all day, guess he shut them down, he must have finally figured out who was his enemy all along.

Truthers B Crazy said...

Trashing on Milo when they love to talk about Kate's breasts all the time.They really are a bunch of ugly humans over there.

Sage said...

FlimsyFlamsy has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Kate Plus 8 'School Prep'":

Redbird (#52), and don't forget the famous
"purse full o' bills." Poor, poor Kite! How someone with a freaking bodyguard on her payroll
got away with crying poverty is a mystery. Just
gives you an idea of the gullibility of her fans.

Oh Flim Flam, what this shows is the stupidity and obsession of the haters. Kate said that years ago after Jon took money that he wasn't suppose to out of the account. Don't ya all get tired of repeating that over and over again?

Anonymous said...

Problem is, Sage, that's what Kate said. Some of us don't believe that she always tells the truth. Neither does Jon. I have always believed she hid money. Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.

Sage said...

Tucker's Mom has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Kate Plus 8 'School Prep'":

I remember Kate's "never ever" buying milk unless it was on sale. Unless it was on sale pretty much every week in PA, that means the kids were denied milk a whole lot.
What do you put on cereal? How do you make pancakes.
She was full of it.
If milk is too expensive, you buy powdered. You don't deny your kids milk

I believe Kate was referring to buying organic milk when it was on sale. The kids look very healthy I do not believe she denies them anything.

merryway said...

I still don't get how they can begrudge Kate a bodyguard when they think it's fine and dandy for Jon to carry a gun.

Along with the piecin and patchin, they also love to repeat how Kate fails at being relatable. Uhm, a show doesn't need to be relatable, it's whatever entertains.

As far as reality shows, I used to be big fan of Teen Mom and Survivor. I wasn't surviving on an island or a pregnant teen. I doubt the many people who watch the Kardashians have the same amount of money as they do.


FlimsyFlamsy said... 82

Compare that fistful-of-coupons grocery trip to the boutique outing on Tuesday's show. As someone else said, TFW has given up the pretense of being a struggling single mother. But with that, she has given up any genuine relatability with her audience -- if there ever was any to begin with.
January 17, 2016 at 10:05 AM

Sage said...

Math Girl has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Kate Plus 8 'School Prep'":

TLC stinks said... 87
Math girl, true but 40 is young for chicken flaps.
You're right. My instructor is probably in her 50s. I forget that she's older than Kate because she is much more attractive and more energetic. And has a much nicer personality.

LOL so juvenile! Kate is attractive for 40 or any age! Deal with it!

Micha said...

Anonymous, the problem isn't that Kate said something in 2009, it's that certain people don't evolve, they don't change, they don't grow, their situations remain the same and they think that must mean that no one evolves, changes and grows - nobody's situations change. If Kate said she had a 'bag full of bills' in 2009 then of course she must still have that bag full of bills, 7 years later. After all, the people who obsessively hated on Kate in 2009 are still hating on Kate, 7 years later. That's the "logic" that certain people hold on to. It's not good, fair or accurate, but there it is.

Sage said...

Tucker's Mom has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Kate Plus 8 'School Prep'":

Math Girl said... 101
TLC stinks said... 90
Right, Tucker's Mom. Kate inserts herself into everything on that show.
I watched the video of the yoga class on the TLC website. Talk about insertion herself! Kate has been taking private yoga lessons (can't take group ones like the mediocre people) for years. So she arranged for her instructor to do a session for the kids, and she did the class too. She was quite annoyed that some of them were better at the headstand than she was, despite her large "head" start. She wanted to show off and "win" at yoga, as if yoga is a competitive sport. Oh well.
January 17, 2016 at 1:38 PM
Oh jeez. Private yoga lessons, dog groomer valets the dog. How the sheep can't see how rich, spoiled and entitled she is is beyond me.

Yup, Kate is well to do. Why is that so hard for you to accept?

FYI said...

merryway said...
Along with the piecin and patchin, they also love to repeat how Kate fails at being relatable. Uhm, a show doesn't need to be relatable, it's whatever entertains.

"Multiple births should not be confused with entertainment, nor should they be an opportunity to sell products." - Dionne sisters

merryway said...

So, only children who are not multiples can be on tv or in the entertainment field? That seems unfair.

The Dionnes have been talked to death. Multiple births aren't the extreme oddity they were in 1934. I think what the Dionnes really wanted to say was that children shouldn't be snatched from their family, be held prisoners in an isolated home with a public viewing area, allowed no contact or knowledge of the outside world, and have constant medical examinations. Their situation was very very different from the G kids.

Nameless in LA said...

Tucker's Mom said... 69
Over And Out said... 199
Good. Lord.

Fired Up 4 Kate ‏@MiloandJack
@Kateplusmy8 You know you have 2have a pretty firm figure to wear #SweaterPants! Not for everybody for sure! You rocked those! Go get 'em!
Those sweater pants were FUGLY and made Kate look like she had a big deuce in her drawers.
Milo is so damn delusional and will kiss Kate's ass no matter what she does.
A real friend would say, "Uh, no honey. Just no."
Apparently no real friend has ever told Tucker's Mom that she's an overbearing, pretentious jackass who has no clue that no one wants to hear her opinion on EVERYTHING.

I didn't see the show and have no opinion on the sweater pants, but I do know that one person's FUGLY is another's BEAUTIFUL and I would never tell a friend, "uh, no honey. Just no." Why? Because that is condescending and obnoxious and I don't choose my friends based on whether they have similar tastes in clothes to me.

FYI said...

Yes, merryway, things have changed over the past 80 years. We have TLC now where the "oddities" of their choice can be ogled in the comfort of their voyeuristic viewers own homes--multiples, little people, morbidly obese, etc. and make lots of money while they're at it. Those who include their children, though, in their quest for their few minutes of fame are disgustingly self-serving.

And as far as putting children on public display, if I remember correctly, Kate's ill-fated cruise advertised as an enticement being able to watch the G8 play in the sand. That's downright creepy. We have more technology, but we still like to ogle like a bunch of busybodies.

And to compare these children who have no talent to offer for entertainment with young actors is ridiculous. But I have to say, I don't think the movie making business is a great place for children. But there are talented kids out there doing amazing things, acting, athletically, musically. You can't compare them to a gaggle of multiples fidgeting on a couch and getting their fingernails painted. LOL

I'd really like to know why some people think such things are entertaining. It's obvious they don't realize they're being entertained at the expense of kid's privacy.

Quiltart said...

FYI, Who is forcing you to watch the G8 on TV? There are many other REALITY shows with children ... do you give them a free pass? Why don't you put your angst towards the myriad of children who have appeared on the Real Housewives franchises? There are many children on thoses shows who have probably been mortified by their parents' behaviour. Do you blog against the other children on TLC? Why do you obsess over Kate Gosselin, except that you can't stand the fact that she lives a good life, despite the fact that so many of you have done everything in your power to railroad her? If you hate seeing children on reality TV so much, spread your hate around and don't blame the ills of the world completely on Kate Gosselin.

Issues repeated over and over are just so boring said...


Old news, rehashed for 6 years, boring. Paul Peterson is always looking for his failed agenda. imo

Anything new about Jon seeing his kids, any child support, did the kids get new shoes, hairbands, socks, anything?

Hoff have a job? What is his family doing? His kids? Really, why no interview on TV, radio, book clubs?

Just asking---???????????

belle fidele said...

Happy birthday Sagettes! 6 years today. Wow !!! And thanks Sage.��

Optimist said...


FYI said...

Quiltart, you assume a lot about me and it all happens to be incorrect. I don't watch Reality TV, don't know anything about the Housewives or their kids. But it sounds like you do. I've never tried to railroad Kate's show, haven't even seen the latest episodes. And I certainly don't blame the ills of the world on her. LOL I do kind of, from time to time, like to watch the over-the-top statements and assumptions you all make--fans and non fans alike. It's funny how much you all sound the same.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you FYI. I have never, nor would I ever call companies to boycott Kate. How juvenile. But both sides are so similar its funny. Each side accuses the other of the very same things. I haven't watched Kate in several years but I do read occasionally because its more entertaining reading and seeing that the more things change the more they stay the same. Now I will readily admit that the freaks on her Twitter are ridiculous, both fans and non fans. I wonder if some day social media will destroy us all. People are so aggressive and rude. And I agree with Quiltart and others on here that if you don't like Kate why do you watch and comment on every little thing. `For me, and i know the women on here disagree, she just has such a disagreeable personality. But I don't feel at all jealous of her because she has made a lot of money. Money doesn't buy happiness and I think Kate is proof of that.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and ps, the Becks group is beyond ridiculous. They have diarrhea of the mouth when it comes to Kate. They just go on and on and on about every little detail. Even if you don't like someone for whatever reason, why is it necessary to shoot down every single thing she does or says. Redbird is just absurd with her little skits she writes out as if they were fact.

Quiltart said...

FYI, For not watching these shows, you certainly seem to know an awful lot about them.

Yes, I do watch other reality shows, but I don't obsess about any of them and I don't join others in a hate campaign. I watch a lot of other things, too. If I don't like someone or something, I just don't watch it... I don't go online and bash them.

Quiltart said...

BTW, I don't know how many times we have to say it... The two sides are NOT identical. We haven't mounted a campaign to stop someone from supporting their family. Becks and her gang of happy followers have.

merryway said...

You are so right Quiltart. Over at Bl's, they have tracked down the man who went on a date with Kate in tonight's show. They've found his linkedin account, twitter and more. They are trying to find and eleborate on any little detail. Apparently, he's just set his twitter to private due to harassment. Of course, it's all Kate's fault. How nice they take no responsiblity for their actions.


Mel said... 128

He just locked his Twitter account.

Yeah. The poor guy had no idea about the Kate Gosselin curse. Everything she touches turns to...
January 19, 2016 at 1:49 PM

Nameless in LA said...

TLC stinks said... 113
You bet he piqued her interest. He owns a very expensive townhouse in Annapolis and looks like from his photos he renovated a NY or NJ brownstone.

I am scratching my head why this guy, with his brains, would agree to be on a reality TV show.

Run, Vann, run.
This behavior is so obsessive. Who, other than women with no lives, spends time researching the property records of some guy who goes on a blind date with Kate Gosselin? Who CARES?

FYI said...

Anonymous, I agree with a lot of what you said. The thing that interests me the most is all the speculating about what each new episode is going to be like. IF you didn't know better you'd think they were excited about it. I don't think they even realize how they sound just like the fans looking forward to it.

FYI said...

And just let me add, this research into Kate's blind date is ludicrous.

Nameless in LA said...

FYI, many of them ARE excited about it. Their lives revolve around watching Kate and picking her apart, empty cries of "child exploitation" notwithstanding. Posters/Tweeters who actually give a crap about the children and genuinely believe that the show is harmful to them comprise a very small fraction of the non-fan contingent, which boasts a majority consisting of bored bitches with superiority complexes.

Micha said...

Mel doesn't get it at all. The "curse" is on her and her fellow wackos. They're the ones who are so consumed by all things Kate. They are obsessed with everything Kate does - if THEY didn't harass this guy he wouldn't have to put his Twitter account on private. So, is it all Kate's fault that they are obsessed with her? It's Kate's fault that they harass and pester anyone who has anything to do with Kate? Think about how ridiculous that is, bleeple. What you do is all on you, not Kate. You make your choice to bother these people and you can choose not to. Kate does not control your actions, you do.

Sage said... ~ Administrator said... 23

In the eonline clip, Deanna says that she met him at a charity function.

I guess that means he's a "charity" date for Kate.


I kind of believe that Deanna met him at some event and hoodwinked him into doing this.

Based on his hobbies he seems like the type of guy up for anything. Just an all around "cool" guy who is game to try new things even ridiculous things and isn't afraid to look stupid. Dating an older woman with kids, sure why not. Book smart and well rounded but not always astute to a woman manipulating him.

Deanna did good finding him actually. He's exactly the type that would fall for this.


Because Becks is such a dating expert here. I remember one of her old blog posts whining about being dumped by some guy....wonder if she is a bit bitter ya think! LOL

PJ's momma said...

Why in the world are they looking up and posting about some guy's Flickr, Twitter, education, travel, interests and possible age? He has done nothing wrong and is being treated like a criminal. Oh my gosh, that is so bad.

Farkle said...

Can you imagine living with a crazy like the BL. Gawd, she would scare mice away in her home with her ranting on a keyboard all day and night. She will be old, still staring at Kate's face until the end comes for her. Her 4 posters will be so lost without a leader.

The twitter ranters are so jealous, Kate has moved on, Jon is a DJ, and every time they mention Kate's name, the ratings must go up. They watch the show! ROTF. 5 twitter accounts is not going to matter in the big world issues today. What a waste of time.

Nameless in LA said...

Oh my, Sue Buddy dared to call the BL out for her ridiculous comments about knowing exactly what this guy is like, and Becks the Bitch came out to play.

Sue_Buddy said... 40
I doubt you know what he's "exactly" like regarding anything, only "knowing" him for a few hours.

Pardon the over-usage of quotation marks. ~ Administrator said... 47
Whoa Sue, a few hours sounds like longer than Kate's date. Are you nervous? Who set you up with Vann and at what charity event?

Shall we debate will you or won't you tonight?

A date on a Tuesday night, you go girl!

Nameless in LA said...

JB, I am not a Redbird fan by any stretch of the imagination but your comments are unnecessarily cruel.

JB said...

Maybe, maybe not. Redbird seems to be very cruel when it comes to Kate and the kids. I have a hard time with hypocrisy.

Nameless in LA said...

Yes, she does seem cruel. I'm not sure why you feel the need to sink to the same level. What is hypocritical about choosing not to be equally nasty?

Sage said...

I agree with Nameless. I don't care for Redbird but the comment was out of line.

merryway said...

I agree with you Nameless, no reason to sink to that level.

I watched last night's show. Kate's date thing was kind of boring. I liked the kids making their pizzas. I was impressed with Collin's stuffed crust. I keep reading at BL's how they think Collin is in a drugged out in a coma like state. Whether he's on any medication, I have no idea. But, he seems normal to me. Bl's talked the same way about Cara because she is quiet. Collin is quiet and studious in his tasks. It was something to watch him hang in there and finish the picnic table in last week's show. He seems to speak up whenever he feels he has something to say.

It's a shame how they rip into Deanna. Again, they used to do the same to Carla, and of course, Jamie. They slam anyone who is a friend to Kate.

sadiemay said...

I can't believe what they're doing in regards to Kate's date.These are the same women who squawk that BV was getting personal info on them,and were invading their privacy. That's just what they're doing to her date.Such hypocrites! They're also going after Deanna like rabid dogs. Insulting her looks. Deanna stood up to them though.Her "budget flower" comment really touched a nerve.

Sounds like BL is peeved at Sue Buddy.How dare Sue question Becky.

Nameless in LA said...

TLC stinks said... 64
LOL. I have good connections at Naval Academy. I'll let u know if I hear any scuttlebutt. I don't do Facebook but this is one time I wish I did.
Yes, I'm sure the Naval Academy is all abuzz with gossip about the guy who graduated 20+ years ago who went on a televised date with Kate. TLC stinks doesn't understand that not everyone's world revolves around Kate Gosselin.

merryway said...

BL is so ridiculous. She has to counter everything that comes out of Kate's mouth. She just can't let anything slide.

In this week's show, Kate was talking about dating and growing up. I think she said she didn't really date in school. She attended a small Christian school and graduated with a class of 12 of kids she had known since grade school. She said it was sheltered life. Bl is right there to argue it into the ground that Kate was not sheltered.

Kate was a pastor's kid in a small Christian school. I don't care if they sent her to China on a mission trip, her life would have still been sheltered. Wherever you travel, you still have household rules to live by.

To be sheltered is to be kept away from worldy/secular knowledge. I'm sure movies, Tv, music and possibly books were restricted, probably strict curfews, limited activities, etc. The Duggars have traveled all over and they still are sheltered. Again, Bl is just ridiculous.

Kate can't make any remark on her childhoold or her marriage, without Bl somehow twisting into Kate slamming her parents/Jon. Kate wasn't complaining, slamming, or blaming. She was simply talking about her life.

xxxxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 28

I agree--that doesn't sound sheltered to me, either. It doesn't sound like Kate had those opportunities


I don't know about that.

She herself said she went with her grandparents to Canada frequently. Fishing was it? That sounds wonderful and opens you up to different people and cultures right there. Canada is different enough in many ways to be a great outside the box experience for a child. Having grown up close to Canada, even the poorest of families were able to take a few trips to Canada every once in awhile. So apparently did she.

Many churches offer mission trip opportunities even if it's just a few states away. Her did was a pastor and her denomination is very mission focused. I can't imagine that wasn't available to her. Even to Philly, or Jersey? Whether she WANTED to go is another matter.

Opportunities may have been well available to her but maybe she misbehaved and didn't earn them, or maybe she was too lazy to fundraise for them, or maybe she chose to do something else with her time instead like go be with a boyfriend.

Like others, I don't take her version of events as gospel. There are two sides to every story and I've never heard her parents' version.
January 20, 2016 at 8:32 PM

merryway said...

LMAO, TLC stinks really thinks there's going to be scuttlebutt at the Naval academy regarding Kate's date? That is delusional. TLC stinks needs to check into some therapy for herself.

sadiemay said...

I'm sure the Naval Academy will get right on that TLC. I'm sure they have a lot of time on their hands....It's not like there's anything important going on in the world.
Have a seat at the delusional table lady.

Quiltart said...

It's absolutely amazing that they always know more about Kate's life than Kate does. I wonder what course BL took in school to be so omnipotent?

Quiltart said...

Kate's ratings were very good Tuesday night.... 23 out of 150!

belle fidele said...

Anybody seen Jon on the Steve Harvey show ? Disgusting! You can see it on ROL. I guess he needed to make a show because Kate had a blind date. Lol!

Sage said...

This made me gag. Not all the kids even see him and the newest girlfriend he is living with. I wonder if Jon's girlfriends have to wear name tags so the kids that do go to see him know which one is through the revolving door. Also, Jon is going to be on the Steve Harvey show whining on Monday. It is on Radar.

PA Dutch Mom said... 17
From the previous thread...

Ol' reliable Gladys found an opportunity to bash Jon again. As I always say, she doesn't give half a damn about the G kids. Not sure how she's already managed to judge that Vann's character is "lightyears" ahead of Jon's just by watching about 5 minutes of footage of him scarfing down Italian food. But I watched years of Jon caring for 8 small children with love, gentleness and kindness, and that told me plenty about his character.


Gladys bash Jon? Nah, a good southern, go-to-Sunday-meetings Christian woman with only kindness, goodness and positivity in her heart would never lower herself to such a thing.

I really wish that Milo would be able to spend a day here observing Jon with the kids, the hugs, his love for them, his warmness, nurturing, emotional support, caring and just being a dad. Jon actually has fun with his kids. Kate sees them as a commodity. I think maybe she might have her eyes open to a few things. Then again, Jon is the villain, the ex-from-hell who made life miserable for her beloved Kate, and nothing would ever change that opinion. Her mind is made up, and her eyes closed to anything that would even suggest that Jon isn't the evil enemy who made life hell for Kate and the kids.

Vann may be highly educated with a very impressive background, experience, pedigree, and social status, and I guess to the sheep, that's what it's all about. He's probably a good guy. But Jon is light years ahead of all that when it comes to being a loving hands-on dad who is trying to be a good role model for his kids by showing them that growing up with an attitude of entitlement isn't going to get them very far, but a strong work ethic will. Yes he has made mistakes in the past when he broke free from Kate; even his appearance with Liz on a reality show was not, in my opinion, a wise decision, but one thing is certain -- his concern and love for the well-being of his kids has always been there.

Going to read the recap now, and then off to fight the feeding frenzy at the grocery storm in advance of the impending two-foot storm.

Quiltart said...

It predictable, isn't it? Kate is on TV, so Jon has to pull one of his stunts. It's obvious that some of the kids don't WANT to see him.

If PA Dutch Mom needs to get over the fact that she lives in the same zipcode. She doesn't know these people any more than we do. If the kids, at their ages, are playing kissy face with their dad in public, I would be worried.

merryway said...

Well, that really puts the story about Jon filing for custody of Hannah into perspective. What a joke. As if he filed for custody and it never came up that he was missing visitation with his other children.

For whatever reason, this must be the way Jon's visitation is setup. That's my guess. Otherwise, there's no reason for him not have filed contempt charges. There's no way that Jon wouldn't file contempt charges. He would have been screaming about it on every talk show that would have him. These issues have probably already been decided in court long ago.

Once again, Jon is publicly blaming Kate, playing the victim, and using his kids in very negative way.

It's sad but funny. Remember when Jon lied and said he kept the kids for three week when Kate was doing Celeb Apprentice? What a big ole liar he is.

Oh yeah, BL.. whatever happened to that 50/50 custody. LOL

Sage said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8 'Green Thumb Gosselin': Woman t...":

I too wonder if Jon was referring to Collin. He says they do not co-parent, they communicate through the Court and he never knows who he will be picking up when he stops by on his custody days. I would hardly call that a custody "arrangement".


If they like Jon states communicate through the court the court has okayed this arrangement. Some of the kids do not want to visit Jon. He has had an unstable life in the past...masturbating on TV, peeing in someones driveway, shooting at someone, living with numerous women, just to name a few things St Jon has done. At this time Jon does not even have his own home he lives with yet another woman. Plus, remember he gave up legal custody of the kids and he pays no child support. Don't the haters realize that the court sees that too?

Sage said...

What about 'private' Jon who does not talk about his kids and Kate? I bet ya money he contacted the show to get his 'mug' (as the bleeps always say about Kate) on it so he can have more gigs doing what Jon feels most at a bar all night.

Truthers B Crazy said...

I doubt PA mom even lives in PA.

Sage said...

localyocul has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8 'Green Thumb Gosselin': Woman t...":

Doesn't Jon go to school activities? How does he not see Collin there? I can't imagine any judge putting up with a mother refusing to let dad see the kids.

That is a hater myth about Jon going to school activities. And you are right local, no judge would allow it unless there were solid reasons. Open your eyes and realize you have been duped by Jon and Becks.

belle fidele said...

If he is so heartbroken and asking himself so many questions, I know if I wanted to see my child, I would be in court so fast. He must have needed money again, we are nearing the end of the month you know.

merryway said...

"I really wish that Milo would be able to spend a day here observing Jon with the kids, the hugs, his love for them, his warmness, nurturing, emotional support, caring and just being a dad. Jon actually has fun with his kids."

PA Dutch Mom sounds like a stalker. Okay, just where did she observe Jon with the kids if Jon usually only has four and hasn't had all eight together in three years? Sounds like she's a big ole liar.

Jon says he and Kate only talk in court. He said he didn't know why he wasn't privy to information about Collin and why he only gets the ones that show up at the gate for pickup. He's lying. He knows why.

Lol, all that outrage over at Bl's insisting that Jon sees his children. Of course, the Bleeple will never hold Jon accountable. It will have to be Kate's fault.

Quilt, you are so right. Very predictable.

franky said...


Admin at 15 blocking my post.

I was seeking advice about my 15 yrld lab.

(and all horses she rode in on)

Question for all owners of old dogs. My Keyla just had a 30 minute febrile seizure, legs cut out, body shaking and eyes darting left to right, pupils dilated.
Thoughts? she is better now, still shaky.

franky said...

sorry, but Kate doesn't interest me, just dog lovers here
and there

Anonymous said...

Franky you are just odd.

Sage said...

Franky, this is not your private blog to blast the BL. You would be more acceptable if you were not so abrasive.

Sage said...

Tucker's Mom has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8 'Green Thumb Gosselin': Woman t...":

Right, Admin, I understand that Jon and other parents may not want to pressure their child(ren) to see them if they're going through some emotional difficulties, but this can cause long-term damage with such a great loss of contact.
I can't imagine Jon slacking off and blowing off not seeing any of his children. It doesn't seem in alignment with who he was and how loving a father he was on the show.

Because he gave the kids a bath when they toddlers for his reality show does not make him a good father...HELLO!

franky said...

Yes, Yes I am, LOL

abrasive is my middle name...

the question was serious btw

franky said...


remember I come from Quebec, ...

FYI said...

Quiltart said...
Kate's ratings were very good Tuesday night.... 23 out of 150!


How do you figure that? The show lost between 200,000 and 300,000 from last week's show and it was heavily advertised.

FYI said...

Franky, your lab had a 30 minute seizure?? 30 minutes? Labs are somewhat prone to seizures, although I don't know about the effects they have on older dogs, but a 30 minute seizure and you're asking for advice on blogs? I'd call the vet NOW.

Farkle said...

tsk tsk, Jon tweeted he was not going to talk about his kids or his ex, that lasted a week. His latest squeeze must be tired of having a deadbeat on the couch. She would have to be a lousy woman to allow Jon to attack the Mother of his kids.

Jon must need $ again, old bills might still be haunting him. He pays no expenses for his kids, so where does his money go? If a judge allowed him to give up his legal rights to the kids, SOMETHING happened for this to happen. Fluff talk shows is just a place for many to whine, a real interviewer would want Jon to produce court docs so everyone could see.

Quiltart said...

Rated #23 out of 150 is not bad. Look at the link I posted above.

Farkle said...

How many months did Jon go without seeing his kids while he was reliving his 20's?

He lived in Utah, New York, CA, and spent time over seas on vacation.

He had wine, women and song. Now he has the old song left.

franky said...


thanks for answering, I monitored her, had vet on the phone. but she is 14 and he says this will happen. He has advised me to just let it happen.

I called my brother who lost his Lab at 12, he basically brushed me off, called my NPD mum, she wonders why I care so much about dawg.

It just freaked me out, first time, real seizures. I called Dep guys snd he came and carried her downstairs ( I live 3rd floor).

I just wanted some advice is all =)

merryway said...

Jon's story seems to be going up on the tabloids. People did an article.

Wonder if the bleeple feel foolish shouting hallelujah when Jon sold the stories about how he was going to file for emergency custody and a psych eval for Kate. Just another one of his lies.

The bleeple have made up excuse after excuse for Jon. They licked up BL's lies about 50/50 custody and that a child support order couldn't be changed. All that forced stupidity to defend Jon. Lol, what a waste of energy. His lies about filing for custody, calling their home a house of horrors, acting out on couples therapy, etc. etc. is probably a good percentage of the reasons some of the children chose not see their him. He has ranted about Kate since the divorce.

Lol, Bl swore up and down that Jon was still supporting his kids because it's his money spent during visitation.

FYI said...

Quiltart said...
Rated #23 out of 150 is not bad. Look at the link I posted above

Losing 2-3 hundred thousand viewers is not good. The station needs the viewers in order to make money via ad revenue. Companies are interested in how many viewers their commercials reach--not on some rating # in the top 100. Number of viewers is always the bottom line.

The comments on people are not much for Jon, the trolls will be out in force said...

So Jon says he picks up his kids at the bus stop, but only gets 4 of the kids. Hmm, what does he do with the rest of them there? Leave them for Kate to pick up?

He's is whining about TLC for breaking his own contract, really Jon, stop the bs, you've told this story over and over. Jon lost his money for spending it on all the stupid stuff he did after the divorce. He needs to look in the mirror, he is nothing but a fat liar. You left your kids and your paycheck to relive your 20's.

Go to court Jon, quit exploiting your kids for your crap that YOU did yourself, it's not their fault. You know something happened to one of your son's that you don't see. Gawd, he is disgusting.

merryway said...

I am thinking I would like to have a nickel for every comment at Bl's that accuses Kate of staging pics to make it seem as if the kids were with her when they really with Jon. That used to be big one of Bl's. They pull out that conspiracy with almost every weekend pic and trot it out for all the holidays.

I would have so many nickels!

Nameless in LA said...

NJGal51 said... 128
Who even knew that Steve Harvey had a TV show! TFW blasts Jon whenever and wherever she can and maybe he's finally had enough. Why should he always be the one to suffer in silence. We don't know what's going on behind closed doors and this may be a preemptive strike. I won't judge just yet. If it turns out that he's just being a douche, then shame on him because he's stooped to her level.
Ah, yes, poor, beleaguered Jon Gosselin always suffering in silence. Except for the time he called his ex-wife a "f*cking piece of sh*t" on Couples Therapy, or the time he told an entertainment show that Kate needed a psych eval, or the time he told a reporter that everyone knows that Kate is an asshole, or the time...

Yep, the poor guy has finally cracked after staying on the high road all these years. Poor St. Jon.

Quiltart said...

In what alternate universe is Kate always bashing Jon? I haven't heard her even mention him in eons. I love how they have told their lies for so long that they truly believe them to be the truth.

Former 15 poster said...

Quiltart, IMO only, Kate bashes Jon all the time by her behavior and little asides she just can't help saying. Such as this week on the show saying next time she will make sure before she marries someone and take her time That was directed at Jon since that is her only former husband. In watching the show and reading in her own words in magazine articles she claimed she saw him, said to herself I want him and will have him and by the next day the current girlfriend was history. There have been so many other times she has done things like this. That's why I say both sides of the Jon/Kate fiasco are just the same. You see Kate differently and defend her and believe what she says. I don't believe her because I've seen her over the years of the series lie and then try to revise history. Now, before anyone jumps on me, I am not one of those who think he is a saint. Far from it. But I'm also not like the other non fans who trashes Kate at every corner. She doesn't deserve what the women at 15 do to her. They talk as if they know her very personally and that gives them the right to trash her. Not so. I'm one who believes only what I see for myself, not what someone else says, such as PA Dutch Mom.

I'm not trying to start an argument. But I don't think any of us on either side fit in with what 15 says or what the uber fans say. Thanks for reading.

Have a great weekend everyone. Go Patriots!!!!!

Farkle said...

I see Jon made the Daily News, yep another paycheck, some of the comments really stick it to Jon. Someone posted he did not give up legal custody. I thought he did, so visitation was set up from that if I remember right. Jon never mentioned that he pays ANY bills for the kids, hmmm.

He is living with a childhood friend, really Jon, she looks old enough to be your Mother. She must be a lousy person to support a deadbeat who pays no cs. I'm glad Kate leaves him alone, he would be horrible to deal with.

Steve had a show on, and 1 of the experts said when kids get about 12 or 13, they can choose by most courts to see a parent or not. This was on a step parent show.

Farkle said...

Former 15,,

Kate should take her time, having 8 kids would not attract many men in life to take that all on. Her area where she lives and having a ditch layer and a ex near would scare any guy away. Sad that the BL focused and pushed her hate on Kate, which in turn hurt Jon and all the kids. Many people married young in life and divorced.

I also think Kate is a type A, you can't change everything about this. I think she has mellowed and the routine has changed a lot for the kids. Now Jon is out selling stories about his kids again. :(

belle fidele said...

The media does not seem to realize that all Jon wants are a few pay checks.

Nameless in LA said...

Former 15,

I think you may start a huge argument...with your Go Patriots comment. ;)

I think Kate has taken her fair share of passive-aggressive shots at Jon, but IMO she hasn't come close to the types of remarks that he has made. I wish that they would both refrain completely in the media. Unlike you, I didn't take the "take your time and don't marry the first person who comes along" advice as a shot at Jon. I would hope he would say the same thing to the kids because it's sound advice. Despite the 15 Minutes crew's fervent belief that they have deep insight into the Gosselin marriage, there are really only two people who know why it didn't work. Whatever the reason(s), the bottom line is that both Jon and Kate married the wrong person at a young age. I don't see trying to help your kids learn from your mistake as a slam at your ex. The kids know the marriage didn't work.

Mimi said...

I think Jon and Kate are totally opposite people.He is a whiner who blames everything that goes wrong in his life on someone else even when his own bad choices are to blame the majority of the time.He wants to be seen as the victim and expects people to believe that nothing is his fault,which by the way the group over at the BL's totally buy into. Kate is a take charge no nonsense kind of person and focuses on what needs to be done and the best way to do it.Yes she is abrasive at times and probably could handle things differently in some situations,but the point is if she sat on her ass and cried victim all the time than what would happen to those 8 kids.

belle fidele said...

So true Mimi.

Micha said...

Talking about ratings, how well do you have to do to be on TLC? This is a channel that airs marathons of "My 600lb Life" and "48 Hours" and "Dateline." I doubt that those shows crack the top 30...but Kate Plus 8 continues to have an audience, even if numbers fluctuate. There are so many different ways to watch TV shows these days. A lot of people don't watch "live" as the show airs on the network.

About Jon's latest interview. Seems like it's the right time, although I bet his ideal time would be closer to the beginning of the new season of Kate Plus 8 than the end of it - but beggars can't be choosers.

Jon is singing the same old song, trying to look pathetic to garner a bit of sympathy, somehow managing to put blame on Kate for the fact that he doesn't see all his children and doesn't know who he's going to see when he picks them up. I guess the question that needs to be asked is why doesn't he get all the kids for dinner once a week? Is he going to try to insinuate that it's Kate's doing?

As always Jon's custody issues are best served by going on a talk show. The issue is that not all the kids want to be with Jon, even for a dinner. If Jon thinks that Kate is responsible for the fact that not all his kids go to him on custody day then it's something he really should be taking to court, not to a talk show.

There are very few people out there who have any sympathy left for Jon. Most think he should have done SOMETHING by now, if he really felt there was a problem that needed to be solved when it comes to custody or visitation of his kids.

Sage said... ~ Administrator has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8 'Green Thumb Gosselin': Woman t...":

Jon's not a deadbeat. He's just a parent in a parental alienation situation. Add to that a narcissist and it's a two-fer.

I can't even feel shocked by it having worked with many families with a narcissistic parent or a parental alienator. I actually find what he has faced rather typical in other similar situations. But sadly there is no good answer for him. He chose to have children with someone like Kate. The signs she was like this was there. This is now what he has to deal with for the next decade and probably more, and I think he owns his choices.

In Becks comment flip Jon's name for Kate's and you get a more truthful view. Jon is a manipulator and he sure manipulated Becks.

Farkle said...

I think Jon shuffles his own cards, when he needs money, when he needs pity, and when he walks away from his kids for months on end. He dealt his own hand, he walked and quit on his family years ago. The public has seen this, his whine is so old, and I see he has the same suit on that TLC probably bought him for his grand interview. Steve Harvey has been married how many times? I'm sure his ex's would not appreciate him discussing their legal issues.

His few twitter fans get Jon's leftovers so that they continue to talk about him, but no one pays attention to them. You think they would run to his gigs and help the poor soul out instead of passing their fingers over keyboards for hours and hours. As for the hate blog, no media has ever brought her blog up. Sad that she failed so poorly as an established lawyer (snort) at attempting to hate on kids and their Mother day after day. imo

Farkle said...

Becs should NEVER discuss any issues that she works with. Get real Becs, that's Law 101. Man, you make poor lawyers look like Harvard graduates.

Parent alienation is a big buzz word for lawyers whose clients are usually in the wrong for not complying by a divorce or custody issue, but who think they can cry wolf and fail to provide documents to stand behind this charge. Not all cases but some.

Wonder if Becs advises her clients to go on National TV and talk about their issues and practically children. Good grief, poor advise for Jon to do this if he really has an attorney. I would fire Jon as a client, makes his lawyer look very bad. imo

Sage said...

fidosmommy has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8 'Green Thumb Gosselin': Woman t...":

I don't believe for one second that Jon is doing anything negligent or harmful toward his children.
Passive, yes, as in he's passed the action off to his attorney to handle. He probably notes things that are wrong (one child not here again today, one child in tears for an hour about xyz at home, etc) and passes the info to the best lawyer in Berks. The lawyer will know the legal routes. Jon just needs to get word to all of his children that they still live in his heart and he is available to them as much as he is allowed to be. I think he did just that in the Steve Harvey interview re: his one absent son. Will an 11 year old boy be tuned in to Steve Harvey? I seriously doubt it, but word gets out through teachers, phone calls with Dad, etc. I think, from what I can see, Jon is dealing with an impossible situation with grace, honesty and just enough info to let people know he is genuinely concerned for his children.

I liked the Jon I saw on the program, wrote off his Hailey/Ed Hardy/sports car days as his rumspringa, and see the dedicated, loving, involved father all over again. He's someone I wish was my real life friend.


If Jon were genuinely concerned for his kids he would not have given up legal custody. He would get his own home for the kids to visit him. He would get a job that he sticks with. He would not go on TV and say he wishes the kids mother would 'fucking die'. I could go on and on. Fido wishes Jon was her real life friend...ha!

Nameless in LA said...

fidosmommy said... 16
I don't believe for one second that Jon is doing anything negligent or harmful toward his children.
Passive, yes, as in he's passed the action off to his attorney to handle. He probably notes things that are wrong (one child not here again today, one child in tears for an hour about xyz at home, etc) and passes the info to the best lawyer in Berks. The lawyer will know the legal routes. Jon just needs to get word to all of his children that they still live in his heart and he is available to them as much as he is allowed to be. I think he did just that in the Steve Harvey interview re: his one absent son. Will an 11 year old boy be tuned in to Steve Harvey? I seriously doubt it, but word gets out through teachers, phone calls with Dad, etc. I think, from what I can see, Jon is dealing with an impossible situation with grace, honesty and just enough info to let people know he is genuinely concerned for his children.

I liked the Jon I saw on the program, wrote off his Hailey/Ed Hardy/sports car days as his rumspringa, and see the dedicated, loving, involved father all over again. He's someone I wish was my real life friend.
Oh my word, someone has quite a crush on St. Jon. She wants to be his real life friend. Yeah, when I'm looking for new friends, I always search out those who I know will pee in my driveway and jerk off on camera. If you're not willing to do those things, you're off the potential friends list.

Nameless in LA said...

Ha, Sage, you beat me to it!

Farkle said...


OMG, too funny!

Their group of friends could smoke a little weed, drink in the bars at night, and finish off with who could pee the furthest. Jon wouldn't spit on any of them if they were on fire unless they would like to LOAN him a few thousand bucks.

Sage said...

LOL Nameless...we have done this on more than a few occasions.

Sage said...

Nameless, with the 'plethora' of stupid comments there to pick from we zero in on the same ones. LOL

merryway said...

Lol, PA Dutch Mom has it bad for Jon. Sorry, PA Mom, you don't get to have a rumpsringa when you have children. It's amazing how they excuse Jon for leaving his kids way behind while he went and partied with Hailey and others. Jon wasn't worried about his kids being under Kate's care. He was more than happy to leave the kids to Kate's care while he partied away his money. They don't even care that he signed away his legal custody. Who gives their children over to the mercy of an abuser?

They seem to have no idea what truly abused women go through to get their kids out of that type of situation. No rumpsringa for them.

Funny how they have no compassion for the grown Duggar girls. The Duggar girls were molested by their brother and raised in a strict sheltered home. Yet, because they didn't react the way the bleeple thought they should, they blast them. They save all the leeway and excuses for Jon.

Poor Jon, PA Dutch Mom doesn't hold him responsible for anything. Not marrying Kate and not signing onto do the show. Jon is free to do and say whatever he wants and it's all Kate's fault for the way he acts.

I've got to say that PA Dutch Mom smells like a possum to me. Lol, the bleeple will fall for anything.

RE: Parental alienation, I've made my feelings well known about that pile of crap. If anyone remembers the story of the judge who sent the three children to juvie for not not wanting to visit with their father, I'm happy to say that judge was disqualified for misconduct. The reunification therapy with their father (who the children say is abusive) was a miserable fail. As far as I know, they still have not seen their mother. The judge had ordered them to foster care after the failed therapy instead of returning them to their mother. I believe they haven't seen her since they were sent juvie back in June. The mother was never declared unfit in any way, it was quite the opposite. However, the judge had labeled her as an alienator and ganked the children away. Hopefully, the new judge will get the children back to their normal life.


PA Dutch Mom said... 17

He chose to have children with someone like Kate. The signs she was like this was there.


Not in the very beginning, admin. Not in the beginning. That came over time. He was seduced by her and later sucked in by TLC. By then it was too late.
January 22, 2016 at 10:07 PM

Quiltart said...

as usual, St. Jon is completely without blame. Don't you think that if one of his children refused to see him, he would have done something about it a little bit soon than one and a half years? What happened to his "getting custody" of Hannah? I guess he forgot about that one....

Quiltart said...

That should have been "a little bit sooner..."

merryway said...

According to a statement given by Kate's attorney, Jon's final child support requirement was done in April 2012. So, Jon gave up legal custody sometime in the beginning of 2012. Do you get that bleeple? Jon agreed to allowed his children to be filmed way back then. All his interviews about custody are nothing but a posturing smokecreen for his own publicity, earnings and the fun of smacking around Kate.

Towards the end of 2012, Kate had did an interview saying the kids were now allowed to choose where they spent the holidays. So, I'm betting that visitation was also given over to Kate's discretion (probably with stipulations) when Jon signed away legal custody. Or, it was shortly therafter.

I think visitation rules changed at the same time as the legal in April 2012 because it was revealed that Jon hadn't been steadily seeing the twins for all of 2013. That came out when Jon was supposedly going to file for emergency custody because the kids were in a house of horrors and he wanted a psych eval for Kate. I believe sometime after the changes in 2012, some of the kids decided they no longer wanted to spend time with their dad.

Unless you move out of state, it's not easy to get by ignoring visitaiton orders. If orders were in place that Jon is supposed to have visitation, it would be easy for him to enforce them. Listening to the clip of Jon's interview, it sure sounded that this is how his visiation is arranged. There's no way "he doesn't know why". I can't believe Steve Harvey didn't follow up with an obvious question and let "I don't know" slide on by.

And, Heller continues, Jon has also found that he hasn't been able to spend as much time with the twins as is provided him in the custody agreement due to Kate's "reluctance to abide by that provision for over 12 months."

"In addition, [Jon] hasn't had privileges with his son Collin [one of the sextuplets] since August," Heller adds. "

Quiltart said...

merryway, Interesting that the eonline article was dated *TWO* years ago and Jon is now acting the injured party. Where has been for the past two years? How many girlfriends back is that????

Maybe the kids don't like to go with him on the weekend because he doesn't have ROOM for them. He lost the house he claimed had room for everyone... The one in the woods with no electricity and a couple of pit bulls!

Sage said... ~ Administrator has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8 'Green Thumb Gosselin': Woman t...":

Jon at this point needs to call the police to enforce his family law order. They will do so. That is something that has to be done in messy family law cases, and I personally have witnessed the police do so at court when a parent was refusing to turn over a child after a hearing. We called, actually, upon our advice. The police were very calm and nice about that, did not scare the child, and the situation was resolved within about 20 minutes. That is part of their job and something they do all the time.

My sense is Jon feels like his children will never forgive him if he has to have the police turn them over to him, and it will just make things worse. He may feel like this will just make Kate look more sympathetic. (I don't think it will). He may have an Elian Gonzalez-like fear of some kind of traumatic exchange. Remember that?

If that is the decision he wants to make I respect it, but I don't agree with it. I think it's a matter of inflicting temporary stress on them to prevent long-term permanent damage. I think he is fearing something that is not going to happen.

It's entirely possible his attorney is begging him to call the cops, and he won't.

My sense is that Jon does not have a leg to stand on otherwise he would have called the police. His hate for Kate is far more than any love or concern he has for the kids. He would do anything to 'get' Kate.

Micha said...

You're going to call the police because your kids don't want to go visit you for dinner or the weekend? He gets some of the kids, just not all of them, and there could be any number of reasons for that. If he's trying to imply that it's Kate who decides which kids go to him and which kids don't, I don't buy that. Jon said himself that he doesn't know which kids will be with him...that must mean that he gets all of the kids, just not all of the time. Forcing all the kids to see him during every scheduled visitation period isn't going to make anything better.

As for the one that he hasn't seen in 18 months, he must know what happened there, and the fact that he hasn't worked to resolve it with the child is typical of the slacker image that Jon seems to have. What's he waiting for? He needs to work it out with that child, probably with a therapist present. It sounds unbelievable that he's done nothing to see that child, and seems to just have accepted that he's not seeing him. Jon really needs to start acting like an adult, hopefully before the kids become adults.

Farkle said...

Remember when Jon bought a sports car, where would 8 kids fit in it?

He can call the police, he would have to show paperwork from the court, which would be fine, but I don't think he wants anyone to know what was said in court. I feel for his kids in all of this, he would shame them in public for a few bucks. Police do not like to get involved in this, they recommend you take it up with your lawyer and the court.

What father goes on National TV and does this? I thought he had a new lawyer. Maybe she already dumped him for his tall tails of lies.

A fake lawyer with poor advice said...

A lawyer does not beg anyone to call the cops. LOL. A real lawyer serves the other party with papers first. Man, good thing posters are not paying billable hours over there.

Sage said...

Becks is such a condescending know it all bitch.

/////////////////////////////// ~ Administrator has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8 'Green Thumb Gosselin': Woman t...":

The Great Lakes region devotes much more money to snow removal. A two footer would have been plowed away by noon at the latest. Usually in time for school. Most of the areas hit this week don't spend as much on snow removal since it's not as frequent which is why a nothing storm to many other regions is shutting down areas not used to it. Just like how Southern California goes into disaster mode after just a few inches of rain when the northeast wouldn't bat an eye. Pretty simple to understand.

Farkle said...


That old Becs is a expert at EVERYTHING. Guess she has no family or friends to spend her weekends with, so NOW she is going to be on a snow removal brigade from her azz sitting in her po dunk apt. Gawd, she is such a loser. Of course twitter is alive with reports, so she follows ALL the stories concerning Kate and the snow.

It's nice to sit in and watch the snow, it's winter for many. Just so the B knows, it will melt. LOL.

Quiltart said...

I'm in the midst of the same storm that Kate is. We have over 20" of snow and it's still coming down. I'd love to see BL navigate in this mess. What does she know about the Great Lakes region anyhow? She isn't from there.

Katie said...

I tried telling her that she was delusional about knowing about the blizzard. I guess I know nothing.

FYI said...

Yes, Becky has been snorting with laughter about this little storm. Nothing compares to what she has experienced. ~ Administrator
"If it gets that bad, which I doubt it will, the fire department will come around and evacuate people to emergency shelters. They did so during our epic ice storm. Don't worry.

I kind of have to snort at the "2 feet" snowstorm. When you grew up along the Great Lakes a 2 feet storm and sometimes much more was a regular occurrence every winter. It's doubtful that would even cancel school unless it was really cold and icy too. We just got dumped on constantly all winter."

FYI said...

Eleven states from Georgia to New York have declared states of emergency.

The governors of those states should have called Becky so she could set them straight. Soon they could have all be snorting with laughter over this silly little storm.

Quiltart said...

Good Lord, she's insufferable, isn't she?

Sage said...

Over In TFW's County has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8 'Green Thumb Gosselin': Woman t...":

Fired Up 4 Kate @MiloandJack 1h1 hour ago
@deannatweeting @Kateplusmy8 I know it makes NYC really pretty! At least U don't have 2get out 4hrs w/a small snow blower! #PoorKate

Neither does Kate. You call Mr. Snow Plow Man and have him come and get you out of there. They also do sidewalks, and more often than not your landscapers do this in the winter. You pick up the phone, make the call, or when you sign the maintenance contract at the beginning of the season. You won't even have to call them. They just show up and get the job done.

For Milo, everything revolves around Kate. Everything. She is a piece of work. I really don't think that she can help herself and when you think about it, it's sad. Of course, it could be nothing more than baiting the haters. It's hard to tell with her.


And for you everything revolves around Milo and Kate.

Nameless in LA said...

Carole said... 112
I just watched the dating episode and I'm SMH at what I saw toward the beginning of the show. IDK if the editor and/or producer's intent was to show the kids' school pics or the post-it notes that were stuck to a cabinet in the entry way, but... I paused the dvr and actually got up to take a close look to make sure of what I was seeing.
There were 3 notes posted. I copied the notes, spelling errors and all. How old are the twins again? They should know how to spell raspberries and understand the proper use of your and you're at their age especially with their spelling and grammar expert of a mother, right?

"Dear Mommy I know your having a rough day. We picked and wash some black rassberries Love, Cara" (At first I thought one of the tups wrote this, but it was signed Cara

"Dear Mommy I love you and I will never hate you. Love Mady" (I wonder what transpired prior to the writing of this note for her to say that.)

"Dear Mommy I love you have fun today!! I'm at the tree house. Love Mady" (I guess the tree house is being used after all.)
Nope, nothing obsessive about this type of behavior at all.

Psst...Carole. The notes might have been written years ago. Your attempt to humiliate the twins to denigrate Kate as a mother just makes you look ridiculous.

Sage said...

jamezvader1194 has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8 'Green Thumb Gosselin': Woman t...":

Guys the picture of shoka,look to the left of the window very closely cause is it me or does it look like Kate is in bed sleeping?

jamezvader1194 has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8 'Green Thumb Gosselin': Woman t...":

Here's a better closer picture,is that a pillow to the left of her?Its kinda hard to tell.


These people are way over the top obsessed with Kate. Who has the time or the want to do this? Sickos.

Sage said...

FlimsyFlamsy has left a new comment on the post "Recap: Kate Plus 8 'Green Thumb Gosselin': Woman t...":

Carole (#112), those notes seem to show how the twins are parentified in that household. Notes
of support and encouragement usually go from a parent to a child. Of course it's nice for a child to show concern for a parent. But it shouldn't be the child's ongoing responsibility, and I fear that's what might be the case here.

This is hilarious..Flim flam is parroting Becks. If Becks doesn't respond Flim Flam will swoop in. And they have the gall to talk about Kate's friends! LOL

Marie said...

These people are way over the top obsessed with Kate. Who has the time or the want to do this? Sickos.

This from a blog that obsesses over posts on another blog.

Got it.


Farkle said...

Someone needs to send the BL a scoop shovel for all her bs she spouts. Becs is just unhinged from reality, she's stuck back 6 years and has not moved forward.

Hope everyone in the path of the storms is safe and warm.

merryway said...

"My sense is Jon feels like his children will never forgive him if he has to have the police turn them over to him, and it will just make things worse. He may feel like this will just make Kate look more sympathetic. (I don't think it will). He may have an Elian Gonzalez-like fear of some kind of traumatic exchange. Remember that? ~BL


LMAO, How did I miss that? Too funnny, what a reach. Yeah, Jon won't enforce his visitation order because he's afraid elite swat teams will surround the house, burst down the door and mace everyone while dragging out the children. I hear that's a common phobia among divorced dads (snarkle snarkle).

I guess BL expects Jon to say to his adult children, "sorry I missed your childhood, I was too much of a wuss to enforce the orders that allowed me to be your dad. But, it's okay. Because, for a short time when you were babies, I was the one who gave the baths."

For disregarding court ordered visitation, Kate would face the wrath of the court, jail time and changes to her custody.

Tranlation for Bl's: Kate would be risking her 8 moneymakers. She would risk not being able to film and chase fame with her 8. How could Diva Kate (who is used to sitting on leather couches out on her fancy deckster eating nobu with her ugly french tip nails) survive in jail?

Bl's first reaction was that this was Jon's agreement. She seems to have let that idea fade away.

xxxxx ~ Administrator said... 88

There may be a minor's counsel involved as well who is making recommendations Jon doesn't agree with. A minor's counsel is a total crap shoot. You can get someone very supportive of parental rights or someone who gives even fine parents a terrible battle. There's little oversight over it.

It is an extremely high standard to order no visits for a parent. It's usually reserved for severe sexual abuse or physical abuse or a parent in jail, and we know that's obviously not the case as he has unmonitored custody of his other children. I can say with 99% certainty this is something Jon has consented to. We do know he has an excellent attorney and hopefully they are using their best judgment as to how to handle the situation. A cooling off period is usually 3, 4 months. A cooling off period is not 18 months. If we truly have a brainwashed child at bare minimum visitation should start in a therapeutic setting. With an 11 year old , there is still lots of hope.
January 21, 2016 at 7:13 PM

Anonymous said...

I don't really want to comment too much on the whole Jon situation. However, if one of the sons (and I have a feeling we all know which son it is) hasn't seen him in x number of months, then something is definitely not right. He may have had a terrible experience while being at Jon's or something else. We do not know. But that's definitely concerning and I hope whatever the issue is gets resolved.

Anonymous said...

OH and as for the notes written to Kate by the twins, those were definitely written years ago. I'm watching the episode now and just passed that part and the handwriting is a dead giveaway. But I guess that possibility flew right over their heads of course! lol.

Sage said...

Marie, BIG difference in scrolling through the insane comments at Becks and blowing up 400 percent a picture that Kate posted to see her reflection in the window. If I have to explain the difference to you...well lets just say you are one of them.

Shawn said...

Happy Belated Anniversary to the Sage Way!

I'm watching Kate's dating episode and the kids are adorable! I'm loving Mady!

Nameless in LA said...

TLC stinks said... 159
The Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) mother may rage when angry, but many times she may use silent treatments. The BPD mother uses the silent treatment to torture the child(ren) that she professes to love. The silent treatment is a very narcissistic example of the lack of emotional regulation of the BPD. The silent treatment is control, and a safe means for them to avoid any 'uncomfortable' topics, issues in the relationship, or issues within herself; therefore, the silence is an abdication of personal responsibility.


The notes from the twins...they were getting the silent treatment from Kate.
Wait, I thought the bleeple had definitively diagnosed Kate with Narcissistic Personality Disorder? Apparently, we have a new diagnosis based on note gate. It truly is amazing how much you can discern from a couple of notes. If only the rest of the world had the incredible insight of the BL's posters.

Quiltart said...

Their magical powers never cease to amaze me! They have come to this conclusion how? I'm sure their tinfoil hats allow them to overhear every word that does or doesn't come out of Kate's mouth.

FYI said...

So what's everyone here think about Bullyville's 1.3 million $ loss for his ridiculous SLAPP lawsuits? I haven't seen that discussed.

Sage said...

FYI, I don't follow it and I don't care about it.

FYI said...

Sage, you know I've always wondered where BV got the information that Hoffman was posting on your blog under the name of something that started with an "A" Amber, Angela?? The way he tweeted about the "A" person I got the impression that when McGibney heard that Hoffman was posting as this woman, the theory (incorrect theory) that there was a great conspiracy began. McGibney never took the time to confirm anything, just went off halaf-cocked.

Sage said...

If I remember I posted on my blog, I don't remember the exact date, that Hoffman was Angela. That was a few years ago. Who really cares? I am perplexed as to why this is still going on. sheesh

The way to end this nonsense is to quit talking about it.

FYI said...

I guess it's still rather interesting because McGibney's been hit with a $1.3 million sanction, rather unheard of, to say the least, and I wonder who put him on the wrong trail. LOL. If not you, and I've never been sure it was, it could have been CJ since we all know she's crazy as a bag of cats. All one has to do is look at her occasional 16 hour tirades to know that. It' almost book-worthy, social media being a fairly new phenomenon, and look what happens.....a history making judgement based on social media hearsay and hysteria. Interesting indeed. More interesting than watching Kate, anyway.

FYI said...

"The way to end this nonsense is to quit talking about it."

Well, what kind of a blog are you going to have if we all quit talking about what's controversial? I mean you few don't blog about current events, or ummm, gardening or cooking, books, movies,.....

merryway said...

Gee, Sage has managed just fine so far
Sage's blog is not really your concern. There are plenty of places to discuss current events, gardening or cooking, or poke around about bv. You could always start your own blog and poke all you want.

hmmm said...

I would think if someone wanted to talk about lawsuits, the source would be a blog who has a lawyer, or find a place where you can discuss your issue.

You can find plenty of garden blogs, current events all over the net, or maybe visit your local library, millions of books to choose from.

FYI said...

Anonymous hmmm said...
I would think if someone wanted to talk about lawsuits, the source would be a blog who has a lawyer, or find a place where you can discuss your issue.

But the McGibney lawsuit, in particular, is so much more interesting, and this blog did originate way back when, as a Kate-oriented, support type blog, and she and/or her detractors are still the most talked about here.

Am just curious if people are to stop talking about one of the few things still pertinent to the original intent of this blog, what's left to talk about?

Sage said...

LOL that's a stretch. Just because we talk about Kate does not mean that I, or anyone here, from what I can tell is interested in that lawsuit. Like I said I do not follow nor do I want to.

End of discussion.

FYI said...

"End of discussion."

OMG, Sage. I think you were the person whispering "conspiracy" in McGibney's ear. LOLOL The 1.3 million dollar debacle.

FYI Thinks she is so clever said...

FYI, you think you are pushing buttons or trying to? Think again.

Coming over here to gloat to people who have never been invested in that saga and have no desire to be and never will.

You are the person that is invested in that saga. You and your one or two friends. The fact that you know so much and follow it speaks volumes.

So have your little fun and move on.

hmmmm said...

Who care about lawsuits when no one here is involved with it. Stretching the conversation is very telling.

This seems to be the wrong blog for FYI, sad that they seem to be caught up in the dirt with that. This is Sages blog, go start your own please.

Moving along, have a nice day everyone! :)

Nameless in LA said...

Wow, Sage, you have so much power! You whisper in someone's ear and lawsuits appear.

Meanwhile, back in that alternate universe better known as the BL's, they are discussing how that classy Jon Gosselin would never trash his ex-wife in a public forum.
Bluebird said... 20
Why am I not surprised that Jon didn't badmouth Kate, he has more class than that. He also knows that the children may see the show

Sage said...

Alternate universe is right. Jon has in the past called Kate numerous names, hoped she would die, and how he despised her.

I was reading some of the comments over at the AL's and Becks is parroting Jon. When he was caught with Deanna he said she was a lesbian. I remember it was Deanna's brother who through them all under the bus. He taped Jon sneaking out of his sisters bedroom and house very early one morning. Deanna was just the one he got caught with....there were others.

Quiltart said...

Deanna was the first one he got caught with, after the college students he played beer pong with.

I can't figure out why Jon went on Steve Harvey. What is he pushing? He has to be up to something...

Anonymous said...

Deanna as in Deanna Bell? The makeup artist and Kate's friend???

Quiltart said...

No, Deanna as in Reading, PA (If I remember correctly) schoolteacher.

stxmom said...

Since when are we only allowed to talk about Kate related stuff here? I didn't know anything about a lawsuit and I haven't seen a single episode this season.

Disney world was magical as always of course our vacation flew by. Hope everyone is safe and warm on the east coast. It's 80 degrees here today but we have a cold front on the way for tomorrow.

Micha said...

Who knows what Jon is pushing...maybe he just wanted a bit of attention, and to distort the truth of what happened back in 2009. It wasn't the tabloids making up stories about Jon running around with women - he very openly flaunted his relationships with Hailey and the tabloid writer, and the media just reported it. Jon didn't shut down production of the show until months after Kate filed for divorce. He happily filmed with the kids until TLC decided they didn't want him on the show anymore, and then he shut down filming. Note how proud Jon seemed about the rating that Jon and Kate Plus had, which were at their highest when they were discussing separating.

Jon can act like a victim who doesn't see all his kids, hasn't seen all his kids together in THREE YEARS, but most people, upon hearing Jon say that, must think, 'if he wanted that to change, he could have and should have done something about it years ago.' And acting like he doesn't know why he hasn't seen one of his boys in a year and a half? Who's going to believe that? I wish Steve had challenged him on THAT. How can you not know why you haven't seen one of your kids for a year and half? Did you ever ask the boy or ask your lawyer to ask Kate's lawyer? Jon doesn't have to ask why, he knows why. Someone needs to ask Jon what he's doing to change that. He comes off as such a pathetic excuse of a human being.

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