Saturday, April 1, 2017

Springtime Open Discussion


Sage said...

Tonight is the night Jon reveals his new career...stripper! Will he finally find success? lol

Judy said...

What in the world was he ranting about on Twitter last night?

Sage said...

He was ranting because ROL emailed friends of Jon and asked them questions.

merryway said...

Jon was ranting because he's mentally ill, probably an alcoholic, definitely a narcissist, in arrested development, and has deep rooted anger issues combined with a need for exhibitionism. ;)

His big announcement is lame, an advertisement for a file transfer subscription.

Jon said he lost 25 lbs for this stripping event, but a video he posted on March 11, shows a full face and figure.

I really really want to see a pic of Jon as a stripper. The Gosselin saga is a strange one.

merryway said...

So, Jon just danced around on stage, no stripping. I still wanna see a clip.

Sage said...

You're right, Merry. The guy has some deep issues. So full of anger!

merryway said...

Bwa ha, I feel foolish. It was not the file transfer site which Jon was promoting. He had uploaded a movie of himself describing why he did this. There is a running explanation of edited cuts as Jon talks about the media, having an awesome 40th birthday party with his friends and family, and donating part of the proceeds to St. Judes.

Sage said...

For those that want to see it it is on his f/b. I think he comes across as a self absorbed fool.

PJ's momma said...

So, basically he played the media he hates so much, for attention? Maybe he's testing the waters for something. Very silly.

Cute lamb, er, sheep!

Shawn said...

OMG...he is still is a total loser. No growth or self awareness...40 going on 13 LOL

Micha said...

Oh well, that's Jon for you. Could we expect anything less than arrogant Jon thinking he's so clever, when really he just comes off looking like a fool, as usual?

Farkle said...

Jon must need money, he sold his story to Daily Mail also.

I feel sorry for his brothers and their families, I doubt they have much to do with him.

I understand why Kate and some of the kids stay far away from this mess.

belle fidele said...

Jon giving money to St Jude? I would like proof of this. Lol!!!!

Nameless in LA said...

I am quite enjoying the meltdown that the BL is having over this. It must suck when your heroes let you down. She has defended Jon endlessly, insisting that he just wants to be a private citizen out of the spotlight, when it has been abundantly obvious for years that he is endlessly chasing fame. She is yammering on and on and on about the horror of his actions and being openly nasty to regular posters. She keeps insisting that the problem is how he has humiliated his children, but that's not what's really bothering her. She's embarrassed that she spent years backing an idiot.

Sage said...

I'm enjoying it too, Nameless. :)

Micha said...

So it sounds like BL actually has a limit when it comes to defending Jon Gosselin. Who woulda thought!?

Quiltart said...

I hadn't read over at BL's in quite a while. They really believe they know everything about Collin and his condition. How bizarre! They've told their fantasies for so long that they have lost all touch with reality! How do they know if Collin is still away or back home?

Farkle said...


When your hero fails, the BL has to pick on kids. Her story is old, rehashed garbage to make her feel important. What's really sad, she is worse than Jon ever could be. It's must be hard being a low life, nothing she has ever done has helped her.

merryway said...

If you want to give up 3 minutes of your life, DailyM has two exclusive videos of Jon's performance.

In the first one, as Jon introduces the dancers, he says he will never ever look like that that because he drinks way too much. They also had a "bleep" on something he said.

The second clip is very short and he's dressed as a firefighter.

On his radio interview, Jon said he made about $4.00. But, the rags keep reporting a lady stuffed a $100.00 bill in his pants.

Jon's ego knows no bounds. He believed the internet cared enough to break over the possibility of him stripping. Much like his past talk, such as whatever forgotten project he was doing on youtube, some documentary about music. He was sure that as soon as some big Hollywood producer saw his face on youtube, his show would be picked up. Jon assured the world that was how it work.

Farkle said...


Sure hope Jon reported his 4 bucks to the IRS. :)

merryway said...

Ha Farkle!

Guess the bleeps never figure that perhaps one of the reasons some of the kids choose not to have a relationship with Jon is that he associates with people who want to destroy their mother. He's a full participant in the hatred against Kate, he's made money off it and used it for publicity. Not a thought to how it affects his kids.
Jon has never had any business participating in a hate blog. But, they love that Jon has communicated with Bl. I remember when Ellen posted on the hate blogs calling for a boycott of the show.

Btw, they are always calling Kate doofus and talking about how stupid she is. Stupid is having a big ole tattoo of an ex girlfriend's name across your back.

It's kind of funny how this fake stripping joke turned some of them. They barely blink and even denied that Jon masturbated on CT. Even after Jon said that's what he was doing, Bl continued to deny it.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 19

You seemed to have stopped supporting Jon, or at minimum giving him a hard time, based on his public embarrassment to his children. I guess Kate is a Twit thought it applicablle to your support of Trump. I don't think it's that far fetched.


I don't know what it means to "support" Jon. I still like many of the things Jon has done, including that crucial few months during the divorce he made sure the kids were off TV, I have spoken to him directly several times, I think he's the better parent, and I think all the children should have a chance to have a healthy and normal relationship with him. I think he's a victim of parental alienation and that he really stepped into it having kids with Kate, and will forever pay. I think he probably hasn't used enough self help to get himself out of some of the pickles he gets in. Oh, and I think this stripping incident was DUMB AS F---.

Doesn't change other things I've supported about him. I don't judge people like that in blind support or blind recoil--I take each situation as it comes and look at each one as it comes individually, though always keeping in mind the bigger context.

I fail to see how this has ***anything**** to do with one's politics, whatsoever. Totally lost on that one.
April 4, 2017 at 7:32 PM

Farkle said...

So if one supports someone in politics, the BL has to have her say on that too? Good grief, could maybe she help her own state that is broke and the homeless that live there? I think the perfect job for her would be to dig the railway that goes nowhere. :)

Speaking to Jon would be so boring, his grammar is like a 3r grader. Of course, one that brags about that might just have the same mentality.

Micha said...

I don't know what it means to "support" Jon. I still like many of the things Jon has done, including that crucial few months during the divorce he made sure the kids were off TV,

Does this woman think that if she tells a half truth often enough that people will forget the whole story? Who is she really trying to convince other than herself?

Jon didn't take his kids "off TV" until TLC announced they were removing him from the show and changing the name of the show to "Kate Plus 8." For months after divorce papers were filed Jon filmed with the kids separately from Kate and had no problem doing so. He told the paps that the kids loved filming, they were not being exploited and everything was great. It was only no longer great - as far as Jon was concerned - once TLC didn't want him on the show anymore. Jon didn't stop TLC from filming for the kids, he did it out of spite. He was a big baby back then and he's a big 40 year old baby now.

Sage said...

Pesach Sameach ✡️💙

Quiltart said...

Thanks, Sage! We had 21 here for our seder tonight! I'm beat!
Chag Sameach, everyone celebrating!

Nameless in LA said...

The BL is so twisted. Uh, I don't think I'll be holding my breath waiting for her brilliant prediction to become reality. ~ Administrator said... 133
The final stages of Colin's elimination will include quietly changing everything from plus 8 to plus7. We're not there yet though. But just wait.

Micha said...

There's something vital missing in that woman's brain and her soul that she can really think this way and say these things.

She has no feelings, no compassion and no common sense to fall back on.

Nobody should be waiting for anything to change in her. How many years has it been now? And the only change in her is that she's gotten even worse.

have an ounce of self respect! said...

Becky hates her own posters almost as much as she hates Kate. Treats them like total crap and they keep coming back for more.

Concerned Chick has ZERO self respect, imo. I'd NEVER allow that sanctimonious, nagging, I'm-always-right-and-smarter-and-better-than-you bitch to talk to me that way!

How very.........embarrassing for those posters.

Sage said...

Happy Easter, everyone!

Farkle said...

Happy Easter Sage and all the peeps here!

The weather was raining, then sun, and turned out nice for the Easter Egg hunts!

merryway said...

Bl wrote another recap from a show that aired in January, the twins' 16th birthday.

They are busy ripping into the lady who appeared on the show to watch and do a project with the other kids while the party was going on.

Of course, they labeled her as "creepy." They are having meltdowns and outrage about this woman being around the kids. Bl thinks it is sinister that the lady was a former teacher. However, none of them thought a thing about creepy RH being around the kids. Jon let that creep, a tabloid reporter, alone with his kids. RH fed them donuts deliberately undermining their mother. He was fixated on Collin, which was just weird. He waited over two years to publish his book which was supposed to save the children. He sold stories about them, bashed their mother every which way he could, stalked the family, etc. etc.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 79

So Brownie is a FORMER teacher, eh? That's a red flag. That's a good career, and usually once people go to through all the trouble getting into education they stay there. She seems a little all over the place to me, blah-blahing about this and that venture, chasing down random D lister celebs, apparently working for years now angling a spot on this stupid show. And quite frankly, it is a red flag to me a TEACHER, someone who would have gotten some training in child psychology and in how to effectively communicate with children, and is a mandatory reporter, wouldn't see the problem in how Kate treats her children.

She could have a very legitimate and reasonable reason to leave teaching. But I've yet to hear it.
April 16, 2017 at 3:43 PM

Quiltart said...

I'm a former teacher. I changed careers after teaching for eight years and have been in my current career for over 40 years. Does that make me creepy? What twisted logic!

Nameless in LA said...

Quiltart, Do you have a very legitimate and reasonable reason for leaving the teaching profession? If you can't provide one, I am afraid I will have to label you creepy. Although maybe only a 5 on the 1-10 creepy scale. A former nanny who ran a birth fetish site featuring teens and a genital mutilation victim? Now THAT rates a 10+.

Sage said...

You know you guys are right. Hoffman was creepy fantasizing if Kate knew he was watching her from afar.

Becks is downright creepy with that birth fetish site and now is obsessed with the Gosselin kids.

When you really look at it all of them posting over there are creepy with their scenarios and word of the day comments.

Quiltart said...

LOL, Nameless... I taught elementary school. The students and parents loved me. One morning I woke up and realized that I didn't like teaching school. I taught in a parochial school that was very narrow minded and very religious. (I wasn't as religious as the children I taught.) I hated that it ate up my whole weekend with planning and paperwork and many evenings, too... and I was about to become a mom. Changing careers was one of the smartest things I've ever done. Might be enough to be on the creepy scale, but it was better for the children and for my own mental health. (This happened a lifetime ago!)

Nameless in LA said...

LOL. You know you didn't actually owe me an explanation, right?!?

Good for you. Far better to be a former teacher than remain a teacher despite not liking the job!

PJ's momma said...

That is not nearly a creepy enough explanation. However, if you had any close proximity to Kate, it would be extremely creepy! But only then!

One crazy chick she is said...

There is no one I know more creepy than the BL, she is a mental hospitals dream patient, the meds would have to be tremendous to sedate her sick mind. Never realized how sick and twisted she was for having a birth fetish site and charging old men to look at young girls giving birth and asking for closer shots. Of course she cleaned it up some when caught, she made $ doing this to underage 3rd world minor girls. She can go straight to hell, her resume will always be this first, stalker of a innocent family second, and making a mockery of being a 3rd rate lawyer at most last. What a miserable life she has, a blog that lies and I do believe she makes fake posts so that she can talk to herself. She is worried about someone on a TV show? The BL is one person who should never be allowed children at all! imo

merryway said...

This lady, Kate Casey, was supposed to interview Jon in early March. Apparently, he ditched her the first time. She got back in contact with him when she heard about the stripping thing.

Bl has ignored this interview even though a few of her posters have mentioned it.

First of all, Jon did the interview on his limited parenting time. The bleeple would be having fits if that were Kate.

One tidbit of information is that Jon thought he could just walk away from the show and do what he wanted. He said he didn't realize TLC would sue him. He seemed to think that contract meant nothing.

He gets his digs in at Kate. When asked about how the kids are doing, if the show helped or hurt them. Jon said he wouldn't know until they were adults and could speak freely on their own out of her way. Jon said he lets his kids express themselves but he can tell they're hesitant. He said his focus was finding his son and reconnecting with him. That Kate had estranged him from Collin, the twins and Alexis. (he sees Alexis sometimes).


"the kids that are dedicated to you and want to be with you, and are with you. Those are the ones you got to focus on. Then, on the backburner you got to look at trying to reconnect with them but now you got to through a court system. Which, our court system in this country has failed us miserably, miserably. Especially, the taxpaying people. It's almost disgusting how much I have to go through just to be able to see my son who is shipped off to somewhere that I don't do even know where he is. I have a good idea but I don't really have 100% clarification on that."
He also said court was frustrating in that civil court doesn't have any penalties for not following orders. He said they don't put you in jail.

That's such a crock. Family court has the ability to take your children away and put you in jail. He still hasn't seen Collin, which to me says he has no parental rights over this child. He really is lackadaisical about the children who don't see him.

Jon said he was moving to the promotional side of DJing. He's going to Dj on the side and work a reg job, going back to the tech. Jon said he had a lot of huge interviews with different companies. He said it was hard to stay local for his field, so he would have to move to Philadelphia or King of Prussia.

What happened to his youtube music documentary that was going to get picked up as soon as some big Hollywood producer saw Jon's face? What happened to the scripted show he's supposed to be in? You can hardly work a regular job and do a series.

merryway said...

Ha! Quilt, you're creeping me out! Red flags everywhere!!!!!!

:) LOL

Micha said...

These interviews always make it glaringly obvious that Jon just does not "get" it. The kids who are "dedicated" to him? More likely they are the kids who can put up with his behavior.

If Jon is at the point where he has to "go through" the court system in order to see any of his kids that would have to be because his prior behavior resulted in these restrictions, but why take responsibility when you can blame everyone but yourself for the state of your relationship with your kids?

Micha said...


Thanks, merryway, for summarizing some of the interview details.