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February Open Discussion

Thirty days hath September,
April, June and November.
All the rest have thirty-one,
Excepting February alone,
And that has twenty-eight days clear
And twenty-nine in each leap year.


Sage said...

February is National Heart Month. National Wear Red Day is Friday, February 5, 2016, but heart disease and stroke kills 1 in 3 women every year.

As a survivor of a heart attack more than ten years ago and a very recent triple bypass patient, this of course is very close to my heart. :)

merryway said...

Should we start a pool on the next poster to be kicked to the curb by BL? I believe Ex-Nurse was the last to go because of her stance that Jon was wrong in giving presents to only some of the children. As soon as a poster doesn't hold to the party line, they are no longer of use to BL. BL's dismissed more people than what they accuse of Kate. My bet goes on SueBuddy to be the next one to go. It's only a matter of time before Bl does a ghost answer and then quits letting the comments through.


Sue_Buddy said... 85

Jane said... 42

I understand that. Companies do the same thing when they bring employees in from other areas for meetings, etc., pay for hotels, meals, car rental, gas. It's the cost of doing business. And if TLC has a story line about Kate bulking up in preparation for a big storm, for example, I can see them paying for what she buys. It's the cost of producing the story line. I don't get where the anger about it is coming from and I don't call it grifting either. Some sound as if they think TLC pays Kate a big salary and pays for everything except utilities and school AND gives her coupons and credit cards for any other expenses one might be able to come up with and tops it off by providing Craft services for her meals.
February 1, 2016 at 3:23 AM

merryway said...

Sage, I'll have to dig something red for Friday. What a blessing that it was found out you needed a bypass and had succesful surgery. Very scary alternatives, heart health is important!

merryway said...

Yep, I forgot to click.

PJ's momma said...

Sue-Buddy is right. The story takes on a life of its own - suddenly she was shopping at the outlet mall at the Ann Taylor store because she's such a grifter. I saw the pic - it was bottled water and paper towels. Where and why does Ann Taylor come in? And all the other stuff? It went from "Jon didn't buy his kids gifts" to "Jon didn't get the kid the iPhone she wanted because she won't see him." Really, can you see him spending $600 on a phone? Plus they already have phones. It's so silly.

I meant to say yesterday that I have a friend who gave samples at Costco. She's a senior whose husband retired and they needed to find their own activities. The people who give samples are contractors from another company to Costco. Boy, the stories she could tell! She finally quit. Reality TV is tame compared to the shoving matches and threats communicated at the sausage table! She was afraid a few times.

Sage, so glad you are doing well. Red in your honor on Friday, for sure.

Nameless in LA said...

Oh, Sue got a stern lecture for refusing to tow the company line. She's been skating on thin ice for a long time and should fall into the ether sometime soon.

Apparently the BL doesn't understand the basic concept of getting paid to work. Guess what, BL? Your employer pays for a great deal of your lifestyle also. That's what a salary is for.

Based on the EVIDENCE, I do believe TLC pays for a great deal of her lifestyle at bare minimum when they are filming, and probably beyond. I don't have time to go through every piece of evidence but the bulk of it is from her journals, her behavior when I think things are free (greed) vs her behavior when it's clear something is not free (stingy), and comments from Jon about how it worked with TLC. And of course the circumstantial evidence that SHE DOESN'T WORK. How does one live such a lifestyle without working? You simply can't, come off it. TLC pays her a pretty penny.

And actually, I would even exclude utilities from your list of things not paid for. Remember in her journals, there was a discussion about utilities? Production uses up a lot of juice on their equipment, and so utilities were paid for by them. That actually, is fair. I have no doubt they don't continue to pay at least a portion of her bill for the utilities they use when filming. I'm not sure why it's so hard to accept that TLC is providing her and has provided her with a largely discounted or free lifestyle which has made this lifestyle possible when it wouldn't be any other way.

Sage said...

Tucker's Mom has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Kate Plus 8 "Kate's Advice"":

Kate Matty Ashton @TheHatTrick33 Jan 28
@Kateplusmy8 This beautiful lady dealt with many obstacles on top of 8 children! N can still smile..I think she is an inspiration to parents

I think Jon's an inspiration to all men who are married to Harpies.

Ole Tuck here sees Jon as an inspiration. I can't even comment on that.

Nameless in LA said...

When you pronounce Jon Gosselin an inspiration, it's time to step away from the computer and spend time in the real world. There are plenty of inspirational men out there. Pretty sure ol' Jon wouldn't make the top 1,000,000.

Quiltart said...

I've seen the Sue Buddy expulsion coming for quite some time.... She hasn't agreed with a lot of things BL has spouted lately.

Mary EmDee said...

I had no idea that you had heart surgery. Heart health, especially for women, is so important!!

Wearing red in your honor Cheers to your health!

Anonymous said...

Tucker's Mom said... 121
Tucker's Mom said... 120
Kate Matty Ashton ‏@TheHatTrick33 Jan 28
@Kateplusmy8 This beautiful lady dealt with many obstacles on top of 8 children! N can still smile..I think she is an inspiration to parents
Well heck, I'd be sporting an ear to ear grin if I was getting an enormous deck for peanuts, then getting paid to have a party on it.
What exactly is so hard about Kate's life? She's rich, lives in a mansion, travels the world for free, gets access, free surgery, free you name it, and has a staff.
Oh, and NO JOB.


It seems like a lot of people on that blog love to bring up how she's rich and lives in a mansion and that she had no job. It always sounds like straight up jealousy on their part. And shoot, they seem to know more about what's happening with the family than the fans do. They're secret fans.

Sage said...

jamezvader1194 has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Kate Plus 8 "Kate's Advice"":

The only thing i will say is that,i've notice some Kate fans that say Jill and Jessa exploit their children,but some how Kate isn't.Whats the difference?Why is it ok for Kate to use her kids and not Jill and Jessa?Why is it that the fans willingly accept the rumors that Jill and jessa of running a fraudulent ministry but deny that Kate screwed over churchs?SMH is this another case of sheep hypocrisy

Do you want to talk about hypocrisy? How about all the reality shows that have kids on them yet nothing is ever mentioned about them at Becks?

no self awareness

Sage said...

Mary EmDee, I had bypass this past November and both my carotids done in October. I am on the mend now. :)

Sage said...

TLC stinks has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Kate Plus 8 "Kate's Advice"":

Her attitude has filtered down to some of the children. There will be a price to pay down the road with all the heavy stink of entitlement.

There may be money set aside for college right now, but costs are rising. The kids are average, no scholarship material at this point. After college expenses, what will be left? And I bet Jon doesn't know what is going on with their money since he and Kate do not co-parent nor speak. He knows he put money aside for them but Kate is not going to reveal what she saves or spends.

She really thinks Jon sets money aside for the kids...LOL LOL He can't even support himeself!

Quiltart said...

It's amazing that RH acts like he still knows what goes on in Kate's house. I doubt he's been able to hang out outside her house since his book first came out, but he keeps repeating his old garbage like it's news. He is a worthless piece of garbage himself.

Micha said...

It's amusing to see the bleeps still say that Kate doesn't work but the kids do work even though they're all doing the same thing. How do they rationalize that? You'd think that by now they'd admit that if the kids are "working" by being filmed then Kate's "working" too - the exact same way. They say that Kate's kids are "exploited" but don't seem to give a thought all the many other kids who are on reality TV. What they care about is that Kate has managed to find a way to live her life, earn a living that pays for a nice house for her and the kids, and all by just being herself. She's not perfect, she's flawed, and that only makes it worse for the bleeps.

Anonymous said...

Micha I think that's what bothers them so much. It's something about Kate that just sets them over the edge. I never understood the whole "the kids work but Kate doesn't" thing. Technically they're all working so... It's like they love to hate her. Whenever she tweets, they're on it like white on rice. Whenever there's a sighting of her (like their Costco's trip the other day) they're on it. Sounds like a fan to me.

Sage said...

Leslie has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Kate Plus 8 "Kate's Advice"":

Hi,all readers from the "other" blog. Ya'll claim we don't have lives yet you would not have a blog without all the copying and pasting of our interesting comments, ideas, and thoughts. Actually I am so impressed that we are so interesting that you all come over, read, copy, and then comment on our comments. THAT is really flattering. Thank you to each of you. Apparently you all don't have an original comment yourselves. I read only about 7 minutes of your boring blog to determine the above.

I know Admin., does not allow blog on blog comments but I am simply thanking each of you for thinking so highly of us and Admin's blog. I am NOT commenting on anything about your blog other than addressing the stealing of our own comments and thanking you for that.

And thank you Leslie for the shout out! Also, thanks for reading here....this is the blog to come to pick up some common sense and I might add a little class which is soooo lacking at Becks. I could name a few of you but heck, you know who you and they are.

Mary EmDee said...

Sage- I knew you had surgery just not a triple bypass. Recovery can be trying at times but you can do it!!
I'm so proud of you. You are getting all sorts of healthy. Your journey amazes- your strength and your humor!

Cheers to your health

merryway said...

Guess I was wrong about BL dumping Ex-nurse. She's still commenting. Although, she has a lot of common sense and I think she would like it over here.
Bl had written one of her ghost replies and I guess was just including a question to Ex-Nurse.
It wouldn't be so confusing except in the way BL replies to those comments deemed not worthy of her blog. You never know who the commentor is (or their entire comment). I'm sure Jon's Toadies appreciate Bl shielding them from the horror of opposing opinion.

merryway said...

Bl is excusing Jon because he "believes strongly in not rocking the boat if it will upset his kids." Bl says Kate is an evil parental alienator and the judge just won't take charge.

Jon has done nothing but rock the boat since he and Kate were seperated. All those interviews during the divorce and still he goes on, selling out the twins' birthday to ET, letting RH film the kids for tabloids, all those hissy fits, all the times he used the press lying about filing for custody, etc. etc. Bl doesn't think it upsets his kids to see their dad on CT faking a fit about the kids and wishing Kate would ES&D?

Jon has very typical vistiation, every other weekend and one dinner a week. Nothing unusual about the judge in that decision.
Jon chose to give up his legal custody and chose not to pay child support. He's lucky the judge agreed to no child support. But, it happens, nothing that unusual. It's unusual that children as young as the tups would be able to chose not to visit. That has nothing to do with alienation. Jon either agreed to it or has done something to warrent a decision like that.

If the children were refusing to see Kate, Jon's Toadies would be jumping up and down with joy and proclaiming the kids escaped their abuser.

Bl would rather support Jon than the children refusing to see him. Whether Jon's being sued by his employer, selling stories, giving interviews, appearing on CT, getting fired, going from job to job, getting evicted, going from woman to woman, not paying child support, giving up legal custody; Bl and Jon's Toadies are right there with an excuse for Jon and no thought towards the kids.

Accourding to her comment below, Bl likes judges who rip children from their custodial parent and hands them over to a parent accused of sexual abusing them.

xxxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 187

Some of the best attorneys I know make 55,000 a year. But in general the more you pay the better you get. It's not just the quality of the attorney you are paying for. You are paying for someone to spend more time on your case, have a support staff to help, and able to afford things like the best experts, research, strategies. Someone with deep pockets could have brought in one of the best parental alienation experts in the country to testify. Jon can't afford something like that.

Even with all other things being equal the attorney with more time, money and support has a huge edge.

It's absolutely true the little guy can win. But it's much harder.

I don't find anything hinky about the family law case. I think it shook out pretty predictably in a parental alienation case in front of a judge who won't take charge. It's okay, few know how to handle this. You almost need to be extensively trained in how to handle parental alienation. I've only really seen a couple judges good at it, in particular an excellent judge who was willing to do the nutty thing and flip custody on parental alienation cases even with sex abuse allegations flying around. That is not in my experience the norm. Too much liability.

I think the hinky thing is this. Jon is Jon. He is a B type personality. He believes strongly in not rocking the boat if it will upset his kids. He is never going to drag a kid kicking and screaming into his car to have a visit. That's not him, never will be. If the shoe were on the other foot Kate would do that, absolutely. If anything is hinky it's simply that Jon can't bring himself to do some of the things he would need to do in order to fix this.

Jon is very different from Kate and the kids need someone different from her. His personality has been good for his children sometimes, and other times lead to disastrous results. He can't unring a lot of bells. And yet many other things they have done I think will have a huge impact in a positive way on the children, especially when they are adults with a

Farkle said...

So glad Sage that you are doing well, the journey I'm sure was hard, but bringing awareness for Red Heart Month is very gracious of you. Notice the other crap fest would never encourage readers to take of their health, especially since it seems the blood pressure over their would be off the charts.

For the BL telling ALL her knowledge of how one is paid and what is given while filming, you can really tell she outed herself by knowing nothing. Too bad her few posters licked her TL like she is in the know.

Public defenders would come in to play for the 55 grand bracket, first time out of the gate attorneys in my neck of the woods. Most layers charge well over 300 hundred dollars an hour, and I would call that an average attorney. High end lawyers usually make in the $800 and up. Guess she is in the 55 grand a year bracket.

I highly doubt Jon has 500 bucks in the bank, too bad, he threw his own life away for a lay on someone else's couch to duck his responsibilities. If Kate and the kids get a break or something free, so what, many people receive assistance or welfare from all of us. Jon could get food stamps and free healthcare on his wages, hmm maybe he is? Waiting for the B to tell us how much money Jon makes and what he pays for.

Shout out to the few fans over there, come over from the dark side, common sense wins every time. :)

Farkle said...


Could you show us your case law on your court appearance for alienation that the judge flipped custody? Waiting to see these great results you accomplished. Since cases are public after decisions are made, this should be very simple for you to do. I hear the excuse coming "the cases are sealed to protect them all". ROTF.

Quiltart said...

Shout out to the Bleeple and Twithaters: Tonight a new show begins on TLC called "Rattled"... They are following four families with their first babies. Drew Barrymore is the executive producer. Time for you to get your anti-exploitation gear in order so you can harass this people for the sake of their children, just like you've done to Kate for the past nine years... We're counting on you.... and waiting!

Nameless in LA said...

I am howling with laughter here. Is there ANYTHING in this world that doesn't remind these people of Kate? Hillary Clinton's emails ---> Aaden not caring about his cupcake. Yep,
the connection there is so obvious to those mentally superior bleeple.


rainbowsandunicorns said... 60
Clinton, the Democratic presidential front-runner, said she doesn't believe Americans are concerned about the email firestorm.

"I can tell you that is not on the minds of the literally thousands of people that I've seen in the last few weeks. I'm glad it isn't," she told CNN."


Oh, My. Word. How can lying NOT be on the minds of the American people? How can a lack of trust in a candidate be so unimportant?

On a much much smaller scale, this reminds me of Kate saying that not being able to eat his cupcake never bothered Aaden at all and he forgot all about it. I hope to heaven that Collin doesn't remember the spankings and that her son doesn't remember his mother telling him that she doesn't even want to hear him breathe. What mother with even a bone of maternal instinct in her body would say that to her child? None of that matters because it's all in the past.

Sage said...

Nameless, I laughed at that one too. Everything in their, sleeping, dreaming etc ties to Kate. Kate owns them.

Anonymous said...

Sage said...
Nameless, I laughed at that one too. Everything in their, sleeping, dreaming etc ties to Kate. Kate owns them.

I find this very funny from someone who SUBCRIBES to comments at 15. Why do you subscribe to comments from another blog? Seems like that blog OWNS you.

Sage said...

Nice try Anon. Lets just say I am amused (and sometimes appalled) by tinfoil hat comments and they never fail to deliver.

Nameless in LA said...


If Sage starts posting about how she was at the movies and there was a courtroom scene that immediately made her think of the 15 Minutes Administrator, or she encountered a bitter woman at the market and instantly thought of Auntie Ann, then you'll have a point. As of now, you don't.

Anonymous said...

Sage said...
Nice try Anon. Lets just say I am amused (and sometimes appalled) by tinfoil hat comments and they never fail to deliver.

So are you denying that you subscribe to posts at 15? Your posts show otherwise.

merryway said...

Lol, who knew that subscribing to comments meant that you are owned?
That's a reach.
One click and you can read at leisure. Pretty sure that's convenience rather than obsession.

Anonymous said...

merryway said...
Lol, who knew that subscribing to comments meant that you are owned?
That's a reach.
One click and you can read at leisure. Pretty sure that's convenience rather than obsession.

But why subscribe to comments if you aren't obsessed with that blog?

Sage said...

Anon. I mentioned a few years ago I subscribe to them and your point is? It makes things easier for me as the bleeps are always right on top of anything about Kate. Why should I spend time looking around the internet when I can have it delivered to me...duh.

Sage said...

Love your response Nameless! lol I never think of those morons outside of scrolling through their comments....which by the way Anonymous I have delivered to my tinfoil hat comments email.

Sage said...

Kylie has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Kate Plus 8 "Kate's Advice"":

Have any of you read the book Death Trap by M. William Phelps? This book is almost identical to how Kate has gotten away with everything she has as far as the custody issues go. It is stunning how the person who ended up murdering her ex husband to keep him from having any contact with his kids and the courts just allowing her behavior to continue. In this case, the ex husband was a really good guy who just wanted to spend time with his girls. He wasn't interested in having full custody because he felt the girls needed their mother. However, the wife was so psychotic that she disobeyed court orders over and over again, blatantly and the courts threatened but with continuances she managed to keep the kids away from him. And this woman had no money like Kate. So, in light of the discussion recently about custody, you should read this book if you are at all interested in true crime. I started last night and haven't been able to put it down. It's that good. A real eye opener about how the courts behave in custody battles.

Yup, Kate will probably murder Jon. the book for what it is and get Kate off your mind!!!

Farkle said...


Politics to cupcakes, to murder of Jon, wow, the BL should be getting therapists for her posters. Group rate?

If the BL doesn't want others to read how uneducated she and her posters are, go private. Love how they run here to lecture. I never read there, I see what is said over there here. She's not important enough for anyone to care about her and her drivel, just a lonely person that sits at home day and night to find SOMEONE to talk to her. Just saying---. :)

Sage said...

Tomorrow is Go Red For Women day.

Quiltart said...

Thanks for the reminder, Sage! I'm getting my clothes out for tomorrow now!

merryway said...

Jon won't shut up. It's obvious how misleading he was on the Steve Harvey show. He's now putting it out that the kids are the ones refusing to visit.

BL continues to ignore that Jon wrote on instagram that his custody is not the norm where a parent would be forced to produce the kid for visitation.

If Jon had been serious all the times he said he was going for custody, he would have used money from CT. He's been blustering about custody for years for no other purpose than publicity and money. What a horrible way to use your kids. It's as bad as using your kids as bargaining chips to get out of your tv show contract.


"According to Jon, twins Cara and Maddie, 15, and two of his 11-year-old sextuplets, Collin and Alexis, have dug in their heels and will not go stay with their dad in his rural Pennsylvania home.

As Radar exclusively reported, Jon agreed to allow the kids on TV in order to avoid paying Kate any child support, although he insists he plans to seek joint custody when he can “gather the funds.”

The former reality show star now watches TLC clips of Kate Plus 8 in order to see his four children. “I don’t know what they look like,” he told the magazine"

Quiltart said...

What a crock! The more he talks, the deeper the hole... He knows full well why his children won't see him and it's not because Kate won't let them. Jon needs to grow up.

Sage said...

Well, well, well looks like we were right about this. Jon made a deal that he does not pay child support and gave up legal custody. How is Becks going to spin this one? Remember when she was shoving down the throats of her bleeps that Jon had 50/50 custody? No wonder they all like reading here....we have the truth.

PJ's momma said...

Well, well, well, indeed. Keep yapping to the tabloid media, Jon, and there's a good chance those kids will estrange you forever. Why isn't his attorney telling him to SHUT UP?

What a friggin' putz.

Sage said...

Localyocul has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Kate Plus 8 "Kate's Advice"":

Frankly this just makes those four sound like heartless cold brats


Of course it is the kids fault....never Jon.

Micha said...

Nothing's changed when it comes to Jon. He always needs to blame Kate for any problem. It's not him, ever. And of course the solution is to go to the media and whine about it. If you think your ex-wife is manipulating 4 out of 8 of your kids, it's only natural that you'd go to US Weekly to take care of it instead of taking it to court. US will handle everything.

Quiltart said...

Ya know, Jon claims he doesn't know who is coming on his weekends. Well, if we hold him to the same standards that the haters hold Kate, he was lying! He certainly knows who is NOT coming to stay with him. I wonder how much Radar is paying him for this crap?

Sage said...

Carole has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Kate Plus 8 "Kate's Advice"":

Has he ever come out and said, "I agreed to allow Kate to continue filming and she relieved me of paying child support?" All I have ever seen are the fan's contentions that this happened, or the speculation by tabs such as Radar. Have we ever heard it from either Kate's or Jon's mouth?


Not one word from either side, as far as I know. IMO, it's all speculation

I am sure Merryway remembers this better than I....didn't Kate's attny say that Jon was relieved of c/s? I am sure she was direct quoted on it.

Quiltart said...

Yes, Sage,
After Jon made a big deal about not being able to afford his payments... and they had already been reduced to reflect his current salary .... Kate's attorney made that announcement, which the bleeps have conveniently forgotten.

Quiltart said...

It's in this article...

Shawn said...

What's so funny is don't the toadies roast Kate for having a pocket book full of bills that she couldn't pay. Have they ever roasted Jon over his dilemma over paying rent and or child support?

Quiltart said...

They've never roasted Jon for anything. No matter what the scenario, as far as they're concerned it is all Kate's fault and he is perfectly blameless.

merryway said...

That's right Quilt. Per his norm, Jon lied and sold a story to one of the rags that "Kate wants me in jail." Kate's attorney put out a statement that it was a suprise to them, because Jon had been relieved of child support several months earlier. Then, Jon made a pissy comment and shut down his twitter. Lol

In 9/13, private guy Jon gave an interview to ET where it came from his own mouth that he didn't pay child support.

I also recall private guy Jon appearing on The View when Jon stated that Kate had legal custody. Barbara Walters asked Jon if he supported his children and he first deflected by asking "emotionally?" IRC, then Jon said something similar to the below.

Bl never explained how it came to be she was so wrong about her assertion that a child support order could not be changed once in place. Jon's toadies also believed Bl's lie that Jon wasn't required to pay because he had received 50/50 visitation.

Gosselin also noted that he does not pay any type of child support to his ex. "[Kate and I] both support [the children] financially because she takes care of school and all that stuff, but I take care of the exact same things she takes care of," he said. "I buy their own groceries. They have their own groceries at my house, their own bedrooms, their own stuff. It's doubled."

Sage said...

What's funny is they don't want to talk about defending and idolizing Jon. He is their dream husband and father who gave his kids baths when they were toddlers. When the real Jon trickles out they act like they didn't read it or call Kate a monster.

Quiltart said...

LOL... Kate takes care of private school and health care and a mortgage and all that stuff for eight kids and Jon takes care of groceries for four kids who once in a while come to wherever he is currently shacking up with his flame du jour. They are all delusional.

Quiltart said...

One other thought... If Jon picks the kids up at the bus stop or at school, how does he not see the other four who don't come home with him? Wouldn't they be at the bus stop waiting for Kate?

Farkle said...

So Jon providing a bed and a few groceries is his way of supporting his kids? Gawd, the stupid never stops with him. He sounds like an old women, maybe just change his name to bitter Betty. Why is his lawyer allowing him to attack his own kids on a rag? Must not be able to afford what he put out there. A real lawyer in good standing would tell their client no interviews or sold stories to anyone.

No judge will give him joint custody until he steps up and pays some support towards their bills. Jon is lucky that the court agreed to let him off the hook when it came to cs. Kate had to support the kids on her own, seemed the TV show was the only way to make enough funds to continue to support all of them. Like it or not, she thought of her kids first, school, health insurance, food, clothes, roof, etc.

Farkle said...


Hmmm, maybe Jon told a lie there. I wonder if he is not allowed to pick them up at school?

Anonymous said...

Those howler monkeys will take over the tree house. It will be Lord of the Flies, from the house to the tree house. All that is is a gazebo with a walkway ramp.

Redbird, even on Facebook you are mean.

merryway said...

Thought it would be fun to review just a few of Bl's many spouts from when Kate's attorney stated Jon no longer had to pay chld support in reply to Jon's articles of Kate wanting him in jail.

Bl even included the event in her post of Kate's worst moments of 2012 (the excerpt is the last one in the below list).

We now know that Bl's source was Jon. Jon was outright lying to keep the hate towards Kate flowing. But, they don't care that he spread lies or that they spread his lies about a family of children. It gave them a reason to hate Kate and shoulder Jon. That's all they want.

Bl has never given any explanation about her smoke screen of declarations of how it just couldn't be.
They've never questioned Jon lying about custody.
Whenever they are wrong, they just ignore it and continue on their hate fest.

xxxxxxx (Administrator) said... 165

Before Kate puts out a story like this she might want to read a few law-ish books to see if that's even legal on PA. Since apparently it's not.
August 2, 2012 at 7:24 AM (Administrator) said... 186

TLC Stinks the only problem is according to case law Pennsylvania doesn't allow you to make "deals."

I think Kate's attorney is conveniently leaving out that either Jon has custody a lot more and as sillimom said is approaching 50-50, or she is conveniently leaving out that they have an arrangement where Jon is paying expenses directly. Anything else is contrary to Pennsylvania law. What a tool.
August 2, 2012 at 8:15 AM (Administrator) said... 162

Confirmed, they have 50-50 custody now which is why Jon doesn't have to pay anymore. He just needs to finish paying arrears Just as many of us figured. Congratulations Jon, now go for full.

Kate also has met Bill Blankinship, who was at Jen Stocks wedding.
August 2, 2012 at 4:06 PM (Administrator) said... 24

Berks, I totally agree with your assessment.

Had this attorney never opened her big fat mouth and made a statement that sounded fishy to me and to you and to anyone who knows anything about child support, I never would have tried to get to the bottom of it. I haven't been talking to any sources for months, I'm not one to bug them and pump them for info. But since Kate's attorney decided to throw Jon under the bus, I figured it was only fair the other side gets a fair chance to explain.

And now Kate looks like an even bigger tool since according to her attorney this whole arrangement was voluntary. I.e. I then assume Kate was happy to give Jon 50-50? Now who is the tool?
August 3, 2012 at 8:46 AM

This year marked the third anniversary of Jon and Kate's divorce, but you would think it only happened three days ago the way Kate couldn't stop ragging on Jon this year. There were many sour moments where she threw the children's beloved father under the bus, including when she claimed that she relieved him of child support obligations out of the goodness of her heart (she didn't count on anyone knowing that's not possible under Pennsylvania law once an order has been put in place), told everyone that the kids preferred to be with her over the Christmas holidays, and even just let her sheeple believe that Jon couldn't pay his utility bills when she announced that his power was off (even though news reports revealed thousands were without power also in his area). One of the worst was when she told a sympathetic Dr. Drew that Jon was "trying" to be a good dad. The....f&%$ ??? Of course nothing can top her infamous mediocre comment from the year before, but she sure tried. Meanwhile over at Jon's, a few discreetly tweeted photos reveal happy, calm, relaxed kids. Good to know.

Sage said...

Jon was her source and he used her adulation of him to put lies about Kate and the kids. He knows all the hater tweeters read there.

I wonder if Becks and her minions will realize the damage they contributed to and continue to contribute to Kate and her kids.

Jon is the one who hates Kate more than he loves his kids.
Jon is the one who cannot or will not move on.
Jon is the one who is full of jealousy of Kate and even his own kids.
Jon is the one who is the parental alienator.

Open your eyes've been had by an manipulator and the lawyer who adores him.

Farkle said...

I always wondered how the BL could back Jon for running away from his responsibilities. Unless you have been married or have children without support, you would have no idea what it takes to raise children. Living in a fairy tale world with a so called law-ish degree would prove nothing to me. I don't care if you practice family law, you don't live it. Her few posters run to ROL and post the same chit they have been saying for years. It's laughable.

Jon's statement of "gathering" money is so pathetic. What does that mean, picking coins up from the parking lot after his huge gigs? Jon bragged about having a new lawyer, well if they practice like this, sending their client out to sell stories to the mags about his own children, he's doomed. The court will not listen to anything he has to say.

CS, custody and visitation are all separate issue by a court of law. You can't throw it all in the same pot and think for 1 minute it comes out like the BL wants it to. For some reason, and I don't know, Jon has had some huge problems with some of the kids. If he had a set court order for visitation for all the kids, they would have to go. Maybe not the twins, because of their age, but the others I would think would have to go. Jon, you stink, lie, and sell stories that are half truths for a few bucks. No Father gets on TV and says he doesn't know WHY he doesn't see his kids. If Jon needs to go to court with an issue, you don't gather money, a lawyer would be provided for you from the court if unable to pay. Man, the BL needs to at least tell the basics of law 101.

Micha said...

I think that only a father who is so lacking in intelligence would actually say he doesn't know why he doesn't see his kids and think that it's a perfectly acceptable response to the question, "why don't some of the kids visit you?" Jon's basically saying,"I don't know. It's been over a year with one of them and I just don't know. I guess I didn't have the time to find out, for a year and a half." Ugh.

If Jon didn't really know when it first started happening he's had plenty of time to find out before giving these interviews. Even saying that the reasons are complex or private is better then saying, "I don't know." He really thinks that no one is going to challenge him on what he's saying? I guess the interviewer isn't, at least Steve Harvey didn't, but people out there (who are not blinded by hatred for Kate)are going to seriously doubt that Jon couldn't know the reason why only half of his kids want to see him. He'd rather blame Kate than admit it could have anything to do with HIM.

Sage said...

Fleecing The Sheeple has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Kate Plus 8 "Kate's Advice"":

Yes, the kids are filming every spare moment they have and then some, so you can ogle them for entertainment.
Sick arseholes the lot of them.


I would add one adjective...vacuous sick arseholes. I can kind of understand that the teens and young fans don't get it, but the adult sheeple who keep pestering Kate to film, like Carlene and Denise, seem to be intellectually-challenged as well. Ogle your own kids, or your nieces, nephews or grandchildren. Better yet, if it's entertainment you want, go see a good movie, concert or sports event. Why this fascination with kids you don't even know and will never know?

Exactly...why do you all have this fascination with kids you don't know and never will? You watch, read and comment about them everyday for years.(when you aren't talking about getting drunk and farting under the veranda) Can't you pester your relatives and neighbors and tell them how to dress and raise their kids?

Quiltart said...

The bleeps claim to have knowledge of Kate and her kids that they can't possibly know unless they live in Kate's house... and Jon's, too, for that matter. They have spewed their hate for so long, that they believe the lies they have made up in their own heads. Bleeps, I hate to break it to you, but you don't know Kate's or the kids' schedules; you don't know why they don't see Jon; you have no idea what Jon has DONE to Kate, although you claim to make Jon the victim; you don't know Kate's bank balance or how she spends her money; you don't know what she does all day when she is taking care of her house on her own, except for occasional cleaning help; you don't know who she shares her bed with... YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING, EXCEPT THAT YOU WANT TO BELIEVE. What sick and sorry people you are to make up the worst lies you can think of and treat them as gospel.

Nameless in LA said...

Oh the drama! Such histrionics because the kids supposedly were spotted in the Vegas airport and therefore missed ONE DAY of school.

The BL's behavior sure doesn't speak very highly about the values HER parents taught her. She spends half her work day blathering on and on about the Gosselins, and then of course there's that wonderful sense of ethics that tells you it's okay to make $ off teen mothers and genital mutilation victims.
********************* ~ Administrator said... 139
What this is doing is teaching them that what should be an important committment and priority is not that important at all if something better comes along.

I really don't think it's any exaggeration to say this kind of value system transends to many other things in a child's life as they grow up.

Will they be the man that doesn't stick around when their partner falls ill with cancer, loses their job, or has to move for work? Will they leave when someone better comes around?

Will they call in sick say they have a serious infection and go to Disneyland instead for the week?

Will they be that parent who just can't seem to ever make the big game?

Will they expect promotions at work while at the same time not ever being someone you can count on in a pinch or who ever goes above and beyond?

Will they expect more from relationships then they are willing to give?

These are the values she is teaching the children. This is it.

Quiltart said...

mmmm What about then BL called in sick so she could go to Kate's book signing to harass her and instead trashmouthed Steve for doing his job? What kind of values did her parents teach her?

Quiltart said...

meant to say WHEN, not then!

Gospel Truth said...

Quiltart said...

YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING, EXCEPT THAT YOU WANT TO BELIEVE.. What sick and sorry people you are to make up the worst lies you can think of and treat them as gospel.


Same could be said for those here dissing on Jon. People here treat it as gospel that Jon gave up child support in exchange for allowing Kate to film the kids. The only thing that was confirmed by Kate's lawyer was that Jon was relieved of child support. No reason was given. No one knows the reason why, but because tabs like ROL said that it was in exchange for allowing the children to film with no confirmation, that is treated as gospel.

There will always be speculation from both sides, but nobody except Kate and Jon and the kids know the whole truth. And we'll probably never know.

So to repeat as per Quiltart:


Quiltart said...

Gospel Truth, There is a big different in discussing what has been seen in print and said by Kate and others close to her and in just blatantly making things up. We don't write Jon's employer and try to get him fired from every job... Tweeters and bleeple have bragged about doing that to Kate. How does that help the children? We didn't make up the electricity being out. It wasn't just out for one night... but for several weeks. We didn't make up about Kate alienating the children, when Jon's statements to the press about Kate have been many times more inflammatory for the words AND the kids to read. Your fearless leader didn't even believe Kate's lawyer's staement. After all, since she is an expert on everything single thing in the world, she knows BETTER than Kate's lawyer. You can rationalize it all you want, but while there are some similarities, we are not the same.

merryway said...

At one time, Jon had 50/50 legal. Kate having full legal custody means she can film and has control over the lives of the G kids. Jon gave up legal or had it taken away. Either way, it doesn't add up to the Toadie's accusation that Kate is a horrible cruel abusive mother while they hold up Jon as the epitome of fatherhood.
I believe it was Jon's choice to give up legal. I would hope that he did nothing horrible to have it taken away.

I think filming had little to do with Jon's decision. Jon's decision was all about making his life easier. He was worried about keeping his butt out of jail. Jon is not responsible enough to pay child support.

Gospel Truth said...

Quiltart said...

We didn't make up the electricity being out. It wasn't just out for one night... but for several weeks.

Hmm, could you provide a link to prove that "fact" as you see it? Do you have access to Jon's electricity accounts? Can you show exact proof that his electricity was out for "several weeks"?

I just want to know what facts you base that on?


Quiltart said...

I am not going to go back and forth with you about this. At the time, I was in personal contact with a reliable source.

Sage said...

Plus the fact he was with Liz at the time and she tweeted about his power being shut off. Unlike the bleeps we don't make up scenarios.

merryway said...

Yep. Sometime after Liz tweeted, Kate had a tweet that the younger kids were doing visitation at a friend of Jon's until he had settled with the electric company.

Quiltart said...

Merryway, I had forgotten about that.... Add to these facts that no one ever denied why his power had been shut off.... except for the bleeps.

Sage said...

Eight is More Than Enough has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Kate Plus 8 "Kate's Advice"":

FlimsyFlamsy said... 103
Localyocul (#101), funny how the mother of 8,
with 6 premature babies, managed to make and shop an audition tape. But now she's got 8 kids in school all day and can't make 2 minutes to say hello to her fans?
She wasn't doing any of that, Jon was. On someone else's time too. Btw this post keeps not getting posted so please stop censoring for no reason

Love it! 'bout time someone is able to get through with the truth. Kate was not shopping a tape around. This is just another hater rumor.

Quiltart said...

Bleeps, you can't have it both ways. Last week I saw complaints that Kate was on Twitter 24/7; now you're saying she never tweets to her fans.

Guess what? Kate has a life... unlike most of you. Twitter is probably not at the top of her to-do list everyday, nor should it be. The fans don't care when she tweets. Why do you?

Sage said...

Tucker's Mom has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Kate Plus 8 "Kate's Advice"":

Does it occur to any fans (I know, another stupid question!) that it's incredibly odd for Kate to not have any adult nights with friends? With 8, count em, 8 kids, how many parents would you interact with on a regular basis?
No moms night out ever? No book club? Nothing?

Another stupid comment by ole Tuck. You have no idea what Kate does with her friends....all you can do and seem to do all day is fantasize about Kate. Why don't you find some other interests?

Quiltart said...

Sage, Their tinfoil hats must not be working. They have no idea who Kate sees... family and/or friends. They base everything on shows they saw on TV nine years ago. Their growth is stunted, but Kate keeps moving on!

Hinky said...

When did Kate write the journal? Wasn't it almost 10 yrs ago? TLC has probably renegotiated her contract a few times since then.She probably is making more money and is getting a lot more perks than when Jon was with the show. That may be peeving Jon.

Sage said...

Tucker's Mom has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Kate Plus 8 "Kate's Advice"":

I don't believe Jon knows anything about what is going on with the children's trust so he should not make blanket statements that the kids are financially set.
IIRC, Jon stated that he put money into irrevocable trusts for each of the kids for college, and they're set for college funds. As far as what Kate's doing with the monies earned from the shows, he probably has no idea.
My impression, vis a vis Jon, is that he took a huge chunk of HIS money earned through the show and set up funds.

Does anyone believe Jon would put money away for the kids? What a joke he was too busy buying cars, jewelry for Hailey, nights in the bar, expensive apartment in New York, trips to Park City and Hawaii and so on to think about his kids.

PJ's momma said...

I have no idea what their finances are - the kids or Jon or Kate. They're right - Jon should not be making statements. About anything. But again, not my circus, not my monkeys.

Why on EARTH would someone look up the school handbook for a school their kids do not attend and is probably not even remotely near them? And then the moderators publish the link? And salaries too? I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

It's really funny to me that a site dedicated to going to another blog, copying those comments and bringing them back to dissect each one and trash the commenter proclaims that they are so different from those people. Don't you realize they don't give a crap what you think, what you say? That's because they do have lives. Sure they comment on a blog but they are not coming here and taking your comments back and trashing you. You are no different, no matter how much you argue that you are. You trash Jon and defend Kate all the time. You get angry that people support Jon, you don't believe anything Jon says could possibly be true. How is that different than what is done at 15? Kate is the one who started the trashing of Jon on public media every chance she got. She is no innocent in any of what has happened.

I'm sorry that you live in a delusional world where Kate is so misunderstood and Jon is the devil. You every one need to get lives. Talk about Jon all you want, trash him till the end of time, but do so without having this need to go to another blog and trash them because they don't like Kate. It's still a free world and people are allowed to have opinions that differ from yours. Get over yourselves. You all sound constipated!

Anonymous said...

Okay but why are they looking up the school's handbook? That's kind of creepy...

Anonymous said...

Btw I'm not the anon from the other blog lmaooo.

Farkle said...


If you are not the anoun from the other blog, why do you not have a name here? Of course, just asking. We don't care if you take comments and post there, they would never get through because common sense and truth prevail here. :)

Jon saving money for his kids is the biggest hoot I have read yet. He couldn't pay his rent in NY, the cabin, the next place he lived and finally found a couch to lay on again. Old classmate is it?

Sage said... put it so eloquently and I am going to copy what you said...I don't give a crap what you think.

Anonymous said...

Nor do i give a crap what you think Sage, you are so smart ass with anyone disagreeing with you. You claim all view are welcome here. Ha Ha. They're welcome so you can tear them apart. I just like to read the absurdity at both blogs.

As for the person that's looking at the school handbook that's plain stupid and scary at the same time.

Farkle said...

Looks like Sage gave a laxative tonight. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Farkle, I do not post on that blog lol. I don't even understand that blog and their rules and regulations or whatever. But my name is Kendall if you must know lol. I'd just prefer to keep my account personal. That's all. I decided to post here because it seemed like a nice spot to talk about the good things about the Gosselins. I enjoy the show and yes I think Kate is extra sometimes but I like her.

Idk who the other anon is from the other blog though lol...

Anonymous said...

LOL at Farkle. Isn't it about time to run to 15 and steal a comment or 2 and bring it back to trash?

Nameless in LA said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Nor do i give a crap what you think Sage, you are so smart ass with anyone disagreeing with you. You claim all view are welcome here. Ha Ha. They're welcome so you can tear them apart. I just like to read the absurdity at both blogs.
You're whining because you expect to hurl insults without being challenged? Being welcome to express views does not mean that the views expressed won't be commented on by others who also are welcome to express THEIR views. Bummer how that works, huh? I think you're missing the basic concept of an unmoderated blog.

Sage said...

Anon, anyone can comment here and any view is welcome. What is not welcome is insulting me and anyone else who comments here. Right now you are making a fool of yourself....go back to Becks where fools are welcome.

Anonymous said...

I see, you can call names but no one else can? Gotcha. I actually told you that the posters over there don't give a crap what you say, so I did not attack you at all. You came back with you didn't give a crap what I said. I don't care about that, but you should understand that by telling me I'm making a fool of myself you just keep attacking me you are the fool. . It's ok, I've got a thick skin but at least be fair in your assessments. And just for your info, I am no fan of Becks or her group.

It really is just very funny to realize that the few people who post on here supporting Kate and the few same posters at Becks do the same with Jon. And the beat goes on, and on and on.

Nameless in LA said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I see, you can call names but no one else can? Gotcha. I actually told you that the posters over there don't give a crap what you say, so I did not attack you at all
Hey Anonymous,

You seem confused. Let me help you out.

1) Telling people that they have no lives is insulting
2) Telling people that they sound constipated is insulting
3) Telling people that they are delusional is insulting

Your real problem is that you can't control what is said here. If you don't like the cutting and pasting of comments, fine and dandy. But...telling us what we can and cannot do is just silly, not to mention arrogant. Why would anyone here take orders from an anonymous stranger who likes to hurl insults at them?

If you don't want to be called a fool, don't behave like one. Please take your own advice and get over yourself.

Farkle said...

Will the nice anouns pick a name? It's confusing which anouns is saying what sometime. Of course, I'm just asking. You don't have to use your real name, a nic .

To the other anous, Sage is fair, your post went through. I have never posted or brought a comment from the birth fetish site, but I don't care if someone brings a comment here. Becs is entertaining. I don't hate Jon, just my opinion of what becs says to her posters, which sometimes it's so far out there, that common sense would beat her in a stupid argument that she wants. I just read what is posted here, so once again, you failed at your assumptions. Meltdowns and trying to be rude to Sage is so telling, you have been busted. That's Bec's tricks. imo

Happy Valentines Day peeps!

Anonymous said...

You all can refer to me as Kendall on here haha. This is one of the nice anons.

Maybe one day I will use my account but for now, you can call me Kendall haha.

Farkle said...

Hi Kendall! LOL.

When you post under anouns, we don't know who you are!

Maybe when you finish posting, just sign Kendall under it?


Anonymous said...

Telling people they have no lives is insulting
Telling people they sound constipated is insulting
Telling people.... and yada yada yada

Guess what? You have all said the very same thing about the posters from the other blog. So you don't like the tables turned on you? Now that is arrogant and hypocritical.

You can hold something like a birth fetish site (never seen it) against someone but it is somehow ok that a mother beat her children, yanked them by the hair, etc. and because it was years ago it is ok. Because she was overwhelmed it is ok. Open your eyes, oh wait, forgot that's off limits on this everyone can write on our blog.

Seriously funny people.

Nameless in LA said...

Guess what? You have all said the very same thing about the posters from the other blog. So you don't like the tables turned on you? Now that is arrogant and hypocritical.
Oh, I am well aware that I have said the exact same thing and stand behind my comments. (Well, maybe not the exact same thing. I don't think I've called the BL or her minions "constipated." Not really my style.) You, however, claimed that you hadn't attacked anyone. I was simply pointing the obvious -- that you had, in fact, been very insulting. You don't get to play poor innocent victim who is being jumped on for having a difference of opinion when your blatantly incendiary and insulting posts are available for all to read. We're not stupid!

Sage said...

Anon, you seem to have some serious anger issues. Really, it is not that important. You choose to come here and read and comment and before you say it, yes, I read and c/p posts from 15 and comment on them. I would comment there but it is so hevily moderated. Becks is afraid someone will mention her birth fetish site....anyhoo, I don't let myself get angry, just amazed at the hate spewed there. Just take a deep breath and exhale.

Micha said...

I think "Anonymous" is missing one big difference between people who post at BL's site and this one. Over there people want the worst for one particular person, that person being Kate - and if the kids suffer from the fallout of Kate getting the worst, then so be it. It seems that people even believe it will do the kids good and don't seem to like hearing if the kids are enjoying their lives, going places, doing things. Over here nobody wants the worst for any of the Gosselins. We want the best for the kids and we want both Jon and Kate to try to be good parents to their children. I think that most people here want the Gosselins all to have good lives and be happy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Farkle! And gotcha! :)


Anonymous said...

Sage, I am not at all angry. I've heard you say that before to other posters who come here to offer a different opinion. One thing I do agree with is this is all very unimportant. Anger issues? That would really be you.

Really serious issues are what the people in the northeast are facing this weekend. Wind chills in the 20 below area. I can't imagine. What Kate wears, her hair, her friends or lack of them are unimportant.

I won't be back bugging you anymore. It's just sort of fun to stir the ant pile and watch you all go nuts. No need for your blood pressure to rise. Let me know how the anger management class goes for you.

Sage said...

Anon, if you have read here a lot you would know that I do not get angry at people who have differing opinions that is why no moderation. We don't go nuts we just sigh and think to ourselves...again with the myths and lies.

I work with the public (maybe that is why I could recognize your anger) so this little back and forth does not raise my blood pressure and what I deal with on a daily basis I could teach an anger management class.

It is not only you people in New York and the northeast who have the wicked wind chills. I live just south of Chicago and it is pretty brutal here too.

Micha said...

I think that "Anonymous" is projecting and completely unaware of her own behavior. When you come to a blog with the purpose of trying to "stir" something up...well that's what the kids call being a "troll." And I see that all that happened was that "Anonymous" was stirred up a bit, and now has denied it and is slinking away.

20 below Pfffft said...

Dramatic much, Ms 20 Below Anon? People have been dealing with those temps for centuries in many states and countries.

You really are a drama queen. And yes an anger queen too. Anger is what brought you here.

stxmom said...

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Sage said...

Happy Valentines Day to you stxmom !

What is everyone doing for Valentines day? Any special plans?

Quiltart said...

We're having a dinner party for four other couples....

Sage said...

Quiltart, that sounds like fun. Any thing special on the menu?

PJ's momma said...

I shudder to think of dealing with that sort of cold all the time. I've only done it once, in Calgary many years ago, and it was -22 with no wind at all. I did an ice hike and had the weirdest sensation in my nose. It was like all our nose hairs froze instantly and snapped off. Later in the hot tub, everyone's hair was frozen on their exposed heads. One lady looked like Medusa. No Zika virus at THOSE Olympics!

I get to see a movie based on a book I loved tomorrow. Room. It was re-released in theaters because a couple of the actors are up for awards. I only say this so I can recommend the book. It is one of the most interesting books I have ever read. If you enjoy fiction, I highly recommend it!

Happy Valentine's Day to all! May your day be filled with love!

Quiltart said...

DH is the chef. He's making rack of lamb,a wild rice salad with preserved lemon, and vegetable timbale. I'm making a Pavlova (which is a big meringue shell) with a cherry brandy sauce for dessert. DH just left for Costco to pick up some hors d'oeuvres. We have some very dear friends (one of my childhood friends, actually) who have retired to our area. We're having this to introduce them to some of our friends tomorrow night.

Quiltart said...

Ex Nurse said... 177

Redbird said....
Her desire, dedication and completion of her RN certificate was because she wanted to marry a doctor and not have to work for the rest of her life.
It doesn't matter what her motivation was. She had to take anatomy and physiology, microbiology, pharmacology and medical terminology. Then, she had to pass the same certification exam as a nurse who has completed her Bachelors degree.

I honestly don't know how you can sustain the level of your resentment and hatred all day, every day. It must be exhausting.

PJ's momma said...

GOOOOOOO, Ex Nurse! Love it!

Quiltart, your dinner sounds incredible! We were just at Costco too, to pick up PJ's medication! What a mess! Never heard of Pavlova, you learn something new every day. How fortunate you are - my DH cannot even make tea! Enjoy your wonderful meal and friends. How nice that can you expand your lifelong friends' circle with your other friends.

sadiemay said...

Weather here in Quebecl is -28C tonight with winds which make it near -40C. I've made shelter boxes in the woods behind my place for a couple of stray cats around here.I've filled the boxes with a bunch hay and dry food.I've been doing it for about 4 yrs now.The cats are pretty fattened up but I hate nights like this. Thank God it's only a 2 day cold snap here. Back to warmer temps on monday/tuesday. Saying a prayer for the outdoor animals.

WTG Ex Nurse. Don't take no guff fron them.

Farkle said...

So glad we had anger class here Sage. LOL. People who work with the public understand what you mean.

Had a nice day, Valentine/birthday brunch with friends and quiet night together. It's chilly here, so we stayed in and I made a simple dinner, but had a nice bottle of wine.

Stay warm everyone and hope the cats are warm and safe Sadie.

stxmom said...

Spending Valentines Day at our ranch fishing and relaxing. Last year we stocked one pond with catfish (fun for adults to catch) and perch (fun for kids). Some friends will be joining us. Men are confident they will catch enough for meal but I do have burgers & hotdogs just in case.

Have fun Quiltart. What a nice way to bring all your friends together.

Stay warm Sadie. I can't imagine that kind of cold, it's sunshiny and warm with a little breeze in South Texas.

Quiltart said...

The bleeps are claiming that Jon is coming out with TWO new books! Does anyone know anything about this?

Sage said...

Jon has been saying that for a long time...years. I remember he said he was writing one with Sylvia Lafair and then on couples therapy he said he had one written but his lawyers said he would be sued by some of the things he put in it. So who knows? He lies so much.

Quiltart said...

If he does write anything, I can only imagine how it will affect his relationship with his children!

stxmom said...

Good luck to him. He does need the money. What do you think the books will be about? If it's about the marriage to Kate that's old news, they've been divorced for a long time.

merryway said...

Yum, reading Quilt's menu morning first thing this morning makes me hungry. I love Pavlova! I've only made it a couple of times. I usually just make easy meringue cookies.

We were snowy and cold on Valentine's. Stxmom, fishing sounds so good right now. I'm longing for the sun.

Yeah, Jon has said several times that he is writing a book. Also, Rh once said he was going to write a book about Jon. So many lies from those two, so who knows?

Jon mentioned his book on CT, sounded like it was all about life with TLC and Kate. It also sounded like BS, since he said he couldn't publish it without being sued. With his victimization attitude and the way he uses his children, I can't imagine it's anything but that. I also doubt he has publisher. If he's putting anything out there, it's going to be self-published.
It's probably just his lie of the day.

"The Lititz Fire & Ice Festival is proud to announce that Jon Gosselin will be our celebrity chili judge during the 11th Annual Chili Cook off. Jon is best known for his time on TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 but there is much more to his story. With 2 books coming out and a new story of what really happened, Jon is ready to move forward and show the world who he really is."

Sage said...

Jeanne has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Kate Plus 8 "Kate's Advice"":

There are trends in every career. Back when Kate went to nursing school, that was pretty normal and many jobs were open to you. The trend has changed and many employers are looking for the BSN degree rather than the nursing school. I have no idea how hard it would be for Kate to get a job. Nurses have a number of work-at-home options with reviewing medical records or clinical studies. I am not up to date on whether she would qualify for those without the BSN in today's climate. But it is pretty obvious she is not going to get a job. TLC (and all the viewers) owe her a living for allowing her to have 8 children. I have heard stories about her nursing (I get my medical care in the Reading area) and I am glad she's not working with patients any more.

Can you imagine Kate ever going back to nursing? These people would type their fingers to the bone to anywhere she works.

So Jeanne has heard stories about Kate and her nursing....from who? other nurses? how unprofessional. From patients? Kate hasn't been nursing for ten years. Methinks Jeanne is just another typical poster at Becks that just makes things up.

Quiltart said...

Dinner was a huge success. Our guest were still sitting around the dining room table talking at 11:30 p.m.! DH really outdid himself! We now remember why we don't do this as often as we did when we were younger. It's a LOT of work!

Quiltart said...

That should have been GUESTS!

Sage said...

Tucker's Mom has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Kate Plus 8 "Kate's Advice"":

FlimsyFlamsy said... 50
PatK (#49), I suspect the sheeple line will be,
how dare Jon profit off his children by writing
a book! While their idol has been doing so much worse by making the children film for more than a decade.
February 15, 2016 at 10:28 AM
No doubt. While I have always thought is that both J+K should have retreated to private lives and allowed the kids to recoup whatever privacy that wasn't left in the bottom of toilets and on boat decks, I've long since realized that the Gosselin children will never be granted this gift by Kate.
It now follows that Jon be allowed to express his truths, experiences and life lessons.
I believe Jon's account will be more like Jon- a bit less polished, more direct and more revealing. I think Jon's book(s) could put the issue of raising children on tv back into the public zeitgeist. Heaven knows Robert's book never broke through whatever impenetrable barrier put up by the many forces of TLC and Kate Gosselin.
I really believe Robert has is still tries to pull back the curtain.
This is a long overdue conversation that needs to be given more than the banal lip service of lollipop talking heads, chirping the latest headline-grabbing topics such as Kate banging the help.

No parent should ever be allowed to unilaterally decide that their minor charge's privacy is up for sale. Children are simply not able to give informed consent, which I have procured many times from adult research subjects when the worst possible predicted outcome is temporary muscle soreness.
I can not imagine an independent review board signing off on a trial which involves the very likely loss of long-term privacy and dignity to little children.
Especially when the benefit is purely material.


The bleeps are just panting waiting for their ideal man books to come out. Clutching their credit cards in their sweaty hands.

I do hope if this supposed book comes out Jon explains why he gave up legal custody and does not support his kids and why some of them refuse to see him. Why he can't hold a job or a place to live. But, I won't hold my breath.

PJ's momma said...

Wow. So Kate is not supposed to write books, but it's okay for Jon? Just wow.

Maybe he is just going to write about his experience and leave the kids out of it. But who would care? Time will tell.

Micha said...

Was Jon ever not "allowed to express his truths?" He's said plenty and his actions and lack of actions have said plenty over the years. "His truths" aren't necessarily THE truth, just life as he sees it, and since lately he's all about not knowing why some of his kids don't want to see him but eager to try to blame Kate for these visitation woes, I think that "his truths" aren't going to be all that interesting - more along the lines of pathetic. More of this sort of thing: I don't know why some of my kids don't want to see me, but it's all Kate's fault and I want to earn money to get custody. How many more years before custody won't even matter, because the kids will be grown? Not that many.

Sage said...

Tucker's Mom (#51), I appreciated your eloquent thoughts.

The sheeple seem oblivious to the detrimental aspects of filming. They can only see things in terms of benefits -- cool trips, a great house, a good education, and a mom who doesn't have to work full time. But what about the persistent invasion of those children's privacy for the public's enjoyment? For every half hour episode, dozens of hours are filmed. Multiply that by a decade, and it's almost unfathomable that this treatment of minors has been allowed to continue.

The harm that's been done to these kids cannot be measured. If any of them ever do sue, how can you quantify what they've lost?


I think the harm done to the kids by their father is the worse harm to them.

Can you all just see when the kids turn 18 Jon showing up where they are at with his belongings in a garbage bag and his hand out. He will be an albatross to them.

Quiltart said...

Jon has had plenty of time to write a revisionist history since the haters have been whispering in his ear for nine years. Kate's always said he only says what the person next to him tells him!

Farkle said...

So Jon has 2 books coming out? He will need a good lawyer to make sure he doesn't tell lies on all the people he has been involved with. Lets see what the list would look like.

His children,
Ditch layer,
Deanna (school teacher)
Utah (cant remember her name)
Couples Therapy with a squeeze
New woman
T-shirt company
Smokes and Booze
Sports car
Back rent
Back taxes
Back cs
No legal rights to his kids
Maybe feeding lies to a hate blog
So much more in all of these areas

Yup, Jon told all about this. He would have to self publish. Nah, just another story for a few bucks for Jon.

Nameless in LA said...

My god, these women are like 10 year-olds. "Mommy! She won't stop talking about yada, yada, yada even though I don't want to talk about it anymore. Make her stop, Mommy!"

And of course the BL eats it up, because it feeds her giant ego. They are so stupid. It's a moderated blog. If she really wanted the discussion to stop, she wouldn't post the comments. It's no wonder they worship Jon -- they are so easily manipulated.

************************************* ~ Administrator said... 68

Where is Admin to move us along? Let's not start looking like sheepie. Some think it's admirable Kate went on to become an RN, some feel her motivation was suspect. Some consider her nursing courses equal to that of college, some do not.
I agree time to move on


I'm here!

That's a fair summary to me. Agree that it's time to agree to disagree and move on! :)

sadiemay said...

Thanks for the well wishes for my outdoor cats.They made it through the cold spell just fine. Now it's warm and raining.Hopefully it will be an early Spring.

Sage said... ~ Administrator has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Kate Plus 8 "Kate's Advice"":

Farrah's Mom Debra (my favorite hot mess) from Teen Mom said the tooth fairy didn't come for their dog's lost tooth because animals have no souls.

She really needs to meet Kate.

No, she really needs to meet Becks....people who get off on birth fetish sites are the ones without souls.

Sage said...

Over And Out has left a new comment on the post "Discussion Thread: Kate Plus 8 "Kate's Advice"":

"The" IRB? There is no single entity known as "the IRB." It's not like the IRS. I don't think you know what an IRB is. How could you possibly know what every IRB in the country has or has not approved? There are thousands of them.

Who is posting these snippy comments, mainly addressed to admin? Are these sheeple droppings?

The only droppings I see are coming from chicken shit Becks. She is too afraid to publish comments from people she disagrees with and instead 'ghost' answers them. Becks likes to play the victim.

merryway said...

Jon's toadies would rather move the conversation along than admit Kate is actual RN. They want so badly to be able to diminish her accomplishment. Just like when Kate ran the marathon. They still swear Kate cheated and Steve was riding her on a golf cart.

I would prefer Kate as my nurse vs. JR. JR needs to get a job as a private nurse to a country club. That way, she won't be bothered by psych patients, nursing home neglects, and the demanding poor and uninsured who may want their blood pressure cuffs to pain free. Can you imagine if Kate said anything like JR's tirade against her patients?

Btw, Kate must have had some kind of bedside manner. When she worked in delivery, she and Jon came to close to adopting a baby of one her patients.


JR said... 115

A pt asked me a few weeks ago if I enjoy what I do, and my automatic response was, yes, very much so. When work lulled a bit, I was telling this to my co-worker, another great career nurse, and I said you know, I really don't like it as much as I did.

Ladies, I got into the medical field for all the right reasons. But healthcare has changed so much. Our facility is required to take anyone who comes to our ER, regardless of ability to pay. We treat strep throat on kids whose parents think coming to the ER is faster. We treat drug seekers who take up so much of our time. We treat criminals and thugs, pysch pts. nursing home neglects, and when the stroke pts come in and the traumas, the heart pts and such we are so bogged down it is down right scary. We hire kids right of school who have not a clue.

And yet, our facilty, a top notch facilty mandates us to treat every pt like they were are only one. I wish!!! To use the open ended statement, "Is there anything else I can do for you?", takes us down an unending rabbit hole. For example, can my friend get a coke and a blanket? Can you find the movie station for me? I don't like this room. This blood pressure cuff is too tight. It goes on and on in one room. It seems like the poor and uninsured are the most demanding and don't even get me started on the illegals. All in a days work, and terribly understaffed.

No, I don't like my current work environment, but ususally on every shift, I make a solid save and connection with someone and it keeps me going. If we spend too much time with a pt we are reprimanded. If we spend not enough time, we are reprimanded. All this too say, if you don't have an emergency, please don't go to the ER. Not only will it cost you a fortune in time and money....we will run every possible test and exam to CYA. Lets save the ER for trauma, strokes and heart attacks. Most everything else an Instcare can handle.

RANT over.
February 17, 2016 at 8:37 AM

PJ's momma said...

I have said many times that I believe Kate ran that full marathon. She had trained for a half and was trucking right along, on target to do it in two hours, and then her times started falling after that 14th mile or so. That is simply because she did not train for a full marathon and her endurance was not on par with someone who had. But she did it, and she spent some time walking, which she freely admitted. Her race time reflected that - she came in a hair under 5 hours. When she did another half, she did it in two hours - because she had trained for it and was ready for a half. I don't know why, like the nursing thing, this keeps coming up. Good lord! I have run Rock-n-Roll - where are these golf carts I keep hearing about from the non-runners? I never saw one! LOL

Sounds like JR works at a county or regional hospital/trauma center. They even have social workers who help people get on government assistance so they can be reimbursed by Medicaid. Public intoxication is not illegal here and the trauma center spends millions each year drying out chronic street drunks. Every year, it's the same news story with a higher dollar figure. Add in the uninsured, or the underserved, and that environment is what you get. Maybe a move to a private hospital would be better.

merryway said...

"she and Jon came to close to adopting a baby"

Oops! There is a big ole typo with an extra "to" in my previous comment. Should have been "she and Jon came close to adopting a baby"
I certainly didn't mean "too."

PJ's Momma, I remember saying Kate was real runner when she completed the marathon.

It's those kind of attacks, even going so far as to create FB accounts to spread the rumor, that show it's nothing to do with concern of the privacy of the G kids on Rtv.

Well, Bl's blog has sort of died since it's hard to excuse a dad for not seeing his children. Bl never acknowledged Jon's comment on instagram that said his custody was not the norm where a parent would be forced to produce the child. It's easier to skip over that little fact.

PJ's momma said...

merryway, way back then, I chuckled when someone over there said that her dad was a 'real' runner and people who ran at Kate's speed (and mine, before I broke my foot last summer, which was misdiagnosed and healed wrong) were not real runners. Her dad ran like a 7 minute mile. Do you know how FEW people do that? That is elite running. Period! Pace time for a woman 40-44 to qualify for Boston is 8:34 mile. For 26.2 miles!

Rock-n-Roll asks you to predict your time and then they place you in a corral with others who say the same, complete with pacer. I did it the first year here and there were about 24,000 runners, both full and half marathoners. I was in corral 8, and there were dozens of corrals behind me, each holding a couple hundred runners. Literally tens of thousands of 'not real' runners behind me! (2 hours is respectable time.) That still makes me, a not real runner, laugh!

Give people their due. And she ran (and admittedly struggled through part of) that marathon and she earned her nurse's license. And the only one who truly knows the motivation for choosing to be a nurse is Kate. She did the work and that should be respected. Declaring as fact that she did it to snag a rich doctor is just silly.

merryway said...

Well, I'm having a quite a night. My typos are changing the meaning of my comments.

PJ's momma, I meant to say I remember "you" saying Kate was a real runner. Irc, no one paid attention and they went on with their fun of discrediting Kate. I also chuckle at Bl's overuse of the word "real" in whatever she happens to be comparing to Kate.

Man, anyone who can even walk that many miles in a marathon has my respect. Also, those that tried and didn't make it. You've got to give them credit for the effort.

PJ's momma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Quiltart said...

This is BL's latest... from the daughter of one of the original Real Housewives of New Jersey..

How long will it take them to turn this into a Kate bashing fest? I figure about two posts...

Farkle said...

I would never want JR for my nurse, seems that if you have to do the job YOU are paid to do, you would still complain. Time for you to get out of the health care field, as people like this are a dime a dozen. They want more pay for doing less.

The nurses that we have encountered with hospital care have been very kind, gentle, and wanting what is the best for their patients. I have never heard of any nurse being called out for spending too much time or less time with a patient. I volunteer in a cancer center every week, and these nurses give whatever time is needed to each one. These nurses don't sit behind a desk for hours, they are on their feet up to 10-12 hours on chemo days.

We have used the ER, that's what it's for, not everyone gets sick from 8-5 when clinics are open. Get a grip!

Sage said...

She is evil has left a new comment on the post "A reality star's daughter breaks her silence: I wa...":

I found her alleged abortion very interesting as it implies that she is not infertile AND not adamantly pro-choice.


You are the one that is evil as is Becks who allows this garbage to be posted. Just because Hoffman says it happened. Hoffman who is a friend of her ex-husband and is obviously obsessed with Kate. And they wonder why his book did not go mainstream? Intelligent people saw him for what he was and is.

PJ's momma said...

ALLEGED!!!! Isn't 'alleged' a common legal term? Unproven? Why on earth does anyone are if a perfect stranger had an infertility problem, much less declare how they got the fertility treatment that got them pregnant? I just can't believe it. Years and years and years.....

merryway said...

My my my, how Bl can rationalize that lying, spreading hateful rumors, and gossip are a noble American right to use in search of the turth. Bl compares gossip about the conception of the G kids to America at war.

Freedome of speech! Except when it comes to Jon. Bl is always right there to censor any badmouthing of Jon. Lol, wonder if she ever warned Jon his old FB profile pic of the 4 kids at the beach was a public pic. That was the pic that BL swore that two specks of children running in the background were the other 2 G tups.

xxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 77

Really? Even when they're at the expense of another, even if it's someone you don't like


The poster simply said sometimes they are fun. Not all conspiracies are at the expense of others or hurt people.

You detest ALL conspiracy theories? What if they turn out to be the truth, as quite a lot have? For instance, the Iraq war, the weapons that never existed, was pretty much a conspiracy, most people admit that now. Should that not have been exposed because it was once just a wild conspiracy theory?

This is America, there is freedom of speech here, and exploring all possible alternatives to a story is how we ultimately get to the truth. Obviously with someone like Kate a conspiracy theory is probably going to turn out to be nothing and just silly, but I would never tell someone not to talk something out or explore other explanations.

I roll my eyes at conspiracy theories like most people but once in awhile someone comes along with a different side to the story that needs to be able to be heard without reproach. Because that person is sometimes right.

I don't loathe conspiracy theories. I loathe anything or anyone that impedes us from getting to the truth. Kate is a truth blocker, one reason I'm not a fan.

This is the thing, Kate used her fertility "miracle" to take money from people. If people want to discuss whether she fraudulently got fertility treatments and anything else about her scam collecting money from good church goers, have at it. There was money involved here, and people DID get hurt--those who gave away money under false pretenses. If she had never discussed her fertility or used it to collect cold hard cash, I might understand why it's not relevant.
February 18, 2016 at 7:49 PM

merryway said...

Ugh, I apologize for my typos. I seem to be full of them lately.

After remembering Bl's insistence that Jon had all 6 tups at the beach, thought it'd be fun to bring over one of her comments. She makes the truth as she goes and always in Jon's favor. Bl wouldn't allow a link to Jon's FB, but she always posts comments with info about the G kids' school.

xxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 96

The point is that the picture does not show that he had all six children with him, as people are claiming.


Yes it does. Look closely. Collin and his sister are running toward the group in the background.

Unfortunately we've seen so much of the kids that it's possible to recognize them from a distance. Same height, weight and body type as their siblings. It's them.
June 2, 2015 at 3:49 PM

Quiltart said...

I'm not even sure if those four kids are all Jon's... The larger boy on the right might have been his Gf's... Isn't the name "Noah" written in the sand?

merryway said...

Quiltart, I believe that pic is from when Jon had his big D'j gig in Atlantic City. Noah is the name of the guy who co-DJ's with Jon.

If we were like Jon's toadies, we would wildly speculate on the relationship between Noah and Jon's kids while deciphering the letters in the sand. Possibly even analyzing the handwriting. ;) Of course, we would throw in how disgusting and improper it was of Jon to post pics of the kids in their bathing suits.

Jon's toadies have shown absolutely no interest in the subject. But if it were Kate, Noah would get the same treatment as Steve, Deanna, Jamie, Carla, etc.

They also haven't remarked on some of the expensive dinners on Jon's instagram. The guy who doesn't pay child support. The guy who is supposedly desperate for custody of his children.

Quiltart said...

Merry, of course not! Poor, abused Jon gets a pass from them all.

merryway said...

In addition to accusing Kate's father of forcing her to have an abortion when she was in highschool and gossipping that Kate premeditated HMOs; this is more BS that Bl allows on her blog. There was no time ever that Kate told TBG to hack into accounts or take down a hater. Coming from RWA, it was an obvious photoshop of a supposed twitter DM, closeup on words, not even full text, with no date. Kate has even tweeted that it was a fake and not true. Yet, BL allows these lies to go on... all for the sake of the G kids. It helps them, donchyaknow.

Bl's latest post is an article of a daughter of a former RHW. If they paid attention to the article, they would recognize it was these types of hateful rumors that upset her life.


Jamesvader1194 said... 114

@Sue (103) That might either be a fake or no one seems to care since its been 10 hours and nobody favorite,retweet,or replied to him and Kate didn't follow him.If i remember correctly wasn't TBG(that British guy)the guy who Kate wanted to hack into people's twitter accounts?
February 19, 2016 at 8:52 PM

Mimi to 3 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

And Kate gets a pass from all of you. And you still claim you are not like them. LOL!!

Quiltart said...

Give it a break, Anon! You sound like a broken record and you say nothing of interest.

PJ's momma said...

Kate doesn't get a pass from me but for goodness sake, not every single thing she does is a lie or evil or calculated or worth speculating about.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for those anger outbursts QA.

Sage said...

Mimi to 3/ you get so excited you can't decide what name to use to post!

Quiltart said...

Believe me, I do not have anger outbursts. I'm just sick of your accusations because they are not true, as much as you would like them to be.

Micha said...

Can you even imagine the life the kids would be living if Jon was their main custodial parent instead of Kate? Jon gets a "pass" and can be the "fun" parent because the kids have a responsible parent who takes care of things...and apparently the "fun" parent isn't even that fun, since half of the kids choose not to see him when they can. 4 out of 8 of Jon's own kids have allegedly taken a "pass" on being around him and there are people who actually believe that it couldn't have anything to do with must be Kate's doing, somehow in some way. Sure. Right.

merryway said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Farkle said...

So Kate scammed church people for money, well, she was married to Jon at that time, so he got it too. So how much did the BL donate to Jon? LOL. The only one scamming is a hater blog who runs a fetish birth site for profit, and the few followers she has supports her habits, by giving her attention because she was called out on this and has never shown her posters the real web site before she cleaned it up. imo

Farkle said...

So is Mimi anouns x 3 ?

Coming from the BL crowd is so entertaining. :) Better buckle up Mimi, polish up on those skills. LOL.

Quiltart said...

'ya know... All reality stars travel around giving speeches.. and they get paid! All of the churches Kate AND Jon visited passed the plate for Love Offerings, as they did for ALL guest speakers...No one forced anyone to give them anything. When they started out giving these speeches, they had no money. Their situation changed very quickly.. and the bleeps are still yammering about it. Of course, it's only Kate's fault. Jon was just there.

I shudder to think of the bedlam that would be the lives of the G kids if they were with Jon. Would they have to move each time he changed girlfriends, since he can't provide his own home? Maybe that is why they don't like to visit him.

Sage said...

Over And Out has left a new comment on the post "A reality star's daughter breaks her silence: I wa...":

Never fear. She will do something stupid in the near future. She never fails to disappoint.

What I will never understand is that the sheeple just don't get that she will not tweet them unless she has a reason to do so. They are totally oblivious to the fact that they are being used when she needs them. All she has to do is to throw them a crumb and they are satisfied with that. Never mind an entire bone; just a piece of it will make them giddy. You would think that with her history of doing this, some of the more intelligent ones would have caught on by now, but it hasn't happened.

These people go on and on about Kate tweeting or not one cares but them. I think they all must just hang on her TL. I love the ones who say how they don't do twitter but they seem to know all what is and is not going on there.

bleeple=no lives

Quiltart said...

LOL re how they went on about Jon's sushi-making last night. If Kate had shown that plate of Sushi, the usual suspects would have accused her of starving her children, but Jon shows it and he is suddenly a master chef! What idiots!

Sage said...

Quiltart, They would also have a two day conversation about there being EIGHT of them on the plate with one in the middle. That would fall under parental alienation and how Kate cuts Jon out of their lives. Redbird would chime in about how Alice on The Brady Bunch or the Golden Girls would handle it.

Anonymous said...

Lol it's so true though. If Kate were to have done the sushi, you would hear all the bitching and moaning. Granted, I don't really have anything against Jon. I think he's cool. But you can blatantly see the double standards when discussing Kate/Jon on that blog.


Sage said...

Kate GosselinVerified account @Kateplusmy8 5m5 minutes ago
Remember original Polly Pocket compacts??Hannah,Leah&Alexis are OBSESSED! Looking 4 vintage sets! Have 1?Email me. Buying nice FULL sets!
OMG, she's such a troll! She disappears for weeks, then asks for more "stuff" as soon as she graces her sheep with her presence.
Look on Ebay or Craigslist, idiot.

OMG, she is not asking for more stuff but is looking to buy.....idiot. Poor ole Tuck so jealous.

Sage said... ~ Administrator has left a new comment on the post "A reality star's daughter breaks her silence: I wa...":

And that's why I think she's using her fans to get something for nothing, or next to nothing. Not only because she's cheap, but I believe she gets off on it. It's an ego boost to snap your fingers and have people jump.
Bingo-Kate gets off on it. It reminds me of when she got her sheep to post and parade around public signs to keep her show on the air.
Who does that? Who revels in humiliating other people?


Yes, she gets off on it! Like Saul Goodman gets off on scamming others even if it's just for some booze. Like someone gets off on coming here and pick-pick-picking at me.

People get off on weird things, and it says a lot about them.

Freudian slip Becks?....birth fetish is about the weirdest or sickest...and says everything I need to know about her.

merryway said...

Jon's toadies are so happy that Kate tweeted.

All knowing Bl needs to slam Kate and the kids for their interest in vintage Polly Pocket sets. Bl discerns that Kate has developmental delays and the girls are immature.

At this age, the girls are probably more into collecting the sets vs. actually playing house.

I really really really want Bl to attend a Cosplay or Con event and announce that "It's common for adults with developmental delays to gravitate toward age inappropriate toys and interest"

Bl would be mobbed by people dressed as characters from My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, Power Puff Girls, He-Man, Shera, Sailor Moon, etc, etc. (the list goes on and on).

xxxxxxxxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 153

I had to Google Polly Pocket compact sets. Never heard of Miss Polly.


I totally had a couple Polly Pockets. When I was seven. I distinctly remember how TEENY the pieces were.

It's common for adults with developmental delays to gravitate toward age inappropriate toys and interest.
February 26, 2016 at 6:50 PM ~ Administrator said... 156

How does offering to buy something equate to "shamelessly grifting?"


It's not. But this is Kate.

I imagine the conversation with the fans will go like this. I have one I'm happy to let you have Kate, but I can't charge you for it, I love you and your kids!

Kate will feign resistance, oh I couldn't just let you give it to me for free please let me give you something for it!

To which the fan will say no no please it's my pleasure.

And then, she gets it for free.

She's sly, savvy, cunning, and knows exactly what she's doing. If she wanted to sincerely buy something she would google it and figure it out and not involve the fans.

Oh and yes, her girls are way too old for such a thing. Grow up.
February 26, 2016 at 6:58 PM

Micha said...

If a fan does want to give it to Kate for free, who cares?

The anger that these people live with daily, regarding a woman they don't even know, it's kind of a luxury to have so much time to be angry about someone who's not even a part of your life. They're angry when Kate doesn't tweet and angry when she does tweet, angry that she wants to buy something and angry that she might get it for free. And of course kids shouldn't want toys! lol

sadiemay said...

Shaming the G kids because they like a certain toy? Child advocate my arse.

Nameless in LA said...

Ruh roh. Sue_Buddy is now banned! How dare she show such "disgusting disrespect" by daring to call out the BL on her BS. Girl seriously needs to get over herself if she thinks she is above criticism because she administers a blog. And the irony! The BL regularly shows complete contempt and disrespect for her posters, but god forbid anyone turns the tables. She can dish is out, but she sure can't take it.

I don't for one second believe this is a fake Sue_Buddy.
************************************* ~ Administrator said... 194
Sue_Buddy said... 173
I've made a wager with an internet buddy that you won't post any of my comments past my #162. Am I gonna win? LOL


Wow. That's very mature Sue. Don't you have something better to do on a Friday night? Maybe if your comments weren't all about pick-pick-picking at me, as they have been for three months straight, I would actually be inclined to include you in the discussion.

What a shame you have changed so much. I used to actually like you. ~ Administrator said... 12
It could be an impostor.

The real Sue Buddy did not spend her time cutting me down, making bets meant to simply tear me down, and made it a pastime to make me feel bad about myself. I'm the host here, my team and I run the blog on our own time, and I've put up with this disgusting disrespect for far too long.

In any case, there is no right to post here. It's become clear to me whoever that is should be banned from here until they can get a real change in attitude.

Sage said...

I agree with you nameless.

Sue_Buddy said...

Nameless in LA said..

She can dish is out, but she sure can't take it.

That's the irony, isn't it? Rebecca runs a blog that has been crucifying a person and those who support her and gleefully encouraging others to do the same for 7 long years and she complains if someone picks on her a few times and thinks their opinions should not be seen. Her blog, her rules, but she's a hypocrite, plain and simple.

I don't like Kate, never did, but she is what she is. Becks is a walking. talking, bloviating contradiction.

Sage said...

TLC stinks has left a new comment on the post "A reality star's daughter breaks her silence: I wa...":

I see no issue with online etiquette and using moderation to control this blog. I like it not being so high school. Although another blog may allow dissenting commenters without moderation, the members pile on with nasty insults as does the moderator. Sometimes things get heated here, but dissenting opinions are allowed without the personal insults and taunts.
////////////////////// what blog could TLC be referring too? Don't forget T, just like you read here we read there. Maybe you should read Becks nasty condescending insults to her commentators but then maybe it is above your head.

The only reason Becks is on moderation is so that no one will mention her getting off on her birth fetish site.

Quiltart said...

Dissenting opinions are allowed over there? That's a laugh!

Sage said...

I know, right.

Sage said...

TLC stinks has left a new comment on the post "A reality star's daughter breaks her silence: I wa...":

LOL, just like clockwork my comment got pasted and I got insulted. Exactly as predicted. I once got challenged to post over there rather than be "passive aggressive." Yeah, I really want to be red meat in a pack mentality. I'll continue to be passive aggressive, thank you very much.

And just like clockwork you are over here reading to see if I would say something. A little needy, TLC? Won't Becks pat you on the head and say good bleeple?

PJ's momma said...

Um, well, it seem dissenting opinions are only allowed so the regulars can pile on and tell people how wrong or dumb or even how stupid they are. Using fancy words, of course!

Nameless in LA said...

TLC stinks likes to post at the BL's because it's less "high school?" Does she really think running back to her moderated playground and whining about her mistreatment here is the behavior of an adult? Grow the hell up, TLC stinks.

Quiltart said...

Do they actually think their knit-picking of Kate and anyone who supports her is adult? Not in my book. They get what they dish out and they can't take it.

Sage said...

Yup, when you post on a public blog you open yourself up to criticism. They can't take it with Becks being the biggest crybaby of all.

Sage said...

FlimsyFlamsy has left a new comment on the post "A reality star's daughter breaks her silence: I wa...":

Admin (#115), apparently someone was defending TFW
(or just hating on you) and said, "Not everyone chooses to be an ass-kissing hypocrite to gain some potential future benefit."

I think Kate Gosselin pretending she wanted to renew her wedding vows -- after she'd decided to end her marriage -- to score a luxury vacation
and a crossover episode of "Say Yes To The Dress" was an absolutely brilliant imitation of just such an ass-kissing hypocrite.

They assume it was Kate that wanted to go to Hawaii to renew their vows. What makes them think that it wasn't Jon...he is the one that had relatives there.

merryway said...

Bl has to go to such lengths to drag Kate's name into everything. Bl is having to use imagined scenarios in order to get in her daily Kate bashing. She imagines that Donald Trump put his neck out to have Kate on CA. And now, Kate is forever in his debt. Bl is awaiting a public congratulation to Trump if he receives nomination. She's not holding other former CA contestants to this standard, just Kate. Bl is also mocking Kate for not being smart enough to suck up to Donald in hope of a future invite to the White House.
Just like other contestants, Kate's obligation was up when her contract for CA was fulfilled. It doesn't matter to BL whether or not Kate's beliefs align with the Donald's. She must have Kate publicly thank him or one has to believe that Kate is "an insecure coward who can't hack it off script." Yep, that's her conclusion because Kate hasn't said anything about Trump. ~ Administrator said... 104

...Trump is running away with the nomination and people are getting desperate to try to trip him up. Reminds me of the gotch-ya games Kate's fans play when they got nothing. I'm standing by to see if Kate does the polite thing and congratulates him when he gets the nomination. She doesn't need to take sides, but the polite thing to do for someone who stuck their neck out for you and gave you a coveted role in the reality TV world is to at least congratulate them. Does she even know this is happening?
February 29, 2016 at 7:10 AM ~ Administrator said... 111


For someone as cunning as her I"m surprised she hasn't caught on now that sucking up to him at present might ensure a White House invite at some point in the future. She'll realize it a day late and a dollar short.

Trump has been very kind to former contestants who have come out in support of him. He is very clear how much he appreciates it. I wouldn't be at all surprised if over the next 4 years some contestants get some fun invites if he takes the White House. Opportunity blown.
February 29, 2016 at 10:06 AM ~ Administrator said... 115

Not everyone chooses to be an ass-kissing hypocrite to gain some potential future benefit.


Not everyone does. Not most. But historically Kate does. What's more Trump has done a lot for her when SHE was not liked.

I don't believe for a second she actually has a clue or even cares how she feels about his positions on the issues. Which are pretty moderate across the board actually, issue by issue. Some of the stuff he's ranted about re: 9-11 and the Iraq war are downright liberal.

What I'm getting at is I think kate wants to give him a high five but is too much a scaredy cat. She's afraid if she says a peep she might actually be called upon to discuss issues and policies her iq can't handle. That's what this is about--deep down she's an insecure coward who can't hack it off script.
February 29, 2016 at 11:06 AM

Quiltart said...

Kate was not disliked on CA... except by the usual handful of haters. The only person who dissed her was Kenya Moore, who is much more disliked online (and deservedly so) than Kate!

merryway said...

LMAO, TLC stinks sure is delusional about Beck's blog. Becks will defend her inane points to the nth degree while she tells her posters to move on. Bl does the same thing if anyone dares to badmouth Jon, she is his most fervent supporter.

Poor poor TLC stinks, copying her comment here is barely a taste of what they do to Milo on a daily basis. I saw where they again mocking SweetBren.

merryway said...

Isn't that the thing with most of the RHs? Sort of like soap opera villians? The public has the ones they love to hate? I don't follow RH, but I seem to remember a fan petition to get Brandi Granville fired. Geraldo has haters too. Bl is not saying that Trump put his neck out to have them on the show. Bl's perspective is always twisted in a way to slam Kate. No logic necessary.

Kate has fans and haters like any personality. However, it's the obsessive handful that devote their days to tracking Kate's every move, lying and hating, that want to believe everyone sees Kate as they do.

Sue_Buddy said...

See how the bloviating lawyer bates people:

" ~ Administrator said... 128
Well, Uggs sure does have a type doesn't she?


Then when someone responds, she doesn't post their comment in full with their name, just reposts it and argues. And eventually the inevitable happens, she points out to her followers how picked on she is. That's why she just copies a portion of the commentators reply.

" ~ Administrator said... 135 What on god's green earth is racist about staying the facts of someone's preferences? It is what it is! No more racist than saying someone prefers white people. As for the hashtag, it was a parody of the ubiquitous Oscar hashtag. If you think that's racist then so is the real hashtag no? Lol!! Stop it.

"Stop it" she says as she continues to post what they're saying to her (that she won't allow). Hint: If she really wanted to stop it, she wouldn't keep posting their replies and commenting on them.

Sage said...

Sue_Buddy, you are not telling us anything that we haven't known for years. This is just one of her many mental health issues.


Courtney said...

I'm the poster who called ole Admin out on her racist hash tag. In my post I asked her to kindly post my entire comment, lest she continue her infamous windmill tilting responses. Of course, she didn't post it. But, she sure prattled on in two separate posts about how justified she was in making an overtly racist hash tag.

And Sue_Buddy, I remember the days when that blog begged for you to write an article and bring it to the blog for comment! They sure turn when anyone dare stands up to their leader, the (is she really) all-knowing attorney.