Saturday, April 1, 2017

Springtime Open Discussion


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Sage said...

Tonight is the night Jon reveals his new career...stripper! Will he finally find success? lol

Judy said...

What in the world was he ranting about on Twitter last night?

Sage said...

He was ranting because ROL emailed friends of Jon and asked them questions.

merryway said...

Jon was ranting because he's mentally ill, probably an alcoholic, definitely a narcissist, in arrested development, and has deep rooted anger issues combined with a need for exhibitionism. ;)

His big announcement is lame, an advertisement for a file transfer subscription.

Jon said he lost 25 lbs for this stripping event, but a video he posted on March 11, shows a full face and figure.

I really really want to see a pic of Jon as a stripper. The Gosselin saga is a strange one.

merryway said...

So, Jon just danced around on stage, no stripping. I still wanna see a clip.

Sage said...

You're right, Merry. The guy has some deep issues. So full of anger!

merryway said...

Bwa ha, I feel foolish. It was not the file transfer site which Jon was promoting. He had uploaded a movie of himself describing why he did this. There is a running explanation of edited cuts as Jon talks about the media, having an awesome 40th birthday party with his friends and family, and donating part of the proceeds to St. Judes.

Sage said...

For those that want to see it it is on his f/b. I think he comes across as a self absorbed fool.

PJ's momma said...

So, basically he played the media he hates so much, for attention? Maybe he's testing the waters for something. Very silly.

Cute lamb, er, sheep!

Shawn said...

OMG...he is still is a total loser. No growth or self awareness...40 going on 13 LOL

Micha said...

Oh well, that's Jon for you. Could we expect anything less than arrogant Jon thinking he's so clever, when really he just comes off looking like a fool, as usual?

Farkle said...

Jon must need money, he sold his story to Daily Mail also.

I feel sorry for his brothers and their families, I doubt they have much to do with him.

I understand why Kate and some of the kids stay far away from this mess.

belle fidele said...

Jon giving money to St Jude? I would like proof of this. Lol!!!!

Nameless in LA said...

I am quite enjoying the meltdown that the BL is having over this. It must suck when your heroes let you down. She has defended Jon endlessly, insisting that he just wants to be a private citizen out of the spotlight, when it has been abundantly obvious for years that he is endlessly chasing fame. She is yammering on and on and on about the horror of his actions and being openly nasty to regular posters. She keeps insisting that the problem is how he has humiliated his children, but that's not what's really bothering her. She's embarrassed that she spent years backing an idiot.

Sage said...

I'm enjoying it too, Nameless. :)

Micha said...

So it sounds like BL actually has a limit when it comes to defending Jon Gosselin. Who woulda thought!?

Quiltart said...

I hadn't read over at BL's in quite a while. They really believe they know everything about Collin and his condition. How bizarre! They've told their fantasies for so long that they have lost all touch with reality! How do they know if Collin is still away or back home?

Farkle said...


When your hero fails, the BL has to pick on kids. Her story is old, rehashed garbage to make her feel important. What's really sad, she is worse than Jon ever could be. It's must be hard being a low life, nothing she has ever done has helped her.

merryway said...

If you want to give up 3 minutes of your life, DailyM has two exclusive videos of Jon's performance.

In the first one, as Jon introduces the dancers, he says he will never ever look like that that because he drinks way too much. They also had a "bleep" on something he said.

The second clip is very short and he's dressed as a firefighter.

On his radio interview, Jon said he made about $4.00. But, the rags keep reporting a lady stuffed a $100.00 bill in his pants.

Jon's ego knows no bounds. He believed the internet cared enough to break over the possibility of him stripping. Much like his past talk, such as whatever forgotten project he was doing on youtube, some documentary about music. He was sure that as soon as some big Hollywood producer saw his face on youtube, his show would be picked up. Jon assured the world that was how it work.

Farkle said...


Sure hope Jon reported his 4 bucks to the IRS. :)

merryway said...

Ha Farkle!

Guess the bleeps never figure that perhaps one of the reasons some of the kids choose not to have a relationship with Jon is that he associates with people who want to destroy their mother. He's a full participant in the hatred against Kate, he's made money off it and used it for publicity. Not a thought to how it affects his kids.
Jon has never had any business participating in a hate blog. But, they love that Jon has communicated with Bl. I remember when Ellen posted on the hate blogs calling for a boycott of the show.

Btw, they are always calling Kate doofus and talking about how stupid she is. Stupid is having a big ole tattoo of an ex girlfriend's name across your back.

It's kind of funny how this fake stripping joke turned some of them. They barely blink and even denied that Jon masturbated on CT. Even after Jon said that's what he was doing, Bl continued to deny it.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 19

You seemed to have stopped supporting Jon, or at minimum giving him a hard time, based on his public embarrassment to his children. I guess Kate is a Twit thought it applicablle to your support of Trump. I don't think it's that far fetched.


I don't know what it means to "support" Jon. I still like many of the things Jon has done, including that crucial few months during the divorce he made sure the kids were off TV, I have spoken to him directly several times, I think he's the better parent, and I think all the children should have a chance to have a healthy and normal relationship with him. I think he's a victim of parental alienation and that he really stepped into it having kids with Kate, and will forever pay. I think he probably hasn't used enough self help to get himself out of some of the pickles he gets in. Oh, and I think this stripping incident was DUMB AS F---.

Doesn't change other things I've supported about him. I don't judge people like that in blind support or blind recoil--I take each situation as it comes and look at each one as it comes individually, though always keeping in mind the bigger context.

I fail to see how this has ***anything**** to do with one's politics, whatsoever. Totally lost on that one.
April 4, 2017 at 7:32 PM

Farkle said...

So if one supports someone in politics, the BL has to have her say on that too? Good grief, could maybe she help her own state that is broke and the homeless that live there? I think the perfect job for her would be to dig the railway that goes nowhere. :)

Speaking to Jon would be so boring, his grammar is like a 3r grader. Of course, one that brags about that might just have the same mentality.

Micha said...

I don't know what it means to "support" Jon. I still like many of the things Jon has done, including that crucial few months during the divorce he made sure the kids were off TV,

Does this woman think that if she tells a half truth often enough that people will forget the whole story? Who is she really trying to convince other than herself?

Jon didn't take his kids "off TV" until TLC announced they were removing him from the show and changing the name of the show to "Kate Plus 8." For months after divorce papers were filed Jon filmed with the kids separately from Kate and had no problem doing so. He told the paps that the kids loved filming, they were not being exploited and everything was great. It was only no longer great - as far as Jon was concerned - once TLC didn't want him on the show anymore. Jon didn't stop TLC from filming for the kids, he did it out of spite. He was a big baby back then and he's a big 40 year old baby now.

Sage said...

Pesach Sameach ✡️💙

Quiltart said...

Thanks, Sage! We had 21 here for our seder tonight! I'm beat!
Chag Sameach, everyone celebrating!

Nameless in LA said...

The BL is so twisted. Uh, I don't think I'll be holding my breath waiting for her brilliant prediction to become reality. ~ Administrator said... 133
The final stages of Colin's elimination will include quietly changing everything from plus 8 to plus7. We're not there yet though. But just wait.

Micha said...

There's something vital missing in that woman's brain and her soul that she can really think this way and say these things.

She has no feelings, no compassion and no common sense to fall back on.

Nobody should be waiting for anything to change in her. How many years has it been now? And the only change in her is that she's gotten even worse.

have an ounce of self respect! said...

Becky hates her own posters almost as much as she hates Kate. Treats them like total crap and they keep coming back for more.

Concerned Chick has ZERO self respect, imo. I'd NEVER allow that sanctimonious, nagging, I'm-always-right-and-smarter-and-better-than-you bitch to talk to me that way!

How very.........embarrassing for those posters.

Sage said...

Happy Easter, everyone!

Farkle said...

Happy Easter Sage and all the peeps here!

The weather was raining, then sun, and turned out nice for the Easter Egg hunts!

merryway said...

Bl wrote another recap from a show that aired in January, the twins' 16th birthday.

They are busy ripping into the lady who appeared on the show to watch and do a project with the other kids while the party was going on.

Of course, they labeled her as "creepy." They are having meltdowns and outrage about this woman being around the kids. Bl thinks it is sinister that the lady was a former teacher. However, none of them thought a thing about creepy RH being around the kids. Jon let that creep, a tabloid reporter, alone with his kids. RH fed them donuts deliberately undermining their mother. He was fixated on Collin, which was just weird. He waited over two years to publish his book which was supposed to save the children. He sold stories about them, bashed their mother every which way he could, stalked the family, etc. etc.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 79

So Brownie is a FORMER teacher, eh? That's a red flag. That's a good career, and usually once people go to through all the trouble getting into education they stay there. She seems a little all over the place to me, blah-blahing about this and that venture, chasing down random D lister celebs, apparently working for years now angling a spot on this stupid show. And quite frankly, it is a red flag to me a TEACHER, someone who would have gotten some training in child psychology and in how to effectively communicate with children, and is a mandatory reporter, wouldn't see the problem in how Kate treats her children.

She could have a very legitimate and reasonable reason to leave teaching. But I've yet to hear it.
April 16, 2017 at 3:43 PM

Quiltart said...

I'm a former teacher. I changed careers after teaching for eight years and have been in my current career for over 40 years. Does that make me creepy? What twisted logic!

Nameless in LA said...

Quiltart, Do you have a very legitimate and reasonable reason for leaving the teaching profession? If you can't provide one, I am afraid I will have to label you creepy. Although maybe only a 5 on the 1-10 creepy scale. A former nanny who ran a birth fetish site featuring teens and a genital mutilation victim? Now THAT rates a 10+.

Sage said...

You know you guys are right. Hoffman was creepy fantasizing if Kate knew he was watching her from afar.

Becks is downright creepy with that birth fetish site and now is obsessed with the Gosselin kids.

When you really look at it all of them posting over there are creepy with their scenarios and word of the day comments.

Quiltart said...

LOL, Nameless... I taught elementary school. The students and parents loved me. One morning I woke up and realized that I didn't like teaching school. I taught in a parochial school that was very narrow minded and very religious. (I wasn't as religious as the children I taught.) I hated that it ate up my whole weekend with planning and paperwork and many evenings, too... and I was about to become a mom. Changing careers was one of the smartest things I've ever done. Might be enough to be on the creepy scale, but it was better for the children and for my own mental health. (This happened a lifetime ago!)

Nameless in LA said...

LOL. You know you didn't actually owe me an explanation, right?!?

Good for you. Far better to be a former teacher than remain a teacher despite not liking the job!

PJ's momma said...

That is not nearly a creepy enough explanation. However, if you had any close proximity to Kate, it would be extremely creepy! But only then!

One crazy chick she is said...

There is no one I know more creepy than the BL, she is a mental hospitals dream patient, the meds would have to be tremendous to sedate her sick mind. Never realized how sick and twisted she was for having a birth fetish site and charging old men to look at young girls giving birth and asking for closer shots. Of course she cleaned it up some when caught, she made $ doing this to underage 3rd world minor girls. She can go straight to hell, her resume will always be this first, stalker of a innocent family second, and making a mockery of being a 3rd rate lawyer at most last. What a miserable life she has, a blog that lies and I do believe she makes fake posts so that she can talk to herself. She is worried about someone on a TV show? The BL is one person who should never be allowed children at all! imo

merryway said...

This lady, Kate Casey, was supposed to interview Jon in early March. Apparently, he ditched her the first time. She got back in contact with him when she heard about the stripping thing.

Bl has ignored this interview even though a few of her posters have mentioned it.

First of all, Jon did the interview on his limited parenting time. The bleeple would be having fits if that were Kate.

One tidbit of information is that Jon thought he could just walk away from the show and do what he wanted. He said he didn't realize TLC would sue him. He seemed to think that contract meant nothing.

He gets his digs in at Kate. When asked about how the kids are doing, if the show helped or hurt them. Jon said he wouldn't know until they were adults and could speak freely on their own out of her way. Jon said he lets his kids express themselves but he can tell they're hesitant. He said his focus was finding his son and reconnecting with him. That Kate had estranged him from Collin, the twins and Alexis. (he sees Alexis sometimes).


"the kids that are dedicated to you and want to be with you, and are with you. Those are the ones you got to focus on. Then, on the backburner you got to look at trying to reconnect with them but now you got to through a court system. Which, our court system in this country has failed us miserably, miserably. Especially, the taxpaying people. It's almost disgusting how much I have to go through just to be able to see my son who is shipped off to somewhere that I don't do even know where he is. I have a good idea but I don't really have 100% clarification on that."
He also said court was frustrating in that civil court doesn't have any penalties for not following orders. He said they don't put you in jail.

That's such a crock. Family court has the ability to take your children away and put you in jail. He still hasn't seen Collin, which to me says he has no parental rights over this child. He really is lackadaisical about the children who don't see him.

Jon said he was moving to the promotional side of DJing. He's going to Dj on the side and work a reg job, going back to the tech. Jon said he had a lot of huge interviews with different companies. He said it was hard to stay local for his field, so he would have to move to Philadelphia or King of Prussia.

What happened to his youtube music documentary that was going to get picked up as soon as some big Hollywood producer saw Jon's face? What happened to the scripted show he's supposed to be in? You can hardly work a regular job and do a series.

merryway said...

Ha! Quilt, you're creeping me out! Red flags everywhere!!!!!!

:) LOL

Micha said...

These interviews always make it glaringly obvious that Jon just does not "get" it. The kids who are "dedicated" to him? More likely they are the kids who can put up with his behavior.

If Jon is at the point where he has to "go through" the court system in order to see any of his kids that would have to be because his prior behavior resulted in these restrictions, but why take responsibility when you can blame everyone but yourself for the state of your relationship with your kids?

Micha said...


Thanks, merryway, for summarizing some of the interview details.

Quiltart said...

Hi, everyone! Hope all of you are well!

PJ's momma said...

Hello and hope everyone is doing well! Sage, I have been thinking of you. A mom in our town started a project because her son was born early and spent considerable time in the NICU. She started crocheting blankets for the babies/parents there and is encouraging others to do the same. So we are crocheting like crazy. The blankets are easy and fast because they are so little. It's fun and she says the parents love them. And this mom loves handing them out with a special note because she can truly empathize with what the parents are suffering.

So...I see the name and handbook of the kids' school has been published. By a group that thinks the kids should have privacy. I would never have known where they attend school nor do I want to know. And that handbook is for the PARENTS! My gosh, that is crazy.

Farkle said...

Happy Mother's Sage and all the peeps here too. Just crazy schedules around here to keep up with. Miss you all. :)

Sage said...

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms too!

Micha said...

Happy Mother's Day!!

merryway said...

Hoping a Happy Mother's Day was enjoyed by all.

merryway said...

BL just can't imagine how 8 teens could manage to secretly buy an iPad for their mom. It's beyond her scope of reasoning how such a thing could take place.

What's sad, is that Bl, a practicing attorney, doesn't tell the truth about Jon's custody battles. Jon sold story after story about Kate's house of horrors, psych exams, emergency custody hearings, going after custody of 6, 8, or only 1, and how it's all Kate's fault he doesn't see some of his children. Bl never even mentions how there was a supposed emergency custody hearing about Hannah, meaning Jon hadn't seen Collin in months but was only concerned about the one kid.
Jon still only sees four kids and doesn't know where Collin is staying. He wants his fans to believe that he went to court and Kate wasn't ordered to tell him about Collin or produce the kids? Bl knows Jon has been spouting BS. Jon has been using his children and lying. Jon has limits on his visitation, gave up or had his legal custody taken away. He doesn't pay child support. Time and time again, he lied about wanting custody. It's a horrible way to use his children. It must hurt some of them in a terrible way.

Bl ignores all the obvious about Jon. But her inner Sherlock had deduced that the G kids could never pull off surprising their mom with iPad.

(Secretly hoping Gollygee pops up with reference to the Brady Bunch episode where the kids pitched in for a silver platter for Mom and Dad's anniversary)


kateplusmy8HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, MOMS! I woke up to this and a huge exciting surprise gift! My kids put THEIR money together and got me a new iPad!!! I was shocked and I cried tears of joy! The beautiful breakfast was enough for me but their love they showed in coming up with the perfect gift AND buying it (and keeping it a surprise!) overwhelmed me! I was still using the ORIGINAL iPad version and it wasn't working so well anymore! Thanks, kids! I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ~ Administrator said... 177

It didn't happen the way Kate said. We know they couldn't have ordered it online unless another adult was helping Plus if it were online it would've been shipped to the house and Kate would see it, and what other responsible adult would let kids spend this kind of money without asking their parent? So we are left with the option of a big box store that they somehow got to without telling Kate. But then they would still have to have a responsible adult with them because I would be shocked if a store would sell something like this to a child under 18 with a wad of cash and no adult around. A glaring important fact in Kates story is how they coordinated the purchase secretly. If she were really so shocked at what they did for her wouldn't she be the most shocked at how they arranged such a complicated scheme without her help? Wouldn't she talk about that? She's a good liar, but not the best liar, and there are usually little holes in her stories like that.
May 14, 2017 at 10:49 PM

PJ's momma said...

merryway, LOLOL, I actually spit some egg sandwich out when I read your line in parentheses. Funniest thing I have seen in a long time! Thanks!

Nameless in LA said...

That Brady Bunch line cracked me up too.

I'm glad that I'm not the only one enjoying iPadgate, which seems to be occupying the BL's every waking moment. Yet another lengthy post on the subject, and she demands an explanation from Kate in this one. Who knew that buying something online requires a minimum of 1.5 weeks of lead time? I'm must be some kind of Amazon genius, because I only require about 30 seconds of lead time to make a purchase.

********************************* ~ Administrator said... 185
The more I think about this the more holes it has. These kids don't strike me as ones thinking that far down the road. Look at Mady's birthday party. They finally waltzed into the bakers with specific demands for a cake just a few days before.

Kids this age aren't going to think way ahead about Mother's day, ESPECIALLY when it's their birthday that week and it's all about them, without the help of an adult. Pulling off a Mother's day surprise of this level is something adults can do, not children. So unless they had an adult to guide them, I don't buy it.

If you order it online, you've got to get organized at least a week and a half in advance if not more. You would still have to figure out how to get it shipped to the house without the stay at home mom noticing, and this is a mom who eagerly collects freebies in the mail, so you can imagine she would go after a package from Amazon or Apple like a wolf. But if you order it in the store, it would still require a lot of advance planning because they have to somehow GET to the store without Kate noticing or asking questions. They don't drive! And what about the money? They all store wads of cash at the house? Or did they have to also go to a bank.

And again, this all during their THIRTEENTH birthday week, folks, that they planning all this out.

This deserves a big fat PUH-LEEEEASE.

Explain Kate, where did they buy it and how did they pull it off so secretely when your house is in the boonies? Oops, didn't patch that hole in the story so well!

Micha said...

It seems that BL has forgotten that Kate also has two sixteen year olds.

But never mind that.

She sure is good for a laugh.

Sage said...

(Secretly hoping Gollygee pops up with reference to the Brady Bunch episode where the kids pitched in for a silver platter for Mom and Dad's anniversary)

Who knew that buying something online requires a minimum of 1.5 weeks of lead time? I'm must be some kind of Amazon genius, because I only require about 30 seconds of lead time to make a purchase. are too funny! lol lol

merryway said...

All knowing Bl is making up history.
Despite what Bl thinks, Kate had quite a bit of use for her nursing degree after she married Jon. Kate worked in a maternity ward after the twins were born. After the tups, Kate worked a double-shift on Saturdays in a dialysis clinic. Or, maybe it was every other Saturday. Not exactly lazy. Also, Kate had no reason to do so if they were being floated by Jon's dad and people sending them scads of gift cards and donations.

They call Kate lazy. Yet, they constantly accuse of her doing the hard work to become a RN in order to snag a doctor. That's a lot of work and a long term plan. :)

They are so happy to rehash how Kate doesn't have a real job and isn't a real single mom. It must be a nice break from every other comment going on about Collin and how Kate doesn't care, sent away, doesn't visit, joyfully carries on without.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 97

Plenty of people who have a degree in one thing end up working in a different field, not just me:)!


She acts like she left the esteemed career of nursing to go pursue the esteemed career of firefighting. She left nursing to go exploit her kids, and has the nerve to call her scheme a career change, like she went back to school later in life to pursue her true passion. She's something else.

She got into nursing not because like most people she wanted to help people while still having a great career path and stable yet noble job. She got in to marry a doctor. When that didn't pan out, she had no use for it anymore. She will never go back, there's no reason to.
May 22, 2017 at 6:03 PM

Nameless in LA said...

Maybe it's just me, but if I had gone to nursing school for the sole purpose of snagging a doctor, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have settled at age 24 for the the 22 year-old kid with a high school degree and no discernible career path.

Meanwhile, the BL also is thinking about Kate's sex life, which I find creepy as hell.
****************** ~ Administrator said... 102

She's likely made more money than being married to a doctor would have made her. She's made her choice. Besides this way she doesn't have to have sex now and again. Win win.

Sage said...

Agree, Nameless...creepy. Also, I believe Jon was working as a waiter when Kate met him.

merryway said...

Once again, Bl is the all-knowing expert.

Not very interesting, but ftr, she's wrong about Debra Winger.

Winger's done some movies. But, In the last 20yrs, Winger did a Law and Order, a Lifetime movie, and a couple of tv series.

She sure didn't leave Hollywood decades ago. Winger has two kids about 10 years apart, the oldest must be around 30 (I never could believe that she and Timothy Hutton were a couple).
As it seems to go, her hits were sandwiched in between a bunch of flops. She quit working for 6yrs. I think she wrote a book.

Lol, I'm guess Bl watched Searching For Debra Winger back in early 2000 and thought time stopped there.

Also, Winger was born and raised in Ohio.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 10

Debra Winger is stunning at her age, always the straight talking New Yorker not afraid to call people out on their BS who didn't give a darn what Hollywood thought of her or how she was supposed to be.

She left Hollywood decades ago and raised her kids in the countryside, quietly making really high quality independent films now and again. She thinks network TV is mostly garbage, and has the highest of praise for the new way we watch things, like Netflix.
May 25, 2017 at 8:05 PM

Farkle said...

Hopefully the BL and her socks are thinking of our military today and not posting her bs about a fantasy life she wants. I think in her area there would be plenty of soup kitchens she could volunteer at.

Remember our soldiers this memorial day,, past, present and future ones. The sacrifices they have made for all of us is something to be remembered.

Miss everyone here, school is out, graduations are winding down, and baseball season is in full swing.

merryway said...

Wow, someone should stay off IG for the sake of their health.

I have been LMAO at BL. She can't resist having to be right. No matter how her posters beg to leave off politics, she has to respond. Of course, she's doing her thing where she doesn't post the comment. Just the poster's blurb that was able to push her buttons.

Even though they know nothing, they rant day after day about Collin. But, BL has never admitted that reason Jon has not seen Collin is because the court has deemed this is the way it is supposed to be. Any attorney would know that.


Unknown said... 26

Regarding that stupid IG of her kicking the ball for her dog. What a dolt. What is wrong with her???? She is clearly showing she has no control or command of that dog. Why the f**k would anyone care about that little bit of video that she showed? It sucks. Boring. I don't give a flying f**k if nookiepookie wants to chase a deflated f**cked up ball that the lazy ass kicks for her when she should be working and not trying to find ways to kill the hours during the day. WHO CARES??????? Kate: your dog is NOT special. She does nothing out of the ordinary and why you would think anyone would marvel at her antics is beyond comprehension. #dolt.
June 1, 2017 at 7:40 PM

Micha said...

This "unknown" sure can rant about something she claims she doesn't care about. Doesn't she see she is contradicting herself? Who cares? She seems to care very much.

How very doltish.

PJ's momma said...

Why argue at all? Never mind, I know. It is silly though. Just don't engage, especially when your ow people are asking you to leave it alone.

Farkle, the graduations haven't even started here yet. The kids still have two weeks of school here. Crazy! And the Mariners suck! But we still watch...

Hope everyone is doing well.

merryway said...

Here's an unbelievable comment from Tucker's Mom, one of Bl's most prolific posters.
Didn't know moms weren't allowed to be fans of anyone. You have to wait til your kids are grown and out of the home?
She thinks Milo is horrible. Yet, It's fine for Tucker's mom to hate on Kate day after day, comment after comment.


Tucker's Mom said... 61
I'm just not believing this is Milo's daughter. I think Milo is much older than Kate and perhaps this is her granddaughter.
Maybe her cell phone is really old, with that grainy video, but it's obvious that she's keeping the girl's identity private.

I just can't imagine a mother with a daughter graduating H.S. would spend her days worshiping Kate Gosselin and posting almost every single day on her social media.
It's horrible if she's that into Kate when she's got kids of her own.
June 3, 2017 at 5:35 AM

PJ's momma said...

WOW! She posts 60-70 times a day sometimes! She must not have kids at all!

Sage said...

Not only does Tuck hate on Kate but she stalks a fan of Kate's and hates on her. Now that is obsession and just plain weird.

no self awareness

merryway said...

Because Glenne Headly passed away and she portrayed the mom in Mr. Holland's Opus, Bl is once again the expert. This time it's on Deaf Culture.

Bl has no idea what she's talking about. What she claims regarding "mainstreaming" never happened.

It was not public schools that taught oralism, it was the schools for the deaf. It was concluded to be a failure long before the 80's. ASL was considered a language by 1960 and oralism was finished shortly thereafter. (of course, there are exceptions to the norm.)

Prior to 1975 (when the law passed ensuring education for "handicap" children), the majority of deaf children were educated in schools for the deaf, not mainstreamed. With the 1975 law, public schools had to provide services, not just shove deaf kids into hearing classrooms. Bl's claim is imaginary.

I was 7, when my sister left or college in 1970 to study as interpreter (a non-existent profession at the time, according to BL). As a result, I grew up around a lot of deaf/hard of hearing who became friends of the family. I used to be a proficient signer, now I can barely carry a stunted conversation.

Uhm, Bl is thanking goodness that a fictional mother knew what her fictional deaf son needed. Lol

I love how often BL is wrong when she proclaims to know-it-all. It still cracks me up that she called Debra Winger a "straight talking New Yorker" when she's an Ohio/California gal.

xxxxxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 35

Heartbreakingly real.

The movie perhaps as a side note touched on the climate of treatment for the deaf back in those days. Mainstream was the order of the day, no sign language, integrate the kid at a hearing school and surround them with the hearing world. If you talk to deaf people born about Cole's time, 65 or so, on towards the early 80's, chances are they went to a hearing school and never learned to sign.

It made the case that for some kids, mainstream isn't going to work. Deafness is as much a culture as a disability, and many kids were emotionally wrecked by mainstreaming. Thank goodness in that story a mother knew what her son really needed.
June 11, 2017 at 7:49 AM

Nameless in LA said...

Too funny. She is so full of BS and yet her regulars actually believe the garbage that she spews.

PJ's momma said...

Merryway, that is so interesting and wonderful to hear from someone who really knows.

Have you ever seen this video? My husband sent it to me recently, though I saw it years ago. There was a better quality video in which you could see him in complete awe of her but I cannot find it now. It's really special. It's common to have interpreters here and I have seen them at things like Men's Choir, and it's very special, but nothing like this.

merryway said...

Yeah, I don't know how BL ever came to the conclusion that it was the norm to throw a deaf/hard of hearing child into a public classroom and expect them to swim. With oralism, speech was the goal and signing was forbidden. But that's not what Bl is talking about either.
As an expert, Bl can make up her own facts. Lol

PJ's momma, thanks I had not seen that. It was a little fuzzy but you could see her well. Their little dance at the end was cute too. I watched my sis do a lot of interpretation for church choirs and services. She went to a private Bible college and I believe the name of the major was Deaf Ministries. Looking back, it was sort of an unique experience to have that exposure.

PJ's momma said...

merryway, the men's chorus here does Silent Night at their Christmas performance. First they sing it very softly a cappella, and then they go quiet and do it in ASL. They all wear white gloves and the lights are dimmed. You can hear the hundreds of arms fluttering. It is breathtaking and unforgettable. They have an interpreter for the rest of the show. He is well known out here, he does a lot, including things like Town Hall meetings.

I read the comments on that article and the interpreter died at only 39. How sad. Eddie Vedder used to live here and we saw him at a store many years ago. He's itty bitty like a pop tart!

Now I'll speak to something I know too. I am running a half marathon in a few days, same organization as the one Kate did, and my third one with them. Be sure to send the scooter for me! Oh wait. There aren't any! The roads are closed! No scooters! Be sure to look at a pic of me with and then without my jacket to prove I cheated! Oh wait, that doesn't play out either, since people shed their jackets and they are picked up and cleaned/donated to a local charity, which is outlined in your race materials. Oops! Even if I am photographed with my chip on my shoe, it means nothing! Heh.

A Real Runner (insert eyeroll emoji)

Have a wonderful day, ladies.

Nameless in LA said...

Tucker's Mom said... 138

I think the fans know Kate and how she starts things and doesn't follow through.
They used to love her Twitter.
Kate used to clock in over 100 posts per day!
It is with great enthusiasm that I nominate Tucker's Mom for the June 2017 "People In Glass Houses Award." Really, she is the last person who should be talking about the number of times a person posts. (I never followed Kate on Twitter, but I'm guessing that she rarely, if ever, posted 100+ times a day.)

Meanwhile, the BL is so desperate for attention and accolades that she actually took the time to recap a clips show from 1 1/2 years ago.

merryway said...

Jon and his girlfriend have been enjoying a week in Mexico. It barely made a blink at Bl's. They are too busy imagining scenarios so they can suppose what Kate would feel, do and say.
No need to draw to the comparison as to how they would react to Kate being in Mexico with her boyfriend and without her kids.

merryway said...

What is BL talking about? What public schools pays for long-term residential treatment? They'll believe anything Bl dishes out to them.

I was just catching up over there. Over and over, I read how Kate now has only 7 kids since Collin is no longer living at home. If that's the basis for their thinking, then Jon has zero kids. Or, you could possibly stretch it out to say he has only 4.

TLC is only airing three episodes. The kids are hardly filmed. But, Bl's still rages on.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 25

No it isn't. The Dilley and McCaughey parents didn't need reality TV shows to support their now adult children and not one, but TWO of the McCaughey septuplets have special needs. And the Hayes had their two seasons of Table For 12 and went back to their normal lives.


And, what proof do the sheep have that Kate is paying for Colin to be in treatment?


Maybe the sheep don't realize this, but there are rather easy ways to finagle these problems so that the school district is paying the bills.

Kate is savvy. She pulled him out of private school and I believe had that boy going through public school, and that way, she could eventually finagle the free services.

I've seen school districts pay thousands and thousands of dollars a month for treatment like this. Happens all the time.

Sheep, wake up. She's too giddy about this for it be hurting her wallet. It's not. We would hear a whole hell of a lot more resentment from her about this if she were paying.
July 12, 2017 at 7:12 AM

merryway said...

Oops, I was wrong. A well-informed friend passed along that public schools will pay for residential treatment.
Sorry about that.

See how easily I did that BL? One doesn't always have to be right. It's not that hard to admit when you're wrong.

PJ's momma said...

They DO? How do school districts that expect teachers to pay for their own supplies afford that?

It doesn't matter. It's all speculation about the child being put in public school to defray the cost of care. Nobody knows a thing beyond the fact that he is getting care, which is good. The declarations about the giddiness at having him gone are absurd.

merryway said...

I know, I was really surprised. But, my friend knows of what she speaks. She also said it was not routine and for really hard to treat cases. Which is prob why I never heard of such thing.

I don't think that's the case at all with Collin. I think it's pretty much as Kate described. BL has to slam whatever she can think of when it comes to Kate. Lol, does she really think Collin attended public school and not one student or parent ever ever mentioned it on social media? Of course, BL also wants her posters to believe that Collin was removed and relocated by CPS instead of placing with him sainted hero dad Jon.

Francie said...

Has anyone noticed that K8 is back on?

merryway said...

Francie, I knew about the new K+8 episodes from reading at Bl's. There are only three.
It sounds like filming will be sporadic from here on out. There was information in the below article about TLC and Kate's show. (also found at BL's).

TLC Hopeful for More ‘Kate Plus 8’

"TLC offers up a three-episode run of Kate Plus 8, about Kate Gosselin, her twins and her sextuplets, starting July 10. The network is interested in future limited runs of Kate Plus 8, said Wendy Douglas, vice president of production at TLC, but there’s “nothing formal to announce.”

“There’s always an interest,” said Douglas. “But there’s a lot to take into account.”

That includes the increasingly busy schedules of the Gosselin clan. Kate’s ex-husband Jon, the children’s father, does not appear in the new trio of episodes. But Kate is “part of the TLC family,” said Douglas, “and I hope she continues to be.”

Kate Plus 8 is produced by Figure 8 Films for TLC. The series, originally Jon & Kate Plus 8, was canceled in 2011, but TLC left open the possibility of specials.

The three new episodes include one about Halloween that sees Kate and the kids turn their barn into a haunted house. “It’s probably the most stressed that we see her,” Douglas said.

The second episode involves skiing. “She’s terrified that someone will get injured,” said Douglas.

Episode three sees the sextuplets turn 13. “Viewers have grown up with the sextuplets and the twins,” said Douglas. “They want to see the kids grow up.”

As the kids get older, they clash more with Mom. Douglas mentions the mini season’s “8 against Kate” vibe.

She hopes there will be more Kate Plus 8. “We’ve followed the family for 11 years and we love them,” said Douglas. “We are very invested in this family.”

merryway said...

Jon hasn't tweeted or posted on IG and FB in over a month. Not a word of reproof from Bl for ignoring his fans, not knowing how to manage his social media accounts, or anything of the things she constantly bitches about Kate.

Let's see, Jon's boasts in the last year have included a tv show (with lines), having shows pitched to him, some sort of music youtube thing that was going to get picked up by a network as soon as they saw his face. In April, Jon said he was going to DJ on the side and go back to work in IT. He said and had some big interviews. He went to Mexico on vacation (not saving that money for court and without knowing where Collin is placed). And, now, he's disappeared.

Years ago, we laughed at how the haters would still be reliving the shows and hating on Kate. They're still at it. They don't seem to realize that show is not on. Three episodes were aired and who knows when they will film again?

They are in complete denial about Jon and his kids. You would think that it's got to be obvious to them that Jon lied several times about taking Kate to court to get custody. He lied about the psych eval and wanting to "rescue" his kids. He used his kids for publicity and money not caring about how it affected them.

Jon has no say-so in the lives of his children and it's approved by the court. His only right is visitation with a few. But, hey, at Bl's they're doing important work screeching about Kate crating her dogs while getting ready for a party. Lol

merryway said...

Thought I'd bring this over for a lack-of-self-awareness award. Sure hope Sheepless never develops that kind of obsession. LOL


Sheepless In Seattle said... 19

And you added that the story was "more or less" true, implying that it wasn't 100% accurate. You felt compelled to further disparage this person to protect your own ego rather than just admitting you were wrong.


Why does this troll hate admin so much? It must be horrible to go through life that way, having such a grudge against another person that it becomes an obsession. It's scary.
August 9, 2017 at 7:05 PM

Judy said...

I'm surprised BL and her minions haven't taken on the parents in "Outdaughtered" yet...

Nameless in LA said...

WTF? Is she really patting herself on the back after finding out that a regular poster didn't leave because her blog was dying, as the "trolls" claimed, but instead left because her husband was dying? She is a sick puppy.
************************* ~ Administrator said... 65
Auntie Anne I'm so sorry for your loss but deliriously happy you are back. You won't believe how many times you were asked about! And how we longed for your zingers on whatever latest debacle. Oh, and trolls said you left because the blog was dying. Shazam!

Anonymous said...

no mention of Becky's Nazi propaganda?

bitch needs a reality check! WTF Rebecca?

Anonny Muss said...

If anyone has a picture or any information ( thinking of the Birth Fetish site she use to have) can I have it, please. Thanks

I know she has recently moved into her new house and that she is a Nazi/white supremacist supporter, I had asked her politely (I was polite, regardless of what she wrote AFTER she deleted my comment) The way she wrote looks like I was ordering her to remove the Nazi emblem from her blog in support of the young girl who was killed in Charlotteville, VA....I said 'please' and 'thank you' she's the one who went off the rails.
So, any information you can provide will be in the strictest of confidence. Use a VPN and leave on VVFiles or email me. I'm sure Sage my can my address. :)

Thank you in anticipation.

Vanessa said...

I'm going to post here hoping some of the regualars at 15 minute come here to read. I am a long time poster and I also have been banned/or muted so to speak. I simply pointed out, in a response to admin's comment:

"There is not a single damn thing that suggests that there is a shred of anything about Trump that supports white supremacists (how many times must he denounce it before the far left is happy? A hundred good enough?"

that Trump's denouncements mean diddly squat if within days he back tracks and defends the KKK, NAZIS and WHITE SUPREMISTS. I posted a few links and articles and interviews to further call out Trump's behavior and WHY there is such outrage. She only posted the ONE link about the Statue and of course THAT'S what's being discussed. NOT our President's words, inaction and defense of these bigots and racists. Not his flip/flopping and then reiterating his FIRST "denouncement" Apparently it's CNN causing the divide, who knew? I've tried to post 4 or 5 more times to get back to my original point about Trump denouncing NOT! and she won't post my comments. I'm sure mine are not the only comments she's sifting through and not posting. Just wanted to let the regualars at 15 minutes know.

Anonny Muss said...

Thanks in anticipation of this being played out on your blog. I use to read here but when everyone was just quoting posters from 15 minutes, it got boring.

I have been posting at 15mins on and off since 2009 and so many of my comments didn't go through. None will now either. Looks like I am banned like so many others who dare to have an opposite opinion Nazi picture

For the record and for the truth I did not use upper case and I did not order her to delete the Nazi emblem, I asked politely and I said please. If some of you saw my first comment asking her why she would put sch a thing on her blog considering what happened to that young girl in Charlottesville she responded with Hitler salute 'heil' something was meant for Kate Gosselin ordering her kids around. Then she stewed for a while and got outraged and started lying about what I supposed to have replied. I only sent one comment and I've explained that. The rest of the crap was on her making up stuff.
Becky is not to be trusted and I never have even when I was posting there.

If Sage puts this through, I thank her very much. If it doesn't, then I totally understand and thank you anyway.

P.S I was NOIP on 15mins. Now PA Dutch can keep inferring she knows all there is to know about the Gosselin but HAS to keep her "tongue tied" and stop 'biting her lip' when something important crops up. SMDH! She's been doing that since 2011, does she have lips left to bite?! She's such a **ck-teaser!

Last Rites? said...

Anonymous Vanessa said...
I've had the same thing happen to me. It's very frustrating when you post actual links to back up what you're saying and she won't post the links and only takes a few words out of context that you said and twists them.

I think her posters are figuring her out at long last though. It's been deadly quiet over there for days. Even Tuckers Mom isn't posting. I think she commented maybe 2 or 3 times in 5 days. In a desperate attempt to get them posting again, she did a recap of a Gossselin show from 2 1/2 years ago! Didn't work.

Anonymous said...

well hello fellow BL haters!

BL has been reported to her bar for unethical behaviour. Time will tell if anything results from this.

can you even imagine having to deal with her irl? Condescending, know-it-all, insulting person!

Vanessa said...

I certainly do not hate Admin at 15 mins,I'll make that clear.
It's just so frustrating, as Last Rites posted above, to respond to something that hits a nerve and that you just can't believe you're reading, give evidence as to WHY this is so, just to have your comments cherry picked to suit her. I even asked that she post my name with my comments (AS PER HER RULES WHICH I HAVE FOLLOWED ALWAYS)and she did not. My issue was that Trump did NOT condemn the NEO NAZIS, KKK, WHITE SUPREMACISTS. I also asked her if there would be anything, ANYTHING that she wouldn't call Trump out on? She is definitely NOT the person I thought she was. To not allow a discussion, an mature discourse, to just shut anyone down if they try to speak about this major issue as just a few fanatics??? I've had an AHA! moment as they say. And yes, I checked all day if she would respond to my many posts and not one more post about anything relating to the Nazi ralley, not a one??? Very interesting. I cannot be the only one with an opinion other than admins.

Vanessa said...

Oh, and her having the birth video website was really shocking to learn! Talk about an AHA!! yes, definitely not who I thought she was. One of her favorite topics is "Catfishing" and she applies this term to a lot of instances where posters have called her out, how it's not in certain scenarios, but she will fight tooth and nail to get HER interpretation out. Well, let's just say that the person she professes to be at 15 mins does not jive with the person who exploited underage children for a buck, the very thing she insists the blog is all about.I call THAT a Catfish

Vanessa said...

She's still at it, not posting ny name with my comments that she's responding to.

This is what I replied to her Antifa rebuttal.

Granting any credibility to racist groups is reprehensible, but what do you think of the far left group Antifa? Not hate speech? Innocent in all this? Where is your outrage toward them? Can't we at least agree both sides have been very violent? I mean it's all on film.
Fight FIRE with FIRE. I sure as hell wish the Jews during the Holocaust had raised arms AGAINST racism, purging "non pure races" against the Final Solution. You are unreal. Like i posted many posts ago (which you won't allow) Kate was raked over the coals here for calling hwr bodyguard Mr. Chocolate. Again I ask, why are you not posting my name?

Vanessa said...

 gets to the point where you can't even tell who started it. You also have to be careful that the more violent you are the more you make the other side look like victims. Their call, but be careful. 

At least you acknowledge the far left has been extremely violent. Some won't. That's a really good start.
Nuh uh no way. Antifa's violence is a reaction to the Fascists and Nazis. Its why the Americans liberated Europe. Its what we all have been wanting from the G8, to fight their oppressor, to hold kate accountable. Right is right, wrong is wrong. There is moral and immoral.

She won't post my comments in their entirety. It's the most bizarre thing

PJ's momma said...

Not to be rude, serious question here, but if you've had your AHA moment(s), why do you keep trying? Why do you keep asking questions? You know they will not be answered and your name will be dragged around out of context. When I left, I never posted again and never will. I read solely for entertainment now, watching people say they didn't do what they said they did (yes, the house was called awful and criticized), or to see GG declare Kate a horrible mother or mentally ill (based on the fact there are no pictures on the wall, for instance) or to count how many dozens of posts there are by TM on days I have to keep the dog quiet while hubby works at home, etc. IMO, going back and forth between blogs makes you look bad, and people here will call you out on it like I have seen them do to others. Up to you of course - have a good day!

Sage said...

PJ...I agree with you.

Vanessa, while I can sympathize with your AHA moment what took you so long? Becks has been like this for years and you were right in there with her. Now that you are butt hurt you come running here.

You state you didn't read here because we were boring repeating what that nutcase said. Well guess what? I find your too late outrage boring too. yawn.

Sage said...

Vanessa, I have an idea. Make your own blog to share your outrage. I'm sure that wouldn't be difficult for you. If it me and I will gladly help you. :)

Vanessa said...

Tucker's Mom said:
However, it eventually gave me a deeper appreciation of our 1st amendment rights and wow, what a great country we live in.
No, trolls, not the hate speech, but the freedom to speak without arrest, injury or even death.

My reply:
Yes tell that to innocent Black Americans shot and killed by police when pulled over. Again, I ask, what was the discussion here when Ferguson happened?
Why is Tucker permitted to reply to my comments, name and all and you still will my name ? Because Tucker always ALWAYS agrees with you?

Vanessa said...

Umm, wasn't me who posted this blog was boring. fyi
No butts have been hurt either, sheesh calm down. And with that I wish you all a good day-toodles!!

Last Rites? said...

Sage, it was NOIP who posted that this blog was boring when the people just posted what was on 15 Min.

Sage said...

My bad. The point is that after all these years we all know and you all know what Becky is.

Vanessa said...

I only learned of her website a day ago. Did some digging around and some reading. I truly thought she was posting edited comments left by "trolls". Only came here after she wouldn't address the Nazi discussion. Her voting for Trump made me smh, but that's politics. The non condemnation of Nazis and the Kkkk was a Red flag for me. Did my snooping and found out a lot more than I bargained for. Also found she has banned other od herregulars Sorry to have posted here, this will be the last time you'll hear from me and at 15 Minutes. Hopefully you'll leave my posts for other regulars to find should they come take a look.

Sage said...

Lets cut to the chase here. We all have been around this for quite some time, To the person that put Becky's contact info here....stop. I don't give a rats ass if you contact her employer but you are not going to use my blog as your launch pad.

merryway said...

Oh good grief. Yeah, I was wondering where this outrage was when ex-nurse was being bullied by Becks and then tossed off the blog. None of them blinked. It's not like that was the first time.

Bl has been outrageous in many ways and her dedicated followers don't care or choose to ignore. Same as they ignore what Jon really is and how he treats his children. All they live for is supposing on what evil Kate thinks and does while reliving old episodes.

Anonny Muss said...

Just for the record I didn't put any information about BL here or any place else. . I want more info about her but have no intentions of putting it here.

Merry.... Some of us do speak up when BL abuses other posters, BL just doesn't post our objections.

Sage..... I understand and I respect your blog and will also stop posting too It is/was just so frustrating not having a voice & not being able to warn others of Becky's duplicity and lies.

PJ's momma said...

I agree with AM. I objected to the hateful way ex nurse was treated and it was not published. I left. Flogging a dead horse is not a sport I enjoy.

I saw what was published last night and am glad it was removed quickly. Thank you, Sage. Admin won't even protect her own and yet you have enough respect to protect her.

Anonny Muss said...

Just one last thing to clarify. *I* said this blog was boring because the only comments were either cut & pastes from 15 mins or paraphrasing comments from 15 mins. If I wanted to read comments from that blog I would have read at that blog. I apologise for the misunderstanding.

merryway said...

Oh, I don't doubt for a sec that Bl doesn't post objections. The control freak loves moderation. PJ's momma, you had already left when Bl chased off Ex Nurse. You know, I can't remember what happened back then. One of our running jokes over here was guessing who would be the next to leave/get thrown off for disagreeing with Bl.

Her dedicated followers where the ones to who I was referring. It took Bl's self-righteous insistence of pushing her political views for some to decide to call it quits. Tucker's mom.... don't know what she'd do if Bl ever shut it down.

PJ's momma said...

She actually picked at ex nurse for years, especially when she said anything about Jon. I did say something more than once and figured ex nurse was eventually banned because she kept on posting, even when she wasn't toeing the party line. I actually liked her and we live near each other and think we could have had some good laughs. Oh well. Anyway; hope everyone enjoys a good weekend. My husband is in Vegas for work and the marathon is this weekend and he will report any scooters.

Vanessa said...

Sorry that my outrage catapulted once I learned of her Birth Fetish Website (and not denouncing Trump about the Nazis, KKK) 15 Minutes is a Hate Kate blog, just like this one is a Hate Jon blog. True? Now skimming through the comments here I see a lot of you have chased off posters that didn't "tow the line" - "bullied" them so to speak? Just like what happened to Ex Nurse. PJ, they made fun of you here as well, copying and pasting your comments about how they're glad they aren't married to your husband. Seems like tit for tat between the 2 blogs. But at least the reactions and comments are sincere and genuine? Can we agree? That most of us are genuine in our beliefs? Consistent? TRUE to ourselves and what we put out there??

The outrage is in the totally fabricated online persona Admin has created, the outrage is the total blatant hypocrisy that I only just now learned. She's dishonest, she's manipulative, and immoral. After reading Admin's quotes regarding "children's consent" and all her yammering about how a child cannot consent on IW then learn she has/had a website that charges for videos of teens giving birth and of female genital mutilation! That's my outrage. Not arguing about who's the bigger ass, Jon or Kate.

Vanessa said...

Also thank you for letting my comments br posted- in their entirety- and I also wasn't the one to post Admins personal info, I wouldn't have the first idea how to find that out.

EX Nurse said...

Well, I guess I can clear up the mystery of what happened!

I wasn't banned or block--I stopped posting for similar reasons as NOIP did. Admin corrected me when I said that, as a Jew, it was chilling to see the similarities in behaviors and attitudes of Trump and his followers, to Hitler and the Nazis--especially when he had them take an oath to vote for him. The videos very much resembled a mass Sig Heil salute.

I was schooled that my gut reaction was not the correct one to have, because there was a Holocaust survivor that was quoted as saying that he objected to the comparison as frivolous. Which, of course, I completely respect. Which, she would not publish. (And, btw, I would love to hear what that survivor would say today!)

She only printed selected phrases, taken completely out of context, and didn't publish any of my responses to any of the posters. That pretty much did it for me. like NOIP, I posted my full response over here, on the chance that others would see it.

FWIW, I think that the 2 blogs are the opposite side of the same coin. I pretty much can't stand either of the parents, and feel sorry for the kids who are collateral damage to two of the most self-absorbed, selfish and immature people on the planet. You won't find me defending either one of them, although I do agree with posters here that Jon is held to an abysmally low standard.

So, thanks for the concern--I enjoy debating (it is in my blood, after all) and really didn't care that I was often the odd one out. I am often incredulous at some of the tortured twisting of facts that happens over there in order to keep the outrage alive. But, I will never post there again. I respect differences of opinion that people on that blog have, but the censorship is unacceptable--it isn't a fair fight if you can't have your views heard and words are taken out of context.

PJ--waving to you!

Anonymous said...


You definitely weren't the 'odd one out'! It's just that everyone else who posted similar to what you did was not put through either.

Jon is a POS. There. I said it. He is no better than the mother. Why he gets Saint status is beyond me. I mean, he flat out LIED to Becky about his custody, so, yeah, don't get why she defends him. And what a pig he was for feeding a hate blog about the mother of his children INFO about them!

I'm the one who posted the 'personal' info. Sorry. (not really)

Very interestsing indeed that 'we' have gathered to have our say on The Rival Blog.
Thanks to Sage!

ps - PJ, make sure that horse you're on isn't too high to get down from safely!

Sage said...

You are all welcome to post here. All opinions are welcome. What is not welcome is putting peoples personal information.

former15 said...

Thank you Sage for allowing these comments on the other blog.

As a former 15 poster, I am relieved to see these comments as I thought I was alone. I felt the Nazi symbol posted was out of line and admin's constant unwavering support of Trump that allowed no dissent was stifling. It was as if she spent all day formulating her diatribes and took glee in smacking down any other opinions. It quickly grew tiresome.

I agree with ex-nurse about both parents and wish nothing but the best for the G kids.

Anonymous said...

former 15,

Becky just regurgitates whatever talking points she's read on pro-Nazi/pro-tRump sites. Don't give her credit for anything.

I'm against racism. If I don't speak out about it, I'm simply part of the problem. That is my reason for posting the 'private' (easily googleable) info. I will not do it again as Sage has been kind enough to host me here.

Everyone that is left who posts on that blog is complicit in their silence. Becky has very clearly made her immoral and frightening beliefs WELL known.

To those still posting there? Shame on you! You are ALL silently agreeing with EVERYTHING that horrid woman believes. My gawd, grow a spine and take a stand! Seriously, is hating Kate more important than (pretending to) ignore what the owner is spewing?

They're all guilty of Nazi sympathizing. Pathetic.

signed by Formerly Anonymous

Anonny Muss said...

"To those still posting there? Shame on you! You are ALL silently agreeing with EVERYTHING that horrid woman believes. My gawd, grow a spine and take a stand! Seriously, is hating Kate more important than (pretending to) ignore what the owner is spewing?"


I more or less said same thing in Twitter. I retweeted a short video of Heather's mom and ask them to look her in the face and say that Nazi Emblem Becky refused to take down is okay with them while they read her long-winded useless report on the Kate show.

Also, I'm in total agreement about Jon Gosselin and have been for years. I still think the kids were exploited and I believe both Jon and Kate were/are manipulating the media and I have no use for either of them. My heart is with Collin at the moment. I hope he's happy & healthy away from the glare.

Anonny Muss said...

To EXNURSE really happy to see your name again. She really had it in for you and make no mistake, some of us tried to have your back. Like so many she wouldn't put comments defending you through. I'm sorry if you thought no one cared. We did. hugs<3

Anonymous said...

Anonny Muss,

what's your twitter handle?

Did those posters (Tucker's mom, Dmasy, Layla, Over and Out, etc) miss the comment by Becky saying that her friend TELLS THE BEST NAZI JOKES?

There ARE NO FUNNY Nazi jokes! Why does anyone need to be told that?

Signed by Formerly Anonymous

Vanessa said...

Ok, so much reading to do here...I see it only goes back so far. If anyone can please enlighten me, or give me a short synopsis of:

*how do you know Jon fed Admin the info about going for custody?
*how do you know he gave up his parental rights?
*what is the blog about her parents all about?

And Ex Nurse, I CANNOT believe she was TELLING you, a Jewish woman, how you should feel about NAZIS!! OF all the things we have called kate out about over the years there, gaslighting was huge, well talk about gaslighting! Another reason why I'm so outraged "now" (going back to the ones who asked), yes, you can say it's because it finally happened to me, but being made aware that you've been catfished comes as a shock! Took awhile for sure, but my eyes have been opened.
I can't even know WHAT that woman believes in now, we've been fed a farce, a totally made up person who talks out of both sides of her mouth.

Vanessa said...

Also, her lecturing and yammering about freedom of speech, how nazis and the KKK have this right, this freedom? And then she censors people's comments?

Sage said...

Vanessa, she censors because it is her blog and only like thinking people comments will be let through.

Not new to us.

Ex Nurse said...

Vanessa, that was the final straw. Before that, I gave her a lot of slack because she is around the age of my kids. I chalked up some of her comments, especially about raising children, to the fact that's she really has had pretty limited life experience. She never really hid her political leanings, but, before the primaries, she kept politics off the blog. For some reason, she doesn't seem to be able to resist giving her opinion.

I'm also holding judgement on the birth site, because I don't have enough information. Would love to hear her explanation. I don't believe it was a fetish site, as it has been portrayed. I could be wrong though, since I can't think of any legitimate reason for that particular endeavor. But, I'm more of the mind that she thought of it as being educational in some way.

Ex Nurse said...

Thanks to you too, Annony Muss! I know there were people who agreed with me. Really, for the most part, my posts got through. She likes to claim that there is a diversity of opinion, so I think she would often let controversial or dissenting comments in because it made her look good. But, from what you are saying, seems like she didn't want other posters to know that there as much dissent as there was.

Anyway, I still read out of habit. I really spend very little thinking about any Gosselin related nonsense.

Vanessa said...

You're a good person Ex Nurse
As far as the site, yes was it a fetish site? Not sure but she certainly was profiting from the exploitation of children who could not consent to their images being used. This is where I can't wrap my head around WHO is this admin person that I "thought" I knew?? Lesson learned I guess

Nameless in LA said...

I understand reserving judgment since you did not see the site for yourself, but as someone who did I will state unequivocally that it was a fetish site. Whether that was her original intent, I have no idea, but if it started out with an educational objective it veered way off that path by the time it was discovered by the Gosselin blogosphere. And she damn well knew it, because as soon as she was outed she spent the next couple of days completely revamping the site to make it seem educational. She will never offer an explanation for it, because she can't. And if the teen mothers giving birth were under 18, the site was not only morally objectionable but possibly illegal. I think she just saw an easy way to make a buck and has no moral compass.

Sage said...

It was without a doubt a fetish site. I read the comments that were left on that site and they were sick....and Becky was one of them. By her comments you could tell she was sexually excited by the pictures and films. It appeared that most of the visitors were women.

Becky never mentions her fetish site....never denies it. She started monitoring comments when this all came out because of fear someone mentioning it.

Becky is one damaged person.

Quiltart said...

I saw the fetish site, too, and it definitely was a fetish site. I had never seen or even heard of anything like it, but seeing it once was enough.

PJ's momma said...

So someone who is a 'child advocate' and blurs pictures of reality TV kids on a blog (while still writing about them) would post videos of young women, possibly minors, giving birth? For money?


Nameless in LA said...

Yes, PJ's momma, that pretty much sums it up.

PJ's momma said...

Sad, especially for the girls being exploited. And it definitely sounds like exploitation.

Sage said...

Some were minors. I remember one of Beckys comments stating she wished that the camera would get closer to the crotch.

Yeah, she made money but she really enjoyed it.

Quiltart, I had never heard or seen anything like that either. Once was definitely enough.

PJ's momma said...

Do you find it odd that it was mostly women watching? It's all incredibly gross, but that part is very weird! I've only seen live birth in a class once, and there was nothing sexy/sexual about it. But women who are the ones to go through it are the ones who like it? Oof.

Quiltart said...

I'm not sure that it was mostly women watching..

Sage said...

I'm pretty sure it was mostly women...with Becky leading the way.

Ex Nurse said...

I never saw it--i y the time I found about it, it was gone. when something seems so out of whack, I tend to look for some kind of context in which it all makes sense. bit, the fact that there were minors involved makes it kind of difficult to find a legitimate reason. How do people know that there were minors? Does anyone know how she got the footage?

Nameless in LA said...

I had never heard of that particular fetish either. While I enjoy expanding my horizons, I could have gone a lifetime happily oblivious to the world of birth fetishes.

Ex Nurse -- I can't say if there were minors involved, but there was definitely a special "teen" category prominently marketed. What would be the "educational" value of seeing a teenager give birth vs. someone in their 20's?

Sage said...

I don't know how she got it. Probably bought it and resold it. These girls were very young and foreign. There was also genital mutilation.

There was no legitimate reason to watch. We are not the only ones here who have seen it. Becky is a lawyer. Do you think if she was being falsely accused she would remain silent?

When this all came out she stopped tweeting and put her blog on moderation. She did not and does not want to be confronted with this.

merryway said...

It was such a weird thing. But it is true. It wasn't displayed because of her name being right on it. But I still have the copy of the godaddy page showing Bl's name as owner. The subscribers had vulgar names that showed they weren't there for the educational value. There was no doubt that it was a fetish site. As mentioned before, her main page featured a graphic pic with the title "A circumcised West African girl gives birth." There was no way to know her age. What a way to exploit this unknown already victimized person.

After it was revealed, Bl immediately changed the page to sweet couples, babies and fluffy clouds. The teens category was removed. Bl paid the fee to have the ownership privatized.

Bl's video categories were:
Hospital Births
Pregnant Bellies
Teen Moms
Unique Births
Water Births
Members Only

Sage said...

Exnurse, why would you think that this would be so out of whack for Becky to do? Look how she turns on the people who consistently post on her blog. She contradicts herself. She's rigid, judgmental and bitter. She thinks she is an expert on everything and no one measures up to her standards. No one.

Ex. Nurse said...

I don't know Sage--you just described half of my family members! As I said, she's pretty young. I was an expert at everything when I was her age, too. But,I don't see how that would translate into not being surprised that she was running a fetish site.

As I said, I can't think of a legitimate reason for that site, if she was trying to call attention to the plight of FEMA
E circumcision, it should have shut down as soon as creeps were posting on it. And, of course, no excuse for using anything with minors, or without permission. But I would still love to hear the justification for this.

I have the same questions about Kate's fans as you do about 15 posters. How is it that fans can turn a blind eye to the abuse of her toddlers,
After she documented the horrible details in her journal?

Ex Nurse said...

I also want to add that I have always mai gained tgat Robert Hoffmanis a complete creep, and the book should never have seen the light of day. But, the fact remains that Kate has never denied that the journals were written by her, she dropped her lawsuit, and she retroactively copyrighted them.

Anonymous said...

Sage, the timing of that blog going on moderation also coincided with a Grand Outing of many posters when Dmasy scrwed up making a 'private' (lol) FB page for her groupies.

Do they think we've forgotten that? Or that we did not immortalize the occasion with screenshots? So for those to *think* they can post, 'anonymously' LOL, their hate for Kate on a blog run by a NAZI SYMPATHIZER is extremely short-sighted, imo.

Immoral people get back what they give. Stay silent about white supremacy? That's a choice some of them should perhaps rethink. Karma comes in many forms.

Signed by Formerly Anonymous

merryway said...

Legally, spanking is not abuse. Jon also spanked. Kate's journals were her feelings (and devotionals) about mothering 8 children, 6 of them in diapers. They are subjective to her point of view. She wrote about pulling up Collin by the hair to give him a spanking (not throwing him into the crib, the haters have added that on). That's as close to legal abuse as she gets. She talks about apologizing for losing it. It's the journal of a honest mother trying to do better.

I didn't care for Kate until after the divorce, when she started to loosen up a bit. I kind of liked Jon, until the divorce when he became a sleaze and intent on destroying Kate without a thought to his kids. Kate is not someone I would hang with and I don't admire her. I do get her, we were raised in similar ways. Like a lot of parents, I think she loves her kids and does the best she can. The hate groups attacked her for their own fun and that's mostly what I've talked about all these years.
It was horrible that Jon and Robert helped and egged them on. Neither were worried about the kids being abused. It was all about hurting Kate.

Sage said...

Agree with you Merryway.

Quiltart said...

Well said, Merryway!

Anonymous said...

We can agree to disagree on what constitutes abuse. IMO, using any kind of implement other than a hand is physical abuse. There were enough references in the journal of using a wooden spoon as well as pictures of a wooden in the car, which is ample evidence that this was a usual method of punishment in that household. I don't like spanking, but I don't put in the same category. When someone is spanking, they are feeling the impact on their own hand, and can use that as a monitor. Not. the case with a spoon, a tube, a belt, a paddle or any other implement. Pulling a child up by his hair is abuse, IMO. Those are just the things we know.

And, yes, the journal includes her own description of throwing him in the crib: it was just before the description of picking him up by the hair. ".I was instantly so SO angry, that I grabbed him and spanked him as hard as I could and thought I may seriously injure him so I sent him to his crib…. And whipped him into it very hard!"

Ex Nurse said...

That lat Anonymous was from me--having problems getting name on there

Sage said...

Anonymous said...

Where are all your comments now on what a great Mom Kate is, you know the one who does everything all by herself with an uncaring loser father? Yeah. She injured her own daughter while dragging Hannah out of the car with Jon AFTER he had been given 50/50 custody of her the day before. Kate just cannot follow orders, even from the courts. And you can blame Jon all you want, he is surely no saint, but she chooses to do everything she can to keep those children from their father and whether you like it or not, that is cruel. Grow up Kate.

Sage said...

Apparently you have not read here. This is not a Kate fan site and I know no one here believes Kate is a saint.

We here and neither do you know all the particulars as to what happened or why it happened...whether you like it or not.

Anonymous said...

I agree I don't know everything. But when a child has to go to the ER because her mother was pulling on her so hard she hurt her arm, there is something there whether you like or admit it or not. And this has been a Kate fan site for a long time and you know that. Maybe a few of you have begun to admit that maybe she's not such a great person, but you do still defend her right to raise her kids how she chooses. Well, we are all beginning to finally see the truth of what a bad mother she is. And she most definitely, and I do know this for a fact, does not do it all alone, poor lonely single mother.

Sage said...

How do you know she does not do it alone? As a fact? Are you one of those that has driven by her house and now you know her?

I read back on posts that I have made here over the years and there are times I have written as have others that we don't agree with Kate all the time.

I don't hate her and that's what you want.

Sage said...

(The incident was caught on video and In Touch has exclusively obtained a word-for-word account of the shocking ordeal.

“Hold on. Hold on. If you don’t want to go, don’t go. I can’t help you. Hold on. Hold on,” Jon, 40, said in the account of the incident.)

I read the article on In Touch. Their'word-for-word' is provided by Jon. In Touch states there is a video of the incident but they don't say they viewed it. They are going by what Jon says.

Anonymous said...

No Sage, I am not one of those who have driven by her house. I know a family member, you know the ones she kicked to the curb years ago (not Kevin or Jody). I read the transcript just as you did and I truly believe Jon is at the point of not laying down and playing dead for her orders any more. I don't understand a lot of what is going on but I doubt even Jon knew how brutal Kate would be with Hannah.

But I am going to apologize for coming to your blog. It is your blog and you and your posters have every right to support who you want. I just find it so sad that it has come to this that these two bozo's can't get it right for the sake of those kids. Why can't they work this out civilly so that there can be a fair exchange for custody whether you like the other party or not. They have both done wrong things in the past and lots of blame to go around. Think of your kids for once, just once.

No, I don't want you to hate her. I think she is one of the unhappiest people I've ever seen and its because of her control issues. I actually pity people like her. She is attractive and should be having fun dating or whatever she chooses but she just can't let go off all her hate and bitterness, nor can Jon, and the children are the ones suffering. The first day of school -- how terrible for them.

I won't bother you anymore and once again I do apologize for coming here.

PJ's momma said...

Oh gosh, this is so sad for this child and all the kids. Too bad they can't work these things out privately. It's hard for kids when their parents hate each other that much.

As far as the video/words, there is a case being played out here on social media about a girl who didn't want to go with her father. She has Asperger's Syndrome and there was a video of her wailing and hanging on to her mom, for several minutes. The mom was instructed to not react, not comfort, not reason with her own daughter. The video of course was (sadly) posted everywhere, but the mom did as instructed until the girl was torn away, and has said it was the hardest thing she's ever done, to stand there with her arms down while her child was in such pain. Not a Jon fan, but he may also have been told not to interfere (though saying to hang on/fight might be considered interference). I don't know. We know nothing, really.

Just a sad, sad situation.

merryway said...

According to the rags, Jon and Kate both have equal custody time with Hannah until a future trial. It seems there were two instances. Yesterday at the orthodontist and another on August 15 in front of the police station. That's the one they're saying lasted three hours and the police told Kate she could remove Hannah from Jon's car. Apparently, it was Kate's custody time.

If Jon's not returning Hannah according to whatever schedule they have, he's not helping his custody case. It seems that it's on tape that Jon was encouraging Hannah to hang on if she doesn't want to go.

"Hannah however, does not want to be with Kate. “Poor Hannah cries sometimes when she leave her dad, but never to this extent. Kate called the police, who called Jon to set up an exchange spot,” the source revealed. Hannah still refused to leave Jon though, which is when the cops called the judge. “He told the officers to tell Hannah that if she didn’t go home with her mother, he was going to stick her in foster care. Hannah said, ‘Ok, I will go to foster care.'”

Kate was then reportedly told by police that she could “remove Hannah from the car,” an insider told the media outlet. She “proceeded to unlock Hannah’s seat belt and grab her in an attempt to pull her out.” However, as she tried to pry the 13-year-old from the car, Hannah resisted. The tugging and pulling reportedly didn’t stop until the police called an ambulance for Hannah, who said that her arm was hurt."

Anonymous said...

Jon's a complete failure as a man, let alone a father.

The POLICE gave an order for Kate to remove the child. Jon encouraged his daughter to fight against it. Sick stuff.

And lest we ever forget who Rebecca really is; "Blue Lives Matter". She is basically taunting her posters now. Mature, huh?

Don't worry, BL, some of us have not and will never forget who you really are. Mwah!

Micha said...


One 13 year old kid doesn't want to go with Kate and that makes her a "bad mother?" It couldn't be that this one 13 year old would rather take the easy breezy road of being with the dad who lets her do what she wants instead of the mom who has expectations, rules and boundaries for her and expects her to behave. What kid doesn't love rules and boundaries? Oh, that's right, most of them. I don't know what is going on in Hannah's mind or if she's being manipulated to help create this drama, but it's such a typical behavior being blown up to be a tragedy for publicity, certainly used by Jon to make him seem like the poor put out dad. If he wants more custody and can prove he can handle it, let him go to court and prove it. He's been saying he wants more custody for YEARS and there are only so many years left before the kids will be adults and able to do whatever they want.

Kate's doing her best and no doubt she's not about to let her children just do what they want whenever they want - that's not parenting.

merryway said...

Bl pulls another low for her. She should be ashamed of her big ole lie. But shame is foreign to Bl.
Kate never accused Jon of sexual abuse. Back when there was a hoopla over Hannah, per the police report, Kate told the police what they needed to know and why she felt the way she did. Jon was going to the school and picking up only Hannah. Kate said suspicious behavior between Jon and Hannah and unusual behavior by Hannah. In the context, it seems like she thought Jon was planning on keeping Hannah, it does not say "inappropriate" or "molestation". The word "inappropriate" was the spin put on it by Jon's source. None of that would have happened if Jon had returned Hannah as he was supposed to.

If the rags are true, Jon did the same thing in the three hour instance in front of the police station. The judge is not going to like that he encouraged Hannah to hang on and not go with Kate. Regardless of what Bl says about Kate ignoring orders and keeping the kids from Jon, it's a great way to lose custody of your kids. If Jon continues, it will be pointless for him to seek custody. His attorney is probably telling him to knock it off. ~ Administrator said... 3

Why would a judge grant joint custody all of a sudden?? What's going on for that to happen? I think there's a lot we don't know....maybe Hannah doesn't want to live with Kate anymore


There was a lot of tabloid stories about it when it came out, and police reports. Hannah's been really pushing for more time with her father, and Kate freaked out over it, even accusing him of sexual abuse. It's not unusual to make a big custody change like this in light of what we know. It's a change in circumstances, a child very unsatisfied with current orders and reason to believe a change would be in her best interest.
August 23, 2017 at 10:31 PM

Lonely Moderate said...

Well, well well, hello Ex-Nurse! You would recognize my user name from 15 min but I don't want to incur wrath from there. I used this name here several months ago when I posted (You can see why by my name here). Admin's Trump support surprised me but I knew others who voted for Trump. But as time went on it became obvious she is one of those bottom of the base RWNJs. And I peeked over there after the Charlottesville mess and she was STILL defending everything. I peeked over today and she's railing about Blue Lives Matter which had nothing to do with anything in the discussion. SMH. The thing that really really really cracks me up is that she calls Kate fans sheep, but she is the biggest Trump sheep ever. Some people liked different aspects of Trump and I get it. But he will never do anything wrong for her, just like she talks about Kate "sheep". And she talks about how narcissistic Kate is. (Hello projection anyone? Both Becky and Trump are HUGE narcs. So ironic.

Lonely Moderate said...

I should have said glad to see you Ex-Nurse. You were not alone with your opinions over there, they were just blasted over by Becky and friends. She is choosing to go all out to defend a president who is wholly approved of by only a third of the country. Pretty stupid of her to not just keep her opinions to herself.

Question said...

Anonymous said...The POLICE gave an order for Kate to remove the child. Jon encouraged his daughter to fight against it. Sick stuff.

Where is it stated that the police gave that order?

Quiltart said...

Question said...

Thanks Quiltart, that makes 9 articles on the incidents that I've come across! IMO, I take them all with a grain of salt.

In this HollywoodLife article, it also states a judge told Hannah she could either go with her mother or he was going to stick her in foster care and Hannah opted for foster care. So are we to believe a police office "ordered" Kate to remove the child and that given the choice Hannah would prefer foster care than going with her mother? Or should we be questioning what these sources and insiders supposedly tell the gossip magazines?

merryway said...

The police did not order Kate to remove Hannah. The article said the police gave her the okay. In this instance, it was Kate's custody time and Hannah didn't want to go home with Kate. Jon was telling Hannah to hold on. Funny, how the bleeps don't hold Jon to any accountability for Hannah's arm being hurt (if it was). A judge sure will.

"Kate was then reportedly told by police that she could “remove Hannah from the car,” an insider told the media outlet."

Intouch probably does have the video and thus a transcript. I do believe that Jon has 50/50 custody of Hannah at this time. But, who knows where it will go and if it will even go to a hearing. Jon's threatened custody several times.

merryway said...

Oh, if there's video, I guess the ambulance part is for real too. So, yeah, Kate's not going to be accountable for that happening. She was doing what she had permission to do. That'll be on Jon for urging Hannah to resist. Eventually, it'll also be on Hannah if she refuses to do as the court orders.

Question said...

merryway said...
The police did not order Kate to remove Hannah. The article said the police gave her the okay.

Yes, that's what I thought, too, however, someone above did say the police ordered Kate to remove the child and I thought perhaps that person had seen yet another article with an insider or source.

Anonymous said...

Question, do whatever it is you need to do. I really don't care. The issue, imo, is way past Kate vs. Jon. They both fail at parenting.

My one and only focus is Rebecca and her appalling, dangerous Nazi-supporting and Trump-loving beliefs ESPECIALLY in light of the fact that she REPRESENTS minors for the state of California.

Big moral problem there. Yuge.

signed by Formerly Anonymous

ps - thank u to all who are helping me from behind the scenes!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and a YUGE thank you to BL for providing SO many straight-from-the-horse's-mouth statements (rants)!

Her inability to never allow anyone the last word, combined with her narcissism and general ignorance is certainly making my (and others) task THAT much easier.


signed by Formerly Anonymous

merryway said...

"I thought perhaps that person had seen yet another article with an insider or source."

Sorry, that didn't even occur to me. I thought someone had confused something I had written.

Yeah, the first article that came out didn't even have enough info to pay it any mind.

Lonely moderate said...

My one and only focus is Rebecca and her appalling, dangerous Nazi-supporting and Trump-loving beliefs ESPECIALLY in light of the fact that she REPRESENTS minors for the state of California.


It is scary

Sage said...


Let it go. Reminder.....not a launch pad here.

Sage said...

We are not going to turn this into a political discussion.

merryway said...

Thanks Sage, I've appreciated the political free zone.

Anonny Muss said...

Anonymous Count me in. Anything I can do. I could wall paper a small house with the screenshots I have stored. You won't have to look far for me on Twitter. I check Gosselin feed a couple of times a day for anything new, then on the BL's looking for same.

merryway said...

You've been asked nicely to stop using this blog for your silly game of attacking and interfering in Bl's personal life. If that's what this place is for, we could have all done that long ago.

merryway said...

Jon did a FB post "#savethegosselinkids." Lots of nasty comments about Kate. The bleeps would be having major hissies if it had been Kate. Tacky and typical of Jon. Oh yeah, and judges love it when publicly encourage hate against the mother of your children. Jon's not being smart at all if he really wants custody.

Sage said...

Anny Muss,

Do you realize how childish you all sound? lol

Sage said...


wow. what is he thinking?

merryway said...

It's sad for Hannah. Jon's wanting attention. He's actually made #savethegosselinkids as his FB header. At first I thought Jon might have finally gotten serious. But, it's another hoopla he's causing at the expense of his kids. You don't abuse a temp order that's been issued for your benefit. You don't encourage your kid to not abide by the order and physically resist her mother.
It's good that the cops were there to witness.

I read over there last night. Bl is deliberately ignoring that the first incident was def Kate's time. They are ecstatic that Jon called the cops in the second incident at the orthodontist.

The rags say that Jon was temp awarded shared custody on Aug 11, after Hannah refused to return home. I have to wonder if he has returned Hannah to Kate in all this time.

Just another anonymous said...

There's no way to know the real truth but I don't blame Jon in this case for wanting to get Hannah to a safe place and apparently the police agreed and escorted Kate out of the orthodontist office because it was Jon's custody time. This is just a really bad situation for the children. How is he creating hoopla when what he wants is to protect his children from the shrew?

merryway said...

Jon said it was his time on his FB. According to the articles, both parents claimed it was their time. The cops checked with the DA who said the order was too vague to determine. Hannah was allowed to go with her father because that's where she wanted to go.

Jon creates hoopla for his own benefit and the thrill of attacking Kate.

I suspect the temp order will soon be terminated.

Sage said...

Read merryway's post above. The first incident was Kate's time. Jon has created a hate Kate forum on his Facebook. How is that good for the kids?

Question said...

How do y'all know that Jon created the FB page and not his brother?

merryway said...

Jon has it on own FB page.
His brother has also put up a post on his own FB.

This kind of stuff is probably one of the reasons that Jon has limited custody. It's also the stuff Mady was talking about when she said her dad acted as if they were being kept from them.

merryway said...

Here's an article that says Jon can't afford to fight Kate and feels like he is failing Hannah. So, there will be no epic custody hearing for all the kids, no psych eval, etc. as the bleeps wish. Btw, Jon recently jaunted off to Mexico for a vacation.

Jon Gosselin, 40, can’t stand to see his little girl, Hannah Gosselin, 13, cry. But apparently, she’s been doing a lot of that for the past couple of years, while begging her dad to let her live with HIM rather than with her mom, Kate Gosselin, 42. Custody battles are rarely easy though, and Kate is reportedly doing everything in her power to keep Hannah at home with her seven siblings — and around Jon as little as possible! As a result, the former reality star is feeling intense pressure to make his daughter’s request come true — but at the same time, he feels like his hands are tied!"

“Jon feels so guilty right now, like he’s failing his daughter,” a friend of Jon’s told EXCLUSIVELY. “She’s been begging to live with him for more than two years and he’s promised her that he’ll make it happen. But Kate shuts him down at every turn and she’s got all the money in the world to keep fighting.”

merryway said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Jon did a few days in jail over this. I bet that was legal action with which he was threatened by Kate's attorney. Btw, in the articles I read, I never saw where Kate's attorney showed up. Just that Jon called the police because he was being threatened with legal action by Kate's attorney. Kate was probably waiting in the parking still trying to get Hannah home and had her attorney call Jon. Since Jon didn't comply, she was probably advised to give it up and wait to deal with it in court.

So, here's my take. Hannah didn't want to go home. Jon got 50/50 visitation until a hearing and he hasn't complied with Kate's time. He's taking another opportunity to attack Kate and make it a media event. It's a repeat and enhanced performance. If it's true that Hannah was under threat from the judge/magistrate to return to Kate, he/she meant business. If Kate files contempt, Jon will have repercussions from the court. He blew his opportunity for a true change in custody by not complying and his urging of Hannah to resist. He blew it big time.

merryway said...

Another oops for me. I now see two articles where it said that a friend of Kate's who is an attorney showed up. My bad, the articles I read didn't clarify that and I thought it was a bleep interpretation.

merryway said...

Here's the transcript from the incident on 8/15. The one that the police called Jon to set up the exchange in front of the police station. The incident at the orthodontist happened on 8/22. It does appear that Jon had kept Hannah since he was awarded 50/50 on 8/11.

With the abuse of the court order and Jon and Mark making those FB posts (along with the article about how Jon can't afford to fight in court); I'm wondering if the order has already been terminated with Hannah being returned back to Kate.

Someone at Bl's claims that Jon said in a DM that Hannah has a GAL. They are all celebrating without knowing anything. For all they know, it is a not a new development. NTM, that there is a gag order and Jon is once again interacting with the haters.

Hannah (to Kate): No! Stop, please, stop! Let go of me, Mommy!
Kate: We don't want Daddy to get arrested!
Jon (watching Kate trying to remove Hannah from the car): I won't get arrested! If you don't want to go, put up a fight...You're pushing her Kate. You can tell your lawyer to back it off.
Hannah (screaming): Mom, please stop!
Jon: You're going to hurt her.
Kate: I'm not going to hurt her:
Jon: You're going to hurt her. Officer, come on!
Hannah (screaming): Mom, don't!
Kate: I know it's not the best, honey...
Jon: No.
Hannah (screaming): Mom, stop!
Kate: You have brothers and sisters who need to see you! You will be fine.
Hannah (screaming): Mom, please don't! No!
Jon (to Hannah): Fight it
Kate: We will get you to therapy and you will visit both of us just like you want.
Jon: If you don't want to go
Hannah (screaming): No!
Kate: But it is my week.
Jon (to Hannah): Keep on fighting it!
Hannah (screaming at Kate): No! Stop! Stop!
Jon: Fight it!
Kate: I'm going to pull you out of the car.
Jon (to police): She's pulling her out of the car!
Kate: I have to.
Hannah (screaming): No! Stop, stop, stop, stop!
Jon (to Kate): You're going to hurt her! (And then to Hannah) Hold on. Hold on. If you don't want to go, don't go. I can't help you. Hold on. Hold on.
Hannah: No! No! No!
Kate (crying) Honey, but I love you! Come one! Hannah!
Jon (to Hannah) You've just go to hold on (to the car). Hold on.

Sage said...

Jon in full manipulation mode.

In my opinion this has nothing to do with Hannah but a way for Jon to hurt Kate and using Hannah as his weapon.

Jon hates Kate more than he loves his kids.

Anonymous said...

That's rich Sage. Jon hates Kate more thane loves his kids? Right. Delusional.

Sage said...


read the transcript. Your hate for Kate blinds you.

You want to post here....pick a name or use the name you always use or used to use.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, indeed.

BL's old 'Blue Lives Matter' is null and void when it comes to St. Jon. Only JON is allowed to violate a policeman's law and order! The hypocrisy is astounding.

Poor Hannah.

And yes! Let's create and pour our hard-earned $$ into a GOFRAUDME for Jon Gosselin! Maybe we can raise enough to send him to Mexico again! Honestly, the stupidity over there BURNS.

Fighting for custody, my ass. What is this - the fucketymillionth (Tucker's favorite saying) time Jon has said this?

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool them twice?? IDIOTS

signed Formerly Anonymous

Micha said...

How does anyone read this transcript and think that Jon is good or right in any way? If you think Jon is doing good it's because you HATE (yes, I'm using the word hate) Kate and love anybody who can bring grief into her life. Way to go, Jon, you made Kate upset and encouraged your child to do the wrong thing just so it could happen.

Just realize that you are as transparent as Jon is.

Nameless in LA said...

According to that legal eagle the BL, it's no big deal to violate a "temporary" order. Man alive, I would not want that idiot representing me.
*************** ~ Administrator said... 31

Then he would have been accused of abandoning her and once again Kate would have been in control, laughing at him because he could do nothing about it. The child would have felt that she couldn't depend on her father for anything. Sorting it out with the courts? I think Jon might have known how far that would have gotten him.


This is a temporary order, so they're going to litigate the issue.

In any other circumstance I would say well he should probably turn the child over as ordered. But, they're about to litigate this and have an official order, so I'm going to reserve judgement on this one. He may very well have had safety reasons not to want her to go. It's temporary. This is very different than the over five years Kate has spent keeping these kids from him.

merryway said...

Micha, transparent is right. Bl's below comment is gag worthy.

Jon was asked on FB if he knew where Collin is. His response made no sense. If it was Kate, Bl would be calling her a liar.
Jon said he had court order but neither Kate nor the court informed him. He's leaving out something major there. If there was a court order, it would be followed. Very similar to when he came out and announced he hadn't seen Collin for 18mos and when asked why, he said he didn't know.

Jon Gosselin Yes thru a witness, but Kate has never told me neither has the court and they were supposed to and I have an order and it was ignored
· August 27 at 8:42pm

Here's Bl leading her flock into still believing that Kate has violated visitation orders. Jon has said that his visitation is only four kids at a time, every other weekend and one evening for dinner. They refuse to acknowledge that was defined by the court in the best interest of the children.

Jan 2016, on Steve Harvey, Jon said he hadn't seen his son in 18 mos. That means Jon hasn't seen Collin in 3yrs and 3mos. Never seen Bl mention that it is the norm for a parent to be offered supervised visitation. If they refuse, there is no visitation. Regardless of the reason(s), it's obvious the court's decided it's in Collins best interest for Jon to have zero or little rights to Collin. But, they'd rather scratch their heads while trying pound a square peg into a round hole in order to lay the blame on Kate.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ~ Administrator said... 192

encouraging their children to obstruct justice
Obstruct justice?!?!? What an ass.

Kate was the one obstructing justice. She tried to take Hannah when Jon had custody. After the police came Hannah went home with JON. Not Kate! That's justice.


Kate has been in violation of court orders for years by not ensuring all eight of the children on her custody time attended their custody time with their father when her custody time was over. Give me a break, the children were teeny tiny when this all started. The little ones were still in car seats!! Don't tell me she can't put them in the big blue bus and cart them over to the pick up/drop off location at the end of the driveway and be done with it.

But my god when a child is in agony not wanting to return to her mother to the point of being abused by her by having her arm yanked so hard she was hospitalized, it's "obstruction of justice."

Oh the hypocrisy.
August 29, 2017 at 7:08 AM

Jammy said...

Our thoughts and prayers for Texas, we are sending trucks loaded with supplies to you! Everyone, take time to donate something if you can.

Micha said...

According to Jon it seems that even the COURT is in violation of this alleged court order.

Jon makes himself into such a victim that he will even go so far to say that he was given the right to information yet still can't get the information from the very entity that allegedly gave him the right.

And people just say, "oh, poor Jon," instead of saying the obvious, "that makes no sense and is not believable, Jon."

Clearly BL thinks that kids only have feelings when their feeling is that they want to stay with their father. If their feeling is they don't want to visit him, well, that needs to be ignored. Just pack them up and drop them off.

Anonymous said...

As Bl would type 'Baw!'!

Jon should be ashamed of himself. He's got quite the nerve to go online begging NOW.

Hey St. Jon? Where's all that $$ you made AFTER the divorce when you and that classy lady Hailey Glassman were yacht-hopping in France?

This is a man who has had his greedy little hands on MORE money than most of us will see in a lifetime! WHERE'S the MONEY NOW, Jon?!

IDIOT. People who donate to him are completely brain dead.

But, let's just see if all those 'fans' of Jon The Saint put their $$ where their mouth is.

PS - hey Layla? YOU didn't put your money where your mouth was, did you? BL gave you simple advice for you to ACTUALLY DO what you SAID you wanted to do - HELP THE HURRICANE VICTIMS.

But you're just full of shit and keyboard warrior-ing. LOL This gofraudme should be interesting! Everyone says "Oh, poor st Jon, wish I could help him". Well, here's your opportunity, you jackasses.

Maybe they can raise enough to send him to Mexico for another vacay!


signed by Formerly Anonymous

Anonymous said...

so it's been the first day and ----

only 11 (ELEVEN) of St. Jon's fans have stepped up to the plate! harharharharhar (or as Bl would put it 'Baw!')

so much for allllllllll their blowhard talk. They simply will not walk the walk.

Those children should be re-assigned a new mother AND father.

signed by Formerly Anonymous

ps - hey Layla? You REFUSE to help HH victims, you gonna step up for your hero St Jon?

Anonymous said...

I'm sellin' tickets to the next Ultimate Fight Cage Match Blog Poster #MMA

*Announcer's Voice* In one corner, the prolific, vocabulary-building, thesaurus-reading, asskisser of BL.....Tuuuuuuuuuucker'sssssssss Mommmmmmmmmm!

In the other corner, the recently reappearing, not-near-as-funny-as-she-thinks, pretzel (and logic) twister.........Auntieeeeeeeeeee Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

They're both vying for BL's favor and other posters' compliments! Who will come out on top? Will Tucker's Mom go for the low blows? Will Auntie Ann confuse them all with the use of words from the Urban Dictionary?

Tune in to find out!

signed by Formerly Anonymous

Anonymous said...


Hold onto yer hats! I've got a YUGE announcement to make!

DMASY HAS DONATED. Repeat, Dmasy HAS donated to St. Jon!

Hallelujah! When and where is the parade to be held in her honor?

#humblebraggingbitch #lookatme

signed Formerly Anonymous

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